Homeless people 1

I live in one of the only neighborhoods in my city where street parking is still free. No meters or permits. So we have people who live in their vehicles parked bumper to bumper right in front of our first floor apartment windows.

I'm not trying to knock someone who is already down on their luck, and I am quite poor myself. But I resent the following: I have to keep my shades drawn so they don't stare into/case my apartment.

Most of the vehicles don't have mufflers so they sound like motorcycles starting up at all hours of the night. These vehicle-dwellers are often loud, especially the guy who sells drugs out of his old, shitty van.

Then there are the handful who like to use our back yard as a toilet! When confronted and asked to leave, I was told to go fck myself. I called the police but they ran away before the cops showed up.

I pay a hell of a lot of money to live here, over 80% of my monthly income. Aside from the landlord being one step above a slumlord who likes to jack up the rent but not make repairs, we have to put up with people living in vans and trucks ten feet away from our windows. We have had three burglaries in the building in as many months, and this is not a 'bad' neighborhood. At least it wasn't, until the bum caravan rolled in to town. It makes me so damn angry!

Annoying Bums 2

Recently some idiot knocked on my door asking for a bottle of water so I lied and told him I had none because i'm not letting some stranger have any water that I bought with my own money.

My Husband who clearly doesn't know any better gave this same idiot a bottle of water not too long ago and that's a bad idea because you're allowing this loser to keep coming back for more. Especially since my Husband said the same bum was also looking at his stuff and believe me I know what he wants, this guy probably wants to rob my house when i'm not around; people like that asking for bottles of water are way too suspicious and i'm not taking any chances. Not only that but recently there are reports in the neighborhood about someone trying to break into cars and houses and I do indeed believe this thirsty bum is the guy.

I told him if he wants water go down to Dollar General a few blocks down and buy a bottle and also get himself a job while he's there and told him if he ever shows up at my property again I will call the Police.

This is a message to anyone, I don't care if someone says they are thirsty, be suspicious and do not allow anyone near your property because they will try to rob you so please stay vigilant and tell these people to get lost.

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