in-laws 1

In laws causing problems between me and husband. Told him that I'm ready to take the kids and move to another state to get away from his pansy ass and his fucking mental parents. His mother is a greedy money hungry bitch. She's also a real cunt. She divorced my husband's father when he was two so she could shack up and eventually marry the father's best friend! That's the intro to the step father in law. He's a weird schizoid freak who talks in a feminine way and avoids eye contact at all costs. The two of them are hippy freaks still trying to live in their fantasy land terrapin station meanwhile they're fucking loaded with money because idiot husband paid them over a million dollars for their company. That fucking cunt wants my kids now too. Now that we're working to support our family and pay HER for the company, we're too fucking busy to spend time with our kids so now that fucking cunt wants to swoop in and spend every last minute with them to fill up some time in her day and give her some purpose for being alive at this point since she's done making money. She's a sick fuck and a liar always trying to hide things. He's a fucking weirdo who has no friends and causes them to be alienated from everybody because he's an antisocial schizoid avoidant deviant freak. Every time I hear his high pitched feminine voice I want to puke and seriously wonder what that stupid bitch sees in him other than he will never leave her? She's so pathetic that she chose her life mate on that factor alone - who's the most pathetic sorry ass social deviant loser who will marry me and never ever leave? And they want to be around my kids all the time. Sorry the two of them have no fucking life, no goals, no friends, nothing but their stupid old deadhead get the fuck over it already past. They live a life of hedonism now and want my kids to play house with since they have nothing to do and no money worries at all now thanks to gullible pansy ass idiot husband. They make me sick and now my husband is making me sick and as far as I'm concerned they can all go to hell as I'm better off without them and if there's some way to get them out of my life for good I'll do it at this point because I'm fucking done with them! Lying cheating greedy deviant disgusting freak assholes!

selfish sister in law 2

My sister in law is a selfish entitled bitch. Everything she does is to gain admiration, money and crap. My brother makes all the money and she spends it. There isn't a concert, trip, getaway, restaurant or martini that she misses. It's all on FB for her sychophants to vapidly admire. Even when my dad was DYING in the hospital, she walked all over me and staff, and then went to the fucking Hollywood Bowl and fucking posted it on FB! After my dad died, my brother found out dad had given us some money after my husband lost his job and was almost paralyzed in a bike accident. He asked, "Where's MY gift?" Fuck their phony

Christian, greedy, narcissistic attention seeking ways. Fuck them both!

in-laws suck 3

My in-laws suck and now I am angry all the time. I used to work for SIL and they treated me like crap even though they were high all the time at work. The other SIL married a sociopathic bully and ever since I have been excluded and bullied by subtle but consistent bullshit. FIL helped build our house but started doing things shitty and our budget ran out so now we are left with a half finished house.

MIL for some reason stopped kissing hello and I get the impression that she stopped liking me due to conversations with other in-laws. Seems all in-law family relationships have broken down. Tried to talk to my wife about it and she thinks I'm nuts so now I'm pissed at her and things are fucked up. I might have to move far away and make my wife and two kids move with me, who needs fuck wits in your life?

Only alternative is to become assholes like them and dish out some of their own medicine, for example:

I could go on but you get the point...

Live strong.

Selfishness 4

I am so angry at my sister-in-law and her husband for being completely selfish. They fly into town, don't make any plans before arriving and then expect us to drop everything to see them. So that's exactly what we did changed ALL of our plans to see them (canceled plans with my friends & barbequing ribs). We talked ALL day about where we were going to eat, I told them I'm cool with anything but pizza at 10am. At 3pm after my sister-in-law suggested pizza, I said i would prefer something neutral as we had just eaten pizza the night before (plus the place she suggested is mostly a bar, we have two young kids). We finally make plans to meet for steaks at 6pm. Around 5:30 plans change to 6:30-7pm. Around 6pm her tool of a husband texts something like "change of venue we are going for pizza because that's what the birthday boy wants"....SERIOUSLY first of all YOUR 29 second I don't care if your birthday is today or tomorrow we had plans all day long to not eat pizza and now your telling me at the last second your going there regardless. You are a selfish, arrogant, douchbag, idiot...I hope one day you grow up and realize what it means to compromise or make plans early enough so we wouldn't have eaten pizza the night before. It's just RUDE TO DO THAT TO ANYONE FAMILY OR FRIEND.

 Ingrate Old MIL 5

DH and I put MIL in a nice retirement community in her hometown where she can live with her friends. Hardly packs up any of her own junk she took to her new home. We had to make one special weekend trip from our town just to get rid of tons of shit she did not have room for. We had to give it to these guys who sold it as payment for carting it away.

So guess what the dumb bitch just did? I have to manage all her money or she'd be living in a cardboard box under a bridge. I find out she goes to Walmart buys a damn bedspread and fucking knicknacks spending over $100 for her room after we busted our asses getting rid of junk and crappy knickknacks. She already had more than one bedspread and more doodads than places to put them.

And we learned from the handyman at her condo that the HOA had to cart off 47 stray cats she was feeding and not neutering in one year! Before we moved her, her back porch reeked of cat piss that drifted into her home. To top it off we got so badly fleabitten while we were moving her shit out of her condo, that we had to go to the doctor and get shots.

That stupid piece of shit Southern special snowflake will never know how good she's got it now or appreciate just having a safe roof over her empty little head and 3 squares a day.

Mom in Law 6

Where do I begin? My mother in law makes me so angry to the point I wish she would just croak already. This woman wears depends, if that's not bad enough, her feces literally hangs from her saggy ass diaper. Sometimes her diaper is so low, you can see her ass. She got open sores all over her butt because she doesn't take a bath everyday. I have countless of times tried to help her and she just kept on taking me for granted and treating me like garbage so I gave up. I have 2 children that are toddlers still. I have enough on my plate to deal with a lazy cunt who has no respect for any of us let alone herself.Then she smokes nearly 3 packs of cigarettes a day and don't bother to spray after herself. Sometimes she smells so bad the house smells like a decaying fish factory. I feel like she is endangering my family. We had countless talks with her but she is so fucking delusional and always in denial. The other day she walks out her room with a big piece of shit caked to her inner thigh and I tell her about it, she laughs and say "I know, I'm waiting till later to take a bath". Are you kidding? I just don't know how much more I can handle.

my fucking sister in law 7

she is the most selfish individual I have ever met. she gets me so angry, in her mind everything is all about her, she offends everyone because she just doesn't care about anyone or see any point of view except her own as being worthwhile or counting. She is greedy as all fuck, complaining about how the parents will is not slanted completely in her favor to make her the only sibling that benefits financially from the will, did she even care about her fucking parents. she is so offensive in her behaviour and she finds it impossible to see that she is ever wrong. Stay away from this stupid bitch because she only sees other people as a commodity to get more stuff for her and she will shit in your face and then not understand why you aren't doing more for her. the stupid bitch doesn't even get that I am not talking to her anymore.

In-Laws 8

My wife's family are great, except for one uncle. He is the most self centered jerk I have every known. He turns every conversation into himself, wants you to do everything for him and if he has a concern, like losing something, that has to be everyone else's concern too. He stinks, doesn't know what the hell he is talking about and tries to take credit for everything. If someone has type of accomplishment, he claims it was because of him. Someone is asked about an injury, he changes the subject on an injury he had which was worse. I bet if I bragged about the size of my turd, he would have had one bigger. He can't even speak clearly. He claims he needs help walking and going on stairs and he is always asking the young teenage girls in the family to help him. That's when his hands get a little free. When adults are around, he is able to walk fine by himself, he can even get in and out of the car alone. He has these girls sit next to him to talk, then he proceeds to sit against them and hold their hand. Does anyone in the family call him on this? No, they turn the other way with a "that's just him, he can't help it" thought. I feel like I am the only one who can't stand this asshole. Thankfully, he does not leave too close to us or my wife would volunteer to have him over more often. I hope I never, ever see this asshole again.

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