Lazy People

I simply cannot understand why so many people will cruise a parking lot for 10+ minutes to find a spot that will save them 10-20 steps. The only thing I can think of is that they want their behinds to grow. The less exercise they get and the more they sit on it, the bigger it will grow! I'll bet that these are the same folks that would bitch the loudest if they lost their ability to walk. Then again, it could be the result of dead brain disease.

Lazy, Entitled Jerks 2

Lately I've had some close encounters of the entitled kind. You know them, the ones who create their own dramas and sit back and expect others to pick up the pieces for them. My favorites are the ones who are quick bellyache and bitch when things go wrong but when you offer them a solution it's either blown off completely or you're told that they "tried that already" (yeah, right) because it's clear that they'd rather be helpless victims than actually DO something about the shittiness in their lives. As a woman, it REALLY burns my toast to see other women pull this crap. I'm dealing with someone right now who pulls the pity party routine on a regular basis about how broke she is and can't afford nice things. I am VERY close to telling her, "Look! You're a grown woman. NO ONE is going to take care of you, so get a job!" People need to grow the hell up and take responsibility for themselves because guess what? The world doesn't anyone a living. GAH!

Gyms 3

What is this American obsession with exercising while standing in one place? To separate "exercise" from productive activity? You sit around getting a pillow-butt in some sedentary job, hire a Mexican to take care of anything that involves lifting over twenty pounds or standing in the sun for more than twenty minutes, then rush off to the gym to burn calories.

Just get off your ass and do some yardwork. Ride a bike or walk to the store. Or go to the F'ing park or local school track and run around IT, yuh numbnuts! But no, NOOOOOO. Gotta get in your 10 miles per gallon SUV and drive for miles to an artificially ventilated HVAC building that pisses away energy maintaining temperature that could be maintained better if you could just open a F'ing window there.

Stand around waiting your turn for the machines, pretending you're self-absorbed and doing your own thing... all the while hoping people are noticing you.

Yuh miserable cocksuckers. So scared shitless of crime and pollution and sun exposure that you can't stand the thought of actually accomplishing something while exercising!

*Note from Anger Central
The poster originally tagged this as places, however this rant is aimed more towards the people who go to gyms rather then the gyms themselves.

Ashley 4

his bitch makes me so angry! She gets to cheat her way through life and get everything handed to her on a fucking silver platter.

She and her kid live ILLEGALLY rent-free. No food costs, no phone bill, no nothing.

She drives her boyfriend's car and doesn't have a license. Yet she has put this special sticker on his license plate so police won't pull her over.

She skipped 4 WEEKS straight of college classes because of laziness. She gets to make it all up over the summer.

So while I have to work hard at everything I do, and actually have to hold a fucking job, unlike her, she gets to sit around on her fat ass all day and still find shit to complain about. She makes me so fucking mad, this fake bitch needs to stop getting fucking handouts.

non-contributing members of society 5

I live in a major military area. Navy mostly. It has caused me to become aware of military wives: usually around the age of 20, no job, no ambition, no hobbies even. I have an upstairs navy wife who sleeps til noon and plays video games during the rest of her waking time. Meanwhile the husband is at sea... So the question I have is this: what is the difference between a lazy military wife living off of the taxes of the American people and a baby mama living off of welfare....

Fat Bitch 6

I am angry at this Fat Bitch who is nothing more than the world's most laziest piece of human garbage. She doesn't work at all she lives on Food Stamps and sells them and worst of all she never gives them, she takes it all for herself, she sells everything her daughter gets for Christmas from people who do love her, all because she's too goddamn retarded and refuses to get a job and get her shit together. Her boyfriend is an abusive piece of trash, he's hit her on several occasions and still let's the jackass lie there, I feel sorry for all of the kids, who don't have a real mother to raise them just some fat disgusting waste of skin; if you're not going to take care of your kids or work for a living than why do you live in the first place; all you are is a complete waste of air and a worthless excuse of a mother, and a human being; the only things you need for Christmas is a fucking diet, a job, and a sledgehammer taken to your fat fucking stomach, I can't wait for the day this bitch drops dead, and her kids get taken to better parents, and her daughter goes to her father. The hell with you, you fat fucking Honey Boo Boo Mother look alike bitch.

Get Back To Work 7

I am so sick to death of hearing about all of the shortages and unemployment and all of the other doom and gloom bullshit that the news keeps shoving down our throats.

You know why there are shortages? It's because of the dumbass panic buyers who buy up shit in bulk because they are Gullible enough to believe all of the dumbass bullshit that the media keeps shoving down our throats.

Not only that but the Media keeps babbling on about how long shortages will last and guess what it causes more fucking panic all because the media doesn't know when to shut their fucking mouths.

How about you media pundits instead tell everyone to get back to work and maybe just maybe there won't be any goddamn shortages. But no you all continue to push your fucking agendas and it does more to hurt the morale of the people when you say bullshit like the world may never return to how it was in 2019 despite people getting vaccinated, it's like these people just want to cause panic and kill the world's morale just to further there carreers.

I got a message to you spineless, gutless, defeatist pundits out there "GROW A GODDAMN SPINE OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Jesus Christ can we have people who have a backbone in their body to tell the news and to tell people to get back to work.

The other day I waited in Dairy Queen's drive Thru and nobody took my order because they open at % o clock due to a worker shortage and nobody knew about it before hand? Hey Dairy Queen you didn't get my business because you choose to open at a very stupid time of the day and to all Dairy Queen workers get off your lazy asses and make some damn Blizzards.

If you haven't been vaccinated yet than get your ass to a clinic and go get yourself vaccinated and if you have then get your ass to work because you have no excuse to be sitting at home listening to the News lie to you about everything because the media cares about themselves and not the people.

If these people would just get their vaccines and get back to work then you know what we would all be back to normal life but you have morons who want another lockdown due to the Delta Variant and I have blocked idiots like that because we DO NOT want another lockdown and guess what Dr. Fauci himself said there won't be any so people get your vaccines and get back to work.

The only thing that is stopping you people from getting the economy back in motion is the media and their agenda pushing and lying to the general public.

Business should not be opening at inconvenient hours of the day, and if you are vaccinated you have no excuse to not work, and the media you have no excuse to lie about shit to push your panic inducing agenda onto the world.

Let's get back to work.

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