My Mailman

My mailman is a dick! We live in a suburb so our mail is jammed into these little boxes, my mags are always folded and crushed even though the box is like an "In Box" at anyones work where he could just place it in there without creasing the damn stuff. The other day a key was in my box to get some mail that he obviously couldn't shove in my box, he was probably the guy who started the cramming of people in a Volkswagon years ago. But I digress, the key says I have mail in Box 1250. I take the key and put it in the lock and the damn thing gets stuck, I'm standing there shaking the mailboxes trying to get the key out, it's pissing me off. So I take the key home and write that it won't work and put it in the outgoing mailslot, the next day its in my box again, so I try it again, stuck again, I barely get it out again. Next day same thing. This is getting ridiculos! Then I get a note saying the parcel will be returned if not taken from the box. So I take the key home and write this note, "The key will not work, please leave the parcel on my front step." Which is not far away. The next day he writes, "Worked for me." What the hell?! Then take the damn thing out and put it on my front porch! After my BP comes down I take the key and put it into the lock, it slides right in and I'm amazed. The jerk put WD-40 on it, sure it works now.

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