Men --
Fast moving revolving door toward insanity..

Let's just say that I am angry at men in general and my boyfriend in particular... all I want when I get home from work is to come home and relax and decompress before getting your wet, slobbery tongue shoved up my twat and down my throat!!! It's not going to get me in the mood any faster when you start stomping around in a huff because you're impatient to get laid, either -- or pester me every five-ten minutes because you think I am sulking and hating your guts when in reality I am trying to sleep! If you truly value this relationship you will LET me have some friggin SPACE, and stop threatening to get another woman when I don't give in to your sexual appetite right away!! That makes you look like a complete number one grade A asshole, you know. By the way get a job and stop expecting me to pay all your damn bills -- I have enough trouble tryin to pay my own...

creepy lecherous men 2

I am so angry about the existence of these creepy little men like this one bozo from a handicapped transport service who keeps showing up when you dont expect him. I feel in my gut there's something very strange and unsavory about this man, like he goes home and jerks off to fantasies of me but I'm not exactly willing to dwell on a thought such as this. I'm an aide, not a friggin prostitute buster! You remind me of that rant on here before about that UPS driver who humped that woman's leg -- that's the kind of thing that makes your blood run cold. UGH!!!! And quit showing up at 8 in the morning when pickup is not until 10:45, idiot.

MEN!! As in, lack of worthwhile ones... 3

I am angry because the women in my family with a few exceptions have been cursed with this tendency to pair up with abusive, irresponsible idiot men. To my cousin Kim: You truly lucked out. You caught yourself a real man. I'm so jealous I'd kill you to get him! ha. But he loves you, so I wont. As for me, my sister, my mother and my aunts -- we are not so lucky. The men in our lives have ranged from abusive, destructive alcoholics to control freaks to dimwitted shaven apes. (I believe my aunt's second hubby even wore false teeth and a toupee)

Where have all the good men gone?? They're MARRIED, that's where!!! The rest are gay, crazy, child pornographers, ugly inside and out, drug addicts, you name it... the ones beautiful enough to sleep with are usually the same ones who go out and cheat behind your back, etc. like a goddamn alley cat. Then they are the ones who call YOU a whore, beat you senseless, take your money and completely eliminate any love you may have had once for yourself. Then you end up like me -- a nervous, shattered, beaten down wreck who's sick all the time. Fuck this shit because I'd rather be a lesbian. At least as a rugmuncher I wouldn't have to put up with any goddamn MEN!

Men who remind you of your lost love 4

Damn it all to hell, I'm sitting here confused and befuddled and angry as hell. I wish I could stop hurting. I met this guy online he thinks I have great hooters but he reminds me of my previous boyfriend, the one I dumped. :((((((((( He really is a nice guy and I fear my feelings are getting out of control once again. DAMMIT! Why me?!?!?! I was happily mind numbed until this guy came along. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I keep checking my email hoping against hope he'll email me yet he is silent. (I know, the guy is married.) Men are priceless, don't you think?!!! He's sooooooo............. I don't even know how to describe it..... oh well, its probably just stupid anyways. DAMMIT!!

Hooter-Obsessed Americans 7

It gets to me after a while, the reflexive behavior of staring at my chest. What makes it worse is that I'm quite a bit less than the inflated standard so common here in L.A. At least mine are real. Here's news, Guys: They don't talk or have moving parts. Why do you fixated on them.

a Muslim man (a person) 8

I am angry at a Muslim man because he said that "his people" hate America because of what our leader has done to "his people" and that I would not understand what this meant because their leader has never done anything to our American leader or to our people. Well, I do understand very clearly and I have one question for you Mr. Muslim man, why are you over here occupying a job that an American could have? Why don't you go home and work in your own country so you can be with "your people"? Now this I don't understand. Why are you even over here in America? And if "your people" hate us so much, quit coming over here and asking for handouts. Now go home, we don't want you here. Thank you and goodnight.

Guys Who Can't READ 9

I placed a profile on an internet dating site, thinking it might be a fun and painless way of meeting guys who have the same interests as me. What a mistake! I specified that I was wanting to meet single guys who are close to my age (30), who have a slim or athletic build. It's not too much to ask, surely? I look after my appearance and I don't particularly want to date fatties or lazy grubs! I've been bombarded with messages from married men, men in their 40s or 50s who say they 'look much younger' (but actually don't look younger at all) and men who look like they live on a diet of donuts and cheescake. Can't they READ? It says there in black and white that I want to meet SINGLE, and SLIM men who are MY AGE. Last week I agreed to meet up with one guy who said he was 35 and slim. He made some excuse for not sending a photo and I decided to break my rule of 'no photo, no date' because he SEEMED nice in his emails. Well, I show up at the cafe and he must have been 45 at least..and NOT slim. Damn it, I felt like I was sitting across from some middle-aged Dad or something. Bugger!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster met his fiancée via an online service. He sent her many pictures and told the absolute truth, (Even being slightly negative about himself). The fair and lovely future Mrs. Webmaster decided she liked what she saw, and...Well you can see for your self on the communications page. :)

Guys 10

I am so fucking ticked off (i.e. ANGRY) at men in general, it's unbelievable! It's actually a pretty fucked-up reason, too. I am tired of guys and ANGRY at their fucking head-games that I'd like to stab them in the head with a blunt object!!!!

Here's the IDIOT boyfriend (ex) gave out my number to one of the IDIOTS he works with, WITHOUT my permission, grant you. The FUCKER calls me at WORK, and is perverted enough to ask if I had any underwear on. ARGGGGG. I'm all about the filthy jokes, but not from men who closely resemble fucking Santa Claus! Anyway, I chew my bf out for giving out my number to begin with, which he of course thinks is absolutely fucking hilarious. Then, in the spirit of giving, I decide to throw some shit in the other guy's face, just to make him as uncomfortable as he made me. I spend the day text messaging him, being as filthy as I can think of, with NO intention of ever following through. An eye for an eye, ya know? So he goes and tells my IDIOT bf, I was trying to get with him.

(PUHLEESE!!!!! The guy is like 50 years old with white hair and a beard, hence the Santa reference.) CAN YOU SAY SET UP??? It's a GODDAMNED good thing I no longer live anywhere near this freak or else I'd rip into him so badly that there would be absolutely NOTHING left by the time I was finished. I'm just biding my time at the moment, but like a venomous snake just stepped on, I plan my attack, and it WON'T be funny then!!!!

Just watch your back, Joe!!!!! YOURS is CUMMING!!!! And while I'm here, I might as well state that guys who think it's amusing to send you mixed signals, also deserve to die!!!!! Laugh now, bastards!!!!! When I'm done with you, the only one smiling will BE ME!!!

Men With Mullets or Mullet Headed Men 11

What in the hell is this hairdo all about? I mean yeah, business in front, party in back, but for shit sakes! These fucking red hot lovers are something else? What's next, return of the dam duck rolls? Ayyyyyy, Fonzie! We have a Mexican janitor at work. We call him, among other things, Manuel the Mullet Man, cleans the shitter as fast as he can. We caught that that fucker sniffing spent tampons in the broads can once. anyways, I got away from that shag carpet cootie motel on top of his head. Mannie has to work full time just to keep up the maintenace on that black beaver ontop of his head. He showed us once how mr mullet can swallow up 5 #2 ticonderoga pencils with out a trace. Is that Beaner Wetback talent or what?

Heart Surgeon 12

Can't even be honest when given a chance. Has a big weenie, but that doesn't make up for the fact that HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT. The only reason he gets chicks is because he has money, because he's damn sure not good looking. Will absolutely screw any piece of white trash that comes along. People laugh at you behind your back, and you are a pathetic loser. No matter how much money you have in the bank.

men who only think about sex 13

I am so sick of meeting assholes who only have sex on the mind. I want to have a relationship with a guy but everytime I meet someone they only want to get laid. It really is getting old. I wish guys would just grow the hell up! >:(

I am 31 years old and I keep meeting assholes who are in their 30's and they act like they are teenagers with horny hormones. Men never grow up do they? :(

MEN 14

I am sick of the population of chauvanist PIGS that still unfortunately inhabit the Earth! Ya know, the ones who haven't left the 1950's mind frame, where the woman is responsible for EVERYTHING; cooking, cleaning, working, child-raising, sex. I have an ASSHOLE of a so-called boyfriend, who believes just that! I HATE HIM BEYOND BELIEF! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY IN MY LIFE!

He's a lazy-ass fuck-face whose "difficult" job entails sitting on his ass for 8 hours, driving around in the same fucking circle, while I, on the other hand, am on my feet doing this, that, and everything in between for 8 hours or more! So, wouldn't it be normal to want to relax and sit down when I get home from work? NOT ACCORDING TO HIM!

I'm supposed to go to work, give him half my paycheck, and when I get home, make sure the dishes are done, laundry is folded, and fucking dinner is ready! Would he ever think of helping out? Hell no! That might take him away from his television set, or worse, keep him from going boating or working on his ugly-ass Camero! GOD FORBID!


*Question from Anger Central
So why are you still with him??

men 15

Why is it that men are so damn insensitive? I mean, if they don't want anything romantic with you (even after they've lead you to believe they do), well there's nothing you can do about that. But, then you think to yourself "well I can deal with that, eventually, but at least we can be friends 'cause he's still a cool person to be with" (and in some cases you both agree to stay friends)... but then they ignore you and seem to not even want that much with you. To me that's what really hurts; you already feel bad because you've already been rejected romantically, but when they reject you as a friend (especially when they know you really care for them and will be there for them) you feel really low and crummy. You think to yourself, 'well DAMN, I wasn't even good enough to be their friend..." Why do men do this??? Then men wonder why nice girls like me eventually turn into bitches. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF!!!

Men 16

Why do the 6 men I live with have to be so destructive? I have just left them in a room where they have totally trashed it, ripped up a yellow pages and have thrown it around the room (it is destroyed) and guess who will have to clean it all up tomorrow. All men know is destruction. They are useless bastards. I'm considering lesbianism -honestly

Men...No Boys! 17

I'm tired of finding all these little boys that can't handle a real woman!! Where did all the REAL men go??? They don't want commitment, but they don't want to let you go. Is there any solution to this TRAGIC problem???

Men who play games 18

I have had it up to here with the crap that they pull. For a whole year, this guy played silly games with me. For example, inviting me to watch movies with him, go play poker with him and his best friend, go out dancing, or watch hockey, but anytime, I invited him to do something, he wouldn't commit or wouldn't show up. I got pretty sick of it, but finally, it seemed like the relationship might be moving along. We went on a date, but then lo and behold, a week and a half later, I hear through the grapevine that he's dating another girl. What the fuck?? I was pissed and didn't really talk to him for a couple of months. One day, I was sitting with a friend and he came up and started talking to me, inviting me to go out bowling with him. After he left, my friend said that it seemed that he liked me, but I was still pretty pissed about the earlier shit he pulled, so I didn't think much about it. About a week later, I saw him again and was talking to him, trying to be nice, when all of a sudden, he grabbed me and hugged me. So, I called him one afternoon before he was leaving for about three months and said that we should hang out before he left. Of course, he didn't return the call. Fucker. Then he comes back after his vacation and starts asking me when we're going to get together and hang out. He asked me to help him move his stuff into his room, but that night, he called me and said he didn't feel like moving anything else, and that I should call him if I wanted to watch a movie. We're already on the phone, but he wants me to call him if I want to watch a movie. That's stupid. Then, a few days later, I asked him if he needed any more help moving, and he said that he'd done it by himself. That pissed me off, so the next time I saw him, I was pretty cranky and gruff to him. Then I felt bad because if he does like me, I didn't want to discourage him, so I sent him an email, inviting him to come visit me at work. Well, as I'm driving to work, I see him on the street with his buddies, so of course, he's not coming

Weak men 19

let me tell you, i cannot take it anymore. sort of dating this guy who I've been friends with for a while, and i'm not the one who wanted to date. he was insistent that we try dating. then, after a couple of dates, he decides that he doesn't want to be tied down. you're not fucking dating anyone else, so what the hell do you mean you don't want to be tied down? i don't call you, i don't bother you when you're out with your stupid ass football friends. i'm not fucking tying you down. now all of a sudden, you don't even want to be friends anymore. that's such fucking bullshit. if you hadn't insisted on us dating, we'd still be friends, and i wouldn't be all pissed off. fuck you, buddy.

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster can't wait to get "tied down". In fact he has the ball and chain ready and waiting for his fiancée to clamp onto to his ankle. ;)

I keep meeting jerks :( 20

I am so sick of dating these low class assholes. It is like I am a magnet for assholes and perverts. Whenever I date a guy it turns out he is either a pervert or just a jerk. Why is that? I am already 32 years old and still having no luck meeting Mr, Right. :(

*Note from Anger Central
I'm terribly sorry, but the webmaster is spoken for. :)

Stupid Ass Men 21

I'm angry at men who think it's OK for them to have sex with every dumb slut who walks in the door, but a girl that wants to have sex with an ex-boyfriend is a whore? I mean, I don't want a serious thing, just sex! I would like it if we don't even have to talk, I'll just call when I'm feeling ready and we can get to it. Why do I have to find the ones who want to fucking get married? You would think that a man would like this but I guess not. He is fucking GREAT in bed, just a dumb ass in every other aspect. That's why we broke up 10 years ago! But I even asked back then if we could continue to have sex with no strings and he said yes. Boy, was he a liar!

Men 22

I don't understand men. What the fuck exactly do they want out of life?? Normal women? Because a hell of a lot of them seem to cry and cry because they can't find the right fucking woman. I'll tell you what, though... maybe the woman you're crying to... she may not be the gorgeous, big-boobed woman you dream about having, but she's the one who will be there for you when you're having a bad day (she already is, for crying out loud), and she'll be the one who cares for you until your dying days, and she'll be the one who appreciates you for what you are. Thing is, beautiful men want only beautiful women. Catch 22, though, because a lot of beautiful people who know they are beautiful let it go to their heads. Then the beautiful men and the beautiful women can't find other beautiful people that support them, because they've all become such fucking egotists. I'd like to know how any religion can justify the way this world works. I'd like to know how God or Allah or Buddah or whoever the fuck it is allows the world to exist as a place where the nice, yet mildly unattractive, people get all the shit, and the attractive, yet narcissistic, people get all the attention and love. What the fuck is this supposed to tell people who weren't born with the "hot stuff" genes???? You're screwed because your parents happened to pass on the wrong genes. Sorry, that sucks for you!???? No. I refuse to believe that this world works that way, and yet, I have no evidence to the contrary. Motherfucker.

Creepy Men 23

A big FAT rant goes out to the creepy men that assume that they can come into my workplace and hit on me. First, I am not some sort of package deal- just because you patronize the company that I work for DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT to make lewd and disgusting comments towards me. I will never be paid enough to hear your inane comments about what I look like, act like, or whether or not I have 'sensual energy' (THANKYOU sensitive-new-age-man masquerading as sensitive-new-age-creep). Secondly, I will never go out and do anything with you. Not coffee, dinner, or even a fucking blow job. Even if you were the last asshole in the entire universe- so quit asking. Thirdly, I am not impressed by your tales of sexual prowness or the fact that you are a nudist in your free time.

The Men in My Life 24

I hate my experiences with men. Every last one has been disastrous! I was initiated into sexual experience at the age of 5 by a distant cousin. I'm still a virgin at the age of 20, but I've been abused/harassed sexually by tons of guys. My high school boyfriends (all of them without exception -- and there were many) would do sexual things with me and then leak the details to my ex-boyfriends, female friends, and classmates. My current boyfriend is mining me for information too so he can tell all of our mutual friends about me and my personal life and then make humiliating comments about them right in front of me. My dad is an ex-drunk, and I can't tell anyone about my problems because I have shitty insurance. It doesn't cover anything! I just wish these men would go fuck themselves and drop dead!

fat old men who think they can hit on me! 25

I'm a 17 year old waitress, and for some reason, these fat balding old men think it is perfectly plausible that I would be attracted to them. Why the hell would they think that?? I'm tall and pretty, why would I want some disgusting old fat men who has long ago given up on taking care of himself. Then I get called a shallow bitch. WHAT? You're only hitting on me cuz I'm pretty, but I should just spread my legs right on your table and ignore the fact that your fat rolls are threatening to engulf me?? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Then you tell my boss that I was being rude?? Because it's not rude to tell me what a nice ass I have or anything. Oh, no, I should be incredibly flattered. ASSHOLES!!



I know what a "man" is and there varying degress of it, or shades of grey. It is a member of the male geneder. Thats all. The rest is just asinine stereotypes based on traditional morality. Throw that shit away already.

I'm repulsed at the idea of some loudmouthed cocky jock shithead swilling his piss-beer, whooping at some fucking sports event, while telling his girlfriend to "shut the hell up because the game's on" or smacking his son around for "being such a little wimpy pussy" ARE YOU FUCKING WANKERS THAT INSECURE ABOUT YOURSELVES THAT YOU HAVE TO SMACK AROUND AND CONSTANTLY DOMINATE OVER WOMEN AND CHILDREN? FUCKING ASSHOLES. WHATS NEXT? BEATING UP OLD PEOPLE TOO? And what the hell is it with these morons and sports? SPORTS SUCK!! THEY'RE MIND-ROTTING GARBAGE

And the whole "tough shit" thing has to FUCKING STOP. So you can beat the shit out of me? BIG FUCKING DEAL! And then you fucknuts think it makes you the cock of the fucking walk, and you're better than everyone. GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES! It doesn't make you the leader of shit or better than anyone. It just means you're a nothing but a fucking savage. That shit is for animals. NOT Civilized human beings. Therefore you fuckers still must be animals. And when animals are aggressive to humans, THEY GET FUCKING SHOT. SO EITHER ACT LIKE A CIVILIZED HUMAN OR GET SHOT LIKE A FUCKING ANIMAL

Guys 27

Why am I angry? Well, let's see......GUYS.

(To all you women who hear me, need I say more?)

They NEVER call when they say they will, are NOTORIOUS for being late, IF they show up at all, have a tendancy to "hide" things", and scare off so easily it gives new meaning to the word "chicken shit". (Pardon my French)

Try to hold a guy's hand, what happens? They assume you're proposing marriage! Even worse if you try to kiss them! Unless of course, they're in the "mood", then they cling to you like a tight pair of pants.
But everything has to be on THEIR terms. If a woman becomes agitated or upset, or needs to speak her mind, all Hell breaks loose!

And this is supposed to be an equal society? Give me a break! Although they are FAR from being the courageous, tough men they want us all to think they are, we're still supposed to keep still and be the "good little woman". Screw that.

P.S. Webmaster, you sound like a nice guy. Is it possible they exist? Your fiancée (or wife now?) must consider herself very lucky! Good luck to you!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster was legally married to his wife February 19, 2005. He also went through a Chinese ceremony, (Not legally binding), December 2, 2004 in Fushun, Liaoning Province, China. He considers himself to be the lucky one to have such a fine lady as his wife. :) Pictures available at

Men 28

Angry and confused would sum up my rant perfectly! I am so ticked off at men in general, I could SCREAM from the tallest building, at the top of my lungs! What IS IT with men and their headgames?

Forgive me; I suppose this applies to all human beings. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have all been born a different species? Of course, guys in particular, seem as biologically programed as their animal counter-parts! Hook up with a girl, knock her up, then leave!!!! JUST F--KING WALK AWAY, a luxury the female never has the option to do!

And then, this is the sick part.....ignore this now pregnant and abandoned female for weeks on end, despite the endless phone calls, and then all of a sudden call up one day and decide he wants to see her! (For those of you who haven't figured it out, I am referring to myself here)

They go out; they talk; he says he cares; doesn't want a relationship, but will never abandon her. WTF? Can anyone please explain what that means? To me it's pretty black and friggen white; you either want to be with someone or you don't! I am NOT a rubber ball to be bounced back and fourth! Against a friggen brick wall I'll never break through at that! Does anyone else seem to have this problem? The constant G.D. run-arounds, the wild goose chases, and the continous stream of mind games that leaves you emotionally drained, confused, and most of all ANGRY?! Is it so much to expect a straight answer from someone? This man is 37 years old! By now, you'd think he would know what he wanted from life, instead of dangling a freakin' carrot in front of a VERY VUNARABLE girl's face, only to jerk it away. No remorse; no empathy, NOTHING!

And that's why I am so damn ANGRY!

 lying men 29

I am so mad because the guy that i am interested in said that he wasn't ready to date right now, but when he is ready i am first in line. well, he goes to the bar and meets some bar whore and starts to date her! he said he was also interested in me...what happened to that? if i wasn't his "first in line", why did he tell me that? he should have just kept his big mouth shut, so my feelings would not have been hurt. duh

All Men 30

Well, men have always been a pain...from the father to the boyfriends. I give up....Every man, from 16 to 86 has hang ups with sex. If you're a virgin, the call you a whore because you don't do what they want. If you give what they want, you're a whore anyway. So what difference does it make if you have sex or not? I don't call it sex if I care for someone, that's making love. I don't think men know the difference between making love (having feelings for someone other than just physical) and having casual sex (you could F a tree or a whatever).

I DESPISE THE MALE GENDER. My married friends all cheat on each other. The girls try to set me up with their husbands...why? So they can get some jealous game going on. No way am I gonna be a part of that ridiculous triangle.

Here's a couple of good examples. I went to Europe to meet an older couple, who were good friends of mine for years. Turns out they met up with some people into orgies and decided I was too "clean" to end up with them and they never came to get me after traveling from the US to Europe.

Here's another example. Had another trip planned with a girlfriend who had an accident...Well, another friend told me I could go with her friends' husband because his wife was having an affair. I already knew him and emailed him telling him we could go as friend. (ain't no way I'm gonna be more , knowing he'll just keep on ending up with the wife who cheats on him and has for 20 years)....well, he cannot even email me back...So go figure...No sex, no trip. I"m so F'ing sick and tired of everything being sex based. Where are people who like you as a person and care just for caring?

As far as I'm concerned, everyone who's whole life is based on sexual encounters can go F themselves, if they love it so much. And I can tell you, they're missing out on the TRUE meaning of making love, when sex is like going to the grocery store.

Men..Uhh 31

Well at 45 female- I have totally given up on them (men). I almost feel gd. that I am not alone in this world with my thoughts of all the loosers out there. It's not you or me girlfriends, only that we care to attract and stay involved with these total LOOSERS. I do not need them for anything. The price I have paid for intimacy is simply too high. I even decided awhile back that if I was going to put up with all their crap, I should just get paid for it-well I did-and that took a huge toll on me. I am finished. I get sick just thinking about all those old m-fuc - anyway. I was fed up at 25-anyway. It's not worth it-you go girls!

MENN!! 32

i cant stand the men that dont want to pay for their woman and their kid. THATS WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN LIFE! women take care of the house and family and men support and protect their family with their MONEY!!!! no shit all the girls want rich guys! how else would they be able to support their kids through life? both sexes have to sacrifice something for gods sake i hate lazy men!!aaaggghhh!!!

 MEN! 33

I am an attractive intelligent 26 year old woman so why is it that the only men that are interested in me are either in their teens and want the experience of an older woman... please, I have better things to do with my time than train these immature clueless hopefuls OR they are married and just want a bit of fun on the side!!

The only guy I have recently met who didn't fall into either of these categories, couldn't get it up a second time after we had sex ONCE and even then he didn't make me cum! I just want a guy who can keep up with me in the bedroom but also make me laugh over breakfast in the morning... is that too much to ask for?!

Cheap Ass Men 34

OK... here goes. I am sick and tired of talkin 2 guys online for a few weeks and then never hearing from them again. Then I finally met this guy ...I made it clear up front I just wanted 2 b friends, as I didn't see him as bf material. Well, we set a date 2 go out, and I was supposed 2 meet him somewhere. When I was on my way, he called sayin his Greyhound bus hand't even come yet... GREYHOUND BUS?!?! What the hell?!?! ok ... I'm a professional educated woman, not tryin 2 chill with an uneducated guy who don't even drive. Call me stuck up or whateva ... but I want a man on my level. I DO NOT wanna go down 2 someone else's level @ all. Tell me, where are all the good guys? Does anyone know???

MEN! 35


All MEN 36

I'm angry because I am SOOO sick of being rejected by men!! I don't understand what the hell is wrong with me, am I that disgusting?! I don't think I am, but I can't even go on a damn date! Why do men hate me?!! I am through trying to attract a man, they all quit writing to me when I send out my damn picture! I'M NOT UGLY!!! I think the men in this state are the most worthless, shallow, hypocritical, male chauvanist PIG pieces of trash I've ever seen! When I die, I'm going to put the following on my casket: "I don't want any MALE pallbearers; they didn't take me out when I was alive, THEY AIN'T TAKING ME OUT NOW!" I'm not a bad person, but NOBODY LIKES ME!!!! SO FINE, GO FIND YOUR MRS. PERFECT AND STAY SINGLE THE REST OF YOUR DISGUSTING LIVES!!! That's why I'm angry!!!

players 37

I hate men who tell me they love me but they say that to other women besides me! They tell me they want to be with me and they are such liars! >:(

Players deserve to get a vasectomy because they have sex with millions of women and have unwanted kids with them. Sexual predators are just as bad as players. :(

*Note from Anger Central
It's an oldie but goodie. It takes two to tango. Women need to take responsibility just as much as men. Don't want to get pregnant? Keep your legs together and your clothes on.

Men that refuse to wear condoms 38

You know who you all are you selfish motherfuckers. Its too tight, I can't feel anything----whine, whine, whine, waaa. Then your pussy asses get all pissed off when you get some stupid social disease or impregnate someone. Derr---I pulled out didn't I?! Dumb fucks. Why don't you go retake some high school sex education class and learn how your body works. The best is when some fucker thinks he's slick and takes the condom off hoping you won't notice. Nice. Then you try to push his fat greasy body off of you and he keeps trying to go at it. FUCK YOU. I hope your penis rots off someday. And YES, its YOURS.

men 39

My boyfriend who sits and watches porn on his computer...then doesn't want to have sex with me. Well...he likes to watch old ladies fuck young guys, what a fucken loser. I am a beautiful sexy's good bye to him tonight...good bye freak!!

dirty men 40

Young or old, the object of my recent anger has been dirty disgustingly piggish and filthy men. I say men because I know lots of women who are slobs, but seriously, none can hold a candle to a dirty filthy guy. I recently moved into a house owned previously by one of these animals. The house was left in such a disgusting state that the cleaning service I had to hire to clean it (I wouldn't touch anything in there) had to wear masks. The refrigerator, once all the bottles and containers of greasy dripping old food were removed, was so black and moldy that it was a biohazard to clean. The wood floors in the house were so gouged, scratched, and dirty that once his greasy, grimey and smelly old cheesy rugs were gone a whole bottle of vinegar in a 10 gallon water bucket just lightly skimmed the surface of the nastiness. The bathtub.....oh I can't even go there. No words in the English language for it. Any description at all, even from Stephen King, wouldn't be graphic enough to describe it. Luckily, we were demo-ing the whole bathroom, otherwise, I'd never step foot in there...I'd rather take a dump on the front lawn. Even the fireplaces were covered in crud and spiders and insects. Every window and glass door had so much mung on them that only a razor blade would remove it. Dead beetles and silverfish everywhere there was room for them, in every crack and crevice. Dead insects in all the windows. Green patina is great on some metal objects, but on all the hardware in the house? And once everything was thrown out or cleaned up, I began a serious remodel. I didn't think anyone could top this pig, but then again, you learn something new everyday .....the construction guys were worse than the "Man" (dirty diaper) I bought the house from. I had an overflowing toilet upstairs where they were doing the re-tiling, so I closed it up and taped it off with a polite request that said "Do Not Use---please." Two months later, when the tile was laid in there and it was time to have the new toilet installed, I opened the lid and guess what???? Yes, some lazy filth freak who was working on the house just found it too exhausting to walk downstairs to the other toilet and so he just broke the tape seal, lifted the lid on the toilet and pee-d in it.....looked like repeatedly. When I opened the lid I almost passed out from the smell.....and the yellow brown green putrefaction. Is it men I hate or just blue collar men I hate, I can't figure it out. I have known some pretty disgusting white collar guys, too, but I think the blue collar guys working in the trades take that cake. I don't want em in my house, I'll tell you that. Even my husband is grossed out by them and he's no Mr. Monk. I listen to the stories about how gross and nasty these guys are, and how they pick off birds with their stupid nail guns, and bee-bee gun cats on the job sites and swear and chew their cud and spit and hock and pee all over everything like a damed feral cat in some 'Hood somewhere you don't want to know about. I live in a town with lots of them, too. You know the ones. They live in the houses with the rusted old RV's on the lawn and on Sundays when you drive around the neighborhood, their garages are usually all open because they're always doing some DIY project and everything all around them is a mess and the garage, lawn, yard, and anything within 50 feet of them is stuffed with piles of crap. Dirty crap. Multiple piles of dirty crap. There's usually a skill saw in there on a table. And lots of piles of shit to cut up. Sometimes you drive around and see their garage doors shut with stuff just jammed so tight in there that the windows of the garage are totally obscured with their junk. If the junk was pressed any tighter on that door, it would just give. Filthy junk usually. Makes you so skeeved out that you imagine that the worst punishment for the worst crime you ever committed (if you are a mentally healthy person) would be to have to go inside their house and sit in there. And, god forbid, if you were really bad, you'd be made to have to eat dinner in there with them at their table and from their dishes that were all probably once in their garage. Oh god. I have to go throw up now.

Men 41

I'm angry on account of men, I don't care what you say good one's don't exist. Their all lying pig's I tell you. They always say they like classy girls, and yet they always choose the trailer trash... And what's with slimy bald headed fat men expecting to get 20 year old model's? Or those Obese fuckers that bitch if a chick's 5 pounds overweight??? Fuck them, Fuck them all. IN THE EAR!! SIDEWAYS!! They expect girls to fit all of their standards of beauty, yeah right. A girl's really going to work on her body for someone who's going to 'eventually' like her for her mind. If a girl looks a certain way, it's because she likes it, and you shouldn't make her feel like shit over it!!! I don't care how Ugly she is, YOU'RE UGLIER!!!


I am so damn sick and tired of trying to have a intelligent conversation with a man, ask him who has inspired him the most in his life. WALKER TEXAS RANGER. PLEASE! I only wish that the Viagra would last half as long as you do bragging about how 'good' you were. You went "UGH", and I didn't even know you'd put it in, but after seeing it I know why. The last time I saw sometning that small it had an eraser on the end of it!

Your always saying you think I'm after your money, I have my own fucking money and can make more money than you because I took the time to get an education while you sat around being macho and trying to get that'goober' up as you call it.

Your 45 years old and still live in the house with your mother in the same room you grew up in. You expected me to spend the night at 'your' house, why don't we camp out in the backyard? Whoopee!

I have been called a Bitch so many times that I've decided the losers calling me that say, it in awe. As long as they think I'm a really Great Bitch. The big macho men who have grabbed their crothes and said, "I've got 12 inches here for you". Yeah right, what you going to do. come see me three or four times? Jerk!

I'll be a DD, that's a woman if she needs companionship gets dog and as long as there's Durecell, she's a HAPPY woman! I refuse to put up with a stupid,slobbery,fat,abusive,fucking around behind your back,cheap-assed,mama's boy,pencil dick can't get it up,pouting all the time,lazy,selfish,self-centered,uneducated so-called MAN! I'd rather be with my dog and my vibrator and do as I please, I've been amazed how many men chase you when you have this don't give a shit attitude! I buy dog food and new batteries and go home and let some fool take them and hope maybe there is a real man out there. If not, there's always DD.

Men 43

I AM BEYOND ANGRY, and the cause of this festering cancer of anger, is those of the male species! I suppose I'm being a tad glib.....not ALL men are creeps, but my experiences have been of such, that I can't help but generalize! ANYWAY-Shane, you stupid mother-fucker......I hope you're happy with what you did! I know you'll never read this, but other people will, so HA HA!

I met this loser at work; knew him for about 5 months before I STUPIDLY left another relationship because he supposedly "loved me", and wanted me "with him" all the time! Granted, this other relationship sucked, but at the very least it was stable. So, I leap from the frying pan into the fire.

What happens then, folks? That's right-you get BURNED! First off, this asshole has a major gambling problem. We went to a casino-first time I've ever been, since I believe money is worth more then throwing it away on stupid card games. He ignores me the entire time we're there. Poker was more important. I was left to wander around a 23 story building, ALONE, or else I was left to drink alone at one of the many bars in that over-sized shopping mall. Finally we go up to our room to go to bed. Get into an argument. He leaves and and when I wake up, HE'S STILL GONE! Tried to call, tried to text, and he won't even answer the phone, but supposedly he "really, really" loves me. HA. Funny way of showing it. When he does come back, all he does is flop his fat, lazy ass down on the bed, and go to sleep.
I might have forgiven his pathetic ass, had he at least apologized or tried to talk about it, but communication just ain't his thing. I think it has to do with lack of intelligence, but who am I to speculate?

This behavior continued for the next week we were together, and each time, I tried to forgive and forget, and talk it out. Instead of talking and working through it, he opts for the easy way out, like the fucking coward he is.

He sends me a TEXT message, basically telling me it's over! A TEXT MESSAGE! He couldn't even tell me to my face! How pathetic is that? And what was that "love" shit all about? I DON'T GET IT! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET IT?! Now, thanks to that bastard who so badly wanted me living with him, I'm stuck without any place to go. I hope he's happy. I cling only to the hope that what goes around, comes around. Cruelty is infectious. I just don't know how men can sleep at night, playing women like that, and then just erasing them completely. It's disgusting.


I am so damn sick and tired of trying to have a intelligent conversation with a man, ask him who has inspired him the most in his life. WALKER TEXAS RANGER. PLEASE! I only wish that the Viagra would last half as long as you do bragging about how 'good' you were. You went "UGH", and I didn't even know you'd put it in, but after seeing it I know why. The last time I saw sometning that small it had an eraser on the end of it!

Your always saying you think I'm after your money, I have my own fucking money and can make more money than you because I took the time to get an education while you sat around being macho and trying to get that'goober' up as you call it. Your 45 years old and still live in the house with your mother in the same room you grew up in. You expected me to spend the night at 'your' house, why don't we camp out in the backyard? Whoopee!

I have been called a Bitch so many times that I've decided the losers calling me that say, it in awe. As long as they think I'm a really Great Bitch. The big macho men who have grabbed their crothes and said, "I've got 12 inches here for you". Yeah right, what you going to do. come see me three or four times? Jerk!

I'll be a DD, that's a woman if she needs companionship gets dog and as long as there's Durecell, she's a HAPPY woman! I refuse to put up with a stupid,slobbery,fat,abusive,fucking around behind your back,cheap-assed,mama's boy,pencil dick can't get it up,pouting all the time,lazy,selfish,self-centered,uneducated so-called MAN! I'd rather be with my dog and my vibrator and do as I please, I've been amazed how many men chase you when you have this don't give a shit attitude! I buy dog food and new batteries and go home and let some fool take them and hope maybe there is a real man out there. If not, there's always DD.

people 45

Men that think women should not be independent really anger me. What makes men so high and mighty? Is it because they have a dick? I hope not. Men can't stand it when I do something better than them.. because I guess i'm supposed to be the equivalent of a mannequin. Look pretty and pose pretty..not being able to have input..Probably because my ex-boyfriends are ahmed that i'm more intelligent than they ever could be.. Sadly I am more intelligent than most men i've met. Not even to brag..It's just that they are so arrogant and full of their manly ways.They couldn't handle that maybe a woman can take so much and be so strong. You dipshits..You try being molested when you were a child, you try being sexually assaulted, you try getting the shit beaten out of you as a child...Woman usually can take anything better than men and actually help themselves. To the men who say that women are bitches..How the fuck do you know what they've been through? If it happened to you..You's just be a pity-party wreck and never get help..Trust me. I've seen what happens to both genders and women usually deal alot better than men..because they are more liely to do something about it. And if women are bitches you should evaluate yourself. I'm a bitch because..People always have a reason..don't they? Monsters don't create themselves. I understand men. I don't understand arrogance and men. Just becaue you're a man doesn't mean your shit don't stink. Women may be able to do things better than you..Accept it. I'm not a feminist..but i've considered it..Try being abused by men for years as a child. For nothing. Just for being a weak child..Grow up and realize that it bites you everywhere you go and with the men you meet.. Men do it too. So why do they complain? ,maybe you should go for other men if you can't handle women. Most men who hate women are usually closet homosexuals. Don't believe me? Well let me just sayI know. I know 4 men who constantly ramble about hating women..but they also somehow like men or transgendered women..Don't understand that. I can't handle being with other women. Men are good for love don't get me wrong. I've jsut had the displeasure of being labeled wrong many times as a cold bitch. How does anyone truely know a person or what they are thinking. seriosuly..or what happened to them. I love people but arrogance seriosuly can take a hike.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster prizes his wife's independence and has done all he could to increase it. She recently passed her driving test and when she returns from China, will start looking for a car and a job.

 Georgia Boy 7ft 46

I"m not so much angry as I am disappointed in the fact that not only do men think it okay to treat women like a sub-human species. It's the fact that we ALLOW them to do it and to identify ourselves through them. People can only treat you as bad as you LET them.

I got rid of 7'ft 252lbs of useless waste of air and space about 7 months ago. I was spending my money on him buying clothes so he could go out in public with me, he was still socially challenged and embarrassed me. I fed him, I ran him around in my car, and the night he got drunk and wanted me to buy him pizza and when I wouldn't, he wanted me to take him to his mama's house at 1:00am in the morning.

Not a problem! Load your big drunk ass up in the car, on the drive he made the mistake of telling me I was a loser and stupid!! I slammed on my brakes and threw his overnight bag and him out of my car and said, "I may be stupid, but I'm stupid with a car!" and drove off and left him on the side of the highway and went home.

He starts calling the next day saying how sorry he was and continued until I filed a police report and went to see his Probation officer. I then took him to small claims court and he brings his mama to court but I win $594.00 for him cleaning out my liquor cabinet and other money I spent on him and garnished his wages. He now has a TPO on him, he calls on comes within 500ft of me he will be charged with aggravated stalking and go to prison for 2 years. He may be 7'ft but I'm 5'ft4" and smart! I refuse to allow some loser to make my life a living hell because he can't control himself so he going to try to control me? I'm the only one who controls me but I'm responsible for myself and IF I ever find someone who is favorable for me, I won't be sitting by the telephone, he'll be lucky to spend time with me because I'm a very interesting person and a lot of fun to be with. If I don't value myself as a person, no one else will. If I never find another man to love well,- I enjoy the quiet times and my own company.

guys who are obsessed with me 47

the whole species of freaky males are obsessed with me. Look, I can't help that I am really hot and have a great body and awesome personality, that does not mean you have a right to stalk me and expect me to hang out with you. you are all FREAKS. there is no way in hell I would ever associate with any of you. Leave me the fuck along and stop calling me/talking to me online/leaving messages on my facebook wall. Stop trying to slow down your walking when you are in front of me so I catch up and you can talk to me. that is not tricky. i totally know you are doing that and it PISSES ME OFF. stop trying to tell me you just want to be friends so I CANT turn down your invitations to do stuff. I fucking KNOW you DONT just want to be friends. You are all extremely busted looking and I do not want to be within 20 feet of you let alone hang out with you. I don't care if you are awesome "once I get to know you". You are a freak. and that is all that matters. leave me the FUCK alone.

Men! 48

Webmaster, you seem like a reasonable man. If you have time, tell me what you think of this situation that has me absolutely enraged. My ex-boyfriend and I dated for two years. I just began medical school (as in, becoming a doctor), and I have no loans because I got a scholarship. I cared about this man more than I have ever cared about anyone else. I took very good care of him, including letting him live in my apartment and sit on his ass all day while I was at school. He graduated from college last May, yet as of November, hadn't even put in a single job application. I was carrying the bills for the rent, utilities, cable, and internet, as well as half the food, as a full-time student! I have always been there for him, but he lied to me innumerable times about drug use, slept at his female friends' houses on occasion, and bad-mouthed me for who knows how long. We finally broke up (for the second time) after I expressed my uncomfortableness with him deciding to move in with his female friends. Am I unreasonable for thinking that's a bad idea? To allow him to move in with two females, both of whom hate me AND encourage his drinking and drug habits??? Not to mention that they own a cat, and I'm allergic cats... perfect way to keep me out of their house. This kind of treatment, when I poured my heart into this relationship, enrages me and makes me doubt the goodness in people, and particularly in men.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster tries to be a reasonable man, but finds it much easier to be completely unreasonable. ;)
This chowder head is a complete loser. He isn't worthy of you. Walk away and chalk this one up to experience. The Webmaster is out of work at the moment, but unlike this loser you describe, he has submitted many resumes, keeps the house clean and just got back from grocery shopping. Just forget about him and don't even bother acknowledging him if he tries to get back into your life. (Hmm, I wonder if that PhD. doing research on this site will use this piece of advice?)

Men, who needs them 49

Men are useless. They expect me to cook for them, do their laundry, pay their bills (because none of them can hold down a job anymore), take them to the doctor, etc. If I wanted a child I'd have a baby. I haven't been able to figure out why people think I need one. They have drained my finances, broken most of my electronics (they can't fix anything), made me late for work, etc. Most of them think we want their P----, but guess what. That thing is a deadly appendage. It can kill you. Why would I want to get cervical cancer and die from one of these idiots? They are so needy it makes me sick. My dog is more independent. Why do I need them? Please tell me? What do they offer? I just want to meet someone who can take the trash out! Most of them have to be told. They are all fat, out of shape, bald, broke, uneducated, and needy. And THEY think I want to jump in the sack with them? What a joke. They disgust me now. The married ones are the worst. They don't think twice about cheating. So, why do I want to get married? Losers.... And they run around with little nipples because they started out females. What on earth was God thinking?

Weird guy 50

OK so I know technically it is a really bad idea to date someone in the work place, ESPECIALLY when you both are in the military, ESPECIALLY when um, he outranks you by several pay grades and ESPECIALLY when you have a very large cuss of a boyfriend.... but there is this really cute guy where I work... who showers me with attention (well when he feels so inclined anyway) and invited me to come to his place and spend a couple nights. Well, when he's not doing all this, he's completely and totally silent... I missed his phone call today and have not heard back anything. I'm having strong feelings that are raging out of control but I also think he is extremely weird and well, that's why I like him. I don't wanna do anything that would ruin our careers, and I don't want anyone knowing if we do do something ahem that could ruin our careers... plus I know most of the military motherfuckers out there will toss you like yesterday's news as soon as they come. I tell you, it really messes with your head sometimes.... :(

*Note from Anger Central
We would suggest that BOTH of you read the pertinent sections of the UCMJ. From what we've heard the Military comes down very hard on these sorts of things especially if one of the people is of superior rank and is in the chain of command of the other person.

(SomeMen) 51

Some men are in fact Vagina's with a penis. I can't believe how pitifully emotional men can be....I'm not this bad at all. They ask me to marry them the first 5 minutes we are on a date. They cry and mope if you don't call them back in 5 minutes...They blame us for everything that goes wrong and that goes way back to the Bible...Somebody cut off that mans balls who wrote that book. can't see that they are more insecure than women. Shallow, vague, obnoxious, abusive, generally most men I've encountered except an elite few. I'm sorry but it's true for these times. Well I think those who pick on what they feel is weaker than them are weaker.. I hate all these Bible Thumpers telling me to submit to man and what to do with my body and telling me to hate myself because i'm a curse to mankind...Well we are now thanks to get used to it...The webmaster seems to be quite rational in this arena it appears , seems happily married and treats women quite well, not all women care for rebellious criminals or stupid bums...I want a genius regardless of appearance who shares similar ideas and goals and can laugh...I don't want to be abused and I am not a play around bitch...i'm angry that men and women miss out on rationality and reasoning. We both suck at the end of the day anyway. Humans!!

Men's excuses 52

They call themselves men but they are really whiney babies who try every excuse possible to avoid responsibility for the problems they cause. Since the beginning of time men have some excuse why things are not their fault. Like in the story of Adam and Eve. Adam blames Eve for eating the Fruit of Knowledge. She didn't force him he had free will. He willingly chose to eat it and he knew before her it was wrong but he did it anyway! He thought God wouldn't mind blaming the female. When really he couldn't stand the thought of Eve being smarter than him. He had to dominate. That is why their punishments are different. Adam's motivation for eating the fruit was more sinister and his refusal to accept responsibility for his actions downright infantile. She wanted him to share the knowledge and he betrayed her by claiming it was her fault. What a scum bag!

I really cannot stand when men treat women badly because they have lost their virginity. Because I am divorced with children I am constantly being asked for sex by men. When I say no that I have to care for my reputation I am told "you can't be that innocent". It seems that all they have to do is ask and I am obligated to put out.

Men from other cultures calling women from different cultures "whores". These men come to my country and claim that their women who are obligated to sex with them for food and shelter are pure and women who earn a living are whores? in their minds they say "what ever happened to the good old days that you could rape a woman and she would be so ashamed that she wouldn't say a word?"

*Note from Anger Central
This was actually two posts that we combined into one.

I hate males 53

they all seem to want to screw you over! for instance

LAST BOYFRIEND: we were AMAZING friends before we dated. He was the only person who ever truly listened to what I had to say. After we broke up he wanted to be friends. Okay cool. But then I found out he was sleeping with his new girlfriend barely a day later... yet he could never seem to be able to "finish" with me. Now because his new girlfriend hates me, he won't speak to me.

THE ONLY ONE I WANTED: ugh. I loved him. I can't even explain why. He kissed me and made it seem like he liked me. Well I decided to be an idiot and lose my virginity to him. I guess that's all he wanted because we haven't spoken since. He seems to find the situation hilarious.

MY DAD: Douchebag. Hasn't called me in almost 2 years.

INTERESTED: a friend. Who keeps trying to get me to date him. Unfortunately he tells other girls almost the same stuff he tells me. Jackass.

now VDay is coming up and I'm alone and hurt effing cool

Chauvinistic Men 54

I hate men who treat women like objects. There is nothing more infuriating than having your own psychology ignored. I'm tired of men who remind me that one day I'm going to end up as a defective livestock and I can easily be replaced by someone younger. Men who have wives or girlfriends that they don't care about just to prove to everyone that they're the "Alpha Male".

*Note from Anger Central
So we shouldn't say that women should always wear white, like the color of kitchen appliances? :D
(You will pay for that! The Angry Webmaster's really angry wife)

Complicated Men 55

I am angry at men because they go on about how they want a nice girl, honest, someone who shares their interests, etc. But oh no! As soon as you're honest with your feelings, they freak out! They want someone who's "not so available" and they lose interest. Excuse me that I'm not into pretending that I don't like you when I really do because you like the "chase." Grow up!

And another thing! How hard is it to freakin call a person when you say you will? I mean, you just press a stupid button on the phone. God, men just can't be bothered to make time for you but listen good! If something is important to you, you make it happen. I know it's beyond your brain capacity, but try to be a little considerate. Assholes.

sick of liars 56

men are liars...
i'm so damn angry because men who say they like big girls..bull sh#t..they masturbate and they think skinny. I could go on and on about the subject but i've spent to much time on this already tonight, so F-U men for being such liars and making me feel this way.

jerk boys 57

So this stupid idiotic jerk boy who thinks he is so cool decides to stand me up while I (ME) agreed to help the kid out with his homework. He tells me to meet him in the University lounge and never shows up! and my friend saw him ten minutes before walking into another building!!! This guy is such a dick. I should have never agreed to help his sorry butt. He hasn't done any of the assignments for this class and I, being hypnotized by his good looks decided to help him. I end up waiting for half an hour and looking like a complete fool in front of my friends (who all think he is hot) I think this guy needs a reality check. He's one of those "I'm tough because I smoke cigarettes every five minutes and laugh at everyone for nothing" He is so mean. I hate how I put him up on this pedestal in my head to be this nice guy, this guy that talks to me in class about his life and seems pretty down to earth. WELL, I GUESS I WAS WRONG. I hate him, I hate how I had butterflies in my stomach for him. I hate that for one second, I was vulnerable to all. I hate stupid jerk boys. I've always been such a strong woman, there is no reason that I should let that go...for anyone...

Men! 58

What has happened to the male species??? They are vulgar, ugly, fat, smelly, thick , useless and gutless! They lie, laze about on their fat arses watching stupid wrestling, drinking beer and farting...what are they FOR exactly? All they do is bring about the global collapse of the economy, start wars, destroy the environment, bully women and children, and collect welfare!! All over the world it is WOMEN who are out working as well as bringing up families, keeping countries going as men set out to destroy them!!

Men have practically RUINED this planet. All its problems have been caused by men. Men of the world - hang your heads in shame you thick pigs. Useless bastards.

*Note from Anger Central
This screech was brought to you by the founders of NOW! ;)

Men and the women who love them 59

I am angry because society accepts and encourages male hypersexuality while punishing women for simply having vaginas. To keep it real, I am really pissed off at my douchebag of an ex-boyfriend who accused me of having "the proclivity" to cheat and harrassed me about my supposed cheating for months. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is in the military and stationed in Cuba. Fuck that shit. She is an idiot for then getting mad at me and keeping that fucker in her life. We've been together for months and I've practically lived at his place. I'm also mad because I left fabulous shoes over there that I want back immediately. Fucker.

Men sex lovers 60

I am 19 years old and there is nothing that would make me happier than if I were single for the rest of my life. I am so mad at men I have met in my life. I have be sexually, emotionally and physically abused by so many of them. And then have the nerve to pin it all back on me as if it were my fault!! Saying I should not act seductively, as if that were reason enough for them to act as they did. FUCK THEM.

men suck 61

why do men have to play with your emotions? why can they not just be up front and tell you exactly what they want? don't they realise we would rather jut hear the truth, painful though it may be, rather than some drivel about maybe they want a relationship? do they not realise we know that's code for "i just want to get laid and will tell you whatever you want to hear to keep you mildly interested"? and how can you speak to someone every night for 3 weeks straight for hours each night then nothing for 3 days? do they not realise how confusing that is? and if something has changed, why no just say it? i mean, we are in the age of modern technology - there are many ways to get your point across without having to actually speak to the person and have it get all awkward and fucked up..i hate being played with, hate this rollercoaster of emotion, hate that i can't seem to control it or just be cool about it...arrgg!!!

Gold-digging man 62

You asked me out, you flattered me, you made me think you were interested in me. Then you dropped off the face of the earth when you found out I make less money than you do. Then you showed up at your sponsor's girlfriend's Christmas party with a wealthy widow older than you. Then I found out your third ex-wife (dang, I have bad taste in men) was a DOCTOR, not a nurse as you told me

And here I thought being young and relatively cute was an advantage. Silly me.

Lying, hypocritical men 63

OK, I know I was stupid to tell my best straight male friend since college that I had a crush on him. I was especially stupid to tell him that since he's married.

That said:

I take full responsibility for my part in what happened (and I will make amends to you when I'm ready to do so), but you damn well better take responsibility for yours. Tell your sponsor -- if you do in fact have one -- what you and I have talked about and what happened, and see what HE says about the matter.

Mens 64

why do men think they are so fucking awesome? why do they think they can do whatever theyw ant to? why do they think they are the fucking balls? why do they act like giant harry pricks??? WHY??? i'll tell you why...because their mommy's taught them that they were the fucking shit when they were growing up/ im gonna make you foood im gonna fold ur laundry im gonna give u a car im NEVER GONNA TELL YOU TO BE NICE TO A FUCKING GIRL EVEN THOUGH I USED TO SLEEP AROUND BECAUSE I FELT BAD ABOUT MYSELF AND MEN LIKE YOU, MY SON, TOOK BUTCH ASS ADVANTAGE OF ME, BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME. let me tell you something. i wont name any names but it rhymes with stew. you are a fuck tard. plain and symple. you are not good looking. you are not funny. you're kinda smart but in a really pathetic way. you are a pathetic human. i wanna punch you in the face and break your stupid glasses. and you're balding IN THE WORST AREA OF THE HEAD. im gonna tell you why women are saints and you are the devil. because we put up with your skinky bitch asses. whether it be when you are sick, or complaining, or fucking snoring next to us.and all we're are fucking thinking is why the fyuck is this woerson next to me at this moment. GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY BED. and when i try to move ur fuckoing drooling snoring sweating face out of my sleeping area you wake up and ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING..youre snoring in my sleep space. i was no i wasnt..YES YOU WOEREEEE IM SMOTHERING YOU WITH A PILLOW. STEW YOU ARE A SCUM BAG AND IF I COULD I WOULD SHIT IN UR BED AND LEAVE IT THERE AND LET YOU SLEEP NEXT TO MY SHIT.BITCH.BITCHHHHHHHHHH

Cheating 65

I can't stand men who cheat! I've never been cheated on, but some assholw this weekend decided to make me his dirty little secret and I am not having it! I am not the other woman, I do not wear the scarlett letter.

It's ridiculous, and it's not my fault, and it makes me angry that women always blame women, as opposed to their precious darlings. They need to grow the fuck up and see what's in front of them!

Lying Men 66

I'm damn angry that evidently testosterone makes men unable to ever tell the truth. I'm nearly 50 and have never known even 1 man who isn't a f-ing liar. I love my husband for some crazy reason, but the shithead can't tell the truth if his dick was on fire. He claims he just wants to avoid confrontation, but all it does is pisses me off a lot worse that he lied about something than the original thing lied about. I won't even do business with men, because they are untrustworthy lying asses! Find some honor and decency, try the truth once in awhile.

Men! 67

I'm so fucking disgusted by men.

No, I do not want your big fat cyclops in my mouth shooting out dick snot.

Get the fuck away from me, I don't care how badly you wanna fuck me, I DON'T WANNA FUCK YOU.

Slutty Men 68

Men who sleep around and act like they "can't help it" make me mad. Yeah you can help it and if you truly can't then you have a sex addiction and you really need to do something about it. They act like women are supposed to be little angels and not have sex and they're supposed to sleep around as much as possible. Question, if women are supposed to be celibate who are you sleeping with? If you're sleeping with dude, please stop messing with women. :) While male and female sluts are bad male sluts try to throw the responsibility on someone so that they don't have to be accountable for their mess. (i.e: "Well if women would keep their legs close I wouldn't have anyone to screw," "Hey you picked me," "Men are wired this way. Get used to it." THEN they want to marry a virgin. You're used goods! What virgin in her right mind would want a guy who has banged 50+ women?! It takes two to tango and one to say "no". It's okay to say "no" to sex. It really is. You won't die.

BTW: Stop it with that dumb behind, "Sex is a need" piece of crap. No it's not. Breathing is a need. Staying hydrated is a need. Taking a crap is a need. Sex is not a need or else you'd be having some variant of it from the time you were born. Your parents would have to teach you to masturbate so that you could stay alive. Then you'd start sleeping with little girls so you both could stay alive. Heck, with sperm bank sex isn't even needed to reproduce (though it is the preferred method).

Oh, and if in your many sexcapades you end up getting a girl pregnant own up to what you helped to create...even if it was unintentional.

Some Men 69

I'm pretty mild in my anger. And its often easy to handle, but I just need an outlet sometimes. I really think men are cool. I like them and I have fun with them. I don't hate them. I just, oftentimes, hate some of their hypocrisy and idiocy. Some guys are great others not so much. I wish men would be more upfront. If you like me, tell me. Don't start bringing other girls around to make me jealous. I don't do jealousy that often. Please refrain from bitching and moaning about how women only go for assholes and then turn around and go for certified bitches. Please FUCKING stop complaining about your girlfriend and not doing anything about your situation or talking to her about it. And don't you dare play around with the feelings and mentality of my friends and the amazing women around me. After your bullshit many of these awesome people are wrecked and ruined and damage control isn't as cathartic and easy and to run as you think it is.


I am so pissed at FUCKING MEN! I am a good looking woman. I am smart. I am independent and make a decent living. I am a lot of fun and I am a great cook...Hell, I am even more HORNY than 90% of the female population. You would THINK I would be able to find a decent guy by now. BUT IT'S FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! I swear, I can't even get a decent date! Every fucking date I have been on, the guy is a flake, has money issues, has EX issues, legal issues or has SOMETHING stupid going on in his life. Half the time I am thinking "WHY do you want a girlfriend when you can't even take care of your own shit?"

I feel like more of a "man" than most men. I have my life/shit together, I don't have kids and I don't have anything stopping me from having a great time. I always keep my word. YET I CAN'T FIND A GUY TO DO THE SAME! I would really LOVE to get even a decent FUCK but most men are so flaky and retarded they can't even manage to give it to me good without fucking things up and pissing me off and bringing me some stupid drama. I don't know what the hell is wrong with men these days. They either want to use a woman for sex and they aren't even any good at it OR they are clingy, needy emotional mama's boys who want a "relationship" AKA want to control and tell someone what to do constantly! Where are all the fucking MEN in this world? When did it suddenly become okay for a man to be a whining, emotional, flaky fucking drama queen? Where the FUCK was your father and why the fuck didn't he teach you guys how someone should act when they have a DICK?

When I meet guys they are always shocked that I don't have a boyfriend. THEN they soon remind me why I am single. Men claim they want a woman who is "Good looking, smart, funny, laid-back and a great cook." YET, when the real deal is right in front of them they either run because they are so scared, they cling and suffocate me or they lie, break promises and treat me like shit. Then they wonder HOW on earth they end up with fucked up bitches. MAYBE it is because they would not know how to TREAT a good woman if they had one!

I really sympathize with guys who say "Nice guys finish last" YEAH, maybe nice women do TOO! I see fatass, bitchy, jealous, ugly, stupid, unfaithful, lying women with nothing going for them and they have a good MAN who takes care of their fat ass. WHY NOT ME?

I am really horny all the time and want dick SO bad but I have not been laid in MONTHS simply because I have not found a guy worth my time. I really feel like telling them "Leave you dick here and get the rest of your worthless ass out of here! FUCK THEM ALL!!! When they're complaining about their stupid, bitchy, ugly fat wives and girlfriends TOO BAD! When they wonder where all the "good" women are I say this: You have probably met a MILLION of them but most of them had the sense to not fuck YOU!!!

my relationship 71

I fucking hate my relationship. I am 6 months pregnant and find myself screaming for support and attention. I just want to be held, to be seen in my emotions. I hate how he is so unable to just see that I want to be cared for, now more than ever in my life. I hate the fucked up way he relates to not just me, but the feminine. I want him to be more. To be owning his shit. To be a father. I just want to run the fuck away, but I cant. I am stuck. Deeply pissed off, alone, afraid and stuck, stuck, stuck.

Cheating Men!!! 72

I'm so sick of hearing about it in the media.. No need to mention names because it's EVERY MAN! Poor innocent bastards.. They cheat on their wives, get caught, apologize, go to a sex addicts meeting! Poor sick mother fuckers...Then they make themselves so pathetic that they make the wife look like the crazy one...Beat his ass with a golf club because he's been screwing anything that looks at him...and your the bad guy! Divorce his no good ass and he is the one that is pitied! And it's not all high profile's ALL men. I'm so fucking sick of these dick-for-brains idiots humiliating their wives, children, and parents...Did our perfect God mess up? Not a single one of them can turn away when some nasty gutter whore spreads her legs in front of him! Sorry???? Only that you got caught.... But, to be fair, for every cheating man, there is a skanky, nasty, lonely, attention grabbing, blubbery-legged with tattoos, daisy duke wearing, slut who can't get or keep a man of her own. One who has no life and wants what someone else has because she's too psycho to carry on a normal relationship....I'm sure that if God made a mistake in creating those worthless horny bastards....and he's male...he would never admit it.

Men!! Ugh! 73

Why is it that my guy loves to play head games with you? Isn't it supposed to be us women who are clingy and whiny??? Why the hell does he feel the need to tell you one thing an mean another? I try my damn hardest to not send mixed always honest and with why the hell cant he just straight up tell me what the hell he wants!I get so tired of feeling like im walking a tight rope for him, when he just likes to piss me off by being a total jack ass!!! Dont tell me its nothing....just fucking say it!!!!! And leave my friends alone...what the hell did they ever do to you? You dont need to be jealous of them! You cant keep me away from every single fucking person ever! But then you want me to always crawl back to you...not anymore you bastard. Grow a set and act like a man!


I am so DAMN angry because I've been shown up and ignored infront of my manchild's friends. DO NOT TELL ME TO "NOT TAKE THE HUMP!"

Men -- What Do You WANT already??? 75

  1. They Lie About Their Age. Facebook and Tagged profiles say a man is like 47 while their Yahoo one says they are 56. There is absolutely no reason to lie about your age. We will find out eventually.

  2. Notoriety for head games. Hot and cold interest. You really have to love this one. Their favorite admonition is No Teasing If Your Not Pleasing well it goes both ways. It's just a big game to them. One minute they are all about you, the next they drop off the radar.

  3. Not calling when they say they will. grrrr............

  4. "but I love you!" You live with two women, one is the wife and one is the woman you fucked around on your wife with. So what the hell do you need with me.

  5. "But I'm the best lover!!!" Really... then why do the women you live with resemble shriveled up old butterfaces?

  6. Supposing you do get lucky and you marry one. Trust me, it is NOT happily ever after in a lot of cases. He drinks. He swears at you for absolutely nothing. He tells other women he loves them. Or he pulls you close and meanwhile you are totally repelled because you just know he is abrogating you. If the two of you have sex, he gets off in five minutes. If he gets YOU off its solely to prove his own manhood. Never mind that he's just not interested in you as a person.

So that's about it in a nutshell. Oh and the minute my husband passes away? I'm going to tell all my would be suitor's to beat it. As long as I have my coffee pot, a warm bed, a good novel, a loyal doggeh, a vibrator and an income I will be fine. In the event that I do entertain male company I will totally rock his world then kick him out the door at 9 am before he starts thinking he owns the place. Or me. :-D

Thank you for listening to me rant. Of course Mr. Webmaster, I know you are the exception to the rule <3

*Note from Anger Central
It's tough for the Webmaster to call his wife. She's in China right now and spending all her time with her mother in the hospital. She calls him when she can. Otherwise, he always remembers the golden rule.
"Marriage is a 90/10 proposition. You give 90% and your wife will take the remaining 10%. As long as you remember that, you will have a great marriage."
(So sayeth the Angry Father top the Angry Webmaster)

Derelict Men 76

Your filthy presence on this planet is a rotten shame to decent men. I see you every day, sitting at the bus-stop so you can get another free meal in the soup kitchen in the city. I am disgusted when I see you pick up cigarette ends and smoke them, the third-hand smoke billowing my way and making me sick. I see your eyes light up whenever I light up. This gives me great pleasure because I can butt out the remaining three quarters of it in the rubbish bin and I make fucking sure it is sitting in there amongst gooey, ant-infested garbage, thus rendering it unfit for human consumption. I bet you go back there at night and pick through that rubbish. YOU ARE FUCKED! YOU ARE A VULTURE OF THE LOWEST SORT.

Keep your beady eyes off us decent women. Is it not patently fucking obvious that we don't make eye-contact with you? Why? Because you might think you are in and God help you if you even deign to speak with us. We know you just came from the methadone clinic up the road, full of verve and false confidence. We hear you talk with your mates about all the things you used to have. I emphasize USED TO HAVE because you never did have it in the first place you fucking liar.

You always look hungry and I don't mean in the food sense of the word. You are desperate. You have wasted your life and you will live from doss house to doss house for the rest of your shitty existence. You are a waste of O2.

You are a curse to women, from the fact that you came from a woman to the unfortunate impregnation of another woman. Woe and betide I hope she went to the nearest fertility control clinic to get help with cleaning up the mess you left her with. It would have been a self-funded undertaking because I couldn't imagine you even buying her a cup of coffee, let alone paying for her abortion. Plus, I hope she learned from her mistake and never lets it happen again.

You know your place. You are scum and a burdon to the taxpayer. You can't even be fucking bothered to take night classes but then again, why would any educational institution accept you? You didn't even finish primary school. You stink to high heaven and why would any self-respecting student sit near you without a gas-mask on their face?

I have no doubt that the condoms in your wallet are the same ones you bought 20 years ago. Man have you got tickets on yourself! It would take a woman so lacking in self-respect that she is suicidal to sit on your cheesy smegma-infected excuse for a penis. You don't even think of bothering with safe sex because it might be the only sex you will ever get.

I recognise you in the street by your holey-soled shoes, the reflector jacket that makes you look like you have a job (FUCKING HELL!), and the bag of bread rolls you carry home from the soup kitchen.

Let the government infect your guesthouse blankets with ricin or SARS and then permanently quarantine you because we are sick to death of having to avert our eyes whenever you approach us in the street.

Get back in your box. You know your place. A pox on you!

Men are ridiculous! 77

I can't stand it when men bloody think that they have the right to call women whores and other names. I'm like what the fuck? to top that off, this guy wants to be with me and all. why would you say that unless you were implying that i am also a whore? i didn't go off and say men are rapists did i? i am fuming so much right now! i can't stand how men always blame women because they can't be faithful to their wives or girlfriends. 'Oh she seduced me, she is such a flirt, i got tempted' and all that shit. how childish is that? you call yourself men and you think you are dominant but you can't even accept responsibility when you fuck up, you always blame it on someone else. Then after that you got mouth to call us women whores, why just because your ex-girlfriend had a kid? how many kids do you have? you can't even look after your own seed, you walk around denying all your kids because you couldn't think to use a condom in the first place. that is ridiculous! you say it aint your kid because the woman was sleeping around and yet you sexed her with no protection. ever heard of AIDS? STIs? I have nothing more to say about these lying, cheating, egotistical, judgemental, hypocritical, power hungry creatures except that i loathe them. I would rather be single all my life than shorten my life span because of men!

Cheating Lying Man 78

Never had an experience like this but here goes. Some guy from the internet started writing to me. At first I thought he was just a guy who was into "having fun" and "living life to the max" and frankly, I wasn't that interested. He was very handsome but I thought he was a bit twirpy so I moved on. But several months later, he writes to me again. TGIF. Hope you're having a nice day. Wanna meet? So, the long and the short of it is I start e-mailing with the guy but he never really wants to meet. I have a house situation and he's in the building profession and wants to help with the house. He never wants to date but wants to come over and help with the house. After a year and a half he comes over a handful of times. He's sweet, helpful, likes to snuggle but makes it clear he doesn't really want to be a boyfriend, is a cancer survivor, has a million responsibilities with a dying father and a acting-out teenage son. But he LOVES my touch, thinks I'm the most interesting woman "he's ever met", always "misses me" terribly when he doesn't hear from me. Says his life is lonely without me.

I figure he's a lonely geek workaholic who's just not into me as a girlfriend. Fine. But after a year and a half, this guy has burrowed into my fucking brain. I think about him morning, noon and night and sit by the internet waiting for his now steamy e-mails.

Cut to the end. The shithead is living with someone like at least 3 years. She's a local celebrity and I can read about her through her local celebrity blog. The fucking loser is living with her in a fancy suburb.

I hate this Toyota-driving, kayak-paddling, tree-hugging, dog-loving fucking excuse for a man.

I always thought he was a twirp. I got fucking sucked in because I am 55 (so is he) lonely, depleted of estrogen and half the time just wish I was dead. He used to say "I worry about your depression. You can ALWAYS talk to me. I will listen. Rest your head on my shoulder.

In the attempt to be a classy woman, I confronted him but just told him to stop lying and be true to the woman he is with and let me meet someone else.

He said could we still be friends? I said I thought not.

What I really wanted to say was, "shove it up your cute, tight, middle-aged butt."

Oh, and, for a year and a half we snuggled but since he wasn't ever going to take me out on a real date or even coffee and I figured he just wasn't that into me, I didn't go all the way. I figured, if he isn't giving me what I want, I'm not going to give him what he wants. He didn't push me for sex, was always a gentleman, but made it known that he liked the body contact (we EVENTUALLY got partially naked).

I don't know what I ever subjected myself to this fucking science experiment with my emotions but I figured, because he had some medical illnesses and because I really thought he was alone, he needed the touching, the human contact and so did I really need it.

But fuck, he was with another woman morning, noon and night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Birthdays and holidays. Hiking and kayaking and with their fucking 3 dogs.

Anyway, on the very last day, the day before I found out he was a lying, cheating piece of dodo, he closed the deal.

Well, at least I could say, "Well,you lying sack of manure, IT ONLY TOOK YOU A YEAR AND A HALF TO CLOSE THE DEAL WITH ME.

I feel like utter shit, trash and worthless but I know he will always remember I was the woman who didn't give it to him on the first meeting. Because the one he is with probably did it on the 2nd or 3rd date - or maybe the first.

I never dated really cute guys although I could have. I always give the fat or bald guy a chance. But this guy is tall, handsome and has a really good job. I let him in inch by inch but I shouldn't have given him a chance at all.

Because the tall,good looking guy knows he can get it quickly from most women. Especially the professional woman like a lawyer or engineer will give it right over to him because she wants to land a professional and not the truck driver.

Frankly, the truck driver I dated once has more decency, more sincerity, more integrity, more class than this twirp, this fairy will ever have.

I could have called his girlfriend immediately and let her know who she's with but since he's not Charles Manson I'm not going to do it.

She's shallow enough to want the tall, good looking guy with the important job she can figure it out.

I figure that the relaitonship they have is it's own reward, it's own torture, because if he's whoring around - lying bastard - how great can it be?

I prayed and God told me to just let it go. But it's hard after a year and a half to avoid the internet. I'm like some fucking conditioned dog waiting for a scrap from the table.

So, I'm dating other guys - but never,NEVER in my life have I had an experience like this.

I only thank God I waited a year and a half to close the deal. Then, he came in about 60 seconds.

Deadbeat Dads 79

I am sick of men who are deadbeat fathers, and who do not pay their child support. Leaving their kids on welfare to make up for Daddy's contributions to the family. Deadbeats are part of the problem of "welfare" mothers. Single mothers are amazing. I do not mind miniscule tax dollars going to feed kids. Kids are the future, whether you like it or not. Do you really think that all "Dads" pay child support? Are you that delusional? If there is child support, there is no need for assistance. If you dont want a child, use a CONDOM. Its up to the man to use birth control, and dont trust women to do it. Easy fix.

Cheaters 80

I am so angry and hurt because of cheating guys. I don't even know what to say here because I'm in this terrible state of shock from finding out my boyfriend of 2 years has been sexting other girls. We are freshmen in college, and he has been talking to a 9th grade kid and some really ugly easy girl... What the fuck is all I can say.

Idiot Men 81

All i hane to say is i hate that men have these ideas about "womens work". They are not incapable of cooking a simple meal or doing a little house work. So, why dont you "men" get off your LAZY ASSES AND HELP AROUND THE GODDAMN HOUSE! (i am not saying this is all men"

Men! 82

I'm so damn angry because men seem to do and say everything in their power to make me lose faith in the idea that there are some decent ones out there. And it's not even because I'm single and looking for a beau. I have a boyfriend, we hope to get married someday, and he's one of the biggest blessings in my life. What I hate is how I can't seem to read a single article on the internet without some man commenting about how women today are such whores, how all they're good for is sex and chores, etc. This. Hurts. Not only does it serve as a constant reminder that I'm never going to be taken seriously by anyone (it doesn't help that I'm baby-faced), it makes me wonder if that is, on some level how my boyfriend views me. Or even my friends. I'm a person. I don't "dress like a whore," and even if I did, it would be because the female figure is beautiful, not because I want people to leer at me. I'm not a "slut," I'm waiting until I'm married to have sex. I don't hate men, I'm just disappointed in their misogeny. I don't care if my husband is Rich McMoneybags, as long as we can support ourselves and our children, we'll be fine. I'm not the weaker sex, I'm the different sex. And I'm an individual. I just want respect, and friendship. But sometimes it seems like that's impossible. Like the only thing a man could ever want is a harem of women to bend to his will. It's sick, and terribly disappointing.

The male species 83

Fuck men. Most of them are the same. All they think about is sex sex sex. They always have to look at porn, wank in the toilet, look at other women (if they have a gf) cheat, talk and joke about sex with their buddies. Men are generally sex hungry horn dogs. Their attitudes towards women is dried up and insensitive. They don't care about our feelings. They think we are inferior to them. I hate men who call women derogatory names like bitch slut whore cunt because their tiny brains cannot function to come up with anything more intelligant to say. They are disgusting sexist beings. I BET THEY WOULDN'T CALL ANOTHER MAN A SLUT???? Simply because we have a vagina they call us those demeaning names. They LOVE degrading us. They like to say horrible things about what they would like to do to us. Fuck rapists, thugs and abusive partners. They should all die! Men are nothing but rude arrogant pigs with no manners or respect. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

People at school. 84

Okay, so here it right, I am I year 12 and in the last two years I have had to sit and watch boys obsess over certain girls in my group. It's not that I care it is just that I think it is so grossly stupid and the girls who are being obsessed over don't give a craaaap about them and don't look twice at them. But the main cause of my anger is this...I have like the same guy since year ten....year 10! and one of the girls who is being obsessed over by multiple guys chooses to hang around the person I like! When asked if she like this guy the response is close to 'no he is just my friend' SO WHY DO YOU HANG AROUND HIM, WHILE HUGGING ALL THE TIME!? It's not him she does it to most the guys in the group claiming that 'they're all my best friends'. I don't care because I will be out of there soon's just really annoyed.

Men 85

I'm angry at men that believe women were put on this earth to serve them and submit to their every whim. Men have callously wallowed in the destruction of this planet for centuries upon centuries. Men are the cause of numerous wars, genocides, lives completely destroyed beyond repair. Men have pretty much made a royal fuckery out of everything humanity should stand for. Slavery? Check. Rape? Check. Macho man stupidity resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths? Check. Women have barely come into our own, having less than a century to stretch our wings, and still society has yet to place our much cooler heads into a position of power. Men need to take a step back and realize we women are much, much more suited to governing. We don't make descisions based on macho bullshit, for one....and we, unlike men, understand what tyranny is and would be less likely to engage in it than they, having been victims of it ourselves. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's very tired of the way this world is run. With all the ridiculous alpha male posturing that goes on in parliment, we may as well have a bunch of hyped-up, testosterone addled apes running things.

I have read the men ranting about women section and was fairly sickened by the attitudes there. One person even insisted it should be 'a man's right' to beat up any woman besides his wife that irritates him by talking out of place. To that poster - I predict you will die a sad and lonely death. Also, that proves my point about men not having the planet's best interests at heart. Many of you seem far too preoccupied with your quest to dominate and be seen as experts over all living things to truly see the big picture. Sorry to the few intellectual men out there, but the rest of your sex has pretty much destroyed your chances of being seen as intellectual beings with peaceful intentions. females have already suffered a couple thousand years under the penile vomit known as 'men', having no lives of our own and being forced to 'live' as a piece of our husbands or fathers property. Generations of women who had literally no purpose in life other than to do their father or husbands will. Kept in a perpetual submissive and childlike state, with no right to pursue our own paths. Any thoughts or dreams of our own stagnated, and died under the iron fisted rule of men. We would never, ever have submitted to that sort of treatment willingly, and all you men should be kissing our feet to make up for it, as yes, you were most definitely in the wrong and owe us, and all the other people you have screwed over with your 'traditions' over the years. Big time. You forced us to be your slaves and servants, and treated us with less respect than your livestock. In the old testament of the Bible it says that a women who has been raped had two choices.

1.) Be stoned to death

2.) Marry her rapist. There ya go. Thanks for that, men. Wowee you sure did treat us good!! -_- get the point? This isnt just a little booboo you made, its the your legacy to us.

For all the people out there that whine and cry about feminists, guess what? Tough shit. After all the unbelievable crap the female of the species has had to suffer due to a retarded inbred male superiority complex, be thankful that's all you have to whine about. In my mind men should be relegated to servant status with no right to vote or own property. Why? An eye for an eye.... any attempt men make to alter the planet should be violently destroyed and blocked by us higher life forms. They've proven their ineptitude over and over again and should be removed from positions of power immediately. Aggresive, idiodic, war mongering genocidists - you are lucky women are forgiving and kind by nature. You deserve the same treatment we recieved from you, and a couple thousand years of it. Maybe than you might have a small understanding of what it means to be held back, crushed, raped, killed, etc all because the opposite sex wishes it so. I want to see females running the world, thats our ticket out of this hellhole you men have foolishly created for all human kind. What a horrendous legacy to the people of earth...lets hope intelligence will take the place of aggression or we will all surely perish in some horrible new man made war.

For those of you men who arent complete idiots and can understand why we enjoy flexing our new 'feminist' muscles, thank you. You are a rare life form indeed. Now, if you can smash some sense into your fellow men perhaps we can move forward into an era of peace. If not, hold onto your suspenders boys. It's our turn now, ladies.


I am angry at general. You are all shallow dickheads. Do not expect to get a 10 if you were a fucking 3 yourself. There's this short,pimply,fugly dude told me to lose some weight in order for me to date him. Well fuck you dude...did you ever look into the mirror and realize that you've been beaten by the fugly stick? I was just being nice & friendly to him and suddenly he got the wrong signal...NO!I DO NOT WANT TO DATE YOUR SHORT,PIMPLY ASS. If you want me to lose weight, you need to GROW at least 3 inches, ya hear me Mr.midget? My ex was gorgeous and he was never this shallow, we broke up because of other personal reason. I've found that the fuglier the man, the more shallow he will be. The general statement that ugly men are nicer are pretty much BULLSHIT.Don't be fooled ladies.

Sexist Pigs 87

Ok, I get it. If women want to be treated equally we should pay for our own meals/ drinks/ whatever else, but it doesn't seem to matter if we do. It doesn't seem to matter if we continually prove ourselves over and over again there is still some asshole who thinks we should just stay in the house cooking and cleaning and being sex slaves. Heck, even certain women have been raised to believe that they can't accomplish anything more worth while than looking after some man who seems to need someone to look after him. And, guys who are ranting about how bitchy women are about equal rights, for the love of goodness DON'T SWEAR! It doesn't get your point across any better and it makes you look like idiot. Furthermore it makes your point seem invalid!


I am a black female, pretty attractive, outgoing, well spoken, funny.

What has plagued and pissed me off for years is the NEGATIVE attitude black ass men always have against me! I've been told by a total stranger at a restaurant 'you sure do have a pretty smile, I'm gonna wipe it off of you.' WHY THE HELL DO THEY WANT THE SMILE GONE???? WHY THE HELL HAVE I BEEN ASKED COUNTLESS TIMES 'WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO HAPPY?" Stupid ass son of a bitches! I AM NOT ALWAYS HAPPY! I just have enough regard for myself and others in public that I try to put my best foot forward at all times!
Why the hell wouldn't you want me happy?

You lame dick mother fuckers get all clammy when you see that I am pleasant and that I can and do hold a conversation with some kind of fucking meaning, like asking simple questions that anyone should ask if someone is pretending to be interested in some kind of relationship.

You BLACK SMUG DOWN AND OUT SON OF A BITCHES always want to bring me down dammit! It is also you black mother fuckers who have had nerve to say something to me about being 'thick' but the WHITE INTERESTED MEN HAVE NO COMPLAINTS and of course the white men who dont like what they see simply dont bother me.








Nasty, unfair divorces 89

I have had 4 of them in a row, and a couple of nasty unfair boyfriends to boot, who used me and then left me with NOTHING.

men's childish games 90

Im done. Truly, done. I am going to be single forever. So get this. I don't fuck a guy on the first date, think hes worth it, right? Says ”honey, we'll do lunch the next day.” Shoo him goodbye, I had a great time. Tell me why this Bitch STILL don't call the next day? ”im not like that. I don't play!” Well. The second I let go, and think maybe, just maybe, hes not talking shit...BAM! It never fails to steer me wrong! So you know done. Ima play you, like you play me. Im going to fuck who I want to fuck, im going to stand you up, and the whole time I you are never going to know my real name. Im done with these bitches. Im beautiful, funny, have a great body, pay all my own bills, and you're still going to treat me bogus? The ball's in my court now.

Wanna be players 91

I am so pissed, angry and tired of the men in my life trying to be players. They must think I am stupid and in a sense I must be because I keep going for idiots that cheat on me. I havent been in a relationship for over 8 years. I have had sex since then but I keep it at one night stands in fear that the next guy will do the exact same thing because they always do. My friends have

"ditched" me because they are all in relationships so I am pretty much alone. Everyone (family) on fb says you dont need em

anyway. True but friends are hard to come by and disposable nowadays. Im thinking I might be better off a lesbian or something. At least I might find one worthwhile relationship and friendship but Im not attracted to women. I wish for one good relationship where the guy isnt a loser just trying to use me for something I aint got. At this moment, I wish for world war just so they can draft all men in North America the get blown to bits by grenades, bullets, shrapnelle and anything else that will hurt them severely so they can see what a bunch of douchebags they are.

Unhappily married men 92

Fucking men! I'm so sick of men who complain about unhappy marriages and their dumb fucking wives. My wife is stupid,my wife won't have sex. We don't talk,we don't have anything in common,All she does is nag,she's fat,she won't work,she's lazy. I hope she leaves. Well wtf? If you aren't happy grow some balls and divorce her yourself. You'd be doing both of you a favor,the kids too. Why live in a miserable life when you could be happier alone or with someone else? Life is too short,you men deserve your miserable fucked up lives if you don't have the balls to change anything. All you are is a bunch of whiny little whipped bitches.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster is coming up on his tenth anniversary and he still worships the ground Mrs. Webmaster walks on.

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