Sociopath Mother 1

For 6 decades, Mom has physically and emotionally abused me, lied constantly, and manipulated everyone around her to get her way regardless. Until I was 14, Mom beat me about my body and head with a board, brush, and ash trays. The last time she tried to hit me in the head with a heavy vacuum cleaner wand in front of my grandfather. That night my great-grandmother told me that Mom had never even been spanked as a child. I stayed with my grandparents that summer while Mom got help. They were sorry that they had spoiled her because it was then that they realized that they had created a monster. The physical beatings stopped, but the threats and intimidation never ended. She's 80 now and is just as horrible as she has always been. Thank God I live a couple of hours away. Unfortunately, she calls every day. She's not lonely. She has lots of friends and co-workers she sees daily. My brother, her favorite child according to her, lives near her. If I hang up, she keeps calling until I stop what I'm doing to listen to her. She complains that my grandparents didn't leave her enough money to do what she wants to do and that she has to keep working. Mom squandered over a million dollars all on herself. My brother and I weren't left anything in the will because my grandmother hoped Mom would share it with us. My grandmother's faith was misguided. Fortunately, both my brother and I have made our own way and are not beholding to Mom, the last thing anyone should be to a sociopath. She's had 3 husbands -- 2 divorced her and the other had the good fortune to die. She's conned friends into loaning her money and now they're mad. One told me she expected me to pay it back. Not my job or debt. Today Mom informed me that I had to vote for her candidate as her Christmas gift. I told her no. She demanded that I give back the cat she gave me 2 years ago after she got bored with it. That cat was full of mats and terrified of her. She does not get the cat back and Iím still not voting for her candidate. I've had it. Life has been very tough and I've considered suicide to get away from her but that means she wins again. Others have it worse but I pray they don't have to deal with a sociopath. God forgive me, but every night I pray she dies soon. If anyone out there has a sociopath for a father, aged 60 to 75 (she prefers younger men), let's introduce them. Seems like just desserts.


My paranoid, overbearing mother will never get off my back. From the moment I wake in the morning, till the time I go to bed, she is always at me for some lame reason. Shut up, and leave me the fuck alone bitch! If she keeps picking at me, I will blow.

Idiot Teen Moms 3

I hate all these stupid young moms running around these days with kids, pretending they're still young and wild when they have parental responsibilities that they're neglecting. Painfully. I know your life doesn't have to end when you have a kid, but nothing makes me madder than seeing a young mom being an idiot, running around to all these teenybopper functions and hauling her poor baby around like a piece of rolling luggage.

Oh excuse me, I have to mention the fact that most of these stupid morons will only haul their kid around if they HAVE to. If they can manage it, they'll pawn their kid off on someone else so they can run off and have fun.

That person could be their mom, who is usually too old to go through raising a child again. Seriously. You see a fifty five year old woman in the grocery store with a four year old kid..c'mon. You know what happened there. Leaving your kid with mom so you can work a job and support yourself is one thing. Dumping your poor child on her so you can mosey off to the club for the night to shake (what is left) of your fine china in some stranger's face, is an entirely different thing. It's freaking disgraceful. Take some responsibility, it isn't your mom's problem that you spread your legs. Now she has to deal with it because you are too immature to pony up and take command of your own damn future.

Some of these dumbasses are so bad, they'll pawn their kid off on complete strangers. Just so they can run off and not have to deal with them. I don't know how many years we've held VBS at my church and these sort come in droves. They shove their kids out into the church parking lot by tens and seriously is rare when we have the staff and enough personel to have classes big enough for all the kids that show up. Idiot women come with little ones wayyyyyy too young...under a year old! What the hell??

Sad thing is, it's not just at church either...I wish it was. The place that I work at is the same way. We offer fitness classes for adults and we constantly have women show up and just expect us (don't ask, just expect us) to watch their kids. When we tell them we can't, they try to con and persude if it's our problem to solve since they were stupid and brought their kids to an ADULT class. We are not a damn daycare. We do not have child care facilities and in the 20 plus years we've been open, we never have.

I guess, to sum it all up, Webmaster...what really pisses me off is the fact that these women would throw their car keys, coach purse, or blackberry smartphone at a complete random stranger and say, "Here...could you watch this for me? I gotta go do (fill in the blank)"??? Hell no! Your kid should be the most precious thing you have! So why the hell are you dumping her/him into the arms of the first slight matronly/gullible looking person you see. Seeing these poor kids (most of whom are extremely young) shuffled around by moms who should care about them makes me sooo damn mad.

Opinionated, Self Absorbed Mother 4

Holy hell, am I glad to finally be away from that woman!! Damn. So my husband's highschool reunion was today and I went with him. There weren't a ton of people there, but some of the guys had brought their wives/girlfriends and most of them were pretty cool. But there was this one, and oh my gosh she was one of THOSE...if you know what I mean. She had two kids. One was probably about four and was constantly trying to run out the door and into the street, and the other was really young and still in a car seat. My husband and his friends decided to play a few games of basketball, so I take a seat a chat it up with one of my friends to pass the time. Anyway, this broad plops down at the table where me and my friend are sitting talking and proceeds to take over the conversation and chew both our ears off for the next three hours. Its just like....I'm sitting there waiting for her to wind down about herself and her kids and she just keeps going and going and going like the damn energizer bunny. I mean, this bitch is going on about the most boring shit in the world and her opinions on breast feeding in public, and how there ought to be mandatory this and mandatory that for new parents, how strollers ought to be illegal and everyone ought to use baby wraps, and blah blah blah. And me and my friend (we don't have kids) are just sitting there trying to act somewhat interested. The polite thing would be to FIND SOMETHING ELSE to talk about since you're the only one in this stupid one sided conversation with kids, but nooooooo. I swear, not a thing came out of her mouth that was not related to children in some way. She was so damn bossy and loud and opinionated...bitch, nobody asked and, trust me, nobody cares. Please for the love of hell, shut up. She kept trying to pass her poor X month old baby around like a bottle of shine, so she could hear everyone politely coo about how cute her baby was. After three hours of listening to this bitch with a voice like a tape recorder in 'rewind,' I was praying for my husband's basketball game would be over soon and wishing I'd smuggled some Patron in to help make this annoying broad a little more tolerable. I have nothing against kids or motherhood, but hell if that's the only thing you can talk about, maybe you have a problem!! Sheesh, it was enough to make you want to get your tubes tied...almost. Three hours straight of that shit... Thank God that's over.

Mothers 5

I wish my mom would just leave me the fuck alone! She whines and complains about everything, and I mean everything. Plus she has the television so damn loud, I can not hear myself think.

Pregnant People 6

Don't we already have enough babies on the planet!?! Pregnant people are so fucking annoying,with their vile eating habits (oh my god I need to eat the whole turkey on thanksgiving and not leave anything for anyone else because im pregnant omg). Your eating for two, not 500. Also, belly pictures on every possible website,especially the exposed ones. I feel like saying ewww cover that disgusting thing up already. Also, I hate seeing pictures/videos of births/cesearians on YouTube/ everywhere else. If I'm watching a video, and I see a link w/ the picture of a birth I want to puke. I also can't stand to see them rubbing/holding their fat stomachs. Seriously haven't you done that enough! Then they brag for 9 months "oh my god I'm pregnant. Oh my god I'm having a baby." Yes, we know that you're having a baby. Arent 3 born every second? It's not like your the only person to become pregnant on earth. There are 7 BILLION people in the world, so their were 7 BILLION pregnancies before your precious little accident. Geez.

mother 7

My mom is a liar. She makes up stories about me, she drives me to the point of madness

My Stupid Foolish Senile Mother 8

Iím angry at my mom for doing this really stupid thing. Just thinking about that episode makes me feel so aggravated; enough to wanna smack my mom so hard and scream at her with some branding, shameful epithets! But I donít have the ovaries to leave such a hole on my mom, so Iíll vent it through To set the episode up, I was suffering depression, rage attacks, and repeating thoughts (bad enough for me to self-harm at one point :( ), so Mom took me to this Crisis Center (in Arizona). We waited 3 frigginí hours with no service (they kept delaying me, due to people constantly arriving in ambulances), and Mom eventually told the staff off in anger for their lack of help (Yay or Nay? :( ). So we left in a huff, disappointed. While waiting we met this ugly white-trash hag woman, whom Mom conversed with and naively befriended too quickly, and trusting her way too soon.

Mom had the nerve to invite this bitch into our house (to show her the valuable artwork collection she hopes to sell), letting her ride home with us in our car like the hitchhiker she pretty much is. The woman mentioned something about where she lived (I can't remember what she said specifically), and Mom responded ďOh! So youíre practically homeless!Ē (Oh, great. God help us this bitch was just using us so she could have a place to stay) I stiffly waited throughout the ride to see how long until the woman would bring out some knife or gun to rob, take us hostage, or kill us.

Eventually we made it home alive. Mom sat with her in the living room, and conversed like fucking eager schoolgirls. And Mom dropped some of our family secrets on this woman as though she were her most-trusted best friend! Babbled about my older brother being in jail at one point in time (I guess in response to this junkie womanís admit of once serving jail time. Jesus Christ! Help Us!).

I wanted nothing to do with this piece of white trash, hurried to take my small dogs out of the back den (before they could see or hear the stranger, and start barking), barricaded myself in my room (pushed a heavy box in front), turned on my radio (to drown out their conversation), and hid my sharpest pair of scissors in my coat pocket (for protection from the woman, not for self-harm!).

Oooooh! >_< The longer that bitch stayed, the more upset I got! She even got to snooze for a few hours on our couch (I discovered this while slipping quietly out of my room to get something, while hoping she left), while Mom was in her room (working on something or sleeping too, I donít remember). Dammit Mom! I was supposed to get some kind of help from that crisis center and instead, you brought this white trash whom you barely knew into our house!

When night finally approached, Mom finally was going to drop the woman off (Halleluiah!) She left for about 1/2 an hour, so I let my dogs run out, feeling relief, but hoping Mom would be safe. The car returned. But...(Son of a fucking bitch!) THAT SLUTíS STILL WITH HER?!?!?! I made haste to return my dogs to my room, and continue my isolation. Mom at one point complained the woman was taking my isolation personally, so I had to give that whore (Stranger, NOT Mom) some believable excuse (ďIím watching my dogsĒ).

Turns out that crackhead freak led Mom on a wild goose-chase, giving her useless directions, and almost getting themselves (or just Mom) lost. Eventually had to return to the house so they could call the woman one of those Sunvans for transferring disabled individuals (whatever her damn disability was!) After that manipulative bitch finally left (FOR REAL!), only then does Mom finally admit to me that she was ďgetting weird vibesĒ (Momís been a hippie in the 60ís) from this woman (NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!) when she tried to drop her off. Geez! Where were those damn vibes when you first befriended her at the crisis center?!

I understand I shouldíve spoken up and partly blame myself for not doing it. But I was feeling too scared and vulnerable to say anything at the time, and too often, Mom doesnít seem to listen when I speak up about something serious. And besides! Mom herself should have known better than that, and have been the adult, my God! She used to be so street-smart during her youth days, and had been a nurse too, long enough that she should identify such creepers. Meanwhile Iím more familiar with home-oriented things, and canít trust my own safety knowledge and awareness if Iím going out by myself, let alone feel confidant about it. This brain-dead stunt of Momís, picking up a weirdo stranger and letting her into our house for several hours, that was 1000 times dumber and more naive than the trust I had with this girl in my dadís neighborhood! But thatís another story for another rant...

Thank you so much for letting me get this off my chest, as Iíve kicked myself constantly over Momís stupid senile decision for quite some time.

Mothers 9

My mom is so evil, she will not let me choose my own friends. Every one of them, has to go through her for her "approval", why can she not FUCK OFF, AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE

mothers 10

My mom is such a bitch, she does not know when to shut her mouth. She is the type that thinks herself as the most important, and the rest of humanity can get fucked. FUCK OFF YOU STUPID BITCH

Stupid Pregnant Women Taking Medication 11

It seems every commercial break I see, there's some kind of compensation commercial for people that have taken a certain drug and then have suffered a physical injury or body damage from it. However the ones that really piss me off are the ones that say shit like, "Did you take (name of drug) while pregnant?" And also what pisses me off are these stupid women that take drugs while pregnant. Don't they know any better?

Last time I checked, there's a lot of restrictions for pregnant women to follow for the sake of the unborn baby: Don't ride on roller coasters, don't have an X-ray (unless the doctors ordering and operating the X-ray know she's pregnant), don't change the cat litter box, don't dig in the dirt without gloves, don't eat raw or rare fish, meat, or undercooked eggs, and most importantly, don't smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs (duh!). Any prescribed medicines may have to be changed.

And the commercials continue their bullshit with something like "Studies show that taking (name of drug) may cause birth defects, etc." (NO SHIT SHERLOCKS!!!) So what these women are basically saying is this, "Oh yes, I got pregnant and planned it too, and I deliberately took this medication all the way knowing I was pregnant...Oh gee, why is my baby born with birth defects?"

On every medication I've used or even seen in a commercial, it almost always states, "Do not use this medication if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding." You'd think it would be common sense for women to not take any medication while pregnant. I have yet to see a medicine that was officially ruled as safe to take while pregnant. Last time I checked, the only thing you can take while pregnant are vitamins, but that's about it. I can forgive a woman who took medications, but discontinued it as soon as she realized or suspected she was pregnant; as least she got smart about it. I can also forgive a woman who's doctor "assured" her this medicine was ruled "safe for pregnancy," and later was proven wrong. Otherwise, when in doubt, do without. If you can't "live" without your medication, then don't get pregnant! If you're already pregnant, well it's either the baby or your medicine. Give up (or possibly "change") your medication or abort your pregnancy, but don't deliberately create a baby with birth defects! Seriously, am I the only one who believes that ignorantly taking medication while pregnant is a stupid thing for women to do?

My Stepmom's Lazy Pregnancy 12

If there's a few things that make me angry about my stepmother, one of them was her lazy (possibly selfish) pregnancy over the summer of 2000. Now, try to bear with me here; I neither expect nor encourage pregnant women to do any hard labor, but my gosh, these were the simplest tasks that she could do by herself, (without even harming or putting at risk her unborn quadruplets) if she would just get off her fat lazy ass and do it!

Examples of these whiny one-liners she bellyached at me for (trust me, I wrote down every one of them at one point...):
"Could you get me something?
Could you go put this in the sink?
Could you get me the phone?
Could you switch B to C? (some switch thing on the TV channel box)
Could you switch C to B?
Could you pick that up?"

But no, she would just sit there shamelessly on the couch, eating ice cream and watching TV all day like the typical couch potato. She wouldn't get off her lazy ass to do the simplest thing for anything, except to go (walk) to the bathroom. Now if she can walk to the bathroom by herself (she didn't even need anybody's help lifting her up off the couch!), then she could do those simple tasks that she constantly whined and bellyached at me to do for her. Like a little kid who mistakenly thinks their parents are their servants. I wanted to snap and shout, "Do it yourself! I'm not your maid!" or sarcastically ask her, "Are your legs broken?"

Why does fetching things for a pregnant woman make me so angry? I was 10! She had no right taking advantage of a little girl for her lazy convenience. She was NOT in a wheelchair with broken legs, or disabled in anyway! She was merely pregnant, with quadruplets (I don't give a shit if they were octuplets!).

And before anyone starts accusing me of being a selfish lazy brat myself, and preaching about the complications of pregnant women, guess what? When my mom was pregnant with me, at 38 no less, (stepmom was pregnant at 36 BTW), she was doing EVERYTHING for herself: laundry, mopping, dealing with an alcoholic teen son (hence the age gap) etc. without my dad in the picture! (he bailed out on Mom and married my stepmom instead) And did I really need a fancy nursery room? No! My paternal grandpa (God rest his soul) kindly set up my crib in a simple, but nice nursery. Dad, on the other hand, for his legitimate children, spent months remodeling the entire guestroom (with the help of his friends) to make a nursery, and melted off like 3 whole wallpapers to get it! While he's busy with all this, I'm stuck with my stepmom constantly calling me every 5 minutes, whining for everything, and me waiting on her hand and foot like a maid. Trust me! My stepmom had it easy, WAY easy!

I became so frustrated with this that I illustrated the couch scene with her one-liners in quote bubbles (along with an additional picture of my stepmom wagging her finger and chastising me) in this Feelings Book that we students did in 4th grade class. I shared my book with Mom who reacted to it quickly (almost hastily), contacted a counselor for me (who did very little to help), and admitted to me years later that when she saw that picture, she wanted to discontinue my visits to my Dad's house (but she didn't, unfortunately). Mom was the only one who empathized with my indignance on being my stepmother's "servant." My dad's family, on the other hand, didn't really validate me at all. Stepmom did nothing more than defend herself with the excuse of being pregnant. So I had to reluctantly let it go, unable to speak up on my side, and then I was right back to where we started with me waiting on her like a maid, tolerating it in angry silence; I just couldn't win...

And it got much worse after she had her quadruplets, as she developed a self-righteous sense of entitlement and superiority. She began to bully and abuse me emotionally, with her constant lectures and criticisms of my clothes and hair. And she even abused me sexually by making me shower often and babysitting me while I did it. But you'll find those details on another rant (see "Nicole" in the Friends 3 category; this is the last time here I make reference to that title!). I certainly didn't owe her a living from the way she treated me as a child...

Thank God I'm an adult now, and have discontinued these visits a while back for an unrelated reason. I've since sworn off getting pregnant and having kids of my own, due to these traumas of growing up; I couldn't possibly have the patience or mental stability of raising a child! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind PLAYING with someone's else's NICE kid for a SHORT sitting. I just couldn't handle the tough, no-nonsense responsibility of ever having my own... More to follow on life with this family in another rant, as long as Webmaster approves of it...

Thank you for reading this, as I really wanted to get this off my chest for sometime. Whoever disagrees with any of this, I understand, we'll just agree to disagree, sound fair enough? OK then, bye for now!

mothers 13

My mother is such an evil, nasty, hateful, bitch! Everything I do has to meet with her approval so fuck off, and leave me the fuck alone!

mothers 14

My mom is an evil, sick bitch! She is always digging up the fucking past. Her mom is DEAD! Her father also is DEAD! DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH, THEY ARE FUCKING DEAD

Mothers 15

My mom is a sick, evil, twisted bitch. She thinks my father is her father. SHE IS INSANE! Leave the past alone you sick bitch!

My Mom and Friends 16

Well for one thing, my mom is always never home (not a problem). But when she is home, she has to yell and complain about the smallest shit. Didn't take out the trash? Well, I'm a stupid, lazy, good for nothing failure according to her.

If my older sister wants something, my mom will get it for her at the drop of a hat. She asks to go to a place an hour away and my mom instantly takes her. I ask to get one thing from the store the next time she goes, she says, "I'll think about it." When I ask her once she gets home, she tells me she forgot. And once I keep reminding her that I want something, she says I'm being annoying and to go away. Why should I since you forget literally EVERY FUCKING TIME?

Once she 'accidentally forgets', it usually happens for about three weeks to two months. Yeah. I asked for ice cream once. It took her a month and a half to get a thing of ice cream. And when she actually did, it was one of those boxes with six ice cream cones. A MONTH AND A HALF FOR SIX ICE CREAM CONES. BY THE WAY, THERE ARE SIX OF US IN THE HOUSE, MEANING I WAS ONLY ABLE TO EAT TWO OF THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS BEFORE THEY WERE GONE.

How about that one time she also forgot to feed me in the second grade? Yeah, it was four before she got around to making me lunch. And since I ate 'lunch' so late, she said I couldn't have supper because of a 'late lunch'. Bitch please, you made me eat this late. I was super fucking hungry the next day, and she (somehow) didn't have a clue as to why I was so hungry.

She claims she picks no favorite among the three of her kids, but she gives my older sister anything unless if my mom is mad. If me or my little sister asks for something from the convenience store in the morning (since we pass by it on the way to school), we won't stop even if we'll be 30 minutes early to school. If my older sister so much as THINKS she MIGHT want something, we instantly have to stop.

Today my mom came home after a long day (she came home about 8:30 pm) with food. She thought the fries would get cold, so she didn't get any for anyone. So now I'm stuck with eating a medium sized container of chicken tenders. Wanna know something? THE GODDAMN TENDERS ARE FUCKING COLD! WORRIED ABOUT THE FRIES? SUUURE, COMMON SENSE WOULD SAY THE CHICKEN WOULD GET COLD TOO!

Now, most of this has been about my mom. But since I never can get what I want in a timely fashion, my friends piss me off. We sometimes talk about a game being cool and how it would be awesome to have it, and then they instantly buy it the next day. Most of my friends ask me why I don't have it the next day, even the guy who claims to live in a poor house hold. If that's poor, then I'm fucking ROCK BOTTOM IN HIS EYES. My friend sees that one game I've been following for fucking four goddamn years and he instantly buys it just because he says it 'looks cool enough'. GEE THANKS ASSHOLE, I'VE ONLY WANTED THAT GAME FOR FOUR YEARS. And once I do get it, all of my friends have completely beaten the game and gotten the best stuff in the game so they don't want to play co-op anymore and I'm left playing it all alone by myself. Once I get to a point where I'm proud of myself, they're like, "you're only that far? We got there in 2 days." Yeah? And that was with five people. I HAVE TO SOLO THIS GAME, WHILE YOU GUYS WERE PLAYING CO-OP WITH LITERALLY EVERYONE IN OUR GROUP EXCEPT ME.

Today at lunch, I was talking about a game I would REALLY love right now (it's called Long Live the Queen). I asked my mom to get a steam card Monday, but she 'forgot' the next day. On Tuesday, she went to the store again. She then makes the excuse, "I don't have any money." BITCH, YOU JUST WENT TO THE STORE. Thursday (which is today) she spent all that time out of the house, only to come back with a bunch of craft supplies. For who? My older sister of course! Oh, so you must have been to a place where there's a city. She says it just simply isn't there. The fuck? I've seen it in EVERY OTHER FUCKING GODDAMN WALMART IN STATE AND OUT OF STATE. Anyway, while we were talking about the game at lunch, my asshole of a friend just buys the game. HE BUYS THE GAME AT FUCKING SCHOOL, WHILE WE'RE WALKING DOWN THE HALL TO GO TO CLASS.

Mothers 17

My mom is so cruel, she tries to take all the fun out of a particular situation. Even to the point of becoming arrogant. Why cant you fuck off, and leave me the fuck alone you narcissistic fucker!

Mothers 18

My mom is such an interfering, nasty botch. She will not leave me alone. She insists on interfering in my life. LEAVE ME ALONE YOU HORRIBLE WITCH! This, and the stupid soap, the bold and the beautiful. STOP! No one wants to know what that wankstain Ridge did.

Mothers 19

My mother thinks I am a fucking no good liar, and that everything i say is a lie. Well fuck off wankstain, leave me the fuck alone fuck face!

Mothers 20

My mom is just so terrible, she waits for the right time to trap me. Then she rants at me for 5 ucking minutes. Stop the rants, and the fucking trapping you fucking wank stain.

Mothers 21

My muthafucking mom is obsessed wit everything. If you wanna be obsessed, you eave me the fuck alone muthafucker like She loves society and it's fucking conventions and rules. Did you not know society does NOT care about either me or you? Fuck you!

Mothers 22

My mom is so fucking obsessed, she thinks it is her right to obsess over the tiniest detail. Muthafucker, leave me the fuck alone you dumbfuck

Mother 23

My Mother is a manipulative controlling batch and the guy she married after my dad died is a letch!

Mothers 24

My mom is a sick, fucktard! She STILL meddles in my life. I am sick to death of her constant meddling, she talks about me behind my back. Fuck off and leave me the fuck alone you dumbfuck! Its my life not yours, fuckface.

New Mothers 25

I like you. I like your baby. I don't like raising your baby. Stop handing him to me as soon as i walk in the door. I'm NOT mommy OR Daddy.

Hell, I'm not even related. Stop expecting me to watch him every other day so you can pull some bullsh*t. I don't want to feed him every single night. How dare you get b*tchy with me for not fulfilling YOUR expectations. YOU had a baby, YOU and your HUSBAND. F*ck all of you.

Mothers 26

Here we go again. My mom is utterly rotten, she just has to once again trap me, she just cant fuck off and LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! She just has to be arrogant. I can not do what i like around her, leaving is out of the question, as she has me by the balls and she knows it.

Mothers 27

This has been done to death in a previous rant, but she is at it AGAIN. My mom is such an evil, sick, fuck face, she insists on making up FALSE charges against me. I have caught her out twice and still she insists on making my life a misery, I am an adult by the way. FUCK RIGHT OFF YOU BITCH!

Mothers 28

My mom is a cock sucking fuck face! She makes it her fucking job to interfere with everything i try to fucking do. I try to do wha t she asks, but no it is just not fucking good. Well, fuck stick, shut the fuck up and leave me to do what i want to do. It is MY LIFE, not fucking yours.

Mothers 29

My mom is a two faced bitch, she is driving me crazy. She pretends to care, but she really does not. In point of fact, she cares more about that retarded muthafucking soap "the bold and the beautiful" that and that narcissistic fuck face "judge judy".

Fat Abusive Mother 30

To all worthless bitches, if you only want kids to abuse them then why do you even have them? Just to prove that you're a spineless gutless pussy, what really makes me angry is some fat cow desides to post videos of her abusing her kids and then has on her twitter if you don't like me fuck off. I hate you and you need to fuck off you worthless waste of human life. If I know where you live i'll bring a sledgehammer and bash your fat fucking stomach in and make you choke on your own goddamn blood and break every goddamn bone in your fat worthless body. It sickens me how abusive parents do this shit to their own children, why do you even bother to have them just to abuse, a real parent would love and raise their children not abuse them, any parent that does that is a pussy and deserves to die a painful death.

Mothers 31

My mom always tries to steer every conversation away from the topic, and onto myself. This makes me so fucking mad, and yes the television is still fucking loud. She just will NOT leave me alone. Just leave me the fuck alone you dumbfuck, fucking hell!



Mothers 33

My mom is so terrible, she now talks me, out of EVERYTHING. I have told you many times, FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE.

Mothers 34

My mom the bitch continues to be a asshole, she does this by throwing away MY THINGS. My things should always be mine. Leave me and my things alone.

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