My neighbors' boys, after midnight let it all hang out, banging, screaming, and hooting. When midnight approaches, the window-rattling thump of their basketball slapping the ground pointlessly and repeatedly a few feet from my bedroom window is most unwelcome. Last night the boys (all under 12 years old) miraculously stopped their thumping and screaming at 11:50 p.m., but then one of them had to shoot a few more hoops at 12:25 a.m. (and then is when my adrenaline surged). As one would expect, this family has an SUV and displays a large American flag on their prim, immaculate, stunted front lawn. Of course me and my spouse feel the pain in our head today (from lack of sleep). My spouse tried to take a nap this peaceful, bird-twittering Sunday afternoon in southern California, but suddenly the boys got their basketball jones again and are now playing out there with a NEW addition--their STEREO. What kind of music do you think they're playing? Well, the singer can hit many notes in one syllable. One word can meander as much as a child at an Easter egg hunt.

Do any boys ever play with their dog anymore? Do they play fetch? Do they lovingly gaze into their dogs' eyes like the picture on the Purina Dog Food bag? (We won't even attempt to suggest a cat here.) Here in expensive-out-the-yahoo SoCal suburbia (where I moved to avoid getting mugged), all the dogs I see are lone neutotic sentinels who go out of their mind if a pedestrian walks by. I guess humans have forgotten these are pack animals, naturally social beings, even more so than us.) How about a trumpet lesson, much less a clarinet lesson? They are learning how to hoot aggressively from their P.E. coaches. They're also learning how to skillfully twiddle their Game Boy and Play Station. And in this climate of war, their focus on sports is encouraged and applauded.

rude people 2

i am SO angry at neighbors in particular! do these people NOT comprehend the fact that they are living in a building with OTHER people??????? are they so fucking dense that they cannot comprehend that????? my gosh.....the idiots above me have their damn brat drop shit all over our patio, and then the little bastard stomps on the floor constantly AND bounces a hard ball on the floor all the time. and the parents? uneducated MORONS! unreal, these people! i say "GET BENT"

neighbors 3

my neighbors are pissing me off. they just can't sit fucking still. every hour i'll hear them slam the car door shut and drive off. an hour later, they come back, and slam it again. half an hour later, it's the same fucking process. this happens ever since we've moved into the house, and I think i'm the only one tired of it. it especially sucks when you'll be taking a day off school by yourself. you'd have to keep looking out the window to check if your mom came early. i wish these fags would die.

my neighbors 4

I'm very angry because my neighbors are some of the nosiest sons of bitches in the world.The one named Mary is an animal lover,she says she should've stopped at the dog,right in front of her two retards.If anyone comes to visit us she strolls over to the fence and stands there gawking,if you look her way she speaks,ugh! She noses into peoples yards when theyre gone trying to pet their animals then tells you how poorly theyre treated.Who gives a fuck,not my problem.She came over one day ,I heard her knock but chose to ignore her and the bitch started peering into my window.She talks about everyones business but her own yet she lets her kids roam the neighborhood alone,6 year old girl and 4 year old boy, thats crazy.The neighbors on the other side have two teenaged boys.One was caught jacking off on our fence, while looking at a woman across the road, in broad daylight.He gets out of the juvenile center this week.Looking forward to that pervert!He usually whacks off in his attic and sprays his sperm through the air vent that he peeks out of.His brother tried to set our car on fire to hide the evidence that he tried to steal it unsuccessfully.He broke into 3 different houses on our block yet his parents say its because he has Dislexia,fuckin morons, what the fuck does one have to do with the other.The mom does random weapon searches because dad keeps buying them new weapons.The older one almost blew off his hand on a homemade pipe bomb that the younger one made.Heaven send me some shingles so we can reroof our house and get the fuck out of this neighborhood!!

asshole neighbor 5

I am so angry at my asshole neighbor accross the street, because he is a king size pain in the ass. This jerk lets his black mutt of a dog bark at everyone in the neighborhood non-stop, and to make things worse the asshole goes and gets another brown mutt dog. This fucking idiot doesn't even make any attempt to quiet his dogs at all. Perhaps in his puny pee brain he finds this sort of behavior humorous, but it only shows that he is a real asshole with way too much time on his hands.

asshole neighbor 6

these asshole neighbors do nothing but blast the freaking radio all night long and its keeping me from sleeping, I've called the cops lots of times on them and they never stop, and that 15 year old daughter blasts HER stupid hi-fi stereo at three a.m. in the morning.

Neighbors 7

I'm so sick of the white trash across the street. I have constantly hear this piece of shit revving the engine of a ugly hunk of junk firebird. The guy hasn't worked for three years. Does he have a meth lab in the basement or what? His fat ugly wife is another piece of work to. She's lewd and obnoxious. I can literally hear these two pieces of work screaming at each other at all hours of the day. I always have a live taping of Jerry Springer across the street. ASSHOLES!!

December 31, 2003 8

I just moved into this area 3 months ago and - oh dear Lord my trailer trash neighbor has to go! Having a New Year party is one thing - making the entire BLOCK aware of it is simply irritating. Who in the hell invites a ton of people over and has the party in their FRONT YARD?! Complete with disco balls, strobe lights & stereo system OUTSIDE - loud enough to be heard from a least 3 city blocks away! This ASSHOLE was also firing  off M80s - at least 20 of them in a 5 hour period. Too bad if anyone in this area has a heart condition huh? Worst of all - when the party was over - fuckstick collected all the spent fireworks from the street, put them in a pile, BURNED IT - and then proceeded to follow all of his other little trailer trash friends to another party! Well guess what? There was still "live" stuff in that pile - so, we're all seeing bottle rockets zip from that stack onto  other peoples lawns, cars ... etc at three in the morning. Seeing that this smoldering pile wasn't being monitored, and that it wouldn't be anytime soon - I used my cell phone to call the fire department. I hope he gets a HUGE fine from the fire marshal. People that fucking stupid, careless and inconsiderate shouldn't be allowed to live.

Noisy Neighbors 9

Selfish NOISY-assed lowlife neighbors! Most any holiday we have, including Memorial Day, our (FYI, immigrant) neighbors throw a party you can hear 2 blocks away. (They're not next door.) We're stuck here in misery, listening to every note of their--your--lowlife dance music (with special bass speakers) from noon till midnight. You're not honoring dead veterans, you're just dancing around in your cheap perfume and cologne, hair getting oily, bellies getting sticky. We hear every bass-thump and note from noon till midnight, and it ruins a whole day of life. (Can't you at least use a regular bass instead of the hopped-up bass?) Out of politeness, your neighbors don't call the police because it's a "holiday," which you OBLITERATE for everyone else on the block. You and your party friends are cheap, shallow, illiterate, unimaginative, uncreative, unthinking thugs. You're turning this city into one of your own noisy third-world cities. You're the selfish people who always win in this society--the ones showing no consideration for others. And when you aren't having one of your amplified parties, your dog's blasting away for you, at nothing, because you're the type that just shoves a bowl outside at him every night and never speaks to him otherwise. Another of those untrained, lone, neurotic dogs with a stinking backyard. I like to picture you cleaning it up before your stinky parties, ladling the dogpiles into your recycle bin. It would be nice if for once you didn't clean up, so the dancers' shoes and high heels would repetitively plunge into the soft, high piles. Very appropriate.

Note from Anger Central
The webmaster has the same problem. The people on one side of his home are nice and quiet. The ones on the left play salsa music to all hours on weekends, and tend to be rather loud during the week.

Chinamen neighbors 10

I have these neighbors (they are Mainland Chinese immigrants, I am Taiwanese American) who moved into their current home just months after we moved here. This was back in the past decade. These idiots are still living here and they are very inconsiderate. They just plain disgust and infuriate me.

First, they treat their backyard like a barn. They have this rooster, which is illegal to have in this city. I've filed a complaint with the city but they still haven't done anything about it. If I wanted a rooster to wake me constantly, I'd go live out in a farm.

Second, the neighbor and his gambling cronies play mahjong and gamble late into the night and wee hours of the morning. Why am I complaining? They simply make too much noise when they shuffle the game pieces loudly, speak loudly in the whatever language/dialect they're speaking, and not to mention they laugh like bloody idiots. Unfortunately, my bedroom is close to their "gaming den" so I can't get much shut-eye. I told them several times to tone it done because there are other actually neighbors sleeping but to no avail. What I'd like to do is shove the mahjong pieces up their Mainland keisters.

Third, the so-called "man of the house" has the nerve to treat our front lawn as a disposal unit. He constantly tosses his free throwaway newspapers and food wrappers on my lawn. Does he not know how to use his garbage can instead?

Our other neighbors (who are white) are so damned lazy. They always wash the fallen leaves from their tree down the gutter instead of taking the responsibility of cleaning it themselves. Later, one of the Chinamen pushes the mess back my direction like it was tennis.

Lastly, they park their large truck right in front of my residence when there is ample space in front of theirs. Yet, when I park in front of their house (since my wife already parked her car in our small driveway and the damned neighbors have occupied our space), the bastard comes out of hole and curses at me in what could be passed for Chinese.

Love thy neighbor. What utter nonsense, especially if they are uncouth Mainland Chinese. Long rant, I know. But I am angry as I'd wish these idiots never moved in here!

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster's fiancée is from Mainland China, a city near Shenyang. The webmaster has been to her home and can state there were no farm animals to be seen. The Webmaster has also seen some of the collective farms that a large number of people live on. He hopes they will soon be nothing more then a bad memory for the people existing in them.

Obnoxious Neighbors 11

I am so fucking angry that we have to live next to a white trash, obese, puke-inspiring, shit-fucking, cum-guzzling, cunt. These asshats were driving up the property next to ours, on the opposite side from where they live, driving THROUGH our backyard, and parking their crappy pieces of shit cars on their back yard, and had the nerve to be pissed when the city ticketed them for it. This was before we even bought the house.

Then, when we bought it, even though we wondered if we should because of these jackasses, they came into our yard, took our picnic table (it was left by the previous renters) and put it in their yard. When we put it back in our yard, she proceeded to *try* to scare me by bringing her bigass stupid great dane over to our door and "ask" me about the table. Listen, you dumbass hosebag, I'm not afraid of you or your damned dog, and didn't it just peeve you to see your dog all happy to be near me? Ha!

Since I told her (truthfully, because I hadn't known at the time ANYthing about the picnic table) that I had no idea, she got royally pissed off, and went home for a few minutes, then came back over, SHOVED her way INTO my house, screaming at me like a harpy Jerry Springer guest.

She even had the balls to be surprised that I called the police on her disgusting porky ass. So her next move wasn't what normal people do, noooooo... she has to sit inside her house with the window open and threaten our ten year old that she is going to beat his fucking ass with a baseball bat and kick the shit out of him. Bitch, I don't THINK so. You touch my kids, and you WILL have an idea of what HELL is like, because I WILL send you there quite painfully.

As it turns out, the previous tenants did NOT want her to have that table, they came over to meet us later on. So she can eat shit, and live without a picnic table because she won't get off her fat ass and get a job and pay her bills like we do. They don't even have a window on one side of the house, and have had their electric turned off three times in six months.

Her newest pitiful attempt at offending us is to park in the way of the driveway next to our house. Since we can't buy that property until June when it comes up for auction, she deliberately parks there when we have our van pulled up off the street to unload it. Then we have to call the cops to make her move, and then she pulls right back in there, because we don't have that crappy little piece of paper stating we own in. Come June, though, the police tell us we can have her towed at HER cost.

And we don't even need to START on her racist, pig boyfriend, who isn't even supposed to be around because she took out a restraining order on him. Never in my life have I ever had to call the police on my neighbors like this, even when I was living above a crack dealer. He was by far nicer than these jerks are. I'm just waiting patiently for them to go one step too far, and then I will be happily smiting the holy hell out of them. The rest of the time? I'm just amused at how far they will go to try to cause trouble.

Fucking neighbors! 12

the apartment under us was empty for 6 beautiful months! and just recently, some old cunty cunt moved in with her fucking annoying ugly ass dog, who fucking barks ALL DAY LONG! and she has the fucking BALLS to call our leasing office and complain that we are walking too hard. WHAT THE FUCK? should i just sit all day? not go anywhere? what next asscunt? will my dog's snoring be the next complaint you lodge? i'd like to lodge my foot up your fucking ASS, but it would get stuck in all your wrinkles! FUCK YOU GRANNY!!! You need to die! where the fuck is Kevorkian when you need him?

Above the law neighbor 13

I am so fucking angry at my asshole neighbor black mutt owning piece of shit that just so happens to be friends with the assistant police chief. This asshole is allowed to disrupt the whole dam neighborhood with his ugly god dam fucking dog. It all depends on whose ass is being kissed here now doesn't it or should I state back door services of one kind or another. I live in the USA pay my share of taxes and abide by the laws of the land, and I am forced to tolerate this pig-whore and his antics. All because he is friends with a local misguided bent cop that sees fit to look the other way while his wack ball ass kissing maggot friend disrupts the neighborhood that I live in. Does anyone else see the injustice here? This stupid asshole goes so far as to try and blame other pet owners for the insistent barking. Now does this asshole have shit for brains or what? I'm to the point where I am praying for this asshole to drop dead of some nasty illness everyday.

My Neighbor 14

I am angry because I, unfortunately, live in an apartment building along with my rude neighbor. This piece of shit constantly plays its tv so fucking loudly. Doesn't this shithead know that other people live in the same building? Where is its sense of consideration and self-respect? I am also amazed because there are children in this asshole's apartment-including an infant! If you are my neighbor-FUCK YOU!!

Insincere community 15

I am angry at this insincere community ! I moved, because of a research opportunity for my husband, from a large city with cultural diversity and activity to a very small town in a "prim and proper" country. It has changed me for the worse. The townspeople want to know everyone's business, and I abhor nasty gossip. My neighbors, who have a B&B with a lovely little garden have been heard expressing their disgust at the state of our garden and our lifestyle on numerous occasions . Apparently, they call us "Those Americans". I find it very hurtful. When I see my neighbors, however, I am polite, and try to remain calm while they comment on how great the weather is, how nice I look, etc. Minutes later, they share nasty commentary with other neighbors. I haven't played a C.D. or watched the T.V. in weeks, I'm so scared of giving them more to complain about. There are many others in town who behave this way. I hardly move, I'm so afraid of disturbing anyone. As a result, nothing is any fun! There's no way I'm going to pull weeds from our rock garden now - I don't want to endure artificial conversation with my rude neighbors. I can barely leave the house, I am so tired of others' performances. What's wrong with running out to buy milk without applying a fresh coat of lipstick?!

Neighbor 16

My neighbor has called the police several times claiming the children playing in my yard are harassing him. How are they harassing him? They are playing with a tennis ball and he is afraid the ball whill damage his brick home. They have never touched any part of his property with their tennis ball or anything else. This doesn't even constitute a problem. What a narrow minded idiot!

neighbours 17

My neighbours are some of the nosiest and nastiest people I have ever know. They spread lies about me and take me for a fool. They are some pain in the ass. i want to scream and shout at them. I am nothing and i feel worthless living next to people who think there better than me.I hate all neighbours there nosey and nasty. There all a pain in the ass and know all your buisineses all the time.

If your ugly they slag you off and i hate them all. I wish i was out of this place for ever i think i will live on the moon or mars. People are rude well these neighours are, I am so feed up and tried why am i so feed up. They smash bus shleters and they swear at you.They turn bins over and set fire to them. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate the kids around here there a pain. I wish i could get away from here. I hate the parents too. People around here suck.

clueless neighbor 18

I am angry as hell at the fact that no matter where you choose to make a home for your family in this world, there is always at least one clueless neighbor asshole that will screw things up for all of the other neighbors. How can people be so stupid and insensitive and completely unaware that their behavior & actions are disruptive to their neighbors and live. Anger management only goes so far before you feel like exploding over this intrusion of abusiveness directed at your family and the other neighbors all because this brain dead asshole claims the right to dump emotional garbage on the neighbors. Here's an idea for governments around the globe. Start enforcing the laws that protect people in their own homes and neighborhoods, and increase the fines against assholes that are disruptive by a factor of ten.

neighbors 19

My downstairs "neighbor" is a moody old miserable son of a whore. Fucken nosy anal prick thinks he owns the building and calls the landlord all the time about the chinziest fucken things. I don't wish him to die but I wish out on fucken pluto someplace.

Neighbors 20

I can't stand the stupid crack head neighbors across the street. They live in the apartment across from my bedroom window. Just about everynight they have a party until daylight. Ususally about halfway through the party the tennants get into this knock down drag out brawl. He beats the shit out of her and someone in the neighborhood calls the police. Since its 4:00 in the morning and dead quiet the next thing out of her mouth to the cops is "How much is it to bail him out and when can I come and get him?" then she leans in the police car window and says "I'll be there to get you in the morning honey". What the hell, I wish they would just beat the fuck out of each other, both end up dead and that would be the end of it. When these white spam eatin trailer trash party all night long I get no sleep. The stree is narrow and usuall quiet so when they go at it is sound like they are in my bedroom. On night I woke up and yelled out the window to "Shut the Fuck up - some of us have to work in a few hours - why don't you get a fucking job?" When I got home from work the next day, the driveway in my yard that faces their apartment has a truck pared in it had the winshield smashed out of it.

inconsiderate neighbor 21

*note to anyone reading this - this rant is NOT about our dear webmaster!*

New Years Eve. Wow, where to start? Well dude, if your guests had not been sparking up quarter sticks of dynamite, or had you not been blaring your stereo SO damned loud that we could hear each and every lyric inside of OUR house - OUR guests would not have called the cops out. Fine, you turn the stereo down - though, your guests continued with the dynamite. Of course our friends called the cops out again. On the FIFTH and final time our friends reported you - the thugs at your gathering had the NERVE to THREATEN our guests with physical violence. Are your buddies that fucking STUPID to not realize that you are not the only person who lives in this community? Ever think that there may be people in this area with a heart condition - and that perhaps your pals actions could send people with that condition into cardiac arrest? Probably not, as you are seriously lacking in something called consideration for others.

Furthermore, as it happens to have been our guests that reported you and your buddies (not myself or my husband) - I did NOT appreciate your little clique intentionally aiming fireworks at our house ... I mean, you DO know that these things can actually set fires ... right?

And then, on New Years Day - one of our guests wakes up to discover that a tire on her vehicle had been slashed. Obviously, your gang thought our guests were bluffing about capturing the previous nights events on tape. Yes, we do have security cameras, and yes - we are using them 24/7. I can imagine that you were really surprised when our friend stormed over to your house and said "pay up or this tape is being turned over to the cops." You were probably also surprised when she called you "a bunch of rude mother fuckers" - but hey, if you don't show respect for others, don't be shocked when others show no respect for you. That is earned .. not freely given.

In the past, I had never complained - my husband had never complained, though .. in light of the fact that I have *really* bad nerves .. in the future, would you kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP?! If you care to notice - we also have plenty of friends visit our home, particularly on special occasions, and the only way people would know that is from the amount of cars parked in our driveway and on our lawn. The difference between our family and yours, is clearly that WE have, and show RESPECT for the people who have to live around us.

If you find that you are not capable of my simple request - then please, for once in your life - act your age. List your house with a real estate agent, get the FUCK out of THIS neighborhood and go back to the trailer park where you belong - because quite frankly I, along with a number of other people in this area, are sick and tired of your antics. It isn't cute anymore.

Your neighbor who is too damned polite to tell you she thinks you're an inconsiderate asshole to your face.

*Note from Anger Central
The Anger Central staff is a bit confused. We see no reason why the poster should not that this rant isn't about the webmaster. He and his new wife were rather "Preoccupied" New Years eve. ;)

neighbors 22

I have assholes for neighbors. They are constantly on the bum. Can I borrow this? Can I borrow that? Have you got this? Have you got that? They live above me and are ALWAYS in and out of the fucking house. Doors slam, stomping of feet, bla bla bla! The are the worst moochers I have ever seen and the stupid part about it is that they are drug addicts!! If you can afford drugs then buy yourself YOUR OWN FUCKING MILK AND FOOD!! The boiling point came last week when I told them to fuck off and buy their own crap. Why do you say that when we are your friends? FRIENDS! I wouldn't have you dickheads for friends if we were the last three fucking people alive. Hopefully they don't bother me again and I won't have to hurt someone. Thanks webmaster for letting me rant and hope you and your new wife prosper.

Neighbors in Dorm 23

I go to XU, a school with a very large freshman class and few buildings to house us all in. As such, we're all crowded into these old buildings (the freshmen-the upperclassmen either live off campus, transfer somewhere else, or live in one of the two upperclassmen dorms). Now living in a old building already has its share of problems -terrible plumbing, bad heating and cooling, etc- but having asshole neighbors takes the cake!
These stupid cows (I live in an all-female dorm)down the hall from me are too damn loud at night. They scream and howl, bang chairs, and run down the halls at 11:30 at night. If they had any sense of consideration for their neighbors, they'd shut up and stop acting so immature. Because of them, we've already lost the right to have visitors in our building (let alone our rooms), our curfew has been set to 11:00 (most other dorms' curfew is still at 12:00), and we may not be able to celebrate Mardi Gras this weekend. All because they can't shut up when they're told! These people make our race (I'm African American) look bad and I hope they get taught a lesson one day. I bet these ignorant hens will be the first ones to flunk out at the end of the semester because they never study- all they do is make noise and keep everyone else up at night.

Neighbors 24

Damn cunt across the street, or it was the slits next door, call code enforcement on my place. So what if there's a bit of brush and trash? It's been there for a fucking year!

Never added to it either, it's just taken me awhile (I work 60 min drive) to get used to a new job. Shit, but the laugh will be on those assholes. Cause the state will pick up the tab!

Guess I wasn't too stupid to make my mother the "Owner" of the property! Half of the normal taxes, free clean up.. Guess I cannot be too angry.. But maybe I'll find out who the fuck snitched.. They'll be calling the fucking EMTs! Maybe.

Neighbors 25

I'm sick of these twits. One of my neighbors is a miserable, semi-loopy old bat who goes and bitches about my music being too loud and wants to CALL THE FUCKING COPS ON ME FOR IT. FUCK THAT!!

maybe if it were the middle of the night it would be understandable, but I was listening to it at five in the afternoon for fuck sakes. And if you think I'm going to have it on a dull whisper, you're sadly mistaken. And on top of that, my other neighbors ARE noisy fuckers. They listen to god-awful (obscenity deleted) music and raver crap ALL THE TIME INTO THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT when people have to work the next day, and about 8 in the morning on a fucking sunday. Don't they know that at this early on a sunday, some people ARE FUCKING HUNG OVER!? And the really shitty part is that no old fucking hags bitch about them

Another thing that the old hags that I share an apartment block do to piss me off is bitch about it being too cold, so then, since they're old they have to get their own way all the time, in the winter months this place feels like a fucking incinerator and opening a window is out of the question. I just wish they would all fuck off

The bitches next door 26

I am a second year student studying psychology in university. I have a loan that isn't covering my tuition, a ridiculously heavy workload, and have to keep my grades at A or above in order to get recognition and into graduate school, which means I pretty constantly have a tension headache the size of Texas. This constant headache leads me to the main point of this rant; the bitches next door. These girls are froshes who are having the time of their lives spending daddy's money so they can party all day every day and make tons of noise. The worst part is that they bring the new slim that they meet in the skeezy clubs (where they manage to get into even though they are very obviously underaged) home, who then decide to walk into my room at random hours and try to hit on me while I'm trying to get into my room. It's fucking disgusting. These girls have no respect for themselves or anyone around them and need a swift kick in the face that I am away two shitty rap songs away from gving to them.

The Neighbors 27

I've been living in my house for 7 years now, and in that time, since day one, the old woman who lives next door to me in 17227, Alice, has been nothing but a toxic, vicious, suspicious, hateful c*nt to me. Not even in the first week after I moved, when I walked over to her house to introduce myself and ask her about a good place to order pizza from in the neighborhood, was she civil. For years, if I saw her at the local grocery store, I'd nod and smile -- but I finally gave up, from lack of ANY response whatsoever but a cold stare! Once, right before Christmas 2002, I noticed all the mailboxes on our side of the street were open, and mail was blowing around in the street, so I knocked on doors to let people know they should check for mail theft. I picked up some of her mail and brought it to her as I informed her. Still, she was cold and dismissive, so I've never said a word to her since. From Day One, she's been about as warm toward me as three-day-old road kill, for no reason at all.

I'm a peace-loving, quiet, well-bred, and stable individual who pays her bills on time and respects the property and rights of those around me. I mind my own business; I don't drink, party, keep late hours, entertain frequently, use drugs, or otherwise violate the neighborhood peace.

But this hasn't stopped Alice from turning me into the community Homeowner's Association EVERY YEAR, REPEATEDLY, WITHOUT FAIL. I mow my yard and keep it up, but I do not use lawn chemicals, which are harmful for the environment. So there are occasionally short dandelions in the summer, but those are mowed down regularly. But every time Toxic Alice sees a dandelion, she calls the HOA.

She also calls the HOA for things that there's NO WAY anyone could see without a close-up examination of my property (meaning that either she -- or one of the trailer-trash minions she's harboring under her roof, such as her 40-something son who's still living at home with Mommy -- has trespassed onto my property to scrutinize it). Two years ago, I get a letter from the HOA declaring that "it has been brought to our attention that your home's exterior should be repainted." Mind you, the house had been painted right before I moved in -- meaning within the last six years. I walked all around the house, looking for signs of chipped or cracked paint, and found ONE chip, on the side of the house, INSIDE THE FENCE, near the bottom by the gas meter. I had to write to the HOA and defend myself against the complaint.

Ridiculous! My house has more curb appeal than most others on the block. I have a beautiful Kwanzan Cherry tree in the front, attractive new vinyl windows, and a neatly landscaped front yard. The paint was totally fine.

I've overheard Toxic Alice on the sidewalks, chatting with other neighbors, and gesturing at my house and yard. She's made no secret to them that she doesn't trust younger women, especially those that live alone. Although she cozied right up to the middle-aged couple on the other side of me, and the extended Korean family across the street, what I get from her is complaints to the HOA that "short grass clippings land on her deck" when I'm out weed-whacking in the back yard. WTF? What, is she performing surgery on her deck, that she needs it to be spotless? She's using her deck to split atoms or perform biomedical research? Can you even see short weed-whacker debris unless your nose is right on the deck? Give me a BREAK!!

I've successfully defended my position to the HOA every time. I've discussed with them that these constant, nit-picking complaints are a form of harassment, but the HOA says they're obligated to pass along any complaints to me that they can substantiate. I guess if I want to stop this foul-hearted witch, I have to either sell my nice house and move, or sue her venomous a$$ into the ground.

WTF IS HER PROBLEM?!? Good LORD, can't she take cruises or vacations, volunteer, and get a F*CKING life of her own like most older women? Must you always be minding my business, Alice? If you've got that much spare time on your hands, may I recommend volunteering? I guarantee you it will enrich your (pathetic, meaningless and mean-spirited) existence and give you something more worthwhile to occupy your thoughts than harassing me.

If I were her daughter, I'd be embarrassed for her. She's retired and still fully ambulatory, yet never travels, never goes anyplace except her yard. Just sits around her house, watching TV and minding the neighbors' business, glaring at me from her kitchen window. Most people can't wait to retire, and here she is, wasting it. Can't say I'll be unhappy to see the vicious old bat carried out with a sheet over her for the last time, but I will say it'll be a colossal waste of a life. Ugh.

*Note from Anger Central
Call a lawyer for advice and start documenting everything. If she walks onto your property have her arrested for trespassing. We knew someone who had a neighbor like this and ended up calling in a city councilmember to help fix things. He won and the neighbor was eventually bankrupted and jailed. ;)

my fat neighbor 28

I am super pissed at my fat stupid racist piece of shit neighbors. I live in an apartment complex and they live on the 3rd floor, right above me...and from day mother fucking one, theyve been starting shit after shit with me...The wife is like 5'7" and weighs over 250 pounds...she is pale white, has vericose veins, she dyed her hair ronald mcdonald red, and she weasr thick 1982 style glasses...the husband is about the same height but he weighs like 310..they have a son who is about 9 weho weighs about 120 pounds...every fucking day, they spread rumors about me..they say im a hooker, a crack whore, they say i worship satan, they tell all the neighbors im a lesbian and that at the same time i have tons of men over too...they say that, and i quote "all niggers use food stamps" they cliam to be part of the kkk...they have a dog who when they let him out on their balcony, pisses and it comes down on OUR balcony...i am mixed, im 5'2" and i weigh about 107 pounds...and they claim the reason why im so skinny is becasue i smoke crack and that im a heroin not either of those...i dont even know what a crack pipe looks like cept when i saw them on that show COPs...they call me a half breed nigger and because my husband is white and so are my kids, they call them white monkeys...i am so so sooo fucking sixck of this shit...ive wrote letters to the manager, ive called the BBB, ive complained about their nasty ass dog pissing all ove rmy balcony furniture and the kids' bikes, i eveb cussed the husbands FAT STUPID ass out one day...i told him, "fuck you buddy, you can spread shit about me but you cant say it to my face? just fuck sick of the bull shit" he said, "yep...youre a typical crack whore" i said, "youre just mad cuz youre too fat for anyone to think youre on crack" one day his fat ass wife came outside wearing a short skirt and her legs were so dead pale white, i thougth she was wearing pantie hose...but on closer look, i saw her purple veins webbing out everywhere and i shuddered in dusgust...fucking fat ass people atre always jealous of skinny people because they cant be them...and fyi im not skinny on purpose...i would like to be a little heavier...i have ni hips, no ass, no a bone rack...i eat and eat and eat ansd yet i still look like a sickley twig...i dont understand it...i eat more than my 202 pound husband does...

my neighbor, a.k.a "Dora Door-Prize" 29

I'm angry because of the old bag that lives downstairs, I named her "Dora Door-Prize" because she can't shut a door without slamming it off the damn hinges! She is about 60 and lives with her senile mother who yells for her all the time and all she does is scream back at her.
They listen to their tv so loud we can hear every word in the program, one day I even heard the woman on the program they were watching sigh in frustration, I just thank God they don't watch porno; yuck! You wouldn't mind but if my husband or I even have a conversation they turn their tv up even louder like we are bothering them, it is unreal.

The only happiness I get in that is they can probably hear my husband's farts, serves them right! We are very quiet, don't even own a stereo, barely watch tv and when we do we use headphones, we don't entertain a lot, I mean we are quiet......but old Dora and her mom start grumbling if I so much as sneeze. I get so sick of ending up with loud-ass ignorant neighbors, we can't afford to buy a home so we rent and it seems there is always one jerk that ruins it for everyone else.

I'm grateful they aren't crack-heads or play loud music but man, a loud blasting tv 24/7, door slamming and yelling also get old real fast.
You could say it gets as old as Dora and her mother, lol. I'm thinking of taking up clogging (we live above them) or maybe the bagpipes.

neighbours 30

I usually give new neighbours (even tenants) fair leeway for noise and disruption. But the white trash that have just moved into our complex have pushed the limit - in only 3 days!

Day one: they move their furniture in. Well, most of it went in except for a large seven piece outdoor setting that they deposited on the grassed area next to the communal pool! What were they thinking - "hmmm our apartment is too small for this, we'll just leave it downstairs".

Day two: After some heated words are exchanged with the caretaker, the outdoor setting is removed (yes they have a garage and a lockup storeroom for this stuff). The caretaker lets me know he is worried as these new neighbours have 4 adults and one child living in a 2br apartment. I'm kind of worried because one of those 4 adults looks and acts like a headcase.

Day three: the eldest son (headcase) his girlfriend and youngest son are in the communal spa. Yes I am peeved that they have beer bottles. Yes I am concerned that the two males are wrestling roughly. What blew my stack is when the younger (12yo) got handfuls of soaked toilet paper and threw them at his brother in the spa. Do you know what toilet paper does to the filtration system? When I called out for them to stop it was "no, we don't have any toilet paper. what do you mean?" with it right their in the hands and plastered to the walls of the spa! Day four: waiting for the spa water to be less cloudy! *sigh*

Neighbors 31

Our neighbors say:

  1. Bark! Bark! Bark!

  2. Car alarm - beeeep beeeep

  3. Music - boopity thump thump

  4. Basketball jones - blap blap blap! (thud - hit neighbors' house)

  5. Scooter - Revvvv revvvv revvvv

  6. Party hearty hearty - late and sweaty!

They also place their trash and junk in our yard, and continually try to use our yard for other purposes. Did they ever hear of birth control? They're continually mushrooming outside their boundaries, and should buy a house in Baghdad.

Racist neighbor 32

This really pisses me off. I step out to go bike riding and I hear some kid that lives behind me yell out "hey, white boy!" I didn't even bother turning around to respond to that shit. I never even met the people who live in the house behind mine but I do know something about them now, they're a bunch of racist scumbags and I want nothing to do with them.

Neighbor Nosey Druggie Neighbor! 33

My neighbor is a no good druggie woman who thinks she can come over to our home anytime she feels like it. Her Grandson is only four and is the spawn of satan. I cannot stand it every time me or my husband are outside she just invites herself over. She admitted to being into drugs, marijuana and also doing crank! I don't trust this woman around my kids! She offered to babysit my kids I don't think so. My husband allows this woman to come over. I even told him I talked to the cops about her too. They warned me about her record as well as her one daughters. I don't trust her! I am so tempted just to be a conieving SOB and call the cops on her just to have her butt arrested.

Her grandson bit my daughter when I was at work and it really ticked me off this little rat could have anything. Hasn't been to a doctor, probably hasn't even had immunizations! I asked my daughter what happend and she said my husband, my father in law and Judy were too buisy talking to even pay attention to what was going on. I have had it with people using our home for a drinking place! Spreading beer cans all over the yard. I don't see beer cans all over her yard? How would she like it?

Maybe I should start tossing my trash in her garden? I really want revenge I just wish they would move away. I cannot have my kids outside without her 47 year old drunk druggie butt coming over to my home.

The cops told me she was bad news to not even get involved talking to her. She has also befriended other neighbors as well. Most won't come outside now cause she is like a zit on their butt. We have a fence up in our back yard but she can still see over.

Only solution is either being a narc or moving eventually. I don't mind getting along with my neighbors however drunks and druggies take advantage of people! My husband got a hot tub and they want to be over here all the time! They are rifraf! Common trash why don't they just move!

Dickhead Neighbors 34

I've been living in my house for 10 years and I've had countless neighbors the first 2 I got along easy with but the last one was horrible. The bitch had a staring problem and would not stop staring, what the hell is your damn problem thank god she moved out by my current one is even worse.

These nasty trailer trash retards are driving me fucking crazy at first I got along with them but not anymore. The dickhead man is a fucking retard every time he goes outside he goes out there to shout, cuss, and talk to himself loud enough to be heard from another block we cant even enjoy a moment outside because of the asshole hell his voice can be heard indoors too.

My grandma who lives across the street from me says the same thing she cant even watch her game shows because of the idiot.  The nasty bitch is just as bad she is lazy she smokes constantly and didn't want to go to church anymore because they wouldn't allow her to smoke. Stupid bitch you don't smoke in a church that's against the law.

My dad who is a former bus driver had to deal with these retards and from what he says is true there a bunch of filthy, nasty, pieces of trash . They don't even have jobs but I don't see who would employ them due to there bad Hygiene and how retarded they are. They go to church the way they are, god help the poor people who half to sit with them.

Every week when we put are trash out there they go digging in our trash I don't see what's so damn interesting in there unless you see a mirror image of yourselves in there. I really hate these retards I wish they would go back to the trailer park or live somewhere else because these lowlifes have outstayed there welcome here. In fact why don't you both go the the nuthouse since you like to talk to yourselves often. Then life would be easier for everyone in the neighborhood.

Ballsy Neighbor 35

I have a neighbor who has to have some pretty large stones. She was widowed about three years ago and since then, was mooching off everyone else's husbands to help her with minor projects and upkeep around her house. The kicker is, she has two boys 18 and 21 years old. But, because they are hurting (for 3 years) over the death of their daddy, she doesn't make them do a damn thing. Just goes around getting everyone else involved in her drama. Bitch. So, my husband wised up and told her to get her lazy ass sons to help her change her freaking light bulbs and whatever nonsense she was asking. Her biggest transgression to date, is, she told the lawn service our association hired to come and cut the hedges in MY backyard. I have a locked gated yard mind you. I watched in total shock as she ordered the poor little man, to jump over my fence which has a hedge growing next to it and to cut the hedge facing my house! But, I don't think she'll be doing again since she heard me cursing her ass through her back door in no uncertain terms. I'm also pretty sure I've seen her walking her ugly ass dog around the neighborhood so she can take notes on everyone elses houses and call the management company to snitch about any dirty roofs or trees she doesn't think belongs there. CUNT!! She asked me one day if I'd gotten a letter about replacing a tree in our yard. I smugly said, nope. Didn't get a thing knowing damn well she was fishing to see if her little game worked. f*ck her. ain't happening lady. We put in whatever tree we wanted to and didn't hear a thing from the HOA or the city. SO there, take that ya nosy biatch.

Foul-Mouthed Neighbors 36

I have these neighbors that live across the right side of my fence..right next to my room. All they do is sit in their driveway all day and curse. Thye have 20 people...I mean literally 20 foul-mouthed children living in their house! I'm quite convined the mother's name is Bitch and the father fucker.As they frequently use these words. because those words seem to come out of their father and mother's mouth at least 30 times a day..not to mention thier children take on their habots as well..their youngest lil' creepling daughter says fuck more than any child have ever heard.. All of them combined sound like A cackling pack pack of hens fighting over a kernel of corn.. Thier children are future porn stars, drug dealers..if they can avoid prison..Possibly unless they even are forced into child prostitution by their parents..I watched the father beat his daughter in the garage in front of the whole neighborhood. The father has the type of screeching mongrel voice which reverbrates through your head the entire day if you are unfortunate enough to hear it..which everybody does...who lives within a ten mile radius. I'd call the police but since theyre nazi-racists I don't think it would do much of help here. By the way I'm white and I see it that way. Their children are just the dumbest of kind..they sit in the street when a car is coming and don't move even if you almsot hit them. I've seen it tons of times.Thye wake me up to pumping loud ass music at 6:00 in the morning..every morning..not only that to 20 screeching banshees in the driveway... I have work and school..this is fucking irritating. I can't handle it. He beats his children in public..calls his wife a whore and bitch at least 20 times..Leaves his children unsupervised at midnight..especially their 5 year old daughter. Then they gossip that my father sleeps in the bushes..he never has..which is pathetic as their father jsut beats them in public and calls them curse words..All of them curse..all the children..andd parents..AND I HAVE TO FUCKING HEAR IT EVERY DAMN DAY!

neighbors 37

I'm pissed that we moved out to what we thought was a nice quiet neighborhood only to find that we are surrounded by small-brained drunken assholes. They are so *patriotic* that they are still setting off fireworks late into the night 4 days after the 4th of July. What the hell are you celebrating? Can you even read the Declaration of Independence? Or are you too drunk to see straight? Setting off fireworks and yelling "woohoo" is not a fucking hobby. Get a life and stop harassing the neighborhood with your cheap idea of fun. If you were really patriotic you would respect the rights of others to their own quiet enjoyment of life.

Neighbor 38

My neighbors next door may seem like a nice little old lady but she's not. Once pigeons started nesting on our roof but my family wasn't aware of it. They started crapping on our neighbors roof and they got angry. I understand that but was it really necessary to go clean off the crap then throw it over into our yard? Geez, talk about bad manners. They also wrote a letter but what I'd like to know is how those pigeons got there. If you don't feed the pigeons then they won't come.

Dirty Slobs 39

I am so angry at one of my neighbours, she is a dirty slob. Her garden has had garbage bags strewn all over the place, they have been there for months, it is now the summer and when it is really hot you can smell the filth. To make matters worse my son came and told me that he had found a dead mouse in our back garden, just across from where her filthy rubbish pile is. It makes me so angry, me and my husband work continuously to make sure that our house and garden are spotless. We cut the grass and hedge on a weekly basis, all our household rubbish is put in a bin and if there is any extra, we take it to the tip. Our house is cleaned top to bottom daily and our surfaces and floors cleaned with bleach - filth makes me feel very very angry. What this dirty bitch doesn't seem to realise is that her lazy and filth ridden lifestyle has a detrimental affect on me and my family, bloody vermin that might make their way into my house and breed more dirty vermin. Why? all because the stupid bitch is too lazy to clean and obviously doesn't give a toss about the health and wellbeing of her neighbours. Mingers like them should be charged under the Environmental Health Act. Yeh if you want to live in a filthy house then so be it, but you dirty smelly bastards can you just keep your filth inside your smelly dwelling and do not dump it in your garden and infest all your neighbours with you lazy filth. Oh and if any similar smelly, lazy, stinking bastards are reading this, do yourself a favour and get off your ass and clean because if you live in filth you are affecting the health of clean people, you should be ashamed yourself you dirty smelly fuckers. OK rant over.

Psycho 40

Psycho is a mother of three and our children played together very well. We had a fun poker group that got together every week and we always had dinners at each others houses. We also started a play group together for all the moms in our area. We have a lot of mutual friends. She was well known for her rants on wanting to divorce her husband, but when her husband was deployed he became a saint. Her husband went to Iraq and she went crazy. She started accusing everybody of breaking into her house. She accused my son of stealing all of their videogames from them. She spread lies around the neighborhood about our family, which in turn made my housekeeper quit because she felt sorry for her because her husband is gone. Now she is telling everybody that she doesn't want her husband to come home yet. Apparently she has had a cop staying the night with her. Tonight on Halloween she refused to give my kids anything and they didn't know any better. They didn't understand what was going on. I just think that is so childish and really unnecessary to involve the kids. What gets me so angry is that a few days before all this started happening she gave me a card that talked about what a good friend I was and how she is so glad that we were so close and that we were like sisters. Then she went psycho!

Idiot scumbag neighbor 41

I have this pain in the ass neighbour who's life is so sad and meaningless that anything we do has to directly involve him complaining or giving advice. We found out something hilarious about him the other day, he used to be a woman! Seriously, he had an op to turn him into a man 15 years ago! They removed his breasts and ovaries, but failed to remove the female component which causes nagging, unfortunately .He sits at home looking out of his mother's window waiting for someone to accidentally park 1 fucking centimetre over his driveway, so that he can come out and nag. We have seen him waiting anxiously for someone to do something which he can complain about. He is also a thief. When a neighbour sold his house, he went around the neighbourhood with a barrow of plants, trying to sell them to us. ALL PINCHED FROM THIS NEIGHBOR'S GARDEN! He's constantly trying to sell knocked off stuff that we don't want and get's arsey if we don't buy it, and takes his/her revenge out by incessantly complaining about real AND IMAGINED incidents. Once he came storming around the house to complain that we had shut our garage door a bit too loudly at 8.30am one morning. Even though noone had been out that morning, yet he swore he saw us too. A few weeks before he had been doing DIY, drilling and hammering at 2.00am! When we complained to HIM, he went berserk saying we had no right to complain as he NEVER causes any disturbance- OK, if you forget the 3 hour long rows he has with his mother EVERY FUCKING DAY (we know as I work nights and don't get any sleep because of this moron) where he screams, shouts and swears at the poor frail 85 year old lady culminating with him standing outside the house yelling in the street. Oh, and the countless times he parks on my drive when I'm out, resulting in me having to park around the corner when I return as he won't answer the door, yet no one can park within 20 feet of his house. One other complaint was him moaning on for 3 fucking hours because of 'a mass of weeds that was growing over his garden'. There was ONE fucking nettle on my side of the fence, the rest were in his garden! I have lived here for 6 years and have not had a single day without this transexual turd encroaching on my life! Maybe he/ she's pissed at having no adam's apple, small hands and feet, and the need to resort to a pump in order to get something that resembles an erection (not that anyone would want to go near the cranky old twat anyhow). Today was the best.He/she came out yelling at us for sawing some wood in our front garden, (probably jealous as he can't' get wood'!) and an argument ensued. He reckons we've made a big mistake by messing with him as he's hard and been in the nick (bet the inmates loved that! Pick up the soap please ducky!) and he's fetching a load of hard knocks to sort us out! I think any hard knock on this estate would just love to rush to the aid of a cross dressing tart who lives at home with his mother, due to someone arguing about a piece of wood. That'll do their hard man image the world of good around here. Who's he fucking sending round ? The Village People ? I'm still sitting at home waiting for the arrival of a load of queens waving their handbags and threatening to pull my hair and scratch my eyes out, because no true hardman on this estate would rush to his aid. I did actually notify the police due to his threats and they laughed and told me to carry on sawing wood in the garden and if the transexual moron does actually have the balls (haha!) to send someone round (which is doubtful) I'm to call them again and they will be out like a shot to haul his shapely ass down the nick. As of now, I'm still waiting for the cast of the Rocky Horror show to lay seige to my house, but I don't think it'll happen. Probably wake up to find a scratch on my car, or my fence panel kicked in, but heck, I can repair the car and the fence panel, but his asshole will be far more difficult to repair after spending six months inside jail with some 'real hard men'.

Neighbors 42

I live in an apt, the neighbors down below: *COMPLETE TRASH.* It seems that all they do is sit outside in the balcony and smoke (mostly the female). I overheard the woman – this loud-mouthed COW – talking about how she made a complaint somewhere and how they took away the playground. She was probably being loud so the whole complex can hear her. What a classy lady. I heard her say that this whole complex is filled with drug addicts “upstairs and downstairs.” Say what??! If she doesn’t like living here, she needs to move back to the trailer park. Drug addicts? Sometimes I can smell them smoking weed down there! How can she say that everyone that lives in this complex is a drug addict? How would she know??? I’ve lived here almost two years and I really don’t care what goes on in people’s apartments unless they’re being a nuisance.

I’m turning up the music because I don’t want to listen to her. She curses up a storm while there are 2 small children in the house -LOVELY! F-this and F-that, an F bomb in every sentence. When I’m sitting here at the desk I always hear them yelling. One of the kids kept coming outside crying. Her husband’s (I’m assuming, or whoever this male is) response was, “Stop your crying and get back inside!” It was the way he said it…it sounded like bullying…they sound like people that have no business having children.

I'm sick of hearing this *loud-mouthed CUNT* complaining all day long! Every in the morning I can hear her out in the balcony hacking away. I HOPE it's LUNG CANCER BITCH!!! I heard her complain about having to move into an apt, its probably a step up from the trailer they were in!!! They need to get evicted.

Neighbors 43

Our family is Christian and we went to church one sunday morning. When we got back our neighbours had cut down OUR tree on OUR property WITHOUT our permission for no reason at all!

*Note from Anger Central
Well, you can turn the other cheek, (The Christian thing to do), or go Roman on their a**. We would suggest the latter. Contact a lawyer about a civil action and possible criminal charges as well. At the least you have trespassing and vandalism.

Neighbors 44

It's not that I'm racist or anything but... GOD!

These horrible turkish neighbors we had ( yes. "had", they still piss me off...) ! They Celebrated for some god-damn reason every weekend in their little garbage house (which is sadly next to us), and have their shitty stereo playing all kinds of crappy music, then they stink up the place with their "Traditional" meat-loaf shit cakes! Not to forget the trillion toddlers and kids that they bring along! They smell, scream, yelp and throw up! Then they of course have to take a soccer ball along and kick it into our garden! When this happens they obviously walk in our garden (climb over fence) without asking and throw over who knows what before they can retrieve the ball! So at the end of the day the place would be a smelly, destroyed shit-hole! Our fence would be destroyed along with all the other things they threw over and didn't put back!

My Jerkoff Neighbors! 45

I live next door to some very cold, heartless, jerk of neighbors! They are a real piece of work! They claim that they can hear me snore clear outside and into their house! They have excessively knocked on their walls, my walls, have their dog bark in the middle of the night to wake me up! I have tons of recordings that prove that I am not snoring at all!! They are some real fucking ass liars!! I hope it comes back on them and bites them hard on the ass!!!

neighbors in apartments 46

All I wanna say is FUCK FUCK FUCK the asshole stupid fartass shitface neighbors. They don't know a damn fucking thing and they think i'm inconsiderate. I have tried to work with these bastards and I give up. So I'm gonna stop being so considerate and tell them to FUCK OFF! They have no sense of taste for art especially the FUCKING BASTARD NEIGHBORS!!

neighbor 47

My moron, damn, fucker neighbor had lodged police report for i switched on my radio with volume of 14 but my radio loudest volume is 30. So 2 policemen knocked my kitchen door at 10:00a.m. I am so angry bcos i always switch on my radio every morning till afternoon. What's wrong?

The worst is the idiot bunch of neighbors keep on bully me. They are in gang of 7 to 9 houses.

They use to block my car pouch way (my house is single storey, in malaysia). When u ask them not to park their in front of yr house, they gather in group and riot in front your house. When u lodge report, policeman never take action.

My fucking neighbor who stay next to my house had shown middle finger to my children without my presence and he purposely stop his car in front of my house and he stare at me angrily at all time. When I took out my stupid camera, then he stop this silly action.
His three damn daughters complaining to my husband that i child abuse my children, i switch on radio loud at daytime, i hang teru-teru botzu that damn scary.

His damn fatty wife goes to disgrace my personality in my living place, my church society, my daughter school area, even to keysmith, damn my neighbor. They threaten me to move bcos they are staying here for ages and i for 2 yrs. damn it.

Neighbors 48

I had these neighbors. They owned two dogs, and they lived outside in their backyard. Fine with me. Except, they had a hole in the fence. And they didn't even fix it. So one day, one of their dogs went through the the hole in the fence, pooped in my freaking yard, and found their way onto the street. Next thing you now, BAM! Bye-bye, doggy.

Next thing you know they're crying "NO FLUFFY WHY DID YOU DIE"

Uh, have you seen your fence lately? There was A FREAKING HUGE HOLE in your fence. Don't tell me you didn't see it.

Asshole Neighbors 49

I am so very angry at my stupid, idiotic, asshole neighbors. They have a huge rottweiler and they let him roam where he pleases. I have 2 small dogs. My dogs are NEVER off leash, and I am always with them when they are out. The neighbor's dog (rottweiler) has nearly attacked me and my dogs 3 times now. We have told them repeatedly to keep their dog out of our yard. Last week the dog saw us and made a beeline for us, barking, snarling and growling. I was absolutely terrified, so I quickly scooped my dogs up and slowly made my way to the driveway while keeping my attention focused on this dog. I started throwing rocks at him, and began yelling for them to come get him. Finally one of their kids came over. This is not the dogs fault, it's the asshole owner's fault. I have started carrying pepper spray when I'm out with my dogs. Yesterday we were nearly attacked again. I started screaming for someone to get the dog, and quickly fished my pepper spray out of my pocket. Finally the asshole owner came over. I told him to keep his fucking dog out of my fucking yard, then the jerk tells me that if I throw rocks at his dog again that he's going to call the police. I told him to go ahead. I'm the one who should be calling the police here. What part of "KEEP YOUR DOG OFF MY PROPERTY" does this retard not understand? I came in and immediately called the dog warden, left my name, number, address, and a message as to what happened. I am angry, frustrated, and totally fed up. This situation WILL be resolved, one way or the other. Stupid fucking neighbors!


My apartment is full of stupid people that i pretty much despise...they are all superficial retarded people who think they will actually make a difference in the world but they are to dumb to actually make something of themselves...they cant even mind their own business cause they are too busy talking about themselves and talking about how pretty they look. just a bunch of superficial bitches in one room. they feed on rumors and lies cause they are so blind that they live off drama that they cause cause they are selfish

Neighbors 51

I'm entirely pissed off at every one of my neighbors. They might be good people, well-meaning, but holy fuck, they need to learn that they are living in an area with other people around them.

Every night dozens of cars come in and out of the area, pulling into this place across the street, blaring loud music and slamming car doors. They'll go into the house, and walk right back out. Probably buying some crack.

Our other neighbors, they stomp up and down their porch 'ramp' thing all day, sometimes split wood using an axe and a wedge, making lots of noise, and all the places around here have dozens of cars parked in front of their homes at all hours.

3-4 of these neighbors own dogs. Now I love animals, and I own animals myself, but it baffles me that these people do not hear their dogs barking. There's a dog behind me that barks all day, sometimes late into the night, sometimes early in the morning, for no reason. Just barks. This dog is outside all the time, no matter how cold or hot it is, no matter if it's storming or snowing. The other neighbors have a yippy little poodle thing that runs around with no leash or restraint, and follows you, barking. Every one of the dogs in this neighborhood are annoying because their owners don't know how to properly take care of an animal.

Our other neighbors play loud music all day, too.



Alright, so i just moved into this apartment the tuesday before last. AND THE PEOPLE ABOVE ME ARE SO FUCKING LOUD. Not in the way that they play music either. I can hear them every fucking time they walk! like what the fuck! lose some weight. Sometimes I crank my music in the middle of the night when they're walking (more like stomping) (on that note, the middle of the night like 4 am too. all hours. nighttime munch? fuckers. ) I FEEL LIKE CALLING IN A NOISE COMPLAINT OR PUTTING A BOX OF SLIMQUICK OUTSIDE THEIR DOORS...

Neighbor 53

While there are so many rants about noisy neighbors, has anyone considered that maybe you are just too damn sensitive? I live next to a guy, where at the slightest noise such as a dropped pan or laugh will get him to knock loudly on the wall or come to my door. I'm a very considerate and relatively quiet person! The day that I was moving in he was making a loud fuss saying "Do you know the walls are thin?". I'm MOVING you stupid idiot of course I'll make some noise! Do you want me to wear mittens and tip toe all day just so I can cater to your high maintenance ears? I'm pissed because he's making more noise than me telling me to be quiet!

Loud Music 54

Turn that shit down! I don't want to hear that circus sounding bass music rattling my windows from three doors down at night when I am trying to sleep. Get a job where YOU have to get up early and see if you would like me to blow an air horn outside your window for a couple of hours a night!

Neighbors 55

My neighbors behind me constantly play loud music. It's rock n' roll twenty-four-seven at their house, and everyone can hear it. You can practically feel the bass of their music when they play it.

And then, the guy who lives beside me takes it upon himself to go outside and split wood with a sledgehammer and wedge, always making a shit load of noise. He wants to be like Paul Bunyan or something, I guess. Besides, it's the middle of June. Why the hell does he need firewood so urgently? Is he building a fucking raft?

And then, the neighborhood dogs. These bastards never shut up, and they bark all the time with no provocation. There's no cars, nobody walking by, nothing unusual happening, and these dogs just constantly bark. Their owners must be fucking deaf to not hear this shit. And also, our other neighbor lets his dog run around without a leash on, which results in this dog yipping at you while chasing after you, nipping at your ankles, and shitting on your fucking sidewalk.

And the neighborhood kids at the park nearby let it all hang out! They yell, scream, pop balloons, whistle, argue, fight, whoopin' and hollerin' all the goddamn time! They bounce balls, they ride bikes and leave scratches in people's vehicles when they're not fucking paying attention to where they're going!

These fuckheads clearly have no respect for other people.

Neighbours 56

Dammit, here I go again, thought I was done ranting, but then...we moved. Two months ago my husband and I moved into a duplex, and thought everything seemed great; more room, cheaper rent, good landlord.

The issue is these ignorant neighbours who live two houses over, our yards are lined up so that even though there is another one between us, it's like one open space to their yard. I have no idea what these idiots have against us, but i'm at the boiling point with them. They are a late 50's couple(possibly 60's, it's hard to tell, as they are both weather-beaten assholes who sit out in the sun smoking and drinking for entire days.) Anyway, when we open the back door to walk one of our dogs down the back steps and into the yard, you better believe the pair of swivel-necked fucks are getting a good look, without fail. What is so damn interesting about a person taking their dog out? It's twice as bad when they have company sitting out at their patio table with them, as then you're REALLY made to feel on display, some of them will even arch back or forward in their shitty lawnchairs just to get a better look. We can feel their eyes on us the whole time, anytime I risk a glance at their property, 8 times out of 10 they're looking. It's blatantly obvious they are talking about us to their company, about what, I have no earthly clue. The tenants who lived here before us were total bums; never cut the grass, paid rent, or cleaned the property in any way. Since moving in, we've been taking care of the yard, keep a clean outdoor area and have tried waving at them (at first.) They have NO reason to be so rude! The last time my husband waved at the miserable old fuck, he just turned away with a scowl, and continued talking to his haggish, throat-cancer-sounding, hacking wife. The pair of fuckers sit out there first thing after work, and DO NOT GO IN antil the wee hours, every. fucking. day. Weekends are twice as bad, with no pesky job to restrain them, they literally never go into the house, I have no idea where they piss while drinking so much out there. Even in the miserable, blistering heat, there they are, parked in their chairs, smoking and boozing. I don't know if they look down on us as "renters" or what, but it's getting worse all the time.

I feel like I am intruding on their 24/7 drinking binges whenever my door opens, and how about the time my dog had the nerve to utter a short bark at them once or twice, just because she was I'm taking her back up my stairs, I hear his stupid bitch wife making a loud "WOOF, WOOF!" sound at me. Idiot!! we have heard them snicker and gesture at us to their company, for no reason i can see. I hate them!!!

The landlord is supposed to be putting a fence up before summer is over, that will shield us somewhat I's becoming intolerable, people like this need to mind their own damn business. I mean, shit, sorry to interfere with your lifestyle, of camping out in your yard for the whole season, I didn't realize the very presence of neighbours was putting such a fucking cramp in your style. I keep waiting for the day one of the unhealthy, no-doubt cancer-ridden tools just keel over with a heart attack, but I bet they'll just go on living til they're in their 90's, smoking 4 packs a day and guzzling their cheap booze. I can't wait for winter, but don't want to get my hopes up; if blistering heatwaves don't drive them in during summer, what's a few Canadian snowstorms? They'll probably just put on snowsuits with a hole cut in the face so they can jam a cigarette and a bottle in their mouths...and of course another hole with which to stare at us.


Next Door Backyard Wrestlers 57

This used to be a nice neighborhood we had some nice neighbors who we considered close friends then we were saddened whrn they moved but the new neighbors come some parents and 2 boys, ok then the family goes out and buys a trampoline a big trampoline in the backyard I guess for the kids.

Then One Day the Boys put ropes around the trampoline and made it look like a wrestling ring then all their friends come or should I say "THE WHOLE FUCKING SCHOOL" and EVERY weekend all of the kids go over and wrestle eachother complete with objects on the ground with all of them beating eachother with chairs, trashcans, Hubcaps, milk jugs, etc I mean really do they have nothing better to do. Their shoes are lying all over the back porch and these kids don't bother to put their shoes back on when they wrestle outside their makeshift ring I would hate to be the parents off these kids spending every week washing their socks or all their clothes for that matter from all the sweat and dirt I would just make them do their own laundry.

It gets worse They have A VERY LOUD stereo system with big ass speakers and Rock Music that could be heard for almost a mile down the road for at least 6 city blocks yeah you can even hear the shitheads music in the market a few blocks away even all the people in the store are irritated you can hear Dangerous Danny's theme song while your in the frozen food section then one day wile I was shopping with my family Husband and two boys and a girl; here comes 2 of the wrestlers wrestling IN THE FUCKING STORE I was angry but some people in the store were cheering like it was free entertainment and these boys were all dirty wearing no shirts, shorts, and Very Dirty Socks, hello No Shoes, No Shirts, No Service The Manager called the police while the hellspawns continued to wrestle in the store and hit eachother with store merchandise the match ended whhen the sirens were heard and both kids left the store.

Every Summer and weekend these kids are out all day and night wrestling not to mention they bring girls and have wet t-shirt contest they wrestled one time IN MY SWIMMING POOL while me and my friends and family were having a gettogether why because they don't have a pool worst of all these bitches took their bras off infron of my two boys and some of my friends were cheering it on and dragged my daughter in the pool. Then one time one of the kids jumped off THEIR ROOF and put his opponet through a bunch of tables are you all trying to commit suicide or soething that is dangerous and stupid, oh but the final straws came when my Husband came home from work it was 10;30 at night he was hungry and tired as was myself and the kids then when he tried to park his car the whole street was filled with cars from the neighbors friends who were having a pretend pay per view event so when he pulled in one of the shitheads took his opponet and slammed his head on my husbands car window and broke it then he the opponet slamed the other kid head against the car and dented it my husband was IRATE annd I was to we told them all to get off our property and stay off or we'll call the police. then that night while we were all trying to get some sleep the body slams, cheers, loud music and to top it all off FIREWORKS Fucking FIREWOORKS it's not the 4th of July, after that we heard Sirens and the show was over THANK GOD the next day me, my husband, the neighbors all complained tothe city about these hooligans and their destruction I hope all the parents including the parents of the kids who live next door are all evicted enough is enough get rid of them and dump them all in some other neighborhood cause we've all had enough here.

Noisy neighbor 58

My god damn motherfucking neighbor has been drilling and hammering and making a shitload of irritating noise for 4 months straight now! When is the piece of shit scumfuck bastard ever going to be satisfied with his apartment? HOW MANY HOLES DOES HE NEED IN HIS WALLS? I swear to god I'm about to snap, every time I hear that superannoying drilling noise I get a little more angry!!! And its been building up cumulatively for 4 months now. GRRR!!

The worst part is I've only lived here for 4 months! What if he NEVER stops? What if he is some kind of sick, depraved refurnishing fetishist?

If this does not stop soon I'm gonna go up there, drill him a new asshole and hammer his face in!

*Note from Anger Central
Now now, no violence. This is what Anger Central is for. A place to vent the spleen and not go looking for a high powered rifle.

Neighbors 59

This batshit crazy hag that lives in our building is getting on my last nerve. Apparently the only thing that she can hear are the voices in her fucking head, because she constantly sounds like she is either bowling or moving furniture in the middle of the night. This nutbar goes off her meds, and you hear her bawling or screaming bloody murder. I don't know how many times we called the cops because of this, and they apparently can't do shit. Once she mixed her pills with alcohol and fell down the stairs and almost broke her neck. One of the other neighbors got so sick and tired of her shit, she just moved out, and she had to have been living here for close to 20 years! And her grown kids, who are just as nutty as she is, come to visit all the time. None of these fuckers know how to communicate in any other way but to shout at each other at the top of their fucking lungs. The son recently decided that he was going to start serenading his mom-right outside my window!! One day he even had a harmonica. One of these days he is going to piss off the wrong person and he is going to get the damn thing shoved right up his ass.

Maybe if we get lucky, she will take another header down the stairs. It's worth a week of peace and quiet.

Neighbors in 11P 60

Why don't they go back to where they came from? The pathetic shithole worthy of their presence to come here and degrade the class of tenants at L.P.? They're spooky and I'm afraid of them because they act like being a family is such a wonderful thing but they're full of shit because they spend most of their time asking me questions throught the fucking floor. I don't even understand them but I know they're trying to communicate with me. "Talk to you're fucking family!!!! You know, the people in YOUR apartment?" They're so goddamned retarded they come down into the exit to see if I'm talking about them which is the ONLY way they can hear ANYTHING going on, on the floor below them. I don't hear shit on the floor below me but then these shit-for-brains here anything and their back to talking to me. I don't like you son-of-bitches. I have nothing to say to you. Don't address me. I don't run water when you run it. I make sure to cover ALL bases because I want nothing I do to set your paranoid psychotic asses off. You already take too much time away from your daily lives to obsess over what I think about my deceased father. In fact, the fact that you even know he died creeps me out, sets off red flags all over the place and let's me know you're psycho and have your nose where it shouldn't be. Maybe the parents must be pissed because they have to send their kids into the bathroom to fuck. Or maybe they're just arrogant psychotics. either fucking way, pretend I'M DEAD like my father and stop talking to me because it'll be like you're talking to a ghost.

Crazy Neighbor 61

I am fed up with my crazy neighbor and her equally fucked-up kids disturbing the peace for everyone else in the building. It wasn't bad enough that she drove a long-term tenant to move out after years and years. Now she has taken to harassing everyone else in the building about the laundry detergent that we use. She is constantly trying to play the sick card, i.e she's bipolar and has asthma, COPD, emphysema, and whatever else, yet she smokes like a goddamn chimney and that's OK, because "it's natural". What a fucking idiot.

And the kids? These are not toddlers, they aren't school-aged children that might not know any better. These are "kids" in their late 30s or early 40s. The son comes over, and one of two things happens. Either he and the mom get into a drunken shouting match, or they start singing. Last week she was screaming at him for a good 20 minutes or more about how he's a fucking drunken bum who spent all her money at the casino. This week, he was singing, or more accurately, screaming, rock songs so loud that the whole block could hear it. Every time we tell them to knock it off, it stops, then 5 minutes later they forget and start up all over again. The daughter, who has the same nails-on-a-chalkboard voice as the mother, stands outside making this loud whistling noise, yelling and pounding on the door until her mother opens it. These people are true pieces or work, all of them. It's not even a bad neighborhood, but these people could take a gated community and make it seem like a trailer park or the ghetto.

Look, I get that there are people out there whose elevator doesn't go to the top floor, and that can't work, and they need somewhere to live, too. But that doesn't give them the right to disrupt everyone else. On top of that, we are all paying full rent, and we're subsidizing this shit through our taxes. Complete and utter bullshit.

My maintenence Man's Wife thinks I'm after her man 62

First off I live in a subdevision and we have one maitenance man for our culdesac. Well everyone in the neighborhood has been saying (according to the Maitenance man) that he and I are fucking. WE ARE NOT! he is and ex-convict who commited a felony and our good ol landlord asumed we needed an ex-con coming into our homes and fixing things. Well somebody gave his wife the idea that I am fucking him and that I am trying to take him from her. NEWS FLASH I DON'T WANT YOUR MAN! especially one that has been locked away in some prison for years and is probably an undercover BOOTY BANDIT. Ok so that being said. My fiance and I were in bed and watching a movie.This shit all started when my finace's messy ass male cousin called us and told us and told us what went down about the maintennace man and his dad geting into an altercation. So my fiance being the peace keeper he is wanted to go outside and talk some since into his drunk ass uncle. This maitenence man and my fiance are cool with each other (rewind to fishing trip) so we invited him & his wife a few months ago to go fishing with us one day(big mistake, had i known I was going to unknowingly be rumored to be fucking him, I would have nipped that shit in the bud right then) well why the men where out on the boat fishing. his wife and I talked about life, love and our men. I never once gave this hefer the idea that I was secretly pining for her convict booty bandit husband.I thought the wife and I were cool. Fast forward to the altercation Well last night Mr. booty bandit got into an altercation with my fiance uncle over some money that my finace's uncle borrowed from him and he did not pay it back. Well my fiance's uncle called the cops. Well me trying to be a good person that I am called the maitenence man in a 1 minute phone converstaion (i checked my phone log) and warned him the cops were coming to his house. Now see I thought since we were all cool that me calling for this reason would be ok. Well he says ok thanks and hangs up the phone and not even 5 minutes after the cops left his house he calls me back and asked to speak to my finace. Well he tells my finace that the next time we need something or want to tell him something THAT I DON'T NEED TO CALL him but my fiance needs to call him and let him know. He claimed because since these rumors were going around he didn't want any mess to start by me calling him.I think this man fantasizes about fucking me or some shite like that and he made these rumors up about me and him fucking to cover his true feelings, otherwise why would it be a problem for me to call him CONSIDERING HE IS THE MAITENENCE MAN. My fiance was here and didn't see a problem with me calling to warn him and i never call him anyway. I just figured since Mr. booty bandit was an ex-con he didnt need no trouble with the cops. Well I'm done I will never as long as live here call him to fix shit in my house ever again. Im so ready to fucking move. this is redicoulous. Why in the fuck his fat ass, nasty wife would think that I wanted his country ass is beyond me. I have worked in corrections I know what goes on beind them prison walls. Most of those men come out with HIV, AIDS, Hepatitus because they been in there playing in some other mans ass or getting their ass played in. Now do she really think Im fixing to let him run up in me and give me some shit I can't get rid of.BE FOR REAL! She need to get her ass checked she might have some shit.

Horrible Neighbours 63

There is this man called Tom who is a neighbour, and he is so fucking twisted. First of all he was an alcoholic so that explains the lack of braincells, secondly he used to have a family. 'USED TO!' lol, and I can see why. So your finding this vague and you want to hear the gory details of why I hate Tom. Ok get this, the fucker comes into my house every day, expecting me to talk to him, which I do to be polite, but he is really stupid, he speaks like he is retarded muttering, yelping, making funny faces, and he is 65 years old. WHAT THE FUCK! I am a normal adult and expect that me and my husband get treated like normal people by him, half the time he comes in, I think he is drunk, WHAT THE FUCK? what am I supposed to do with that, he is a neighbour with many other close relatives and 'friends' (others who he visits) and they all expect me to deal with him, 'me', me and my husband moved he three weeks ago and he wants ME to drive his mother to the doctors every week, he wants ME to look after his cat and he wants ME drive him to get new glasses. WHAT THE FUCK I AM NOT HIS FUCKING DAUGHTER! HE IS SUCHA FUCKING OLD BALD RETARDED DICKHEAD! HE CAN'T BE GOOD FOR THE TWO KIDS!

Worthless Neighbors 64

It angers me to live in an apartment where everyone in it shares the same washer and dryer and 2 lazy ass bums hog the damn laundry room up when there are others who need to do laundry. Friday is always supposed to be our day to do laundry so we can have it done and we're off from work and school on the weekends hell I remember these lazy asses keeping us from doing our laundry for a whole day and we had to wait a week to do it. These idiots don't even watch over their laundry when there are other people who need to use the washer and dryer, when some of us do. Worst of all these morons hogged the damn laundry room up that we had to do our laundry on a Saturday, wasted time, and missed a chance to get a pizza in some part of town because it started to rain really hard FUCKING DIPSHIT NEIGHBORS what I wouldn't do to see these lowlives a Bald headed fatass and his whore wife leave seriously go get a house noone else wants you here also go get a job because your stupid car is always outside on the lot every day of the week. Fuck this shit i'll be glad to move but I hope these worthless lowlives leave first so we could do laundry the way we need to in order to enjoy a weekend before we move.

What is up with the sense of entitlement? 65

There's this HUGE woman that moved in across the hall from us. So fat she has one of those electric scooters, and she has this sense of entitlement.

She uses an extension cord to power up this scooter...but not in an outlet in HER apartment--no, the one in the hall (the landlord pays for electricity in the basement and hallway). She has this crap on the porch (huge flower vases) which makes it a bit harder to lug in groceries. She refused to let some workers in her apartment to do some work, and the landlord at first thought that WE were the ones that wouldn't let the workers in (situation resolved, but still!). Now she wants a ramp on the porch so she can lug it up those two steps, something to do with ADA! And she has some relative or someone come over to do her laundry, and the relative can't be bothered to clean the lint from the dryer!

Excuse me--but if you're having issues getting up those two steps, maybe you should have thought of that BEFORE moving in! Stop laying all your crap around the yard--limit your tacky decorating to YOUR apartment--and stop thinking the world owes you something! Stop using the landlord's electricity and whatnot--who knows if OUR rent might go up, especially with this ramp that I think will be added!

 Neighbors 66

My God, where do I even begin? My neighbors, while seemingly normal/average folks with 2.5 kids, dogs and a nice yard, the mother is an absolute piece of work.

From day one, many years ago, she has been nothing but a completely narcissistic, drama queen bitch. She cannot stand the fact that we didn't like her kids playing on our property, or her dogs running all over the neighborhood and shitting everywhere, chasing people and pets and damaging property.

While her kids have had the good sense to just leave us alone, and someone else has apparently scared her into keeping her dogs behind closed doors (wish I could take credit for that, but someone beat me to it, it seems) she apparently has some deep seated issue with us that she just can't let go of. Yes, it's been over half a decade now, but she just can't help herself, it seems, and won't give up trying to get a rise out of us.

She loves to shout at us, trying to play passive aggressive and goad us into some kind of confrontation with her. She does this in front of family and friends, even her kids, all of whom are utterly and completely embarrassed by her behavior (you can tell by the look on their faces).

My wife and I completely ignore her, as if she doesn't exist. To us she means nothing, but it's incredibly amusing that she allows the mere sight of us to completely control her emotions and her physical actions. It puts a smile on my face to see that we apparently have that much power over her, even after all these years.

She truly has no clue what a complete idiot she looks like, not just to us but to her own family and anyone else that witnesses her outbursts. I just can't imagine how embarrassed her family must be with her behavior, having to put up with her shit and be associated with her when she acts like such a petulant child. You can tell they don't want anything to do with it because they never take her side, never support her behavior and don't ever participate in this juvenile nonsense.

Her husband, especially, has never said two words to us. He's never even around when she mouths off like she does, probably out of shame for his wife's childish behavior. I wonder how tired he and the kids must be of her after all these years. I almost feel sorry for them having to live with such a completely self-absorbed, arrogant she-cow. God only knows what she's like as a mother or a wife, I shudder to even try and imagine it.

And yes, before you ask, she has alienated pretty much all the other neighbors around her as well. The people on both sides of her and both houses across from her all avoid her, the people that used to talk with her and whose kids used to hang with hers have stopped too. There's even people far down the street that can't stand her, I have since learned. What a shocker, right?

Hell, I've seen her in the front yard having shouting, gesticulating, arm-flailing/pointing matches with other people too, apparently the kind that she wishes so badly she could have with me. I've even seen her in the front yard on a cell phone, screaming at someone for the whole neighborhood to hear. Can you say "classless"?

I'm sure it burns her up that I never take the bait when she fucks with us, but she's of such low intelligence that she just keeps trying, completely unaware of how much we enjoy watching her make a fool of herself. I honestly wonder if the whole thing is causing problems in her marriage or with her kids. I would bet money that it was after so many years, especially since none of them go along with it. How pathetic is it that she makes a fool of herself before her own family and harms her own marriage just to keep antagonizing people that she doesn't even know?

At the end of the day, she's just some fat, belligerent cow, working long hours and apparently living on the edge of her means. I suspect that at the heart of the matter, she's just jealous that we're much younger, better looking, wealthier and enjoying our lives immensely, while she's just a fat, ugly, poor and pathetic loser, well past her prime (physically, mentally, career wise, etc.) and on the down slide. The fact that we have no interest in her life, her family or especially herself, no doubt grates on her like nails on a chalkboard. It's really sad that some people are that arrogant and self-absorbed that they let other people control their behavior, but it does provide a great source of on-going entertainment.

Dog Neighbors 67

Dog neighbors are takin' over with their quivering yap-dogs and 3:00 A.M. barkers who lustily defend their houses from the moths. The trembling unfixed puppy mill progeny (not rescue dogs) cluster at the large front window and shrilly, angrily yip at everyone going by. Larger ones bellow uncontrollably and lunge at fences. Primate neighbors who bought the $1000 ignoble, neurotic shaking pom-pom balls with weeping eyes are away at office jobs all day (and bring home yellowed white collars which need Wisk!).

Increasingly, the knuckle-dragging primates are bringing their yappers onto planes, and the trembling stinkies are allowed to bark continually. Your next flight could be a kennel-in-the-air.

The dogs around here love to squall, scream, and aggressively bellow at birds and squirrels night and day--and their primate owners love them to stink. (This is at odds with primates' appreciation and attachment to their hoses.) The fly population is fruitful and multiplying, teeming upon the earth.

One primate has installed a metal silhouette of a yap-sized round-backed pooping dog in the middle of her front lawn--presumably to celebrate The Dog's most representative, defining, and typical act.

Asshole Neighbor 68

I hate my neighbor so much. The ones before were noisy as well but this one is an absolute nightmare. Supposedly there are 3 people living in a cramped tiny apartment but I think the other two hardly live there. He does everything possible to be noticed by people in the building as if to say, "Hello everyone-remember me? I am the biggest fucking asshole in the world!". He loves to drag a chair across the wooden floor nonstop to make that nails on a chalkboard noise. Also, the music is so loud that I feel as if my stereo is on and I am somehow listening to every word of his shit selection of songs. My wall shakes and when I used to pound on the wall to alert him (which I hardly ever do to anyone but this guy makes me insane) he would try to break the wall back to scare me. I called the cops saying he was harrassing me and the fucking sociopath tried to act all charming and lied saying his music is never loud. The stupid cop bought his fake act. Also, guess what? The asshole loves karaoke and has the worst monotone and loudest carrying voice ever. The other night he woke up a kid across the hall who was terrified and screaming because the music blasted on out of nowhere and he was in there shouting over the damn music. This isn't a club. If you have to shout over your own stereo then it is too damn loud. I complained numerous times to the landlord but to no avail. The guy loves to annoy people. He also pretends like he is shuffling stuff around and "accidentally" bangs loudly on my wall at all hours. Even in the middle of the night. How is that possible between his ridiculous snoring heard miles away. I have a noise machine just to get some piece of mind. To complete the list he has a loud, fake sounding high pitched voice when he talks to people in his apartment, or on the phone, or to himself. The guy really wants to be heard and it is so damn pathetic. I wouldn't mind if he accidentally had an accident one day or fell down the stairs or something. Oh yeah, he told the cop that we didn't have a neighborly relationship. What? You are a psycho if you imagine that that was ever an option from day one of your purposely slamming your door and everything imaginable in your apartment. Another weird thing is that he has an obsession with the garbage chute and puts garbage down there about 3x per day just as an excuse to slam his door each time. I will always appreciate every neighbor I have after him.

Faggot Neighbors 69

Gay people are so annoying. Especially if they're your neighbors. When it comes to laundry everybody has to have a turn but these 2 fucking fahhots hog the damn laundry room up all weekend and obviously don't give a shit if the other neighbors wants or needs to do their laundry especially when it comes to neighbors who WORK all week. really why don't you fucking faggots do your laundry during the week while your laying around sucking eachothers balls. Seriously thee 2 idiots have been leaving their stuff in the laundry and they don't bother to take it out now that is bullshit especially when THERE ARE OTHER NEIGHBORS WAITING THEIR TURN TO DO LAUNDRY. I mean seriously and these idiots have also been taking their time doing load after load from 2 in the afternoon to midnight when people are sleeping. I have had it with these two faggots and how they keep others from doing laundry I want these 2 worthless dicksuckers evicted so that way we can all have a fair turn at doing laundry because if you're going to hog up laundry and keep other neighbors from doing there's then you need to fucking move or get evicted you selfish gay ass dicksucking fucking faggots.

Family Reunions 70

Okay, so I'm trying to study, exams are coming up, so I'm pretty irritable and stressed as it is. So maybe I'm being a little uptight in my rant but hey - it's not like people are really going to judge me - they don't know who I am on here. Plus everyones angry so I fit right in.

So I'm in my room, doing my thing, and all of a sudden, my street suddenly becomes Reunion Central! The neighbours across the street decided to invite every single family member for a casual greeting on the street - all of them shouting and arguing and being noisy at each other. It would be okay but it went on for at least and hour - window closed. I was pissed at them - it's like 'you have a home don't you? Use it please, and leave the rest of the bloody world in peace!' But nooooo I have to listen to one great uncle twice removed or something stupid like that shout about how he's great a ladies man he is and how many women he got to cheat on their husbands - sick, arrogant, snaking little fuck. Either that or some old bat ranting on about why her grandchildren arent married yet or about her 'flatulancy' issues. Brilliant. It got so bad I actually started writing out insults on the paper I was writing unconsciously - in pen. God now Im pissed because I have no Tippex and I'm reluctant to scribble it out because it looks messy and the insult go on for at least 2 lines. *Sigh*

So yeah I'm angry at myself for listening to that drivel - there again I was forced to because it was so damn LOUD. I swear my IQ dropped listening to pure obnoxiousness. Anyway, rant over now, I feel a lot better - mainly because they have broke up the reunion. I'm grateful Anger Central exists because I would have taken my 'displeasure' out on someone else if I couldnt rant so yeah, cheers!

The Same Faggot Neighbors 71

We told the landlord about the 2 idiots leaving their stuff in the washer and not comming back to take it out and he made the rule that nobody should leave their stuff in the washer for long periods of time obviously these 2 gay ass faggots didn't listen and are STILL leaving their laundry unattended in the washer I mean seriouly how stupid are you and not only that but on the days we get ready to do our laundry these 2 retards go in their start the washer and then leave the damn building now we ARE REALLY starting to get fed up with these 2 queers they may try to act nnice and all but the truth is there nothing but rude selfish self centered homosexual retards who obviously who think of no one but themselves. Seriously we and everyone else in this apartment is getting tired of waiting to do laundry because 2 deadbeats want to throw their stuff in the washer and then leave it well guess what idiots there are neighbors waiting on you when you're living in a apartment with a shared washer and dryer. There are neighbors here who work and have other things to do if you wanted to do laundry so God Damn Bad why didn't you wait until tommarow because I do mine today the day I get done with work for a week something i've never seen you 2 queers do at all since we've known you living here. Worst of all the damn washer and dryer is having problems when we work on it and you know who's fault that is that's your fault leaving your goddamn stuff in the washer for hours and worst of all they half to rewash their fucking shit after leaving their junk in the washer f the washer because of mildew and bacteria> Seriously how fucking stupid do you half to be not to take your stuff out of the washer when it's done and put it in the dryer like normal people how far do you have your dicks up your own dumbasses to understand that concept. Worst of all the landlord came to pick up rent and they stopped their bullshit but after rent was payed they just kept on doing the same bullshit, you're really playing with fire now you dumbasses. Seriously I hope you gay ass faggots leave this apartment for good because I am sick and tired of waiting my turn to do laundry seriously you're growass adults who leave their shit in the washer and prevent your neighbors from doing theirsseriously grow the fuck up and I hope to God Almighty your gay asses get evicted real soon and you die and burn in hell for being worthless deadbeat gay ass mother fucking cock sucking faggots.

Whiny Neighbors Called The Cops 72

I was doing a little shooting in my back yard (I built a small personal range) and some whiney neighbor called the cops. I shoot during the day when the kids are in school and most people are working so no one is disturbed by my hour of fun. The deputy showed up, took one look and says " I see nothing wrong here, keep shooting". What drives me crazy is someone actually complaining. I hope the deputy went back to them and told them stop wasting everyone time.

*Note from Anger Central
Smart cop. He had to look into this of course, and he probably just made sure you had everything set up for a safe and fun environment. We doubt he went back other to the complainers. More than likely they were called and informed that you were on your own property and engaging in a lawful past time and had taken all safety measures required.

To the CRUEL, EVIL BITCH two doors down. 73

But first: a pleasant note/answer to our webmaster & the Mrs.

"Greetings all. This has been a very quiet week. The number of postings is down as mentioned last week, but this may also be the time of year."

Greetings dear, beloved webmaster. Hope all is well on the home front. You and the Mrs. have our most sincere wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year - both filled with love and good health. Anyway - here's a rant for you since the count seems to be down. Even though it's the holiday season - which is supposed to be filled will love and good will toward all men (and women), some people just don't seem to get it. Please don't take my rant the wrong way - I have absolutely nothing against gays or lesbians (in fact, we have quite a few friends who swing that way), I DO however have a problem with a woman who has been pursuing me for the past three years and will not let up. We all, in fact - have a major problem with her since she's began playing head games with us. Our phone carriers will do nothing about it - that, and insofar as the stalking goes - I am about to get the police involved. At any rate - I refuse to allow this woman to ruin our holidays. And again - our most sincere wishes go out to you and the Mrs. for the best holiday season yet!

With love from all,
Stalked, harassed ... and thoroughly sick of it.

P.S. As always, I'm following the guidelines: No names - I haven't even mentioned the city, country, county or state this is taking place in. And of course, no multiple postings in one sitting. Cheers! On to the rant:

To answer your question ... yes Ms. Queen Bee, I *know* you are the one messing with my land line for the past three months. And now - I have NO earthly idea how in the nine hells you did it - but now you're FUCKING WITH MY CELL PHONE ACCOUNT?!! We (meaning my husband and I) changed ALL THREE of our phone numbers BECAUSE of YOU. So, exactly how do I know it's you? Two reasons actually - one, namely because I HAVE no other enemies, and if you remember correctly - YOU started this by giving me something then, changed your mind and took it back. That put you on my permanent shit list - and you knew it ... yet, you still wanted to be "friends". The other way I found out that you are responsible for tampering with our phone lines is this: when I tried to call my best friend one day on her land line - someone else answered. I thought she changed her number because I called a few times.

However, when I went straight to her house and called her own number and handed her the phone ... the same girl answered - and when my best friend asked if the girl would mind telling her what the phone number was that we called ... lo and behold, THAT phone number just *happened* to be my OLD cell phone number - and at that point, you didn't even KNOW that we had changed our numbers. There IS no one else I personally know of who would be that stupid OR vindictive toward any of us.

All of this because you want to get into my knickers and you know damned well that you never will? Read it again bitch ... YOU WILL ***NEVER*** GET ME IN BED. People will be ice skating in hell before that ever happens - which again, means N-E-V-E-R. Even if I WAS a lesbian, it would never happen simply because you are the most cruel, hateful, coldhearted person I have ever had the misfortune of encountering in my entire life - and that is a pretty damned long time. As opposed to beating around the bush (NO PUN INTENDED) and dropping billions of hints - why don't you just tell me what you want so that I can have the chance to tell you TO YOUR FACE that it will never happen.

Here's an idea ... why don't you sign up with one of those "singles groups". Maybe you'll find your perfect match and hopefully forget about me.

It's not just the bullshit with the phone - every single blasted time my best friend comes over to visit me, why is it that you HAVE to know precisely what's going on. You see her pull up in the driveway, you watch her every move, right down to sneaking over here and watch her walking into the front door. Every single time we walk out the house, you HAVE to follow us to see where we're going and what we're up to. WHY do you have to start shit with people that you damned well know want *NOTHING* to do with you?! WHY can't you just leave it be? If somebody wanted me out of their life, that would be it ... I wouldn't bother that person - I wouldn't contact them in any way, shape or form - NOR would I do anything and everything within my power to make their life a living hell. The relationship would be over - period. *Eye roll* - and you wonder why your own son won't even speak to you anymore. What exactly have you done to him that has him so traumatized??? Are you so damned stupid that you can't figure out why ALL of your "friends" have abandoned you??? It seems to me that you make a hobby of being generous to a fault with - well, mainly women, then - treat them like shit, then - use them as much as you possibly can, then - dump them and trash them behind their backs. I have to wonder what you've said about me, my husband and my best friend. How have you trashed us behind our backs after using us ... after getting us to fix things around your house for you?

One final question and one final statement. How in the NINE HELLS did you get my cell phone number?

And the final statement - FUCK WITH ME OR MINE AGAIN AND I WILL BE CALLING THE COPS. What you are doing is called stalking and harassment, and whether you like it or not ... that my "friend" is against the law - and I will not hesitate to make full use of those laws in order to get you off my ass and the ones I can and do *truly* call friend. I sincerely hope you enjoy the rest of your natural life looking through steel bars - because, through no fault of my own - just because you want me ... this is where it's headed - NOT your bedroom. I'm a STRAIGHT, HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN - and I hope that one day, you can get used to and accept that fact - because that is NOT going to change anytime soon, in fact - it will NOT change. One final warning ... LEAVE ME AND MINE ALONE. We've ALL HAD it with you and your crazy psycho shit.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster and his better 9/10's thank you.

Idiot Neighbors 74

It pisses me off when a bunch of trash, good for nothing druggies move next door to you and make life miserable for you. One of them recently got kicked out after the landlord caught them with pot and him and his dumb bitch ex broke up, plus I suspect that he's a theif that would've tried to rob my apartment whenever I leave and all this deadbeat did was sit on his ass smoking his pot and blasting his fucking crap music all goddamn day; until the landlord told him to turn it off. Then after the sleezy good for nothing lowlife pieve of shit got kicked out, the cunt got with another sleezy slimeball. They play their music loud at night, up until 2 A.M. running all over there apartment making so much goddamn noise, always smoking their cigarettes and turning the damn parking lot into their ashtray.

If that isn't bad enough these idiots are doing their laundry late at night especially after the landlord made the rule that the laundry room is shutoff after 10;00 P.M. and worst off all these bums are in there every night, and when we go to do their laundry these fucking retards forgot to take their shit out of the dryer, then I ask the landlord permission to move them and he says yes. Also one day these idiots left 5 bags of trash in the hallway of the apartment filled with dirty diapers, and they just left them there, and since these deadbeat bums weren't taking their lazy asses to the dumpster to throw them out, I took them myself, and if I didn't any sooner insects and mise would've infested the apartment. This stupid bitch is constatly bringing people over here all hours of the day and they all have no business over here, one they stay at night, and they DO NOT live here nor asked the landlord for permission to stay, so obviously that means this dumb bitch is squatting people in here and letting them stay without paying the rent or even under the landlord's knowledge. Worst of all one of these white trash deadbeats threw rocks at the balcony door; now first of all if you want something and if you can get in the the apartment than have enough goddamn sense to knock on our door or ring our doorbell, not throw rocks at the landlord's property, do you know that if you cause any property damage the landlord could sue you, Plus that could very well kick that stupid bitch next door out of here. We've told the landlord about all of these problems and he's getting tired of the complaints and he's this close to throwing her and the rest of these trailer trash lowlifes out of this apartment; and I can't wit for that to happen so we won't half to put up with these dirty ass good for nothing druggies anymore. Also I feel sorry for their kids that they have such sorry excuses for human beings as parents. I have a feeling when these kids grow up they'll end up getting F's in school, end up hanging with bad crowds, smoke pot, deal drugs, get into fights, steal from people, and end up in jail when they grow up; all I can say is I hope it's not too late to take these kids away from their retarded parents, and the rest of these white trash lowlifes.

My stupid neighbor 75

My neighbor is so annoying I can't believe I have to live so close to her. I moved across the atlantic ocean to get away from this shit and now it is right there, one floor above me? So, I invited her and her boyfriend to this asian food tasting the other day, and I don't know why she annoyed me so much. She is just so full of herself. It is like "I went to an ivy league college" and "I work for a private equity firm" and "my boyfriend is a biochemist" and "i go out every night because i have so many friends" but "i don't even want to stay in this city because i don't have enough friends" and "i am going to 16 weddings this summer because everyone just NEEDS me there" blah blah blah..... what is up with this girl?

And then she was talking about me... "I can't believe you lived in the same apartment for SIX YEARS" like, what are you trying to say, so what?? Trying to make me feel bad for having a WHOLE APARTMENT while you just rent a room from some dumb couple? I mean, who does she think she is. I invited her out a couple times, thinking she is new in town, but she never once invited me over or out or anything, even though her friends have loads of stuff in common with me. She only writes me to complain about the hot water problem in the building. I don't understand how people can act like this, like freaking social climbers that have to be better than other people all the time. She should just go back to nyc where people love to shove their accomplishments and boyfriends in people's faces but here it is just annoying. Go back to the east coast girl, and stop shoving your so called perfect life in my face!!! I mean, you are nothing special without your stupid attitude.

Neighbor and her dog 76

I was walking down the sidewalk with my dog, when the neighbor had her idiot dog on a leash attached to the yard. The leash was long enough so the dog ran up and attacked both me and my dog. My dog and I walked on. The neighbor's dog somehow breaks off the leash and runs back to us, biting and scratching my dog and I. It won't stop, and the neighbor is nowhere to be seen as usual. Another neighbor came over and took the dog, mostly ignoring me and telling the dog it was a "good boy". Fucking cunts. I went to the police station and they are closed until Monday, so fuck the cops too. I hate my fucking neighbors, one actually yelled at me a few months ago because I was petting their cat, and yelled at me to get off their property, even though I was on the sidewalk. This neighborhood is full of retarded idiots and this shithole needs to be bombed. Nobody takes care of their pets, act abusive, act like they are better than me. Fuck Indiana and everybody in it that acts like a redneck like my neighbors.

Neighbor 77

My neighbor is so annoying and makes me angry. Can't sit down to watch TV without her mowing her yard with the loudest lawn mower in existence. She constantly peeks in my windows. She constantly gets into other neighbor's business, gossiping when they just want to hang out. I wish she would leave me and everybody else alone. I want to go jogging and she constantly tries to get me to stop so she can chit chat.

Pothead Neighbors 78

I am so angry at these lowlife neighbors who act like life is a party and do nothing but smoke pot and blast their radio late at night. These Fucking idiots clearly do nothing with their lives but act like a bunch of slackers all day and at night on school nights they think it's ok to blast music while my kids are trying to sleep. I really want to punch this deadbeat loser in the face but I don't want to go to jail especially after he verbally abused my wife that just isn't right considering I work for a living and these lowlives never do.

The Landlord has often warned them time and time and yet he hasn't done a thing to them; they need to be evicted but yet they're still living next to me. They changed the locks without permission and hide everytime the rent is due meaning they have no money to pay the rent, so why don't the Landlord just evict these lowlives? Our landlord needs to grow a pair of balls and fucking get rid of these losers.

Also I should mention their kid is a trouble maker he's always following my kids around and is throwing water bottles near other people's houses and apartments and don't they know they can be held responsible if any damage is done to their property? Like I said these losers need to go, not just out of this neighborhood, but in jail.

Zombies 79

Brain dead zombies. No, not the ones on tv. Dead beat lazy asses that come over to your house and oogle at all your preps: firearms, ammo, water storage, food storage, battery bank, solar panels, seeds, barter items, etc. These forward thinking idiots can't even buy one 49 cent can of pork and beans to store for hard times. The first words out of their mouths are, " we know where we're coming when the shit hits the fan". WRONG!

Stupid Bitches in Apartment 80

I am so angry at the dumbass lazy bitches that moved in two doors down just recently. These bitches are nothing but a couple of lazy, stupid cunts who i'm sure are too goddamn braindead to work a real job and probably make F's in College. These stupid cunts are too goddamn lazy to take their fucking trash out to the street and their trash has been piling for weeks and these lazy bitches don't seem to care or clearly are too goddamn brainless to drag their trash cans to the side of the road so the Trash Collectors can empty their cans. Flies have been swarming around my apartment and even has gotten in my house getting on my food too, worst of all I saw a damn Rat around their trash pile and I fucking hate Rats. I hope the Landlord evicts these stupid brainless bitches because clearly they are too goddamn stupid to care about their own health, those around them, and their lease either.

14 Going on 40 81

These people that live in Apartment 2 are nothing but a bunch of Drug Addicts who need to be evicted and our dumbass landlord is so fucking lazy and gutless he won't evict these people he expects us to call the Police if they are doing Illegal Shit. You are the fucking Landlord, how about you grow a backbone and write an eviction notice on their door and make them leave, these people have lived here for 7 Years and have been complained about so many times about their behavior and you never once lifted a finger to take action against them. I'm so sick of hearing this fucking drugged up cow blaring her music late at night acting like we should all hear it, we don't some of us work around here unlike you retards. She invites her friends over late at night which any normal landlord would never allow guests over after 10 P.M. those guests should be charged with trespassing. I've even seen them passed out in front of other people's apartments and yet the Landlord is too gutless to do anything about them. These losers are always smoking marijuana and that should be an automatic eviction but since he is such a gutless slumlord we half to deal with these pigs and smell their fucking smoke through our windows. They are even smoking that trash around their kids too, I think Child Protective Services should be called on them and these tenants who live here should be evicted and locked up for smoking marijuana around children. They are 40 Year Old Adults acting like Teenagers, seriously if you are 40 Years Old and you like to party, aggravate your neighbors, blare your fucking sub woofer system late at night keeping those of us who work for a living awake all night, and smoking pot than you need to grow the fuck up and get your goddamn shit together. People that fucking stupid should not be allowed to rent any property what so ever and these low lives should be thrown in Jail and get some fucking help for their self destructive behavior.

Rude Ass Evicted Neighbors 82

So these idiots who lived in Apartment 6 recently got evicted for their failure to pay rent and has had complaints about having an unauthorized guest parking in other people's parking spaces when she is not on the lease which made parking for the tenants who do pay their rent a real pain because this stupid bitch who has no business here thinks it's ok to park her white SUV wherever she wants and the idiots of Apartment 6 let her stay for free which is fucking Bullshit.

Then shortly after these assholes got evicted they took trash out of the dumpster and tossed it onto the ground of the parking lot and I wasn't going to let these lowlives get away with that shit. I told this fat fuck to get out of the car and fight me like a man but he drove off and the Landlord saw what happened and these assholes were told they are banned from the premises and after what they just did let's just say next time they show up we will call the Police.

Neighbors in Apartment 6 83

I am so angry at these idiots in Apartment 6 who have a shit ton of people over every day and taking up every bit of space in the parking lot and parking in other tenant's parking places. I mean it's like rules don't apply to these idiots who think they can park wherever they want including the Landlord's Parking Place. If I was the Landlord I would knock on their door and make everyone leave because no apartment should have a maximum of 6 cars and parking in other tenant's parking places. I mean what in the hell could they be doing to have that many people over during the day? Don't they realize there are Fire Hazards with having so many people over in such a small townhouse? Obviously these idiots don't seem to care at all and most of them look like they just left the Trailer Park.

You have one broad who drives an SUV who parks wherever she wants wearing some trashy looking top and I don't think I have ever seen her wear pants, one thing is for sure she's nothing but ignorant trash. Then there's a White Pickup truck with ATVs in the bed of the Truck luckily they haven't had any thoughts of driving their atvs in the parking lot because if they did, the Police would be called on them. A convertible that looks like it came out of a demolition derby and I don't know if the top is broken but they always leave the top down. Yeah imagine if these idiots leave the keys in their car or if it rains. A Silver Honda Car and I don't know who drives that because the real tenant is some stupid old bat who covers her entire windows and called the Police before because she thought someone broke into her house when she never even left the house to even notice, the Cops should have arrested her for making false 911 calls.

These people are nothing but squatters and I really hope the Landlord does something about the Tenant and her group of squatters that are parking in other tenant's parking places including the Landlord's. He needs to either tell them all to leave or get a Tow Truck and have their cars removed. If you're the type of person who isn't on any type of property lease and think it's ok to park in the places wherever those who are on the lease do, than you are a fucking idiot and you deserve to be thrown out or have your car towed, and don't blame the neighbors or tenants or landlord because you have no business parking in their spots. Let this be a lesson because if you ever park in mine or anyone else's spots who pay the rent and bills around here ever again, you will be walking home.

Karen Neighbor Constantly Harassing Me 84

When My Mother's house burned down she wanted to sell the lot to me so I can build a house of my own and then this nosy ass white trash Karen who's nothing but a neighborhood bully is constantly harassing me to not build my house here. Bitch shut the fuck up you don't own the neighborhood and you have no right to tell me I can't build my own house here. All of the neighbors have been complaining about her for years she's nothing but a spoiled Karen who threatens to call the Police anytime someone calls her a bitch. Wow you're that triggered when someone calls you what you are. They've also said that she may be cooking meth in her home which wouldn't surprise me the least because she looks like she's on Meth.

We also try to explain why what we are building is legal and yet she refuses to let it go and still harassing me despite the law saying I can build my house here and this bitch keeps pestering my mother to buy her lot and she has told her she is never going to give her property to her. My mother said she was always a bitch, always complaining all the time, in fact I bet she burned down my mother's house but yet she acts like she didn't but I bet she did just to get rid of her and to sell her lot to her.

I'm getting really fed up with this stupid Karen to the point where i'm about to go buy a gun and shoot her in the fucking head. I wish there was a way to get rid of her from the neighborhood because all of the neighbors have petitioned her removal a long time ago, I say it's about time this bitch got removed from her own home because she's getting very close to pissing me off to a point of no return.

*Note from Anger Central
Have you looked at a restraining order?

Looney Neighbors 85

My neighbors are nuttier than coconuts; every time I go outside one of them who is fat, has very few teeth in his mouth and is dumb ass fuck comes outside to talk to himself, bitching and cussing to himself, and it's really annoying and it's disturbing the peace. We come outside to enjoy the water not listen to a grown man talking to himself and bitching about everything thinking anybody within radius wants to hear him. Him and his wife argue about 90% of the time they are at home and at times I worry they may try to kill eachother with the way they argue especially out on their front porch.

Their front porch is a complete disaster, the idiot turned his front porch into a living room complete with a tv, a couch, rocking chair, a refrigerator, and a microwave yes out on HIS FRONT PORCH. Yeah it's really embarrassing when people come walking through the neighborhood to see a grown man sleeping on his couch with the tv on, on their front porch; i'm sure the rest of the neighborhood sees this and are all laughing their asses off at how stupid these people are.

One time in the summer he actually took a kiddy pool and sat in it in their front yard while his wife wore a bathing suit and believe me she looks ugly and should not be allowed to wear one just to protect the children in the neighborhood from being scarred for life. The Bitch fucking lays on a towel on the fucking sidewalk which is a real inconvenience for pedestrians trying to get around to see some nasty bitch sunbathing on the damn sidewalk. A Mother with her baby in a stroller had to make sure no cars were coming down the road because she had to go around the stupid bitch laying in the damn sidewalk.

These idiots have also been known to steal stray pets without knowing they may have owners. He one time stole a Pitbull and it attacked a pedestrian and their dog and they ended up getting sued and have been confronted multiple times by the actual owners and has lead to fights and him telling them to get off of his property. Hey dumbass the sidewalk is not your property stop stealing other's pets you fucking idiot.

Then the two of them took a Barbie Power Wheels Jeep as she got into the jeep while he would pull her around the neighborhood in it. Yes two grown ass adults riding around the neighborhood in a Child's Power Wheels Car that is meant for toddlers. Yeah I bet everyone who saw these idiots were all laughing their fucking asses off at how fucking stupid these people really are.

Every week when we take our trash to the street they go rooting through our trash. They've taken things out of our trash which I don't understand why because it's unsanitary. I've seen the idiot going outside wearing my son's old underwear he threw away and his underwear had holes in them exposing his cottage cheese looking ass which is enough to blind anyone who sees him ugly ass. I've even seen the both of them going outside in their underwear and pole dance on the Street Lamps I mean dear God what did I do to deserve having complete idiots for neighbors?

These people have really bad hygiene and I refuse to allow them into my house as neither of them smell like they have ever had a shower in their lives. They always ask to borrow the phone and I tell them no and no means no.

The woman is loonier than a looney toon, she goes outside and stares at my car and I tell her to get the hell away from my car. She one time actually drove a car and tried to push another car out of a parking place, fucking looney ass bitch. She's been sent to the mental institution multiple times and after she went psycho and threw a glass jar at the orderlies they got the Police to taser her and have her sent back to the nuthouse and good riddance that looney bitch has no place in society.

The Idiot man has been hoarding so much shit and caused an electrical fire in his house and his house is right next to mine and it caused fire damage to my house. After that I sued his ass but I used the money to get myself a new place hopefully to get away from these fucking looney ass people once and for all.

My Annoying Neighbor the Porch Musician 86

I am so annoyed with my neighbor some old man who plays music on his front porch which isn't annoying during the day except last night the idiot was on his porch at 11 at night singing Mombo Number 5 by Lou Bega.

It was so embarrassing as I hollered at him to shut the Hell up because people in the neighborhood are trying to sleep.

Then when I tried to go back to sleep I heard him again singing "A Little Bit of Monica in my life." and I yelled out my window to shut the hell up you fucking drunk.

I think his wife came out to scold him and told him to get in the house as people in the neighborhood are trying to sleep, because some of us in the neighborhood go to work or school in the morning.

It pisses me off when people have no respect for their neighbors, if I wanted to hear anyone sing I would go to a concert and not listen to my drunk neighbor slurring the words to Mombo Number 5,

The absolute nerve.

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