Blowhard Patients

I'm working in a busy ER recently. One lady comes in in premature labour, another man comes in with chest pain. Another & and another and another....all needing immediate assessment & treatment.

Then this rich couple who are obviously used to ordering PPL around waltz in. I say "Can I help you?" very politely. I get this "I have cut my leg shaving & I need a stitch right now!!! I also need antibiotics immediately!"..the bitch bellows. I take her into the room, take her vital signs & tell her the Dr. will be with her shortly but he is very busy. She starts screaming "Can't you see I need an IV..I need antibiotics right now. you have to stitch it nurse right now!!!".I could have smacked her upside the head. I said to her "Look, you have a tiny scratch on your leg. I am only one person & I have a man in here with chest pains & and another woman who might lose her baby. Unfortunately, they are more of a priority so you will have to be patient." in the most patient tolerant tone I could find in myself. I go to tend to the man who is in his early 40's who is having a goddamn heart attack & this woman's asshole of a husband follows me, opens the curtain & stands there in front of the poor guy who is very ill & starts badgering me." My wife needs your help now! She is bleeding!"

 AAAAACCCCCCKKKK! I said "Your wife has a scratch on her leg, this man is very sick & he needs my help first. Do not ever violate any of these patient's privacy ever again." Then I pulled the curtain.
Do you know how we treat assholes like this??? The Dr. heard the commotion. And do you know what the Dr. did? He purposely made the couple wait for 6 hours b/c he was so pissed off with them, he made them wait until every other patient had been seen & treated.

When you come into a hospital, wasting taxpayers money b/c you're too goddamn stupid to know how to use a goddamn razor,& you start bellowing orders the minute you open your mouth...sorry, but you'll be waiting a LOOOOOONG time to be seen. You go ahead & treat your lil maidservants at home like that who probably are required to wipe your arse since it would be beneath you to have to wipe your own shitty arsehole ,but we're not gonna put up with your shit. Incidentally the Dr. did stitch it, but refused to use any freezing on the bitch's leg. He did it purposefully b/c the two of them were such assholes,& it was all I could do not to laugh as she started screeching. Looked good on the stupid bitch. I'm so damn sick of PPL like this. Personally I would have liked a reason to shove an ice cold enema up her asshole & turn her upside down, but alas she was so full of shit it spewed out of her mouth anyways.

*Note from Anger Central
While we understand the frustration, if that doctor had pulled a stunt like that on a family member of ours, the best he could have hoped for was having his hands crushed with a hammer. You do NOT take your frustrations out on a patient.

Hell On Wheels 2

I call the handicapped woman i work for Hell on Wheels. Why? Because it fits her perfectly. Try and do something nice for her and it backfires because then she'll want it all the time -- but don't do something for her that she can do herself and she automatically tells eleven people what a jerk you are. I can't win. It didn't used to be so bad when she left for her day program but now that I gotta deal with her 24/7 she irritates the piss out of me. From the time I get up until the time I go to bed I have to listen to her endlessly running her mouth and her voice is a whining, monotonous drone. Guess I gotta get off the computer and clean the house before she bitches about me again. Dammit! What I need is a couple of electric eels to put in her bed. She can't get away so easily. Heh heh

Public / Medical 3

I am angry with the public-as is everyone else, I am sure. I work as a nurse and get screamed at by stupid people everyday. You know what?? You knew that you had 1 pill left in your bottle, it's not my fault you waited until 4:59 on Friday to call for a refill. Not to mention all the people that yell at me for asking them to weigh on the scales. First, it was never my idea to weigh you-I could care less. Second, we're not aloud to write down FAT-so don't ask me. Third, take it up with the doctor. Lastly I'm angry about people being late. You made the appointmet-you better be there. So you live 45 min away? You know how long it takes to get here! Don't be an hour late! I understand that life happens--but it happens every fourth patient. That's why we run behind! If people showed up when they were scheduled-it would help a GREAT deal! I like people-but there are so many selfish people it angers me.


I'm usually tolerant but I"M fucking tired of seeing fat ignorant patients in the hospital i work in. They arrive in the ER complaining of short of breath (heart failure/sleep apnea/diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney, stroke, heart attack etc,--they all have 1 or 2 or all of these). within 2 hours or so being there they start complaining 'im hungry!!..when do i get to my room! ' like it's a fucking hotel. THey didn't take their pills or lose weight or anything but hear them complain oh, my joints! chest pain!!

They just don't understand: YOU'RE GONNA DIE!! i'm tired of being nice, compassionate, trying to help people who don't care or respect themselves. you don't wanna live why the hell should i care? You'll die VERY soon. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID?? WAKE UP !!

The worst is that many of them also smoke coz someone lied to you that it will make you skinny. you'll just do anything not to stop stuffing your big mouth and get off your tank of a fat ass. fuck you all. i don't care anymore, After all , you keep us DR's in business and medicaid is willing to pay for you. FUCK YOU FAT STUPIDS.

patients 5

Im surprised that no one has mentioned this yet but i absolutely fucking hate people who think they have cart blanche to first walk into the doctors office a minute before 8! When we close at 8! Im doing my last bit of work trying to finish up so i can go home! Then they walk in with some stupid reason and get mad at me when i say we are closesd! Hello people do you not see the sign on the door!?!

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