Perfectionists Agitate Me

I am angry because I feel I have to do everything so perfectly for the rest of the world.My writing has to be perfect and although when ranting I just want to use foul language and poor sentence structure it may offend some veiwers.I am a visual artist and don't give a flying phee phee about the paragraph structure.I want to think outside the box and have freedom of speech and freedom of expression without someone saying I must be illiterate.Even if I do forget the spelling of some words I remember the spelling of other words that alot of people problably don't even know the meaning of.Who cares about the stupid boxes the control freaks want to put me in.

perfectionists 2

Perfectionists need to get their shit TOGETHER. Jesus Christ, loosen up once in awhile. I'm talking about those girls who wear a million bobby pins and clips in their hair, having perfectly straight, classic, unwrinkled clothing, perfect posture, always looking so damn awkward and out of place.

I mean, NO GUY THINKS THAT IS ATTRACTIVE. IT'S KIND OF SCARY AND WEIRD. They think they CAN achieve perfection. They think they are better than EVERYONE. They always are sitting up straight and smiling, and brushing their teeth and hair 40 times a day and getting offended at the stupidest fucking jokes!! They're so ignorant and innocent, I just want them to be NORMAL and actually act like a fucking teenager.

If you think I'm talking about "preppy girls" I'm not. They're pretty normal. I'm talking about those short little bitches who think they are amazing little fucks.

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