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I am so sick of how some people refer guys who play professional sports as "heroes" or "American heroes". WHAT THE HELL MAKES THESE EGO DRIVEN, OVERPAID JOCKS HEROES?? When was the last time any of these athletes fought for our country's freedom? I know there were some who fought in World War II, Those are ones who are heroes! None of the guys fought in the gulf war, or in Operation Iraqi Freedom! None of them were driving the Taliban out of Afghanistan! Were there any of New York or New Jersey Sports teams risking their lives rescuing people when the World Trade Center was destroyed? I don't believe so. some of them give to charity, BIG DEAL!! Anyone make donations and still not care about the cause! These sports figures are basically being called "heroes" for not doing anything. Hell, I don't do anything important, I might as call myself one also, seeing as how the term "hero" is thrown around so freely, why not? people have a really twisted idea of what a hero is. They clearly have no respect for those who fought and died for our country. They have no respect for the cops and firefighters who put their lives on line every day to ensure our safety. I mean, after 9/11, there were American flags displayed all over the place and now almost two years later, most of them are gone. Was patriotism just a fad that people were making money off of? It's sickening how stupid people can be.

Professional Athletes 2

I am sick and tired of pigs in sports assuming the world is their little whorehouse and all women are their playthings. They assault women, insult the laws trying to protect them, and believe devoutly that all women are "asking for it." Most major players are vile scum who need to be locked in cages as they travel from city to city and need to be kept under constant supervision by the law in my opinion.

Paul Hamm 3

I'm angry at the poor sportsmanship of Paul Hamm and the US Olympic committee. When it was discovered that (because of a technical foul-up) it wasn't really Paul Hamm, but instead the Korean guy, who really won the medal, what did Hamm (and the USOC) do? Basically, they said, "Too bad - we got ours, we're taking it, and screw you! And screw anyone who disagrees with us!"

I realize that once an Olympic medal is awarded, it can't be taken back - that's the rule. But IMHO, in this case, it would have been great if Hamm had taken the high road and offered it to the Korean guy. Failing that, he could have at least not been so arrogant and snotty about keeping it. I hate sore winners. Whatever happened to gracious behavior and good sportsmanship? Since

  1. the IOC couldn't take the medal back and re-award it and

  2. Hamm insisted on keeping it (in a snotty way), it would have been best if the IOC had let Hamm keep his medal, but awarded a second gold medal to the Korean guy.

The whole thing was very poorly handled.

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I know hockey isn't big in the states and probably 90% of posters here will not care but I am so pissed off at the current NHL labour strike. The fans pay top dollar (Actually I should say ridiculous dollars) to see these guys play hockey. But NO!! 10 million dollars a year is not enough to live on so I guess it's fuck you fans. If these guys had to live on what we make a year they would faint from sheer shock. They don't care about people that pay their salaries or people that love the game. Can you imagine what a poor soldier in Iraq is making despite the fact that he might just get his ass blown off! Do you here them complain? All these pricks have to do is chase a puck up and down the ice and 10 million bucks is not enough to do that! The fans are too good to these guys and that goes for any sport. Fuck the athletes, I'll find something else to put my heart into. Thanks for letting me gripe.

professional athletes 5

you call professional athletes overpaid jocks who have done nothing for their country. yet not all athletes are like that. you look at a guy like pat Tillman. he turned down a multi-million dollar contract to go fight for his country. but he played the game. and he died fighting for his country...from friendly fire however. but as you see, not all professional athletes are like that. and not to mention, many athletes use most of their money to put towards charities they create. they work at these charities and put thousands of dollars down they make to help needy people. but you never hear about that. you only hear about how they make all the money they make and all the bad things they do. that's only a few athletes. you look at athletes like cal Ripkin, Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, and Brett Favre. they don't ask for they money. the fans give it to them. you cant just look at one side of the story. there are plenty of well respected athletes out there

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