fast food servers

What pisses me off is these damn people cannot even put a napkin in my to go order. Since when did I have to ask for simple things, when did it become a damn rule to ask for condiments. Half of the time these assholes don't get your order right and then the other half the time you spend your entire lunch hour waitin for a simple order. Hey dummy did you fail your GED test could you not get a job digging ditches that you just had to come to a fast food place get a job and then piss me off in the process.

waiters and waitresses 2

I am sick and tired of the ridiculous tipping culture here in the U.S. and the waiters who prop it up by vastly overestimating their own sense of entitlement and the level of importance they have in the restaurant industry. These fuckers will nonchalantly expect 20-25% of your bill as a matter of course. So that means that I get to look forward to shelling out around twelve bucks for the favor of not running to the kitchen and bringing back food for me and my date. No, instead I get to look forward to a purple-headed art school dropout slurring a welcome who takes three minutes to scribble my order on her pad. Then I get to test my patience knowing that the kitchen will get it sometime between now and fifteen minutes before the loser's shift ends, that they will screw it up at least twice, and finally that the mental midget will bring it back to me and covered with at least three types of body fluids and her own fingerprints. You tell me which is the greater convenience!

Treat waiting just like any other no-skill, dead-end job instead of glamorizing it as an easy way for cokeheads to make good amounts of untraceable cash. Pay waiters what they are worth. You should not expect to drive a BMW and earn $40-$50k / year even in some high-end restaurant for serving overpriced, germ-laden meals to people. Start servers off at $6-$9 / hr, maybe with advancements to $10-$12 / hr depending on seniority and experience. Give them each a percentage of the tip out (like what every other non-managerial employee in the house SHOULD be getting) or a bonus based on sales. But above all, get rid of the stupid gratuity system that makes it possible for people to walk home one night with over $300 and the next night only $30 (you can guess how much sucking up goes on to get the best shifts!). Maybe that will help these people realize that their profession is basically a glorified form of begging and that they should try to find something marginally more useful for the economy at large!

Brave Cowardly Barista 3

I love the coffee at this bistro I frequent, but a certain 'open-minded' employee thinks he knows me just because I go there so often. He's bitter because I didn't accept to do some commissioned work for him, which is to draw a football team logo. I honestly told him, it's cheaper to buy the original football logo elsewhere, and I would have traced it, so I don't want to rip him off. He was not happy, and he carried that resentment 'till this day because it is clearly written all over his face when I see him.

Now that my sisters in college overseas, I don't have her to keep me company in that bistro as my drinking buddy, and he's banking in that I am lonely without her. Not the chosen solitude, but the depressed loneliness. He likes to make petty little comments that I am 'lonely' and he had the nerve to call me 'lonely girl' (he's very clever you see).

Excuse me for being sardonically polite, but (a) I have a name and (b) my sister is not DEAD, if that's what you're implying. Thirdly, I've always gone to places alone, and we all have our own lives to lead. I am annoyed, but I also pity him for being an single-celled yahoo and an instrument for cleaning unwanted substances in a woman's darkest areas.

He's also very brave for saying that to me when NO ONE'S around, and if he does it again I will complain to his manager and scold seven colours of the rainbow out of this spineless invertebrate. He needs to be taught a lesson and fast, or someone else might just serve him a moral with their fist and commit countryside.

Thank you Anger Central, for letting me rant. I've learnt that you can insult someone without swearing (almost), and I know what to do now that I've gotten all the niggling emotions put aside.

Waitresses 4

I am furious that waitresses feel entitled to ten percent of the money I have to pay for a meal. The reason I go to these places is because I want to have something I don't normally have at home.

What has triggered this rant was when I gave the money to a waitress to take up to the cashier to pay my bill. Right in front of me she took out a dollar while she was handing the rest back. I'm ticked when I hear how waitresses depend on those tips to live.

Here's a secret: if you don't want to make Bangladeshi taka for wages, learn new marketable skills, buff up your resume, and get a solid education or vocational skill. As for those who willingly choose this career, you made the choice so live with it.

Sonic Girl 5

To the girl at Sonic who messed up my order. You suck! How many times did I tell you m&m blast (5) and you still didn't get it? you gave me an oreo blast. And then acted surprised when I said no, I asked for an m&m blast. Fine, forget it. No I don't want you to spend another 5 minutes screwing it up again. But is it so hard to get you to understand that I would like to SHARE and would need TWO little SAMPLE cups, which are FREE??? What's so hard about that? Why do you look confused? Do you not know what sharing is? Do you not understand numbers? Which is it? So, after explaining for the 3rd time that I wanted to share with my TWO boys, you bring me ONE cup. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? WTF? After I politely ask for one more because I have two boys, you bring me two more. Now I have 3 cups and no extra spoons. Right. So much for common sense. It's not like you didn't see the three of us standing there. I guess I should have drawn you a picture out of crayons of what I wanted. Maybe that would have been easier for you to understand. It shouldn't take 15 minutes to get a stupid ice cream shake. One thing! I feel sorry for the people working with you. If working at a fast food place is too hard for you, try reading on your spare time. Don't worry, the head aches only last a little bit. That's your brain cells multiplying. Brain cells make people smart.

servers 6

I am so damn angry at servers in general. I work as a cook and all I hear all day are servers complaining about how hard their job is and how little they get paid.

News flash: you get paid the exact same base wage I get paid ($8.00/h), plus you get almost double that a night in tips. But no, you servers say, we get tipout! We get 2% of total sales SPLIT among the kitchen staff. So take last night for an example. We had a huge table of 30 people. That's an over $800 bill, and you get a fat $200 tip you walk home with that night. %2 on top of that is only $18, split 2 ways between me and the other cook. So you made over 4 times what I did. And all your job consisted of was TALKING to people and carrying plates, while I had to prepare over 50 meals + appetizers in the span of 15 minutes in 120 degree heat. Not to mention the mess that I have to clean up afterwards means you get to go to a bar at close and I'm STILL working my butt off.

How dare you servers complain about your job. Especially when you complain you don't get a big enough tip. I don't even get tips and I work twice as hard as you do and am arguably more trained. Not everyone is genetically blessed to be attractive enough to be a server, some of us get stuck in the back kitchen, so treat us with a little respect, okay?

*Note from Anger Central
Mrs. Webmaster works as a server. Some nights she comes in so exhausted she forgets to lock the door. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

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