Email trash-spam

Those companies voiding the spam guards/protection by getting low life no hopers to sit at home all day long and send me junk email. They pay them pittance and expect that I'm going to be thrilled getting all this shit every night I check my mail.

If I wanted my dick to be longer or my balls to be bigger I would have slammed them in a door, or bashed them with a mallet. If I wanted the lowest possible interest rate available to man I would have robbed a Bank. If I want Viagra I'll go and buy some at the local store - you stupid jerks -not send to fucking Singapore or Hong Kong to get it. Give over on the crap email and let me have some peace and quiet - so I can read decent porn/shit from my mates.

Spammers 2

I am so sick of getting spam in my email...mainly the ones where they tell me that "sexy singles are dying to meet you". ok CUT THE CRAP!!! no singles want to meet me. I've been single all my life and I happen to hate stop teasing me and rubbing it in that I'm not in a relationship. I know that you are just trying to get into my wallet. well guess what? IM NOT STUPID! so just give it up and stop sending me this crap.

Spammers 3

A few days ago I was visiting an old fan website for this 90s childrens TV show. After signing the guestbook, I started to flip through all the pages.

This thing was littered with all kinds of spam messages! Some were from casinos, other were from medicine companies, and one was advertising a porn site. Yes, somebody was disgusting enough to promote porno on a kids site!

The punishment for spamming should be death. I hate spam!

Asshole spammers. 4

I hate them fucking bastards! They create bots that go to random forums and blogs, and post their shitty URLs over and over and over again. I look forward to chatting on the goddamn internet and I see this bullshit flooded all over the place. I see grammatically correct, pleasant to read topic titles, and suddenly I get a load of marketing bullshit that looks like it was put together by a fucking robot. "BUY MY BULLSHIT!!! ~ BLAHBLAH DOT DOMAIN ~" Knock it off. I was reading some blog on the internet, and one guy got 2000 comments in a row from a spammer. Fucking persistent. I'm glad these spammers are getting sent to jail over this shit. Hopefully those fucks will get the shit kicked out of them. I know I'd join in if I got the chance. The thing that pisses me off the most is the attitude of spammers. They act like they are entitled to spam their URLs, and anybody else who doesn't like it can fuck off. Fucking rude.

Spam Twitter Followers 5

It makes me angry whenever you get a follower on twitter by some random person and then they unfollow you moments later. I mean really what was the point of following someone and then unfollowing afterwards that really was a waste of time. If your going to follow someone on Twitter you should stay following them because all your doing is trolling when you spam someone by following then unfollowing them on twitter so if you don't want to follow someone then don't follow them in the first place you idiots.

Spam callers 6

I just got my new phone, and I'm already getting calls from strangers. Two car warranty scammers from out of state, claiming my non existent warranty is running out. I also somehow got a foreign call.

They never leave a message, and never answer when I call back. I hate these people.

With all the features of new smartphones, why is there no feature of providing information about the caller, like landline phones do? Or better yet add a block feature that blocks spam calls!

*Note from Anger Central
For Android phones, there's an app we like called "Should I answer?"

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