Stupid People

I just read your column on bad husbands and I am so mad at the stupid people that not only continue to stay with these losers but keep on popping out babies with them and then have the nerve to say they will stay with the looser until a good man comes along. No good man is going to come along as long as you stay in that kind of environment, get the hell out !!! If not for your self do it for your children you claim to love. And the fact that most of you become man haters is no solution, there are good men out there, just stop playing games and feeling sorry for yourselves. You know these guys were losers way before you married them, admit it and move on with your eyes opened this time.

*Note from Anger Central
Time for a new section!! Normally we would have put this under People in General, but we decided it was time to open a section dedicated to people who are really to stupid to breath on their own without assistance. <grin>

The stoopids 2

I am so F**in pissed off at people. The 98% that follow each other around with their typical BullSh*t... They need to use their heads. Be open minded. We wouldnt all be going to war if we could just be more competent. Being able to sit down and have a productive conversation is a valuable thing. Use both sides of your brain. I think we're pretty much screwed. There are too many people on this planet, and we're all dying to hate each other. And dont deny it... Use your F**in head and treat people well; and the animals! If this is the Gods' idea of a joke,.. well who's laughin'? Next life...! p.s. I love you~

pregnancy! 3

I am angry that people have to criticize people that they dont know. People who are pregnant dont always mean to get pregnant! I was on birth controll and still got pregnant! Dont judge me or criticize me unless you have walked in my shoes! You dont know the 1st thing about haveing a contreceptant not work obiously. You think that every women in america that gets pregnant is stupid enough not to use birth controll well I was on birth control for over 2 years and I got pregnant. Most people who end up pregnant dont use anything but for the ones who did dont let these people criticise you. And as for the father conmment they knew the concequences of their actions just as much as the women did when they had sex. There is no man out there that I feel sorry for that has to pay child support because they may have to pay child support but they arent the ones that have to raise the child and take care of it they can run away if they want and there are many men out there that never even pay child support because they run like little cowards from the responsibility of father hood. So dont give me all of this shit of pittying the men that have to pay money for their children and women getting pregnant unless you have walked on day in my shoes. You dont know what it is like to be me or to walk one day in my shoes so screw all of you stereotypes. I am no less of a person for becoming a mother and I am obviously better than you because I can realize that this can happen to anyone!

stupidity 4

ive found out that no one can be trusted. but this isnt about trust. its about stupidity. what really ticks me off is when your girlfriend can call random guys...who you have no idea who they are and she thinks its perfectly ok but when you call one girl, its a deadly sin. but hey thats my stupidity because girls are always right. so basically i tick my ownself off. now aint that stupid

Stupid people in my stupid life 5

You ever think you're at that point in life where you've gone down so far that it can't get worse? I think I've found it (but on the brightside, I'm prolly on my back so things can only look up, ne?)

I'm angry with myself because in the past year, I've become everything that I always said I wouldn't be. I dropped out of college. I started drinking. I lost my job (i.e. any kind of income or self-transportation). I got kicked out of the ARNG for asthma (WTF, you screened me for 2 mother fucking years and you pull this shit 6 weeks into BT?)

And it's all my fault because I didn't "feel like" going to class one morning. It all went downhill from there. I dropped out of college and decided to pay more attention to my low-paying gas station job. Because of some NEW PERSON'S mistake, I get hit with the write-ups because I was the "senior employee" on shift. When I ASKED the fucking noob if she knew what she was counting cigarettes meant, she said YES. She even said YES, I GET IT LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE the fourth time I asked her on my way out the door.

Did they counted? HELL NO. Because I was the "senior employee" (and by the way, this chick was at least 20 years older than me), I take the wrap and FUCKING GET FIRED. But hey, it's my fault, isn't it? So now I'm COMPLETELY FUCKING RELIANT on my fiance, who, for all intents and purposes, is still living the life of a 25 year old at the age of 34. But this isn't about him, it's about me.

I am fucking angry at myself because I was stupid enough to drop out of school, get fired for someone's mistake (Because I was too stupid to grow a fucking backbone). Due to lack of transportation (and I live in the middle of fucking nowhere so walking's not really an option), my world's been in the scope of about 4 miles. Even WITH walking a mile every day, I've managed to gain 30 pounds in the past year.

I'm angry at myself, lastly, because I've let it affect me so badly. I started cutting again, but it didn't help so I just settled for "writing therapy" which is what and paper/pen are for.

So in review, I'm angry at myself because I'm now fat, a college drop-out, and begging for a job at a fucking dollarstore. I'm fucking angry at myself because I'm the trailor trash skank I promised myself I wouldn't become.

I'm fucking angry because I'm just as fucked up as anyone else I've ever met in my entire life and LIFE FUCKING SUCKS AND I'M FUCKING ANGRY AT IT AND DON'T HAVE THE FAINTEST CLUE HOW TO GET IT FUCKING BACK ON TRACK.

But I figure I'm a little better than the average dumb fuck in that I actually take responsibility for it. I'm a fuck up and I control my choices so due to my dumb ass choices, I'm now a fucked screw-up.

STAY IN SCHOOL, YOU DUMB FUCKS. Otherwise, you end up like me, posting about how much you fucking hate yourself at three am.

Have a dumbfuck day! Thanks, Congrats again, webmaster. It's gotta take a lot to read this kind of bullshit every day.


I finished with my grocery shopping, packed everything up and got in my vehicle. Before I know it - some shriveled up alpha male wannabe is screaming obscenities at me - about how **I** should not be parked in a handicapped spot. Number one grandpa ... I DO IN FACT HAVE A HANDICAP PLATE VISIBLY PLACED ON ON MY PERSONAL VEHICLE, ARE YOU BLIND AS WELL AS STUPID?! Number two - as you have noticed, I DO carry the photo ID permit from the department of motor vehicles on me as well for proof of my entitlement to park there. Number three - I would imagine due to your age, quite a number of your brain cells have deteriorated to the point of malfunction. In other words ... just because I look young, I'm not in a wheelchair, using a walker, lugging around an oxygen tank etc ... does NOT mean that I am NOT *MOBILITY IMPAIRED*. Did it ever occur to you that there are such thing as *INVISIBLE* disabilities?! Oh, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD - or perhaps, I'm an amputee ... how the hell would you know without asking me? I don't appreciate the assumption on your part. Next time you see a young person with a handicap plate, don't automatically jump to the conclusion that the vehicle belongs to their grandparents and that the driver is lazy. If you are that fucking stupid, please - go back to your nursing home and stay the hell there! If you can't interact with others in a rational manner, you should NOT be out and around in public!

Hare-brained Heirs 7

How come all the people with the really big $$$ these days seem to be so completely fucking stupid? I mean total mouth breathing morons. If I have to see one more brainless bimbo, hotel heir making the news on one web page, while she's dribbling jizz off her chin like a $2 crack whore on another web page, I'M gonna crack up!

When the hell did a pig like this become newsworthy? I'm not usually prone to violence but this slut needs one good punch in the head or a lobotomy....nevermind, I think she's already had one. Same goes for that triple chinned, FAT PIG of a Bunny with legs like tree trunks that married the old guy who died and now she wants big $$$ too. I heard she's pregnant now so I guess she'll need some dough to raise her litter of piglets. OINK! OINK! OINK! I wouldn't piss up either of their asses if her guts were on fire.

inner city morons 8

so they just arrested a wanna be terrorist group composed of idiots in atlanta and florida.i just love the big fat mother interviewed on cbs news.oh she claims they have got to be innocent because;well they can't spell el kayda and neither can she.yup that proves does not matter that they have them on video,phone name they are never guilty.they are always picking on hoo hoo.god i am so angry at inner city morons.the world owes you's a news flash;some of you are just watch people come out of the woodwork defending these slime balls.god save us from these do gooders.

people who say like 9

People who say like after every word fucking piss me off! "Like oh my god, like do want to know what like happened to me today?" Not really bitch! SHUT UP SHUT UP! I mean, do you want me to say fuck after every single word? "Oh fucking god! That's fucking lame, he's such a fucking fuck!" People who say like need a life! Learn another word or learn how to pause! Jeez!

BrAiNlEsSnEsS 10

I am mad at people who can't make up their dumb minds. They go around as 5 different people every day. nobody knows who they are anymore! maybe everybody should just become actors cuz theyre so good at pretending to be something theyre not. people also have no originality. and some THINK they do and try to be different and special when they're really just making themselves seem like fake losers. brainlessness is the main reason relationships/friendships don't work out. this is because people are so busy pretending to be the person they think their friend wants them to be and forget to be themselves, causing a whole sh** load of problems later. most people in the world today have no brains and dont even realize how stupid they are. just look at our government and our environment. BUT the people who DO have brains WONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! so we continue to let the brainless people be stupid and the world suffers and theres not much we can do about it. thats why we are mad @ brainless people. people suck

stupidity 11

I can't deal anymore with people asking idiotic questions that don't even make sense. It's so stupid and it wastes more time than I have. That, and I am sick to death of people trying to sound clever by inserting jargon into every third sentence WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN USE IT CORRECTLY. I could never be a teacher they must be driven half-mad by hopeless cases every day.

Not Fat People, but Dullards 12

Hmm, what makes me angry? Jackasses who think they know everything and make sweeping generalizations about EVERY fat person they see.

I was a skinny kid. At 5'8", I had the genetic luck to be athletic and weigh 119 pounds for most of my adult life, I didn't have to watch my weight at all. Then I had the misfortune of acquiring a nasty respiratory infection while (and from) taking care of old and sick people at a nursing home who's families are too self-involved and uncaring to take care of anyone but themselves. After several in-hospital stays of up to a month at a time with loads of antibiotics and steroids, and infinitely scary hookups to ventilators, I was 'cured'. Unfortunately, my lungs now operate at about 60% of normal. Oh, and lucky me, with a daily regime of 40mg of prednisone (a steroid), and a laundry list of other weight-gain causing breathing medications, I gained no less than 100 pounds inside of a year. I now have arthritis as a result of the steroids which makes it difficult for me to walk or stand for very long periods of time, but when I can, I still will myself to walk 3 miles a day-it's good for my lungs, but it sure is a pain in the ass wearing that oxygen tank backpack.

So, I'm fat and I wheeze-why should anyone give a shit but me? If it weren't for those medications, I wouldn't be fat, but I also wouldn't be breathing. I love my life and no matter how I look or sound, I wouldn't want to live one second less even if it meant I could be thin again.

I don't make a habit of complaining about ugly people, as I'm sure some of them have more than 'face' value. Also, most days I think it mighty decent of myself not to choke the life out of people having grotesque manners or IQ's that are obviously less than 135(to me, a lower number than that might as well be classified as retardation).

My mother's friend constantly makes snide remarks to me- she truly believes I'm jealous of her because she is abnormally thin (no, it's not normal to have your face sunken in behind your cheekbones). I am no more jealous of her weight than I am of her hideously sallow skin from years of smoking or heinous breathe.

A few weeks ago, while doing my Christmas shopping, from behind me, I heard some idiot say to her boyfriend, "Damn, if I were that fat, I'd take a shotgun to my head'! Gee, that made me feel really good. By the way, I do notice the dagger looks that are shot at me just for being fat and having the audacity to enjoy going out for dinner, and the look of disbelief on peoples faces when I order a salad at a restaurant, as if to say," Who do you think you're kidding? I know you could eat half of a cow." Salad has been my favorite meal since I was a little girl (fried foods taste disgusting, hate ice cream and I'm a vegetarian). So, for you all-knowing, self righteous morons out there, fuck you! And by the way, those not possessing that afore mentioned 135 IQ or better, PLEASE do the world a favor and get sterilized before you pass on your gene coded for stupidity!

Ah, I feel better! Thank you!

*Question from Anger Central
Do you still need those steroids? Have you talked with other doctors?

Idiots 13

sometimes it seems like ever person on earth is just a stupid simple minded dumbshit that can hardly see past their own noses let alone the big picture about anything and all the stupid dickheads that over dramatize everything, not everything is such a big deal that you have to bitch an moan about it to everyone no one gives a shit about your problems shut the fuck up just live your life and quit trying to act like your in a fucking sitcom

*Note from Anger Central
Might we recommend trying a marvelous new invention called Punctuation? Specifically the one called "The Period"?

Air Traveling Morons 14

If you check your luggage onto a plane then make bloody sure you get on with it! Thanks to some asshole who either changed his mind or was too drunk to remember where he was supposed to be, all the luggage had to be offloaded when he failed to show. Not only did that mean being stuck in a cramped seat going nowhere for an extra 2 hours, but we all missed our connecting flights in Asia. But wait -it gets better. By the time we eventually got to Rome our luggage had vanished into hyperspace as there wasn't enough time to transship it in Bangkok. So thanks for nothing - you stupid prick for ruining our trip to Europe. Anyone who doesn't follow their luggage onto a plane should be fined $10000 - no excuses (unless they've just had a heart attack...)

hairy buttholes 15

i'm getting sick and tired of people coming around, pulling there pants down, and showing me their hairy buttholes. NO NO NO NO NO! i don't wanna see your hairy butthole SO QUIT FUCKING ASKING! if you go shave it, then maybe i'll have a look at it. Also, i'm getting sick and tired of all these looters...AND my butt. They're always looting and polluting my poop and diaria and pee that comes out my butthole

Bad Spelling/Language 16

I am angry at people on this site who rant and rave at people and/or things and don't have the basic education to spell properly, if you are going to have a pop at someone/something at least don't make yourself look like a fucking retard by leaving loads of spelling mistakes in your diatribe. Oh and while we are on the subject, people who complain that we brits put extra letters into our words such as the "u" in colour etc. Did it occur to you that as the "English" language comes from "England" maybe it is you people who are butchering the written word by taking letters out, just a thought.

*Note from Anger Central
After the American Revolution, there was a concerted effort to change things to show that we were no longer "British." Words were changed in meaning and spelling. For instance. We don't say "waistcoat", we say "vest." (We won't bother with the actual pronunciation of waistcoat just now)

My Un-personal Trainer, Gina 17

Gina has twice now "forgotten" that we have a standing appointment to work out, by failing to write it down. Despite the fact that it's the same damn time every week! I hate dealing with sloppy, incompetent bitches.

Dumb people!! 18

I am soooo tired of hearing people talk badly of fat people and sayin all these mean things about them. Yall are stupid people for talkin badly and yall all need to die horribly for doing it!! I am also tired of dumb black people for driving like dumb retards. SO what that you have to play the loudest music and have the biggest rims?! Stop being a drug dealer or what ever you do and get a real job since yall have nothing better to do than run people off the road and then laugh about it!! I know i am an african american but i hate saying that. people are just so dumb now-a-days.

*Note from Anger Central
Regards, "African-American"
"There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100 percent.
Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else."
Theodore Roosevelt

Idiots bitching about cellphones and other devices 19

We're all aware that this is the electronic age, right?

With that said, why are there so many people who piss and moan about the existence and use of ELECTRONIC devices, namely cellphones.

Now I can understand being annoyed at the morons who yap on their phones while operating a motor vehicle as they present an obvious hazard to pedestrians and other motorists, but people are actually FLABBERGASTED at the idea of people simply using and owning a mobile phone. For some of these dolts, it's the END OF THE FUCKING WORLD if someone makes or receives a phone call whilst in public. WHO THE FUCK CARES!? You'd think it would be easier to IGNORE THEM, and go about your own damn business rather than tearing your hair out over something that's not only extremely trivial but also has nothing to do with you, but I digress.

Cellphones (and other electronics) are not just the domain of businessmen, nerdy tech-heads and the occasional rich yuppie anymore. This is 2008. Not 1985. Remember: Electronic age. The average person does have mobile devices (which are affordable and plentiful for said average people) and has uses for them. Convenience is one of these uses that comes to mind. Why wouldn't someone want to make their life easier?

And the other thing that burns my ass (probably moreso than any other aspect of this issue) is all these people who are ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SHOCKED at the prospect of TEENAGERS WHO HAVE MOBILE PHONES. JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE, WHO THE FUCK CARES!? While it's understandable that schoolteachers may get annoyed at their students playing with their phones during class, but people are getting their panties in a god damn knot just because TEENAGERS HAVE THEM. Teenagers just so happen to be apart of this society that exists it is again....THE ELECTRONIC AGE, so yes they do indeed have mobile phones. (and Ipods, laptops, digital cameras, and a whole lot of other things) And once again, is it really the end of the world if a high school student owns a fucking blackberry?

As time progresses, so will technology. And with advances of technology, you're going to see a lot of different kinds of electronic gadgets making their way into mainstream society. So you might as well start getting used to it.

Imperfect Humans 20

I am angry at ignorant people. Ignorance fuels the fires of hatred. Profound? Yes, but true. I was reading about how thin people hate "fat" people. That makes me angry because NOT all "fat" people are lazy, snorting, stinky slobs!!!!!!! That would be profiling, like saying all Southern people are stupid rednecks, all black people steal, all smokers smell like get what im saying?? Especially the idiot who was on the site proclaiming to be a doctor, yeah right..and im Queen Elizabeth II!! Obesity is not a joke, it's not to be laughed at, or judged by imperfect humans. So, next time you see an obese individual, be nice..doesn't cost anything! Oh, and before you judge them, put out that cigarette, stop smoking that crack pipe and remember to take your AIDS medication first..before you anything nasty or mean comes out of your mouth!!

trains 21

I am a Railroad engineer. We have to blow the horn by law. Im sick of stupid fucking people flipping me off from their yard or front porch because Im blowing the fucking horn. I dont want to hear that loud fucker either. The railroad has most likely been there for over a hundred years so if you dont want to hear the fucking horn dont live by the fucking tracks move you stupid fuckers. Most of you are stupid fucking toothless fucking trashy motherfuckers anyway get a life. Ive got a job to do to make a living so fucking get over it. ASSHOLES!

*Note from Anger Central
We placed this here since it was more about stupid people then trains.

Total Morons who Talk out their Asses !! 22

Those dam jack asses that have something to say but are so uneducated about their topic that they just sound like a retard when ranting about them. Specifically people who rant on about barefooted people! First of all their are no laws in north America and in most of the world that prohibit a person from going bare foot. The so called " No Shirt NO Shoes No Service " law actually does not exist and never has! Do your homework jack asses!! and the health departments in both the USA and Canada have never in their history of existence ever issued such a silly ordinance, rule, law or bylaw! It is also not illegal to drive bare foot or to enter any public areas or establishments, government agencies or buildings bare footed. If you think these statements are wrong, then don't just freak out about them. Pick up your phone call the agencies you think would enforce these ideas and get FUCKING EDUCATED!! Before spewing out such dogmatic shit!!

people who date retards 23

I don't care how cute or funny or nice or fit your guy or girl is, I can't stand to be within a mile of their stupid ass. I don't know why so many people, mostly women, continue to date and marry stupid people. You're holding back the human race by procreating the worst people. Then, you wonder why your spouse cheats on you. The dumbass probably forgot about you!

Dumb People 24

I am so angry at dumb and lazy people. I am tired of them acting like they are so effing put out all the effing time. Get off your fat lazy drunk asses and stop bitching. Quit smoking, get some goals and get your crap together. I am so over trying to befriend all of this lazy freaking people.

It's so stupid when people take pics of themselves 25

It makes me so angry when teenage girls make these stupid, retarded kissy faces along with that peace sign. Ugh, it's so stupid. It makes me want to smack them.

People that have stupid reasons to hate fat people 26

I'm angry at the people that have no good reason to hate fat people.

I hear things like "they stink" yeah well sorry to break it to you but so do some thin people I know. Not all fat people stink so that's just a stupid excuse.

For all those people that think that fat people won't ever find anyone and that thin people think fat people are gross. There are plenty of thin people that I know that think fat people are sexy, I'm fat, I'm happy with myself and YES sorry to break it to you again but I'm getting married this coming Sunday.

Get over yourselves, fat people are nice as are other people out there. There is no reason for you people to be angry at them for stupid reasons.

You rude people need to get a life and stop hating people who are different than you are.

*Note from Anger Central
We had several rants such as you described come in last night. They were bit-bucketed. They didn't meet our less then stringent requirements.

Sexism 27

I hate people who refer to adult women as "girls". Females over 18 are WOMEN. Sure, I could see it with college-aged women, but women in their 30s, 40s, even 50s are not "girls". It is demeaning to call them that. It is certainly not just men that do this, I've heard women do the same. When my grandmother was last in the hospital, her attending physician was a lovely and brilliant 40-ish woman. My grandmother kept referring to her as "that girl" and was quite rude. She NEVER did that with a male doctor, of any age.

Helpless Idiots 28

I am surrounded by morons. Each and every single time I turn on my laptop I read about some moron college graduate who studied Human Rights or Hippie Living Economics and wonder why they aren't getting a job.

A couple years ago I had a breakdown and had to lve in a group home. During the hour I had on the library computer I burned the digital pavement asking about whether or not someone wanted to become a partner as I built my jewelry business. Now, I have quite a few partners and now I have other irons cooking in the fire.

I am building publishing credentials by posting stuff on my website so now my resume looks buffer than ever. I need money, but I have my SSI/SSD now so in a bit I'll have a place and will buy bulk food quantities.

So for all you fucking morons out there, start building business relationships and connections and work on your fucking resume. If you have a degree you have more than I have right now and I am doing better!

Your fucking degree is not a ticket, it's a tool to a better job and if you've squandered it, you are a fucking moron for not getting a useful degree. I hate loathe and despise the idiots who weren't smart and think it's totally impossible to do anything.

Now with my laptop I'm on the net for hours on end and spending time in a cafe building my portfolio and fuck anyone who thinks that I'm not being fair by waiting for someone else to publish me. I'm taking charge of my life and if you whine about it, fuck you. I'm not waiting for anyone anymore.

I really cannot fathom why people do not understand that with all the opportunities out there, no one is going after them. With my website I'm building affiliate relationships as well, so up yours you fucking quitters.

*Note from Anger Central
Good for you. We hope you are successful and can chuck the government money. From your posting you sound like one of those people it was meant to help. Temporarily down on their luck and working hard to turn things around. Might we suggest It's a social networking site and good for making business contacts. Best of luck from Anger Central!

Fast Food 911 Calls 29

To the Butt hurt bitch who told me to get my facts straight get your own you you whore cause I do know all that so don't get all defensive or i'll come find you and beat the shit out of you or better yet I hope you get Aids you butthurt spoiled retard.

Anyway on to my rant People Calling 911 over stupid reasons that phone line is for lifeor death emergencies not a complaint hotline seriously there could be a armed robbery, a stroke victim or a house is on fire and the Police, Fire, or EMT can't make it cause some dumbass is holding up the lines to complain about messed up orders at McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway.

These emergencies are comming from Flordia where some people think it's against the law to mess up someone's fast food order this example goes to the crckhead who started it all a 42 year old man called 911 3 times about subway not putting Mayonaisse and Mustard on his Spicy Italian Sub. Seriously is that such a big emergency to bring the police down to subway to fix a SANDWICH not to mention the dumbass went nuts on everyone and the employees locked the door on him until the police came to arrest his dumbass.

A crackwhore called 911 because McDonalds was out of Chicken McNuggets and they wanted to give her a McDouble but she wanted a refund and when they didn't give her one so SHE CALLED 911 over McNuggets seriously I wouldve jumped over the counter and beat the shit out of the employees rather than go to jail and be made fun of over a 911 call.

A Burger King customer complained that they were out of lemonade seriously is lemonade that more important than a heart attack victim or a forest fire. not to mention a 911 call over the lack of shrimp in fried rice seriously that's about as illegal as drug possesion I often wonder where the intelligence of this country have gone to.

Now a 911 call because some asshole thinks McDonalds robbed him of his money he even went as far as threaten dispatchers cuss them out and told them Ronald McDonald was holding a gun to his head(I made the Ronald McDonald part up out of sarcasm but he really claimed they were holding a gun to his head) then after the police arrested the idiot he still bitching about his food.

I swear if these stupid 911 calls don't end Congress may pass a new law regarding fast food orders I can see everyone Facepalming at the thought of it I know I would. So remember 911 is for life or death Fire Police EMT emergencies only not for the lack of Mustard and Mayonaise on Subway Sandwiches or Chicken Mcnuggets or Burger King Lemonade seesh people are idiots.

BTW Mr. Webmaster ever heard of the tv show Smoking Gun World's Dumbest it 's on thursday nights on TRUTV check it out

*Note from Anger Central
Nope, Thursday night is Fringe night. :)

Stupid People! 30

I'm so sick of being stalked by my X and his idiot friends who can't get over the past! You know who you are the whole bunch of you minute little fledgling followers stiving to be part of a group and fit in somewhere in your malformed little world. You think you have legal protection but like everything that too will fade...Have you not yet realized that after all this time you have wasted watching me! Your buddy is stabbing you in the back!!! No Sh---t Sherlock! Doesn't he always have the right answer to everything? And when ever you need some cash or stuff or a hand he's suddenly there for you? Have you ever wondered why he speaks so negatively about others when they aren't around? He does it to you too! Ever notice some of the comments he makes that are actually offensive but he finds his way out once he realizes he could be in serious trouble for them? Ever notice that he knows something about everyone and makes sure he always has a following? Ever notice how he embarrasses his X wife talks bad about her and other X's? Does he play tapes for you of recorded messages? How do you know the tapes weren't tampered with and that he didn't set the person/s up? All you scarbirians, regenters, beware :} he suckered each and every one of you!!! Now you feel indebted to him, right? no way, cut the ties...he set you up too and made you think he was helping you...He's called a parasite, PH. Another thing he does...he calls a friend on his cell to listen to and record your conversations without your knowledge...if you catch him, he'll say (I must have hit it on something!) LIAR!!! Watchyaback cause he is and ready to stab you too!

More Stupid 911 Calls 31

My last rant about fast food orders was one thing but now there are 911 calls over other stupid things. Some dude called 911 to ask for a Police Escort to Miami to visit Lil Wayne's house seriously you're going to delay real emergencies to go to that overated Whoopie Goldberg lookalike Faggot who's about as much of a failure as a rapper as Kevin Federline then the police gave him his escort all right to jail could you imagine how embarassing it would be if Lil Wayne wasn't home I can hear the losing horns from the price is right playing right now.

Yeah some faggot called 911 to ask a female dispatcher to have sex with him; sexual harrasment I think so, 911 Misuse I definently think so this guy got arrested.

Some woman called 911 because she's Arachnaphobic and there's just a little spider in her house yeah here's an idea CALL AN EXTERMINATOR YOU STUPID BITCH NOT 911.

Oh yeah a drunk driver called 911 on herself yeah smart move dumbass. Also A cop shows up at some woman's door and ask's her to stop making so much noise than when the cop left the woman realized she just met the man of her dreams so she calls 911 to get him to come back and ask him out on a date ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!

When her knight in uniform returned he took her away TO JAIL for 911 Misuse.

Than some Cop after a drug bust put away the stash he took the pot with him to take home and make pot brownies than he called 911 to tell dispatchers he was dieing on weed brownies than asked if the Detroit Red Wings were winning (Facepalms) dumbest cop ever.

Seriously we need to do something about these idiots calling 911 for stuff that's not an emergency don't they realize there are non emergency lines or do we need to hire more brain surgeons cause this Contry's intelegence has left the world.

BTW Mr. Webmaster did you hear of the stories of a man who had sex with a picnic table or a dude who tried to cash a $360,000,000,000 check.

*Note from Anger Central
Picnic table? No. The check cashing? Oh yeah. :)

Stupid friends. and family 31

Meant to be visiting a friend for all of next week, but haven't heard from him for over a week, so I don't think i'm visiting him anymore. Stupid sister thinks she can do whatever she wants around here. Her stupid boyfriend 'borrowed' my dvds without asking. My MOTHER is ignoring me coz shes too busy talking to her stupid boy-toy.

Stupid People 32

Fucking dumb people piss me off. If I want to read, I'm gonna fucking read! And the reason I listen to that, "weird music" is because it isn't just SEX SEX BITCH BITCH SEX SEX FUCK. I like opera and dark caberet, fucking maim me. And stop calling me a geek, nerd, loser, whatever! Just because I know what the fuck I'm talking about, doesn't mean you get to treat me like shit. I like to be a pompous asshole around them and use words like pulchritude, soporific, and jargon. Sometimes I'll only speak in Latin. Oh well. Life is hard.

Also, I'm sorry about any errors. I am dyslexic and the words like to dance for me ;)

Stupid people 33

...more specifically, people that are stupid enough to fall for things like Nigerian email scams! Just read a letter someone wrote to an advice column about their stupid adult child that fell for one of these...

Really? Are you really that stupid? How is it possible to be that stupid? Worse yet, people that are this stupid are allowed to do things like breed, vote, drive, own guns, etc...

I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for anyone who falls for scams. All scams have red flags (some more obvious than others) and if you can't see them, then you seriously should not be left unsupervised... And you deserve whatever horrible things happen to you!

dumb people 34

This person who is a total selfish, woo-is-me, mooching bitch keeps trying bribe and sneak their way into my best friends life. Which really pisses me off because 1. She doesnt deserve to even talk to my best friend let alone try to hang out with them. 2. Because she was a bitch to my best friend the entire time they ever hung out and mooched off me and everyone else, literally all the time, does stupid things, is a total hippocrit, and complains about her life to get attention. What worries me which makes me even more pissed off is that theres no telling if my best friend will randomly go "why not?" and hang out with them. My best friend is a 'go by what you feel' kind of person which means that theres no limits or definates with them. So I constantly have to fight and struggle secretly on the inside as well as on the outside so my best friend wont do anything dumb or stupid which my best friend has more then done before. Its like I cant leave that person alone for a second or they'd go off and do something reckless or stupid. I know that the mooching bitch wont dissappear so I'm going to have to keep by my best friends side, like always. Its very annoying,frustrating, and infuriating that my best friend won't make smart choices and logical ones rather then by what they feel at the time and wing it on their own, without me. My best friend is going to end up hurt real bad if they don't think first. WHich has happened before. Man, it pisses me off so frickin' bad! I wish my best friend would grow up. And I wish that mooching bitch would drop dead. That would be great.

Stupid people and society 35

My god have morals sank in the toilet! I'm so pissed off at how stupid people are. All these stupid teenagers think their so frickin' awesome and really theyre total retards and ignorant. Guys: why do you think going out and having sex like a jackrabbit is a competition with others? Why do you act like butt faces and dress like them too? Whering your pants on your knees... really? Show some respect! Quit being selfish pigs. Quit cussing up a storm. You speak more swear words then actual sentences! Your going to regret it someday. Quit acting like childish boys, grow up!! The way you talk and act makes me sick. You think your acting like a REAL man? No! Your more of a baby brat then a spoiled toddler... Girls: Yourlegs are going to fall off like limp noodles if you keep wearing your pants and shorts so tight. Quit being hoes and swearing like the guys do. It's not very attractive or polite at all. Or would you not understand that at all? Guys that are douchebags are NOT the ones you want. Find a GOOD guy. Not an arrogant one. Quit being ignorant and mean. Try to learn and learn well.

I'm so mad at how society is now. Every ones pleasure seeking, disrespectful, greedy, and just plain rude! How little hope it gives me to see how things have changed since five years ago. How stupid peoples choices are, how far people will go to avoid their problems. If you can't be happy on your own that's pretty sad. Getting drunk and doing drugs isn't going to help you and make you feel better for long. Theres better happiness thats not superficial. I wish people knew how deep love can really be, true love. I know it and I'm not even in love! People need to be real, try to better themselves, and help others along the way. No one understand that anymore and no one cares. If its really a thing of the past to have fun in a clean way then I'd rather drown in toxic waste than our societies! It's pathetic how people lable others how judgemental they are on everyone. People need butt whoopings and they need actual punishment. People need to shut the heck up every now and then and LISTEN! dishing out your stuff doesn't make mine any less important! What makes you better then me? What makes your life worth more than mine? Do you really believe your better then everyone because of your bullying, good looks, and money? Being a reject or a self labled outcast doesn't you better then any one else either. What gives anyone the right to measure the worth of any one else? GROW UP!

stupid people 36

I am tired and sick of people who don't care. People who think the world revolves around them, and don't even try. People who cheat, lie, act a fool and get away with it, while those of us who actually WORK HARD get nothing.

stupid people 37

HEY YOU!! YES, YOU!! There are OTHERS on this Earth besides YOU!! If you want to talk on your phone, PULL OVER!! OR STEP TO THE SIDE OF THE HALL!!! There are OTHERS who need to get somewhere!! Women: PUT YOUR FACE ON BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME!! I'm sick of sitting behind you, being made LATE for work while you put your mascara on during a GREEN LIGHT!!

And at the airport - If you need to read a text or take a call, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! THERE ARE OTHERS WHO NEED TO GET SOMEWHERE!

If you're waiting for a flight, and you remember some stupid piece of shit that you 'need' to take care of - DON'T JUST START BACKING UP!!!! THERE ARE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU ASSHOLE!!

I think people 'check their brains' with their luggage!!!! Airports are NOT that hard to negotiate!! You are just STUPID!!! READ THE F*CKING SIGNS!!

stupidity 38

stupidity! REALLY bugs the shit out of me. the stupid people in this world should just stop and think. people need to think before they do not do and then think. I mean is that not the reason we have a brain. i mean some people just don't use their brains at all and it bugs the shit out of me. yeah well of course i have had a few brain farts and not thought before I've done things but come on. do you really think I believe your magical flying carpet made you break my cell phone? IDIOT!

*Note from Anger Central
If you want to see stupidity in action, follow this link to the Santa Cruz City Council meeting. Teh Stoopid, It burns!

stupid questions 39

i go to school wearing my uncle's fatigues from training in the Marines "Semper Fidellis!" and i get the dumb question "do you want to be in the military?" No i'm wearing fatigues because i want to be a hippie. well duh i want to be a Marine. I love this country and i want to defend America and keep my rights as a citizen. I'm proud to be an American.

Ignorance 40

Ignorant people annoy me so much!

My friends' boyfrinds are the worst. They pretend that they are more intelligant than me. They think just because I'm quiet that I must be dumb! They are always mocking me and pretending they know more than me! Well they don't!

They make fun of gay people, black people... and pretty much anyone else they can think off!

I bet they haven't even heard of the Lliad! Which by the way is the book that I'm reading! So there! Go and screw yourselves you ignorant twats!

*Note from Anger Central
It's called The Iliad and you should try it in the original Greek. ;)
(We won't go into the myriad of typos in this post)

some people are so ignorant! 41

One thing that i HATE are ignorant people! this can also fall under the category of ghetto people! i mean, why can't people just act like they have common sense and manners, talk intelligently, and present themselves in a decent manner? why do so many people have to be so damn ignorant, with the way they talk, act, and even look? the ghetto and loud people who love to be seen and heard everywhere they go!? it is so fucking iritating! have some class and manners about yourself, impress people with your decency and politness and intelligence, not your ignorance and stupidity! and unfortunately, the majority of these people are black females, in fact, i think all of them are black females. it's ridiculous really.

Ignorance 42

I used to have one bumper sticker on my car. The car was black. The bumper sticker was black with white lettering. It wasn't flashy or colorful. It simply said "Don't hold strong opinions about things you don't understand." THIS is was pisses me off. An entire world filled with people who have opinions and rarely have experienced or been privy to what they want to rant on about. We can judge people based on race, hair color, type of home, eyes, upbringing, lawn care, religion, accent, hand shape, dog breed... if it is something used to describe a human being's life, we can judge you based on that. If it is a subject, we have an opinion of it. I'm angry about people's endless, useless, harmful opinions when they don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Pusbags who shouldn't breed 43

First of all, may I say that I stumbled upon your site and had a great read? Thank you for being out there. Here's my rant: I have a four-year degree from a decent university and chose to work outside the field due to the fact that I had POOR leadership and mentorship while studying there. When I began working in customer services and rose to a quality coach position, nobody would promote me because those in charge DID NOT HAVE DEGREES!!! Also their emails were poorly composed and always misspelled, yet, it was said that correct spelling was a priority. Vomit. I would be given BULLSHIT feedback and then continue to see NOTHING! I understand if I was not qualified, but come on. Next, I decided to go back to school because the whole process made me SO angry and dependent on meds/herbal influences that I couldn't live with myself anymore. I chose a program at a tech school, and the slovenly trash I go to school with just make me sick. I feel like an educated, reasonably good looking person like me cannot get a break! The slut military wife, the bitch sports mom, other trash and riffraff, etc etc...I can't get a break! I think about things like end-of-world preparation, retirement, how to clean my granite countertops, etc..and all they talk about are stupid things their stupid kids do. Maybe the human race doesn't need your faulty broken DNA to be added to FURTHER WEAKEN the species? I'm afraid to have children because, honestly, I'm not in the mood to muddle my DNA with that of those in the shallow end of the gene pool. I am upset that those in power don't recognize greatness and potential and I am angry enough at the human race that I feel that once the end of the world comes, the aliens/God/zombies are welcome to zap me first. I'm done here.

irresponsible people 44

I've recently started homeschooling because I was bullied terribly for my race for 3 years and couldn't stand it long enough to move. When I got on the site to do homeschooling I had only been shown the first semesters work. I was not aware of this. I thought it showed me my whole years worth of work because homeschooling is work at your own pace, and my pace is fast. So I took it slow. When I found out that I had double the work that I thought I had, I was already 4 months into being lazy because I hadnt had much work to do. My anger is going towards my adviser who forgot to advise that I had double the work that was shown. I went from an A student to a student whos going to fail freshman year, and look like a dumbass to everyone when she goes back to public school next year. College, here I come. Yea fucking right.

People Who Slander Women 45

I am angry at the people of the world for thinking all women are gold-digging, backstabbing whores who will do anything for money, sex and shelter. For your information some women put a bad name to all the decent women in the world. I am sick of seeing the image of women slanded by disrespectful, slutty, immature girls (who only THINK they have the right to call themselves women) and men who have only ever associated with the afformentioned types of women. Some women are hardworking, decent, MORAL people.

Yet somehow I seem to get the blame for the actions of all the women the world has ever seen and it makes me SO goddamn angry!! I am a hardworking, diligent women. I am strong, independent and do not rely on others to get myself through my life. I am capable of doing things myself, not just spreading my legs to get my way. I wish people would judge me for who I AM, not who they THINK I am. If people took the goddamn time of day to actually have a conversation with some of the nicer women in the world they would understand a little of the frustration and anger I have towards my own sex.

Some women are not the backstabbing cunts you think they are, there are actual decent women who crave to have their intellect valued more than their chest size. Please women, for the sake of a world gone mad, take the time of day to try and become a better women and not be a cunt faced bitch. For the males of the world, if you try and keep the company of the decent females (there are actually alot of us out there) you will find that it is possible to have a conversation with a women and we are not all the bitches you seem to think we are. You people make me so angry...

stupidity 46

I hate stupid people. they are like a virus on the face of the earth. I need to try really hard not to want to punch them in the face when people ask me stupid questions or cannot explain something simply. Mostly its because people are oblivious to what adjectives are.

Ignorant and Stupid People 47

One of the things that i have found to make me i think one of the angriest people in the world is this... I am a person of higher knowledge and learning... i have spent countless hours just learning things that i dont know... i am not saying im any smarter than anyone else but i do seem to know alot... and i find it to not only satisfying but my responsibility as a cohabitant of this world to teach people things they dont know... but in this i have become a very very angry person... namely because i am starting to realize that people like remaining ignorant or stupid... i hate trying to tell someone something about a topic and them look at me and say... "I didnt need to know all that" or "Why do i need to know that" or my fav is when they just look at you bored and confused and you can tell your talking over their head and they dont care... i find people who know more than me about any topic facinating... to me i dont think i could bear the, what in my mind sould be, SHAME of someone trying to enlighten me on a subject and me just acting like i would be happy just to stay IGNORANT... i guess the old saying is true...


dickheads 48

I am so angry because some fucking bogons think that all house wives do all day is sit around watching dr phil and doting on his every word. Well eat shit Jamie, Greg and Kat, because your garden idea sucks shit badly. Just maybe I can do things like READ A BOOK, perhaps you should have tried that before you jumped in like the village idiots and tried to make a superior garden bed that has no hope of working. Did you ever think that things need to be functional and practical? Maybe you can grow some magic mushies in your stupid creation. Or since you are doing a course at tafe maybe you could LISTEN TO THE FUCKING TEACHER or else why in the fuck are you doing the course if you already fucking know everything. YOu didn't astound us with your brilliance, you actually shocked us with exactly how petty minded lowlifes can act when their dickhead gene kicks in.

Laundry idiots 49

I hate having to do laundry when I get a chance because all of the idiot neighbors do theirs. I hate that yesterday my stupid bitch neighbor left three towels in the washer and her laundry basket and then left with her boyfriend instead of taking out her clothes. Seriously you stupid bitch take out your fucking laundry so other poeple can do theirs. This dumbass also one time didn't let her daughter know she was bringing her 2 kids over to be babysit and then we ended up having to contact someone to take them back to their parents I mean seriously. Then when we get back home from shopping some stupid asses take up the damn laundry when we were going to do ours this is the last fucking straw I have had it with all of my idiot neighbors I hope to move soon if not I hope all of these worthless no lives get evicted so I can have a chance to do my laundry when I want to and go on with my day instead of a bunch of idiots taking up everything.

The social justice idiots on Tumblr. 50

I joined Tumblr thinking I would meet some people who had the same interests as me. At first, it was great, but then I discovered most of the people I originally followed were all part of a network of the ~social justice~ blogs filled to the brim with hypocritical bullshit. And it's not just one or two blogs, it's thousands, all equally ridiculous and invasive. Ugh.

These people call anybody who doesn't agree with their very specific political ideas "closed minded", which is utterly ridiculous. You'll have some 20-year-old vegan who identifies and genderqueer claiming to be for social justice, while at the same time cutting down anybody who doesn't agree with their radical political ideals. You're either are all of the following...

-hardcore feminist for free sex with anything that moves, COMPLETELY ignoring the physical/mental/emotional consequences that can result from that.

-is against "slut-shaming"... (Clearly these fucktards don't know the difference between a very sexually-active person and a full blown trashy slut who deserves to be shamed.)

-supports free abortions everywhere and being proud of it. (There are many different opinions and viewpoints on such a topic, but they refuse to even CONSIDER any other points of view. I'm moderately pro-choice, but the way they treat anybody who remotely disagrees with their extreme positions is disgusting (death threats are common and encouraged) and extremely hypocritical for people who claim to be open minded.)

-are a militant atheist who hates all religion and people who participate in it. (As an agnostic, I think there is no way to prove or disprove any theories, but the way theists of any kind are treated on this website is just awful. They're treated like idiotic children who don't know up from down by the people who *shock* claim to be open-minded. Sure, some religious people will be in-your-face in real life, but the small group on Tumblr mostly just keep to themselves and seem very sweet and much more reasonable and open than the majority of atheists who insist on harassing them. Is harrassing people for their ideas on things that can't be proven/disproven REALLY social justice?)

-are a sex positive feminist (Basically, wanting to be modest is surpressing your sexuality. Not wearing booty shorts/crop tops/exposing highly sexualized body parts in public while yelling "I AM NOT TO BE SEXUALIZED" is setting the feminist movement back a hundred years, as is not screaming about your sex life to anybody who can hear.)

-get butthurt over the tiniest things. (No fun or jokes allowed ever!!!! It hurts their delicate sensibilities!)

...and if you don't fit all of these plus more ridiculous standards, you're a despicable person who doesn't deserve to be alive, let alone be on Tumblr.

Basically, I have no idea how these people who claim to be so open-minded can be so incredibly narrow. Maybe it's just because I'm 15 and naive, but it was kind of a jolt to me, and at first I thought I was awful for not agreeing... But then I realized all of the holes and flaws in their arguments, all of the hypocrisy, now I'm just PISSED. Fuck you, "social activists" on Tumblr who claim to want nothing but the best when really you're just bullies who harrass anybody who isn't exactly like you. You're exactly what you claim to be fighting against and it's about time you got called out. I'm all for live-and-let-live, but the way you all go about harrassing people who are different from you (people who don't hurt anyone, just simply have different ideas) is PURE BULLSHIT. Learn tolerance and practice what you preach before acting so much holier-than-thou just because you label yourself as a social activist.

stupid people 51

I hear so many people bitch and complain about how stupid everyone else is... FIRST OFF! you online keyboard warrior motherfuckers... I hear all of you weak imbeciles complain everywhere about the same shit everyone else is complaining about. this observation happens as i look for someone who has spoken my rant! you all obviously dont understand a goddam thing about perception so let me lay it out for you.

uniquers- people obsessed with originality. GTFO of here you attention whores. I dont need to be original every second of every day. It is very rare to actually do something original. I happen to write music thich is partially original because there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SONGS. because of this people that know me think im a fucking genious.. IM NOT!!! i love the way i feel and i love bringing it out for all to see. i try to make sure the people around me are perceiving it correctly and not getting down on themselves... maybe you dimwits should care about someone else's crazy ass for a change. maybe you should be original for someone else. even though its not really original. maybe your just BEING AN EXAMPLE WITHOUT BEING A DICK ABOUT IT

ENERGIZED DUMBASSES: quit being ADHD. quit dropping out of school because you cant control your goddam hypothalamus. can you actually commit to learning a skilled trade? GO WALK 20 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING... SERIOUSLY. IT WILL OPEN YOUR PUNY ASS MIND. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD ENERGY AND CHARISMA DOES NOT MAKE YOU SMART. learn to organize. learn to be proud of how efficient and critical you are. learn to be a god among the weak

people obsessed with their IQ: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN IQ!!! the idea is ABSURD period... just look around your intuition (OR GOOGLE IF YOU DONT HAVE RATIONAL INTUITION) for why its credibility has come under question and you might learn a thing or two. Ive known this since I was fucking 9 years old. that was 13 years ago!!!

imperceptive motherfuckers: stop listening to old people telling you how smart you are. UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMEONE IS SMART DO NOT TAKE THEIR OPINION AS EDUCATED. beyond that little shenanigans... you need to get in touch with your body. then get in touch with someone elses. meanwhile fucking realize that maybe you are cool as fuck but you GO ABOUT IT THE WRONG WAY. YOU LACK OF CONFIDENCE MOTHERFUCKERS THAT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT BEING YOURSELF AND CANT GET RID OF YOUR SHAME FOR ONE GODDAM SECOND JUST TO BLOW SOMEONE ELSES MIND WITH HOW CRAZY AND WEIRD AND AWESOME YOU ARE AND HOW YOU DONT CARE IF ANYONE APPROVES OTHERWISE!

CHRISTIANS: YOU FAKE ASS NICE PEOPLE. you dont care about me OR ANYONE ELSE for that matter. you EXPECT people to be like jesus and get hurt or mad WHEN IT DOESNT HAPPEN. not only that but you either dont say shit about it or you BLOW UP LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS FRUSTRATED. learn how to understand WHY someone is doing something. and dont just listen to your pastor or the bible. IT HAS TERRIBLE PSYCHOLOGY AND MAKES PEOPLE IMPERCEPTIVE TO REALITY. fucking jealous gods? give me a break...



you people dont even have a clue about what smart is... here i am every day walking around (after years of head on determined collision with my own problems. problems i fixed after i truly stopped telling myself bullshit lies and accepted that it was they way i looked at things that was wrong) looking for a girl that will be on my level or at least a fraction of it. i hope i find a girl smarter than me... i hope...

Ignorant about Twins 52

I have an identical twin sister. I love her, and having a twin, but I am sick and tired of the stupid questions and comments I get! "Woah, you have the same birthday?" No, I was born a month later (eyeroll). "Do you guys share clothes?" Yes, I share every single aspect of my life with her. I also really hate the comparison questions, about who is smarter, who's more athletic, who's prettier. People just don't understand the similarities and differences between us. We are physically identical, so we're about equal strength, intelligence, and looks, but our personalities are different. The icing on the cake is, "What is it like to be a twin?" It's a well meaning question, but it's really fricking hard to answer. I don't know it any other way; it would be like asking someone else what is it like to not have a twin. My problem isn't so much the questions, but the frequency. I know most people are just genuinely curious, but when I get asked the same questions 3 times every day, it gets really annoying! I don't expect everyone to be able to tell us apart right away, but going to a school with only 90 people in my grade, with people I've known since Kindergarten, it's really frustrating that I STILL get called the wrong name. And then these people act like they've won a game show when they guess right. Come on, you'd have just as good odds flipping a coin.

Stupid People 52

Okay. You finally purchased a new computer after you complained endlessly about the one you owned. Congratulations! Right? WRONG!

Now you wail on endlessly about your new one. Windows 7 (which you ignorantly refer to as Windows 2007) is now a piece of garbage compared to XP, and office 2010 is far worse than Office 2003 which you couldn't use to save your life anyway.

Albeit some changes were made that leave a bit to be desired but were not talking about these are we? No. Your inability to create new folders, minimize and maximize windows, or how to change a screensaver was never changed since, I don't know, windows 95?

How many times will you bitch and moan to me about files you named and misplaced? Can you not Have you tried the simple search function to find them? I don't know how much more idiot proof they could have made it.

If you really hate PC so much, STFU and get a Mac. Although I am fairly certain you will be calling me to hold your hand as you desperately whine about the non existent control key.

And although I rant about your inability to use a computer, that doesn't mean you are stupid. What makes you stupid is that you speak with such disdain for something you know so little about. You blame everyone who tries to help you while you are too lazy to figure things out for yourself. GOOGLE IT!

dying alone 53

Girls these days are raised to be insensitive, terrible people, as such, i just can't catch a fucking break... all the girls at my school are attracted, almost automatically, to athletic, stupid, "normal" people, i don't like football, soccer, hockey, etc. in fact, my coordination is so poor, i am incapable of even catching a basketball... my dietary habits keep me healthy and slim, i have above average grades, and i hate pop music with a vengeance, and i am athiest, i do not attend any religious events, i would rather be executed, therefore, no girl i've met... at all... likes me, they constantly say shit like "you're strange, a nerd, insensitive, you don't treat me properly", WHY'S THAT? BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO LADY GAGA AT FULL FUCKING VOLUME? BECAUSE I DON'T LOVE GOD? BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE THAT MY LIFE DEPENDS ON BEING ABLE TO SHOOT A FUCKING HOCKEY PUCK? BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BUY YOU A ONE DIRECTION POSTER (that's why my last "girlfriend" broke up with me... seriously...), I AM ATHIEST, I LIKE DEFTONES, MARILYN MANSON, SOUNDGARDEN AND PRIMUS, I CAN'T PASS, KICK, SERVE, SHOOT OR CATCH FOR SHIT, I AM SMART, ARTICULATE, AND IF ANY GIRLS ARE ON HERE THAT FEEL THE SAME WAY, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS, DON'T LET ME DIE ALONE!!!

Idiot "helper" in the media 54

This idiot never does what she earns volunteer hours to do- HELP PEOPLE. I come in this morning, as I need to get a pass to work on an assignment at lunch that day. I write my name and date in the log, and I wait. THIS BITCH continues her idle fucking chit-chat with her friend for 15 minutes. I JUST WANT YOU TO GIVE ME MY FUCKING PASS!!! Eventually, I get sick of it, and write my own name in the pass I need. Then, as I walk out of the media center, she screams at me: "YOU CAN'T WRITE YOUR OWN PASS!" I proceed to tell her superviser what happened- that she wouldn't help me when I was standing there for 15 minutes with no one else around- and now I'm FUCKING SUSPENDED! Just because this bitch refused to do the job she is earning volunteer hours for.

Now, Anger Central, you're probably asking: "How do you know it was idle chit-chat?" It's easy- they were gossipping about the party they went to on Saturday, which people they thought were gay, their boyfriends who wisely broke up with their slut-asses. I come in to use the fucking service I thought I was allowed to use, she refuses to help me and I'm the one that gets shit for it. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Stupid People 55

I am mad because the town I live in is overun with idiocy. I guess what really set me off is this latest instance of going shopping at the W-mart. I go into the personal care section to buy some razors and a bottle of tanning lotion and it becomes a damn ten minute ordeal to find anything that hasn't been broken open or tampered with. Honestly? Almost every bottle of anything in the damn aisle has a safety seal that's been half peeled off so some dumbass can sample the product. MORONS. It's not like you're buying eggs and you have to open up the package to make sure none of them are broken! I can either take my chances with a product that's been opened or search for one that you idiots haven't gotten your mitts on yet...and God knows how long that will take. And it's not just razors or tanning gel either! Hell no! Everything from the hair color to the nail polish has been opened and picked over. I swear it's like a herd of bison went through! The aisles containing lipstick have smears all over the shelves where people have opened up the makeup and then put them back. Same with the nail polish. And the lotion. It's disgusting. I got a box of hair color last week that was missing the main ingredient and I had to take it back. Serves me right for not shopping at RtAd where the high prices keep most of the dumbasses away. I might pay more there, but at least the stuff I buy hasn't been pawed over by some nimrod and I don't have to worry about catching something gross from a tube of lip gloss that's been used. What is WRONG with you people? Does no one in this fucking town have the least bit of consideration for anyone else? How about you act like a fucking adult and pay for something before you use it, yes?

Need a computer to organise your life?! 56

How fucking thick are some people? Trying to meet up with friends and rather than just pick a date and see who can go one idiot (at a well known UK University and lacks all form of common sense) suggests a programme which "ets us record/see when we're free and shows the times when most people are available" - what the hell is wrong with writing it down on paper? Or just picking 1 date and going with it regardless of who can and can't. It's sad and pathetic when idiots like her can't do anything without it being a facebook event or discussing it in detail with a close friend (and therefore co-organiser) before making it an event, and then inviting people etc! She annoys the hell out of me despite us no longer being friends - she is just such an arse! And to top it all off - it's not even her "event". She's bloody hijacked it!

lady 57

Some idiot put a note on my car that my dog disturbed their peace and quiet by barking when they were waiting for someone to pick up a prescription.


People who think they know me. People who tell me what to do. Like, wtf. Like I can't tell what your overall point is. Like I can't tell that you're trying to lead me. Like I'm not gonna be pissed that you're a manipulative cunt. If you don't trust me, I won't trust you. I trust myself, trust that or fuck off.

I hate how stupid people can be 59

I just hate talking to people sometimes. Or even a lot of the time. People just talk about stuff that doesn't matter at all or about themselves, and only about themselves. So I just tune out and reply how I'm supposed to for the sake of being polite. For me talking to people is my daily day dreaming time. There's nothing interesting to do or say and I hate it. It's so boring. Being social is supposed to be fun but it isn't if all we do is talk. I hate small talk so much. But I do love hanging out with people. Just not when they talk all the time.

Dumb People 60

I am so fucking tired of dumbshits who sit around on their lazy asses all day long, having to be told what to do on every little fucking thing! Today I tell this dumb bitch to do a simple task, she asks "should I do this or that" I tell the fucking fat idiot "ok" I come back later and nothing has been done!!! What the fuck?!! So I ask the fucking pigass why she didn't do it, "oh I thought you said ok so I didn't have to do it" What the fuck?!! The dumb pig sat there on her lazy fat ass and, instead of actually using her brain and doing what I said, but no, nothing!!! Fuck!!!

Stupid People 61

Why are people in this country so goddamn fucking stupid? Recently the cops were called to an Elementary School all because a 9 year old boy asked for Brownies and the idiot teacher and a some stupid kid decide to take offence to it. Really you;re going to call the cops all because you think Brownies are offensive, give me a fucking break the teacher who made that call I think needs to be fired because she is obviously too stupid to be a teacher and the kid who got offended by it needs to get the shit kicked out of him. You know people in this country seem to be getting stupider by the moment and it's obvious this teacher clearly shouldn't be a teacher to get a student in trouble just for asking for Brownies, I say your dumbass needs another career choice. Also if that was my kid, I would go to that School, find the idiot teacher and proceed to beat the goddamn fuck out of her and bash her goddamn brainless head open too and find the stupid kid who snitched and savagley attack the dumbass kid too and even beat the hell out of the idiot Principalfor not lifting a finger to help. You see this is why Zero tollerence needs to be removed from Schools because idiot teachers and the fatass Principals at every school in this country are clearly abusing their power to abuse our children and they deserve to be fired and get a beating from angry parents. Also SJWs need to have a baseball bat and a hammer to break their goddamn jaws open because SJWs are too goddamn stupid and are the real problem with the world today, if you see a SJW talking shit proceed to beat the fuck out of them.

Kids Eating Tide Pods 62

What is wrong with today's youth, it seems like they don't want to learn anything in School and why they want to do something really stupid and dangerous, EATING FUCKING TIDE PODS. Tide Pods are meant for cleaning your clothes the labels on the box even tell you that these products ARE NOT to be consumed and you have dumbass kids on YouTube putting Tide Pods in their mouth and nearly choking on them. Well what the fuck do you expect it's fucking Laundry Detergent. I dunno if there is any hope for the youth of today if they want to do stupid shit like eating detergent pods I really do shudder to think what the next youth trend will be.

Kids Snorting Condoms 63

Mr. Webmaster it seems that kids have way too much time on their hands, because if you thought them eating Tide Pods for views on YouTube was really stupid; now they are doing something just as stupid, they're fucking snorting condoms up their noses now. First of all who the fuck thought this would be a good idea? There were some teenage girls who started this snorting condoms up their noses and pulling them out through their throats. How can anyone not cringe at the thought of that? Not to mention the effects it would have on your insides if that condom went down your throat; than that YouTube money you make will go towards surgery to remove it from your body.

Seriously Kids just don't seem to have nothing better to do anymore; whether it be eating tide pods or snorting condoms up their noses. If they would just stink to playing with toys and video games maybe Toys R Us wouldn't be going out of business. Seriously kids stay in school, and do something else with your time besides doing these retarded and senseless challenges.

*Note from Anger Central
We saw that when it was reported. Various eyerolls and "What are they? Stupid? remarks were made.
Somehow, we don't think the misuse of condoms will be increasing the teen pregnancy rate.
That requires one or more of the idiots to actually...survive.

Stupid People 64

I am so angry at the recent trend of retarded racists calling the Police every time they see a Black Person. Enough why are you calling the Police on Black People they haven't done a thing to you, why you think it's because the dumbass racist Cops of this Country can easily Arrest them. Why don't these dumbass Cops just arrest the callers for Misuse of 911. Most of these callers have been nothing but some dumbass White Woman; fucking spoiled cunts you know what if I was your man I would beat the hell out of you every day for being a spoiled, stuck up racist bitch. White Women do the world a favor and grow the fuck up already.

*Note from Anger Central
Duct Tape Can't Fix Stupid Shirt, but it can muffle the sound

Accusers 65

Scummo in the street spat at me and yelled "fucking bastard". When I went after him to demand why the fuck he was so rude, the psychopath continued to hurl abuse at me constantly and accused me of being a burglar. Um, right. I just moved into the area you idiot, and I like to go for walks. So yeah, I walk around the area a bit. Just because I wear a hat some idiot thinks I look suspicious and I'm a fucking burglar? I buy everything I own with my own money you doofus accusative fuck face. Apparently there had been a burglary attempt in the area a few days ago (I had not heard about it). But to accuse somebody of being the fucking burglar just for walking around their new neighborhood in broad daylight, and spitting at them and swearing at them? Take your meds you schizophrenic bastard. The things this bastard said were truly horrendous, in all my 31 year on this earth never have I heard such incredible rudeness. I find it unbelievable that an innocent person could be blank point accused of being a criminal as well. How fucking stupid does someone have to be to make that accusation? I've never stolen anything and never will because I'm not a parasitic fucking leech but thanks anyway, bitch.

Note from Anger Central
You can't fix stupid, but duct tape does help muffle the screams.

Stupid People 66

I just left Wal-Mart to put my groceries in the trunk of my car and saw some idiots who were parked next to my car when I got in Wal-Mart left their fucking cart in front of my car door. Are you people that goddamn stupid to realize you are parked next to the cart return thing, not only that but since you dumbass are too goddamn stupid and lazy to put your cart in the cart return thing I found a scratch on my car and since you morons left I don't even have a licence plate or a description to know what dumbasses scratched my car all because of how ignorant you are. When I was shopping I did see some nasty white trash losers in the store some fat cow and a wifebeater wearing tattoed drugged up loser, I bet they were the ones who scratched my car they do look stupid and ignorant enough; fucking lowlife druggies they clearly care about no one but themselves. It's also the reason why so many people are moving to get away from such lowlife people. If you idiots can afford your drugs and whatever junk you were buying from Wal-Mart your nasty dumbasses can also pay for the scratch on my car; there is a reason why those cart return things were made for fucking dumbasses.

Stupid Nasty Ass People 67

What in the hell is wrong with people so some stupid bitch thought it was funny to lick ice cream from a carton and than put the tub back on the shelf. that is so gross and you could be eating that very Ice Cream that stupid bitch licked. If you want Ice Cream so damn bad buy some like a regular customer would do.

Now recently at a Wal-Mart (Big Surprise) some woman opened up a bottle of listerine, put it in her mouth and then put the Listerine back on the shelf after she just put the bottle in her mouth. That is just so unsanitary I mean why the fuck are they doing this, do they know the diseases people can catch from that? Looks like we may half to becareful with the products we buy, you never know is some cunt had their dick sucking lips onto a tub of ice cream or a bottle of listerine.

Fast Food 911 Calls 68

It makes me so angry when people use 911 to complain about their orders at restaurants getting botched. I really don't understand what makes anybody think the Police would come to arrest a McDonald's worker because they are a Fry short of a Happy Meal.

Recently some woman was so mad about her Chicken Sandwich at KFC she called 911 over it. I mean What the fuck do you think the Police are going to do Arrest Colonel Sanders because you don't like your sandwich? Let's also share several other stupid reasons people have called 911 over their botched fast food orders.

A Woman was so mad at Subway who put Marinara Sauce instead of Pizza Sauce. Now really you're going to hold up real emergencies because you don't like Marinara Sauce and think it's more important than attending to a victim of a head on collision? This stupid bitch was locked up for 30 minutes because it's a waste of Police Officer's time to answer and arrest these morons who use 911 for Fast Food Orders.

Then some idiot ordered 7 Cheeseburgers and when he found out he was a burger short, he called 911. now you're calling 911 over a Missing Cheeseburger please Call 911 after eating all of those damn cheeseburgers you glutton.

It really is stupid that people use 911 for stupid and selfish reasons. Next time if you find yourself in a life and death situation and can't get help it's because some fucktard is holding up the lines because they're not satisfied with their fast food orders. It's idiots like that who shouldn't even be allowed to have phones since they don't know how to use 911 properly.

*Note from Anger Central
The good news is, calling 911 with this sort of garbage is illegal and gets these morons fined.
One time, The Webmaster called the local police information line for a non-emergency issue. He was routed over to 911 and when he heard
"911 Emergency, how may I help you?" He became very worried and explained he wasn't calling about an emergency and dint' dial 911.
The operator explained that after a certain time, (Normal business hours), all calls are routed to the 911 operators. The Webmaster breathed a deep sigh of relief.
People dialing 911 for idiocies like the above need to learn how to make little rocks out of big ones.

The Outlet Challenge 69

What is it with these kids today doing stupid and dangerous challenges instead of their Homework? Some Dumbass Kids nearly burned their School Down by putting a penny in a phone charger and then went to plug it into an outlet and caused electrical sparks to shoot up and could have nearly electrocuted these kids as well as electrical damage and almost got the School burned down because these dumbasses thought it would get them famous on TikTok.

I mean is that all this generation cares about is "Getting Famous?" Not even Johnny Knoville went that far with his Jackass stunts so why is it that today's kids will go and do stupid shit for those views and to get famous and I hope that money pays for your Medical Bills.

I swear doesn't today's kids have anything else better to do? Please let this serve as a lesson to today's youths; stop doing stupid and idiotic things for fame because all you're doing is giving yourself nothing but shame; and also be smart and don't be stupid.

Stupid People 70

I find it very crazy how the stupid People section has been up since 2006 and so many rants ranging from dumbasses calling 911 over Fast Food order something that I really don't understand why anyone thinks the Police would expedite wrong fast food orders to the very stupid viral challenges; and I mean Viral literally because these challenges are a virus.

Now onto the point following last week's outlet challenge it seems like idiots have found something else to amuse themselves doing. Guys dipping their testicles into soy sauce and then trying to taste them. Mr. Webmaster and anybody reading this if you are grossed out after reading that last sentence I don't blame you because what in the hell is wrong people today? Number one you think that would burn your balls and second let's see if anybody tries this and we can ask if they have ever sucked their own dick before. But seriously what is it with these fucking dumbass challenges I mean why don't these idiots just find a job instead of doing stupid shit to get famous. God only knows what stupid challenge these idiots will come up with next, if only someone would put a stop to the stupidity.

Stupid People 71

Well I really don't think there is any hope for the youth of today after learning of the latest idiotic trend on Social Media. It's the CoronaVirus Challenge it involves kids licking doorknobs, toilet seats any any surfaces that gets touched and could be a supposed carrier of the CoronaVirus. I mean for the Love of God are Kids really that bored and have nothing else better to do than to try to get famous by doing stupid shit on TikTok or YouTube. Here's an idea play video games, read comic books, please stop doing these stupid and idiotic challenges and when you grow up please get a real job instead of trying to be a wannabe jackass.

*Note from Anger Central
We heard about that one. Darwin at his finest no doubt.

Idiots that still want a Lockdown 72

I am so sick of sitting at home all day while the world is under lockdown because of the stupid China Virus. To all of these paranoid Governors open up Businesses ok the Mortality rate isn't that high I say we need to get back to work because all of this sitting at home bullshit is going to leave many homeless.

But what is pissing me off the most is these hateful ass idiots on Twitter calling people who want the Shutdown to end idiots. Real fucking mature the only idiots I see are you lazy ass bums who are used to sitting on your asses instead of working. Just because you lazy bums are happy that you get to sit on your asses all day eating up all of the food you bought in bulk at the supermarkets doesn't give you the right to decide when people should go back to work.

This damn lockdown needs to come to an end already I want to go back to work and i'm sure everyone does and the damn media needs to shut the hell up already and move on from this Covid-19 shit already.

*Note from Anger Central
We're sick of this as well, and frankly, these lockdowns are of questionable constitutionality.
The Webmaster has been forced to work from Home, and the Angry S.O. company has shut down for lack of anything to do. (Shipping/receiving)
The Webmaster generally walks a couple of miles each day and he's seeing more and more people doing the same.
Now that the weather is warming up, it's going to be much harder to force people stay inside. That and they need to get back to work.

Panic Buyers 73

As the possibility of a second lockdown looms I am so angry that a bunch of dumbfucks are panicking at the stores and are snatching all of the toilet paper and other stuff off the shelves. Hey Panic Buyers do you not realize that even if we do go under lockdown again, Grocery Stores will STILL BE OPEN?

Obviously there are way too many uneducated fucktards who think of no one but themselves and it's bullshit I mean COVID-19 Doesn't give you diahrea so why are you morons taking all of the toilet paper?

Why don't you stupid fucks leave stuff for others because there are people out there who can't find anything to eat or any other necessities because you idiots keep buying everything in bulk.

What are you idiots trying to accomplish, putting supplies out of stock permanently by taking everything by the bulk and making sure no one else gets it? Well fuck you asshole if I worked at that store I would force you to put everything back and have you banned permanently because there is no sense in buying everything up in bulk and making sure no one else gets anything; do you really need all of that toilet paper and shit for your fucking meth labs?

If there is anything you retarded fucks could stock up on is condoms so that way you don't breed any little retarded fuckers and if you already did than i'm sure it's already too late for humanity.

Also To the Idiot Webmaster do I sound fucking Drunk to you? No so fuck you dumbass, I bet you're the one that's drunk when reading these rants you drunk stupid idiot.

*Note from Anger Central
You were doing fine until that last sentence. Just for your information, the Webmaster tends to do the updates early in the morning, and when he does partake of adult beverages, it's in very small quantities.
Of course, insulting the Webmaster from anonymity is about typical for people of your probable political pursuasion. Gutless, cowradly bananas.
Bananas you ask? Yes, you only attak in big, yellow bunches. :)

Gorilla Glue is NOT Hair Gel 74

Why do people do dumbass things?

Well from Eating Tide Pods to Snorting Condoms, to Calling 911 over Fast food and now we got some dumb bitch who put Gorilla Glue in her Hair.

Gorilla Glue which is meant for Home Improvement is now being uses as a way to style hair.

How much of an idiot do you half to be to put any kind of glue let alone Gorilla Glue in your fucking hair?

The stupid bitch then tried to sue the Gorilla Glue manufacturers all because her dumbass thought Gorilla Glue was a Hair Product.

Well the idiot ended up having surgery but Good God people should have better sense not to use fucking Gorilla Glue as a hair product.

Who knows what other dumbass shit someone will think of next for publicity?

*Note from Anger Central
Oh it gets worse. Other idiots have accepted the "Gorilla Glue Challenge and managed to glue themselves up pretty badly.
No Darwin award winners yet...sadly.

Stupid People 75

I was minding my own business going to the restroom at a restaurant and some dumbass loser starts laughing at me because of the hat I was wearing. I was wearing an anime hat but this dumbass was laughing at it, like what the fuck is your problem are you some anime hating loser. Yeah all dressed up like a thug with nasty looking hair wearing a fucking toboggan in this season and a sports jersey.

I tried to brush it off as I went to eat my food, then I felt someone tried to grab my hat as there is the same dumbass from the restroom trying to steal my hat as I grabbed his arm and then kicked him in the stomach and punched this dumbass in the face.

This fucking loser nearly ruined a hat that I paid for with my own money all because this dumbfuck wants to be an ass. I don't know what shit you're stupid ass has been smoking but you really are one stupid ass mother fucker to laugh at my hat and then try to snatch it off my head. I told restaurant staff what happened and they kicked his dumbass out of the restaurant.

If you don't like what i'm wearing than don't say or do anything when you yourself look like trash and trying to steal what you don't like will end up with you getting trashed; fucking moron.

The Milk Crate Challenge 76

Once again Social Media has invented yet another stupid challenge.

This time it involves stacking Milk Crates and trying to climb and walk on the stacks of milk crates like they were stairs.

The Milk Crate Challenge is dangerous and has lead to a number of injuries.

Like why the fuck would you want to paralyze yourself when there are Hospitals being overpacked with COVID patients?

Yeah you're shit out of luck and can't get a Hospital Bed because you wanted to do some dumbass stunt for fame.

What the Fuck has happened to Common Sense?

Idiots on Twitter that are defending a School Shooting 77

When a School Shooting happens it's usually a white trash loser but this time it's some black boy but there are people on Twitter who are defending him by saying he's 18.

Bullshit, he's a legal adult who committed an unforgivable crime, first the little n word beat up a defenseless student than shot up the school and the only that that little apeshit deserves is a prison cell and fed to Bubba in Prison.

What pisses me off are idiots on Twitter defending him by saying him and his Parents should find Jesus and counselling. Shut the fuck up you fucking dumbasses if anything you're the ones who need counselling for making excuses for a School Shooter who deserves to die a painful and violent death for his actions.

If anyone commits any crime that's 18 or over than they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law no questions asked.

Also this has nothing to do with race, a School Shooter deserves to suffer extreme consequences whether there skin is white or black so stop making everything about race and get your facts straight before you cry racism on Twitter when there is NOTHING that is considered racist at all.

Stupid People 78

Spoiler to anyone who hasn't seen Halloween Kills but in the Movie Michael Myers kills a Gay Couple and some moron on the internet makes an article accusing Michael Myers of being Homophobic.

Michael Myers is not Homophobic you retard. Michael Myers kills anyone indiscriminately that includes straight people, black people, and anyone because he's evil and to call him homophobic because he killed a gay couple makes you the dumbest person on Earth.

I Hope Michael Myers kills you any and every single one of you fucking whiny, crybaby cancel culture fucktards who believes this bullshit but that would be discrimination against stupid people.

Stupid People 79

I am so fucking pissed my whole Christmas is ruined because last week my sister was having a Christmas Party and one of her friends came over at a late time just as everyone was leaving all because she got the wrong time on her phone and now days later she informs me that she never got vaccinated and tested positive for COVID.

My sister's friend truly is a stupid bitch that she couldn't have told anyone before that she hadn't gotten vaccinated and may have gotten COVID to my family.

My sister should cut all ties with her, people that stupid shouldn't be allowed around anyone.

Bitch should have gotten her vaccine and booster shot a lot sooner and it pisses me off that we half to cancel Christmas plans now because my sister's friend is a stupid bitch who should have told everyone she wasn't vaccinated before coming to her house days ago.

People please get fucking vaccinated and boosted already and stop allowing COVID to drag on into another year, we're all fed up with this shit so please get Vaccinated and Boosted.

*Note from Anger Central
Dear Paranoid Hypochondriac;
The so called vaccines have been shown to not be very effective. They appear to be totally ineffective with the Omicron vairant.
On the other hand, the Omicron variant appears to be no worse than the common cold and also appears to be providing natural immunity to all the variants.
We're now seeing people who have been vaxxed and boosted still contracting the Fauci paid for Chinese Biological weapon.
The simple fact of the matter is, the Wuhan Flu isn't that deadly. Roughly 99.97% of those who contract it recover. (Omicron appears to be near 100%)
of the 0.03% who die, most have a preexisting condition that makes them less able to throw off the virus. (The actual number of fatalities in the United States is probably less than 20,000)
The high numbers listed included anyone who had the different variants in their system when they died. There are recorded instances of peopel being shot to death as "Died of Covid."
I would suggest that if you are so terrified, you place a pclear plastic bag over your head and seal it tightly to keep any possibility of the virus from reaching you.

Fights at Waffle House 80

Why do grown ass adults choose Waffle House of all places to fight at?

I see videos all the time mostly black people all fighting in a restaurant.

People go to restaurants to eat food not start a fight with someone over some stupid ass bullshit.

There are videos of women nearly stripping eachother while puling eachother's hair in a catfight at Waffle House. I saw videos of not only fist flying but also food and there are children in third world countries that are starving and you have morons throwing food all while throwing fists inside of Waffle House.

The most recent incident where a bunch of ratchet ugly ass black women starting a fight with Waffle House Employees and one of them threw a chair and the Waffle House Employee swatted it away like tis bitch is seriously done with all of this bullshit that she has to deal with when she's just trying t o support her family.

If some ugly ass black bitch threw a chair in my direction I would catch that chair and start beating all of those ugly ass bitches with them but then retards on the internet would call it a racist attack because clearly they are too stupid to know what "self defense" means.

I would also go find where ll of these retards live on Twitter and then start beating them senseless with said chair and put the fear of God and telling these Cancel Culture Cucktards that they karma is real.

Seriously people grow up and stop using Waffle House as a UFC Ring or Jerry Springer to settle your fucking conflicts because some of us just wants to enjoy some waffles.

*Note from Anger Central
This will be the final post from a ranter into Anger Central.
As of this post, we are now in archive mode.
Thank you for making the last post a good one.

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