These people are literally Satan's army. They call you when you are eating a nice lunch, or playing on your computer. They are also good to practice your verbal abuse on. Say things to them you wouldn't say to people you work for. Call them all the names in the book and invent new ones. Some of them are fucking insolent, demanding to talk to your dad or mom when they stayed at a particular place. Get nasty and hateful. If you've had a bad day, vent on them.

*Note from Anger Central :)

Telemarketers 2

While I'm angry at telemarketers in and of themselves, I'm even MORE pissed at the judges who are trying to block How is it a violation of free speech to not be disturbed by some fucker bugging you! Free Speech my ass! Oh well, in the mean time I'll just have to cuss out every telemarketer who calls me. Maybe they'll get the hint.

*Note from Anger Central
These judges should be taught a lesson in restraint. They should be impeached from the bench for making obviously stupid decisions.

Telemarketers 3

Nothing pisses me off more then telemarketers. Actually nothing pisses me off more then forgien telemarketers who can barely fucken speak english and who hold me up for 5 fucken minutes just to say "G-o-o-d, a-f-t-e-r-n-o-o-n" Shit, was the cab company not accepting new applicants? You fucken annoy me when you call 2 seconds before I open my mouth to take a bite of dinner, and when I don't answer you let it ring and ring and ring. No, I don't need another fucken mastercard, no, I don't need better car insurance and yes you should fuck right off.

Telemarketer Crazies 4

"Hello, we have a call for all local septic tank owners in L***** H***!!" "Good afternoon! Please try a free sample of Kutie Poo Kitty Litter" (this one was real! I picked it up!) Sound familiar? These were both calls I got at my grandmother's house, I sat there and made rude noises while they were making testimonials about Kutie Poo Kitty Litter-I got the idea from the wise poster that said to be rude to 'em! Why don't we all put 'em in a cow pasture and shock 'em with cattle prods every time they pick up a phone? This has been another one of Miss Brady's Crazy Ideas! Thanks for listening to me rant Webmaster ^_^

telemarketers 5

Just because you have no reason for existing other than to call people on the telephone does NOT mean my sole purpose in life is to answer it. I've had the misfortune of being in one of these crummy "call centers" before, and I'll tell you that a half-rate porn theatre seemed more wholesome.

Telemarketers themselves are trash. They have no career-related skill, otherwise they wouldn't be calling people during dinnertime. Telemarketers are typically the folks who fall for MLM's, frequently play the lottery, and/or cheat on their spouses. They're losers at life.

Perhaps their one consolation is for the thirty seconds you have to endure their drivel before hanging up is that you're nearly as miserable as they are.

Prank Callers 6

I was doing my job at Papa John's as the phone rang thinking it was a customer, but what it was, was some weirdo claiming he chipped a tooth on one of our pizzas and found a bone in the meat. This weirdo then starts cussing me out calling me a mother fucker and trying to get us to compensate him for free pizzas for a year. Bullshit you're not getting any more pizza from us so you can complain and claim you found a bone in the pizza.

Yeah I think a couple of kids were playing a practical joke on me, really do you kids have nothing else better to do with your time? You know if it was up to me we should make these annoying prank callers who call up our establishment work here for a day. Prank callers make me so mad when they try this kind of bullshit on our business.

*Note from Anger Central
When the Webmaster orders from Papa John's, he uses the app. :)

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