Unexpected Company

GOD I love this site!! I love it so much, I no longer even care if my rants get posted; it just feels so damn good to bitch about it, getting it posted it is just a bonus.

This is dedicated to "DAVE".

Anyway, something that has pissed me off for years, is people who randomly drop by my house, no phone call or anything, and expect you to drop everything and greet them with a smile. My husband has a friend who is notorious for this. It's almost always on a weekend, when we are either in bed/tired/not dressed/having leisurely morning coffee & breakfast in our fucking UNDERWEAR on the couch. BANG BANG BANG!! "Who the hell is that?".....(husband goes to peek out the window).."It's Dave!" Me: "Fuck!" Then I have to pick up my coffee & food and go in the bedroom while he lets the asshole in to see what he wants. The more frequent thing that happens, is he shows up when my husband isn't home from work yet, and bangs on the door for what seems like hours, all the while my two dogs are barking wildly. The most infuriating thing is, if he suspects someone may be home, and just not answering the door, he'll cup his hands over his huge face and try to peer into the frosted glass window of the door!! I feel like throwing a bowling ball through the window when he does it. Or dropping an anvil on his head from the roof. As if that's not bad enough, he sometimes makes his rounds to the windows, peeking in to see if I'm there! Often singing out, "Hellloooooo" like an idiot. I mean for fuck sake, I have been naked or in a towel at times, and had to dodge past the window and draw the shades so he doesn't catch me in the damn nude. How ignorant can people be? He knows our fucking phone number, is it really so hard to give us a heads up that he is on the way? Doesn't it even make sense from his point of view, since if nobody answers the door he's wasted his time & gas driving out here?? I like to have the house nice and tidy before company comes in, even if it's family or close friends we see often, I feel embarrassed and like I have to rush around, cleaning around them if someone just lands in unannounced.

Don't people think, "hey..., I've knocked 25 times and still no answer...could it be..they surely would have HEARD me by now, and either are not home or DON'T FEEL LIKE ANSWERING FOR WHATEVER REASON??" Just because somebody comes to my door, I am not obligated to answer and let them in; they should have called first and there'd be no problem. Now, this is not to say I never answer my door. If I've just cleaned and am fully dressed, no plans, etc, I don't mind. But jeez, lots of women walk around braless in the comfort of their own home and don't want to answer the door not wearing a bra, dishes in the sink, or cooking in my husband's t-shirt (& nothing else!!) Have some damn consideration.

One time, Dave dropped by AGAIN with no warning, I was just getting out of bed (slightly hungover on a Sunday morning from a bit too much wine), and he happened to spot my silhouette passing the window. Instead of having enough brains to get the hint and leave after a few minutes (husband was out picking up coffee for us), he drove around the block a few times, waiting to see if I would peek out the window or door so he could "catch me" because "he knew someone was in there"!!! He even told me this when my husband found him in the driveway waiting and reluctantly let him in, when he got back. Honestly, he's not too bad otherwise, I just wish he would exercise some damn common sense at times!!

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