The last communist, Comrade Bernie Sanders, calls it quits

Good day all. Well, it’s been a while coming, but Comrade Bernie has decided to suspend his campaign to “Make America Soviet.” His dismal showing in the last bunch of primaries pretty much finished him off. Now he’s off to count trees in Alaska.

Now that the Communist is out, the doddering old fool with dementia, (No, not Nancy Pelosi), Joe Biden is now the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. In other words, they couldn’t find anyone who had any chance at all of defeating President Donald Trump. Here are some details from Fox News:

Bernie Sanders suspended his Democratic presidential campaign on Wednesday, effectively ensuring former Vice President Joe Biden will be the party’s nominee even as the liberal Vermont senator vowed to continue to lead his “movement” into the future.

Movement? Is that something that happens after one has processed a meal and the body is expelling the waste matter?

The senator, at one point the front-runner for the nomination, initially announced the decision during an all-staff conference call Wednesday morning, and followed up with an address livestreamed to supporters shortly before noon.

And other then the Berniebots in their BMW’s, no one cares. (Yes, I have seen a Bernie sticker on a BMW) Berning, being his usual delusional self, claims that America is all set to go full on Communist.

He still claimed a symbolic victory in saying “our movement has won the ideological struggle” — discussing how core ideas like a $15 minimum wage, health care for all and more have been more widely embraced in the party.

No mention of how many people who had jobs at less then $15/hr became unemployed after the hikes took place. As for government control of healthcare, hello? Have you seen just how badly countries with socialist medical care have fared during the China Virus Panicdemic? Not to well actually. Honestly, only morons, moonbats and Berniebots supported your ideas. The rest of America? They told you to just leave and go back to your three homes.

In a curious moment, though, Sanders said that Biden “will be the nominee,” yet went on to stress the importance of continuing to win delegates for his own campaign so he’ll be able to exert “influence” on the party platform.

I can tell you exactly what Comrade Bernie’s influence will be. Bupkis. Nada, Nil, a big fat zero.

More than any other Democratic campaign, Sanders’ candidacy indeed represented a movement — a populist, liberal, grassroots army of young people and others drawn to his democratic socialist beliefs, which he brought from the fringes to the mainstream of the party.

And that group of idiots think money grows on trees. None of them have a clue what Socialism or Communism is, or how many people have been murdered by those ideas. (Coming up on 160 million now I think)

Sanders won New Hampshire’s primary and scored a landslide victory in the Nevada caucuses in late February, as he surged to front-runner status in the nomination race. The populist lawmaker, however, then suffered a string of major primary defeats in his second straight presidential bid.

I would have to look it up, but I believe Comrade Bernie and the other democrats combined pulled in few votes overall then President Trump, who was running unopposed. I know there were a lot of crossover voters who pulled a democrat ballot just to vote for Comrade Bernie. Why? They knew he would be slaughtered by President Trump. The fact is, the DNC knew this as well which is why they pulled out all the stops to make Creepy Joe the nominee. This hasn’t stopped Comrade Bernie from shooting off his mouth about President Trump.

Sanders on Wednesday blasted Trump as the “most dangerous president” in modern American history.

If you want to see the differences between Biden, Sanders and president Trump, just take a look at how they would have handled, or are handling, the current Panicdemic. President Trump, once he understood that the World Health Organization and China were lying about the China Virus, closed down travel from China.

Comrade Bernie and Slow Joe Biden promptly called Trump a racist and that he was wrong to stop the travel. Well, as usual, President Trump was right and the old fogies on the left were dead wrong. In fact, Groping Joe Biden has never been right on any major policy. If you want to know what the correct way to do something is, ask Slow Joe, then do the opposite.

Good bye Bernie. I can’t say will miss you, since you won’t take the hint and just go away. Perhaps you should emigrate to a country more to your liking, say Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea.


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~The Angry Webmaster~