Baen’s Bar is coming back!!

Good day all. It has been a few months since Baen’s Bar was forced offline thanks to a lying Progressive scumbag, who I have taken to calling Jason Sandfart, accused people on The Bar of every crime he could think of. He managed to piss off exactly the wrong sort of people who then made it their life’s work to lawfully make his life a living hell.

While this has been going on, The Bar has been offline while the Publisher, Toni Weisskopf and her people went through everything and did all the legal due diligence that needed to be done. Since Bean Publishing is heavily involved with the Internet, they couldn’t take any risk of being deplatformed by the Forces of Evil and Darkness.

Well, we have some great news. Baen’s Bar is going to be coming back online! This was posted on Mewe in the Emergency Holographic Bar group by the wonderful Ms. Weisskopf:

Did I post here that the Bar is close to coming back up? I think I posted in the other Emergency Holographic group, the one for cons. But yes, the Bar is close to coming back up. Will be substantially the same as before, but with one significant change: new members will have had to have bought a book at to log onto the Bar. Anybody who’s been active in the last 12 months is grandfathered in.

I should note, too, that we’ve added a Bar tipjar, so the new folks don’t even have to buy an actual book, just contribute to the upkeep up the Bar in order to participate.

While I have a very large assortment of Baen Books, I don’t recall buying any directly from the web site. However I have been active on The Bar for significantly longer then 12 months so I should be all set. I suspect, although I haven’t confirmed this, that the reason that Baen’s Publishing is requiring the purchase of a book is to block the trolls, leftists, progressives and other scum of the Earth. These are people who just pop in to cause trouble and then either get banned or vanish.

I don’t have a date when The Bar will be back online, but I can’t wait. Granted, my writing on the blog has increased due to the lack of a massive time suck that reading and posting on The Bar causes. But frankly, some of my best ideas come from there. Stay tuned. As I get more information, such as when The Bar will reopen for business, I’ll update The Blog.

Oh yes, click on the amazon links below and buy some Baen Books. Yes, I do get a very small, minuscule, almost microscopic commission, but hey, Baen Publishing and the authors need the money so they will write and publish more books that we can buy and read.


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