Good Riddance to Bad Trash, Alcee Hastings finally croaks

Good day all. San Fran Nan received some bad news last night Representative, (and Impeached Judge), Alcee Hastings, (D-FL), has finally kicked the bucket. Why is San Fran Nan unhappy? Because another of her corrupt minions will now have to be replaced.

Alcee Hastings was a crook. He was appointed to the Federal Bench by the Third Worst President in American history, Jimmy Carter. He was later impeached in the house, and convicted in the senate of being a crook and removed from the bench. Unfortunately, they neglected to make sure he couldn’t hold any other office, and the dirt bag ran and won a seat in Congress. Now he is pushing up the daisies. He has assumed room temperature. He is finally DEAD. Here are the details from Fox News:

Alcee Hastings, a Democratic congressman from Florida, has died at age 84, Fox News has confirmed.

Hastings had been a federal judge and was impeached and convicted by the Senate in the late 1980s. But he then ran for Congress and won in 1992.

And that shows what brain dead dolts his constituents were.

Hastings represented Florida’s 20th Congressional District, which includes Democratic areas around Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. He was the dean of the Florida congressional delegation as the longest-serving member from the Sunshine State.

He was also yet another fossilized testament to the need for a constitutional amendment limiting the terms of congresscretins.

Hastings’ passing means an even slimmer majority for the Democrats in the House. Once Rep.-elect Julia Letlow, R-La., is sworn into office to serve out the remainder of her late husband’s seat, Republicans will hold 212 seats compared to Democrats’ 218 seats. That means Democrats can only lose two votes on their side and pass a bill without Republican help. By rule, tie votes fail.

There will be five vacancies — four of which were Democrat-held seats.

San Fran Nan is already down four minions? Considering the average age of the vermin in the house, could we see a few more stroke out? Of course, they will be replaced, but that means elections, and with everyone already believing that the 2020 election was badly tainted, they will be watching the ones to replace members like the proverbial hawk.

Tributes quickly came in Tuesday morning for Hastings.

Oh please, spare me the crocodile tears.

“He was passionate, emotional, a straight & no chaser type of Member,” tweeted Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison. “He loved his constituents & he took time to teach young staffers from the bumps in life he experienced.”

You mean getting caught being a crook and getting bounced off the bench? The only reason he wasn’t criminally charged and convicted was the rules of evidence and the presumption of innocence. I believe the term was “Unindicted Co-conspirator.”

“Along with [former Reps.] Carrie Meek and Corrine Brown, he was the first African-American from Florida to serve in Congress after more than 100 years,” Diaz-Balart said in a statement. “… His brilliance, perseverance, and charisma allowed him to build a lasting and meaningful legacy. Even during his last battle, the one that took his life, he continued to serve with passion, heart, and always with a smile on his face.”

Believe me, they could have done a lot better, but then the Democrats, and their successors, the Democratic CommuNazis, are excellent con artists, not to mention really good at stuffing the ballot box.

President Biden remembered Hastings’ sense of humor and his ongoing fight for equality.

“A trailblazing lawyer who grew up in the Jim Crow South, Alcee was outspoken because he was passionate about helping our nation live up to its full promise for all Americans,” Biden said. “It was a passion he forged as a pioneering civil rights lawyer in the 1960s, fighting tirelessly to desegregate hotels, restaurants, and public spaces in south Florida — a trailblazing spirit to advocate for what is right that guided him throughout his life.”

Was Dementia Joe doing this from memory, or was he given another script with pictures?

Florida Democrat, Rep. Val Demings, said Hastings “changed the face of politics in FL and brought passion & unwavering dedication to the fight for justice.”

And the fake platitudes just kept on coming. The simple fact of the matter is, Hastings was a hard left, corrupt thug who should never have been allowed anywhere near the government after he was booted off the bench. He was yet another example of everything that is wrong in government. Praise him? I want to bury him in a steaming manure pile. Good bye and good riddance.


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