Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann

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Bwahahahahaha! Now this is the funniest news I’ve heard all year. World renown loudmouth idiot, Keith Olbermann was fired from his show on Current TV.

What did this idiot do to get himself fired off a network that even fewer people watch than MSNBC? Well here are the details in a story written by BRIAN STELTER in the Media Decoder section of the New York Slimes:

Current TV said Friday afternoon that it had terminated the contract of its lead anchor Keith Olbermann, scarcely one year after he was hired to reboot the fledgling channel in his progressive political image.

I’ve seen a few minutes of Olbermann’s normal rantings and ravings on clips from MSNBC. Since he was booted from there, I haven’t heard much about him. So why was he canned?

In a letter to viewers, the channel said Friday, “We created Current to give voice to those Americans who refuse to rely on corporate-controlled media and are seeking an authentic progressive outlet. We are more committed to those goals today than ever before. Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

I guess they figured out that Olbermann was about as much of a “Progressive” as Josef Stalin was concerned with the human rights of…humans. Keith Olbermann is a loudmouth bigot and sexist. He is incapable of thoughtful debat with people who disagree with him on anything. Of course, Olberman generally makes Joe Biden look like a candidate for Mensa.

And to twist the knife a little more:

Mr. Olbermann will not be given an opportunity to sign off. Starting Friday night, the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer will replace him at 8 p.m., according to the letter to viewers. His program will be titled “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer.”

They replaced Olbermann with Spitzer? *snort* *giggle* *gaffaw* This is definitely a really high brow network we have here. I’m sure it was a very difficult decision for get rid of this overpaid primadonna.

The decision to dismiss Mr. Olbermann was unanimous among the senior managers of Current, according to a person familiar with the matter.

In other words, don’t let the door hit you in your oversized ass on the way out! Now what did Olbermann do to so anger the management of this ultra moonbat network?

It came after months of infighting between the famously temperamental Mr. Olbermann and his bosses at Current, including David Bohrman, the channel’s president, and Joel Hyatt, its chief executive. The fighting spilled out into public view last January after Mr. Olbermann declined Current’s requests to host special hours of election coverage, apparently out of frustration about technical difficulties that had plagued his 8 p.m. program, “Countdown.”

What an arrogant twit. Small companies like Current always have problems. This is standard operating procedure for ANY startup and I should know, I’ve worked at a few. If someone paid ME $50 million, believe me I would both keep my mouth shut and work with people to FIX these issues. If they happen while I was on air, then you apologize to the viewers and make light of it. This is what any television or radio personality knows. Their first job is to keep the listeners/viewers happy.

Of course, Old Keith probably had just 5 or so viewers.

I hope Mr. Olbermann enjoys his new career as a greeter at Walmart. *chuckle*

Barking Moonbat

That is more than enough!

An update of course. When I saw this I promptly notified Emperor Misha I of the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler about this terrible thing that had happened to Keith Olbermann. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann – #angercentralarchives

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann – #angercentralarchives

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