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Progressive Liberals are not handling RBG’s impending replacement very well

Good day all. With the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis have been rending their hair and gnashing their teeth. President Trump will be putting forward a nominee who is anything but the Notorious RBG.

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Antifa “Commander” turns out to be big crybaby

Good day all. Recently, one of the ever so peaceful protesters in Wisconsin was arrested carrying a flame thrower. This was undoubtedly meant to aid him in peacefully setting cars and building peacefully on fire.

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Hope Antifa and BLM know how to ship in food

Good day all. As Progressive Liberal idiot city councils debate how fast they can shut down their police departments and unleash a reign of terror on their constituents, one group is making it known that they won’t be coming into these cities. Those would be truckers.

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BLM now moving on to Mafia tactics

Good day all. The terrorist organization known as “Black Lives, (and no one else’s), Matters” has been working hand in glove with the Antifa thugs and other minions of the Democratic Party. Now, in order to secure better financing of their “Peaceful Protest Group”, they are now moving on to extortion and protection rackets.

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