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Democrats unhappy that Trump is appointing honest judges

Good day all. Since he took office, President Trump has been filling every vacancy in the federal courts with judges who are actually scholars of the Constitution. This has driven the Progressive Liberal Democratic Deep Staters into a blind panic.

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Inspector General who started Trump Impeachment, fired

Good day all. Well, as expected, President Trump is now dealing with the Deep State scum that started the whole impeachment debacle. Friday, April 3rd, President Donald Trump fired the inspector general for U.S. Intelligence services, Michael Atkinson.

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Government Bureaucrats making things worse, as usual

Good day all. As we all hunker down waiting out the “Great Panicdemic of 2020,” people are beginning to ask how this whole mess got started in the United States, even after President Trump started taking action.

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Mittens Romney, slimy, backstabbing Transrepublican weasel

Good day all. Now that the attempted coup by the Progressive Democrat CommuNazis has concluded, it’s time to review who supported it and who opposed it. As expected, every single Democrat supported the conviction of President Trump on bogus charges. Every single Republican opposed it, with one, unsurprising exception.

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