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Trump declassifying Russia docs and Felonia’s mail server

Good day all. For the last six years, we have watched the Obama Department of Justice first bury the crimes of former Secretary of State, Felonia von Pantsuit, then attempt a coup against the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. People have been demanding that all the files be declassified, and […]

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Democrats using Panicdemic to ban school choice

Good day all. The Great Panicdemic of 2020 has done something that the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis hadn’t planned on. Since the schools were closed and children were doing what they refer to as “remote learning,” parents were able to see just what their children were being taught.

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The Coup against Trump: The rats are turning on each other

Good day all. Four years ago, Barack Obama instigated a plot to Get Trump. It was meant to be insurance in case Felonia von Pantsuit managed to lose the election that he was handing to her. The plot became known as Crossfire Hurricane.

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A once great man who refused to understand that the world has changed

Good day all. John “The Stache” Bolton was once someone I admired. A lot of people admired him. However, he also had a problem. Bolton is what is called a “War Hawk.” His first thought is always to start a war.

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