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Trump’s birthday gift to Felonia, A new supreme court Justice

Good day all. Yesterday, October26th, was Felonia von Pantsuit’s, (aka Hillary Clinton), birthday. President Trump gave her a gift for the ages. A new shiny associate justice to the Supreme Court, Amy Barrett.

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Judge Barrett Confirmation: Well that didn’t take long

Good day all. It’s been 24 hours, (As of the writing of this post), since President Trump announced his nomination of Judge Amy Bennett to the Supreme Court, and right on schedule, the bigots, racists, scum and villains have come out of the woodwork.

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Ed Markey Threatens to “Pack” the Supreme Court

Good day all. Now that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has assumed room temperature, and will soon be supplying the plants and lawn where she will be planted, with fertilizer, the time has come for president Trump to name a third justice of the Supreme Court.

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Ding Dong the notorious RBG is DEAD!

Good day all, and from my point of view, it is a good day. Associate Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has finally croaked. Now President Trump gets to finally replace someone who announced she didn’t like the Constitution of the United States with someone who actually has read it.

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