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June 6, 1944 2021

Happy D-Day one and all!! 77 years ago today the Allied forces landed in France and begain the process of kicking ther Nazis ass. A year later, it was all over and Nazism was dead and buried, or so we thought. Who knew that it would rise again under the banner of the Progressive Liberal Democrat Party?

We had 2 new rants come in, one a rather long one on former friends. Otherwise, it's been wuiet on this front. The Webmaster has been blogging away merrily, with 2 new posts yeterday regarding one of the dumbest members of the House of Representatives, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. The first one was about the virtue signiling nitwit blaming President Trump for her grandmother's situation. It blew up in her face when people started raising money to aid her granny. The second one was how the family refused the money, deciding that letting granny live in poverty and squalor was better then accepting aid from Republicans and conservatives.

The weather has decided to go full on summer and the Webmaster has the A/C units in and running.

Finally, after more then a year, the Webmaster will be returning to his Real Workd Job's office to see all the people who works with for the first time in over a year. It's only for a day, and frankly there are some issues the Webmaster has with how management is running things internally. (The business strategy is sound and working great) The Webmaster doesn't care to work at home if he doesn't have to.

Oh well..

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

May 30, 2021

Greetings all. This is Memorial Day weekend, a time when we remember those who died protecting this country from enemies ben on destroying us. I'll leave any politics on this over on the Blog.

We had one new rant come in and it tooks us a little time to figure out where to put it. We finally put it into Rude People.

The weather is acting up again. Last week it hit 90 degrees. It's currently in the 40's and the Webmaster has actually turned the heaat on.

Finally, the local mask mandates have finally been rescinded. (The webmaster feels a few politicians need to be rescinded from office for their tyranny, but that's for the Blog)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 23, 2021

Greetings all. we had a lot of new rants come in this week, however most of them seem to be from the same person, and this person seems to want to punch the targtes of his ire. As we've said before, posting here is an excellent substitute for a water tower and a rifle. Just don't make any threats.

Well, summer seems to have arrived. The Webmaster actually had to install the cooling systems earlier then he had hoped, since temperatures are hitting the high 80's and low 90's now. The Webmaster is most unhappy.

SWMBO is fully recovered now from her bout with the Wuhan Flu. She is currenlty on a spring cleaning jag and the Anger Central Primary Dwelling looks like a bomb went off in it as she goes through everytrhing to see what will be stored and what will be tossed. She plans to start looking for a new job in the next week or two.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 16, 2021

Greetings all. SWMBO is recovering from the Kung Flu. Her fever broke last week, after running around 100 for a good 7 days. She's still feeling the after effects but is getting better. The Webmaster was tested, and surprising him not at all, came back negative. The City Health department called rto inquire about things, which surprosed the Webmaster. It seems that SMBO's doctor notified the state of her positive test and then the city was notified. In standard bureaucratic competence, the state notified the city a week after SWMBO was diagnosed. The drone then made some "suggestions" to which the Webmaster readily agreed to, and then promptly ignored.

In other news. SWMBO quit her job. We called the Human Resources person who onboarded her to make it all formal and whatnot. When asked by the HR person why she was leaving, SWMBO  tore into her supervisor. Considering the bad blood between them, the Webmaster wasnt' surprised and helped clarify things for the HR person. It seems they have had a lot of people quit the department, some whjo had been there only a week or two, but none had called HR. A couple of hours later the former supervisor called in a panic trying to reach SWMBO, who refused to talk to her. The Webmaster suspects that the Human Resources department wasn't aware of the issues in that department. Not SWMBO's problem now. Once she fully recovers, she's going to start looking for a new job.

We had one rant come in on macaroni salad. Otherwise it has been quiet here. The Webmaster is looking at the weather forcast and grumbling about putting the air conditioners in. (He has to work at home and his home office gets rather warm during the day) Hopefully his Real World Job will finally let people come back into the office.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

May 9, 2021

Greetings all. This is going to be short and sweet. The Angry Girlfriend, formally Mrs. Webmaster, has tested positive for our old friend, the Wuhan Flu. She has already seen a doctor but doesn't feel that she is gettng any better, so the Webmaster will be taking her to see the doctor again. (High feaver)

The Webmaster is fine. He is going to have to get tested of course, but he suspects that he had the Kung Flu a year ago March, and his symptoms were similar to that of She Who Must Be Obeyed.

We have a pretty god idea where she contracted it too. The intersting part is that she has been very militant in all the Kung Flu precautions and was scheduled to get her forst vaccine shot last week. (Obviously didn't happen), The Webmaster has ben pretty comptemptous of the whole Panicdemic thing and has said so, repeatedly, on the blog.

The good news is that SWMBO is not having any issues breathing, just the fever and aches.

Until Next Time..

Stay Angry!

May 2, 2021

Greetings all. We hope you have been enjoying the man caused climate change. We have since it means there won't be any more snow this year. The webmaster has been eying the massive lawn around the palatial Anger Central Primary Dwelling and debating cutting it.

We had one new post come in regarding Walmart. Since no one at Anger Central shops at Walmart, we are not able to relate.

The Webmaster has also been reviewing his avaiable vacation time at his Real World Job and it looks like he needs to burn some of it off. Hopefully the Webmaster and SWMBO can work out the timing so they can do their Road Trip to Rhode Island.

Finally, the Idiot had his State of the Union address. No one here watched it since he was just lying through his teeth and saying things his handlers told him to say. As usual, he was wrong about everyting.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!



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