I am so fucking pissed off!!! I gave those sons of bitches 3 years of my life. I was a faithful employee (Albert if you are reading this you know I am right,you punk bitch)But what do I get? Laid the fuck off. I understand that shit is tight and no one wants the bullshit and therefore American Frozen Foods makes no money. But my beef is the way it was done...Punk ass Albert didn't have the backbone to say it himself...He flew in some prick from the office in N.Y. to do it. I hope you see this,Albert. Be a man. I don't know why you couldnt do it yourself. Were you afraid you'd get your ass kicked? Were you afraid that you'd get pumped full of lead? I don't see why because none of the above would have happened because a job is not worth going to the penitentiary for.

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