Cathie F.

My boss Cathie F. is a bitch. She's very abrasive and rude when people ask questions. So then people stop asking her questions, and she gets all pissed off because we can't read her mind and figure out what she wants.

She's also not the fastest brain in the world herself. She rarely understands something the first time you explain it, but the way she asks for clarification is so rude and bitchy that somehow, she manages to make you feel like *you're* the stupid one (even though *she's* the dumbass who didn't get it the first time.)

She cuts people off before they're finished talking, and then gets all pissy about the fact that we didn't tell her something she needed to know. Um, maybe if she hadn't interrupted us?

She cares more enforcing the petty, stupid, elementary-school rules of the workplace than she does about whether the quality of the work is any good.

She's running my project bass-ackwards. When you're writing documents, usually you check for accuracy first, THEN edit for bad writing, grammar, formatting, etc. Because she 1) hasn't gotten the updated information yet and 2) hasn't made some decisions yet, I have no way of knowing if my documents are accurate. But, hey, they're well written, and they look pretty!

This woman is bitchy, abrasive, and rude. I hate her guts. Not enough to kill her, but I would like to punch her in the nose, or key her car. And if I saw something bad coming her way, I'd just keep my mouth shut and not warn her. I wish!

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