Creepy boss

Eww, my boss is so stupid and creepy. I guess growing up his mom told him he was stupid, so now to overcompensate he brags about how sharp and smart he is. He has the biggest ego ever! We were talking about college and he's like "Oh, my SAT scores were phenomenal." Yeah, sure, then why is your fat, ugly, hairy ass stuck working in a grocery store? And people who are smart usually don't feel the need to go screaming it to the four winds. He has two kids who he doesn't take care of. His daughter is 10 and has never been to the dentist. He told me he makes sure she brushes all the time and as long as she does that there shouldn't be a problem. What an idiot! His son doesn't go to preschool. That's cuz he's too fucking lazy to pay for it. He ditches work like, 3 hours early every day, just to go home and play his Role playing games online, the little fatty. How he supports his family I have no idea. He's so LAZY!!!! He's always whining how broke he is. Well start working, you lazy ass. One time he waltzed in to work an hour late and he's like, "Did you talk to Carol? Did she tell you I was gonna be late?" he sounded all fantic, as if I was sitting around biting my nails wondering where his overweigh ass was. I'm like, "No." And he's all, "Well, I just wanted to let you know I was late because of road construction, just in case you were worried. Don't want you to think I was late for no reason. That would be unprofessional." It's like, dude, unprofessional is your middle name. Leaving work early and telling me intimate details about your sex life are about as unprofessional as it gets. And why would I be worried about him? The fatso. I only worry about myself and my husband. So get over yourself, you freak! Everyone is not pacing back and forth wondering where you are all the time. His wife is butt ass ugly. He told me she was beautiful. I almost fainted when I met her. She is so FUGLY! She looks like a mail order bride, no joke. She's hawaiian, but she doesn't look it. She looks like a cross between Yoko Ono and a shaved rat. Eww, he also told me him and his wife fuck other women together. No protection is used since he's had a vesectomy (sp?) Can you say AIDS victim? And he's always contradicting himself. Like, he can never make up his mind. He'll tell you whatever suits him at the moment. Like for example, he told me his wife is beautiful, but 3 months later he told me she isn't the prettiest woman he's ever known. HELLO, FUCKER! That's your wife! The mother of your kids! That's like saying your kids are ugly. We had bugs gallore back in our department and I told him a hundred fucking times to call pest control. Yet, when he found a cockroach, he just couldn't believe it and told us all to start cleaning better and that he won't put up with bugs in his dept. Oh, yeah, since his wife is hawaiian, he's fixated on everything Hawaii. He seems to think he's special or cool just because he lived there at one point. He ain't even hawaiian, he's from back east...his fugly wife is hawaiian. He wears gay ass puka shell necklaces and flip flops, shorts and hawaiian print shirts. Like, hello, tons of people have lived in Hawaii, you fat loser, that doesn't make you totally interesting or the shit. But anyway, I can't believe he told me about his sex life and how he had threesomes. I think he was trying to see if I'd be interested. In your dreams, fat boy! Oh yeah, he used to have dreads, but he cut them when he start working here. He told me he wants to start growing them back out but only when he thinks he might be quitting soon, so every so often his hair will get longer, so I assume he's thinking about quitting again. But then a few weeks pass by and his hair will be cut so it's safe to say he'll be stuck there for the rest of his life. That's happened like, 5 times now. And he's always bragging how his female friends are always hitting on him or joking how they want to date him if he ever becomes single. He told me once he'd never date anyone younger than 24. Why would he be thinking something like that? He's married anyway, why would he be thinking about dating? His ugly wife makes like, $5 an hour. They are two of the laziest, unmotivated people alive. I feel bad for their kids. CPS should come and take them away. I hate my boss because he's stupid, lazy, thinks he's smart, thinks he's cute and every woman wants him, ditches work early, has a bad attitude, is a big baby, has an ego the size of Texas, doesn't take care of his family, doesn't know what a condom is and just sucks as a boss.

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