Doormat Boss

I am angry not really at my boss, but the way people treat my boss. He is a really good man, and he actually cares for his employees, (tries to be their friend, etc.) They walk all over him! constantly demanding raises that they didn't earn, talking bad about him at meetings, most are angry at him because he has a MUCH younger wife, and he has a boss above him who (let's just say) doesn't really know how to run a business. I started working there 5 years ago, nobody else would give me a job, but this guy gave me a chance, was always kind to me, ( even on the few times I screwed up) always helped me when I needed it, was kind enough to let his HOT HOT HOT daughter work alongside me, (who helped me get out of a mild depression I was in) and he helped my sister get on here with me too. Back to my point, I am angry that people treat him this way, he's one of the few people I like and it pisses me off to no end to see his own employees treat him this way! He just doesn't deserve it!

Why he doesn't fire them, I'll never know my only guess is that he's somewhat of a doormat to these people and that angers me greatly. If I were him, I'd put my foot so far up their ass, they'd have to tug their collar to shit! anyway, that's enough of that.

(and a P.S. to the Webmaster, I really enjoy your site, and I like how this isn't so much about anger as it is about letting off steam about things we cannot always control. We have hard times finding places to do just that in this so called "free speech" country while I care greatly for it, I am worried for it as well. I wish the best to you and your wife in your endeavors and hopefully the future will turn brighter for all of us, despite our anger.)

*Note from Anger Central
We had to think a minute where to put this rant. It appears to be aimed more to the ingrate co-workers then the boss. He sounds like a really good person to work for. There are a couple of managers like that at the webmasters real world job. They will back their people to the hilt, but on the flip side they will fire you if they have to. (Pity the upper management for the department the webmaster works for isn't like this)

It sounds like he needs to have a talk with some of the people who appreciate what a good guy he is. If there is any sort of politics at that business, he will have a big bull's-eye painted on his back and won't see it coming. Work with him and back him up when he needs it. Managers like that are a rare breed especially if they know what they are doing as it relates to the business.

And to the other things, Thank you for your kind words regarding the webmasters personal situation. As to the free speech issues? Get a gun and lots of ammo. We have a feeling we're going to need it real soon. :(

Boss 2

I picked another low paying receptionist job where I am the lowest in the hierarchy and there are always some losers who treated me badly because of that. anyway. This time I thought it would be different, yes there were difficult customers, as well as gossipy, drama queen or cranky grumpy coworkers, but what made me leave the job was the boss. This loser has no clue how to treat his employees. So as a newbie, and in training, he would loudly criticize me in front of others (humiliating and completely unnecessary) and he would just go on and on and on...even though the things he criticized me for where things I hadn't been trained to do and/or not do yet...I brought that to his attention and he says that didn't matter...on and on again...loudly in front of everyone. well. after the third time, I had had enough, I finished out the day gave him a big (fake) smile, thumbs up, walked out the door and didn't show up the next scheduled day for work, left a message saying mail me my check...such relief...the ass still hasn't sent the check (obviously, I ruffled his feathers) but the law is on my side so if I have to file a complaint with the department of labor, and take him to court. what an ass!

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