manager's prejudice

I am so angry because I work for a Manager who would rather gossip and play with her little "click" of employees than to run the store like a real business. Every month we have a store meeting that the same 4 people show up. Me included. Not bad except that all month a note hangs on the manager's door stating that if you don't come to the meeting, you will be written up. Guess which employees NEVER come. We have duty sheets to be done for each shift. NOT> it is left for one of us Outsiders to finish. If you dare to say anything to the Manager, hell, you might as well take out an ad in the paper. By the end of the day, the whole store will know your whole PRIVATE?? conversation. I work in a convenience store owned by Phillips 66. I have been around over 6 yrs. after retiring from another job. I've seen a lot of people come and go in this store, and GOD!!! I wish this whole crew would GO!!! But yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. I finally decided to just shut-up! The other day, I noticed that one of our elite crew had cut off the coolers( again) so as not to be cold when stocking. This is a no-no for some of us. So what did I do? NOTHING> by the next day, there was hot milk, hot drinks, hot beer, ruined meats, etc. You get the picture. And it wasn't hard to pick the Special person who didn't want to be cold. I came home happy for the first time in a long time. The company is not so bad. But the cat needs to see what the mice are doing when the cat is not paying attention. Customers want to hear "Hello" not " I'm sleeping with so and so's boyfriend."

Managers 2

Yes, yes, convenience store managers are particularly fond of sitting on their fat, lazy asses, gossiping with their little clique then to actually do their fucking jobs!! I know. I work for such a bitch.

When she is actually at work (which is only about 5 percent of the time, yet she still gets paid a 40 hour work week.....must be nice), she sits out back, fucking around with her cell phone, bitching and complaining, or gossiping, or acting like the low-life piece of garbage she is, while those who are actually interested in keeping the store going are out front busting their asses, doing their jobs and everyone else's, NEVER daring to say a word in complaint, less they become the next target for the "firing range". If murder was legal.....well, never mind. The point is this fucking country is filled with too many lazy trashy people with undeserving positions, while people who actually want to work are screwed over and treated like shit. The irony is sickening.

I am fed up to fucking here! 3

I have been a damn slave long enough for a bitch manger who doesn't know her own ass from a hole in the ground! She has a fat ass face with stringy ass red hair hanging down into her tank tops where her titties hang out of and sag to her fucking 44 inch belly! She thinks she is hot shit with the men customers who come to shop in the store. I do all her damn dirty work, come up with new ideas to make more money, and am the brains of the whole damn shop. What do I get in return? Not a damn thing except her constantly taking credit for my ideas and hard work I produce! She brags to her supervisor how having hired her as manager was the best thing they ever did-She proclaims to anyone who will listen how she has changed things for the better since the old manager quit. When in fact all she does is spend her days riding around in the company truck with her male minions all day, while I am back at the store working my ass off. It all ends now-I found out that fat ass is making 4 times more money than me. Tomorrow I go in and will sit on my LITTLE ass in front of the fucking register all damn day- The stock room can pile up-the dust bunnies can become full fledged rabbits and any phone call that comes will be met with an "That's the managers job you will have to talk to her"-no more janitor, secretary, book keeper, stock boy, merchandise pricer, customer service repping from me! Miss charmette can go to hell for all I care!

my "manager" a.k.a. "an evil person with an ugly heart" 4

She has been allowed to do it to everyone for years. She has hurt others more than some. She walks the halls driving everyone crazy. She makes her employees physically ill and we are under stress every day. We have headaches, stomachaches and sometimes can't communicate well with each other. She had her grand finale (last mind fuck) with me and I up and resigned. I cannot ever tell the truth as to what happened in her office because there are other factors at stake, other employees that must try and be happy. They believe they can't go anywhere else because the wages are so good. They have expressed that they like their jobs but hate working for her and don't respect her one bit. Even though that doesn't change my mind, I know I did the right thing. I am free and will be happy again. She is an evil person with an ugly heart and her day is coming my friend...her day is coming...I know God is on my side.

My Manager 5

I have had it with unethical people. What a bitch, can't manage shit in a paper bag. Go take your wrinkled, fucked up hairy face and push it in the toilet and flush. Fuck you. Your family can't even stand you BITCH. You fucking lying unethical two-faced BITCH. Everyone hates you. I wish they would tell you to your face. FUCK YOU

employers 6

stupid son of a bitch manager doesnt hire people who would work hard for them. he hired my friend and not me, thats not why i am mad though. my friend told me they hired these two sisters afterwards and they dont do jack shit. they dont even fire the cunts like they say they would. i applied to almost 20 different places for a part time job and everyone just ignored me. they didnt even bother to call me to ask for information, i filled out so many applications and went to so many places with help wanted signs. help wanted huh? fuck you sons of bitches.

Lazy Boss 7

I'm so angry because I work for a female manager who doesn't work as hard as my co-worker and I do. She thinks she can spend random moments of her work day taking personal calls, while she ignores actual work-related calls, leaving my co-worker and I to answer the phones. She will disappear and we won't know where she's gone to. She demands to take her lunch at a specific time yet when something interferes with our lunch hour, God forbid we take additional time to make up for it. She throws a fit if we don't call her when we're running late to work, yet she feels entitled to waft in whenever she likes without advising us that she will be late. Why? cuz she's the boss!!! She spends excessive amounts of time on the internet yet complains that she has "so much work to do"!!! Her desk is always empty and free of clutter while our desks are brimming with paperwork....but yet, we are the ones who get scolded for this because we ought to be more organized. Organized like her? well, sorry lady, but our desks look the way they do because unlike you, WE ARE ACTUALLY WORKING!!! yeah, I could keep my desk spotless if only I were you.

Customer Service Manager 8

There is this particular Customer Service Manager who drives me insane. She thinks she is so perfect and that she's better than me. HA!!! far from one is perfect you stupid idiot. She's constantly on my case about things that are really none of her damn business and frankly because of her i absolutely dread coming to work all together. Listen bitch, it's not my friggin fault your a miserable old bag, who's so jealous to see my boyfriend all over me. get you and your spouse into marriage counseling for god sakes if it's so bad. Quit giving me dirty looks every time I walk up to the cashier podium. i haven't done a damn thing to you, so why are you so cold toward me? get over yourself. i treat you with respect don't I? Do the same for me, if you even have a heart that will allow you to. i don't screw around when i'm on company time, you know that. stop accusing of shit i don't even do, it's getting old. like for example...four months ago when i came back from my lunch break. you screamed at me, in front of customers, co-workers and other Customer Service Managers and shook those stupid sacks in my face in a threatening manner. how dare you! the way you speak to me is going to change, or i'll be going above your head to see that it does. if you hate your job so much, just fucking quit alright! In fact, if you did i would shout for joy.

Two-faced Manager 9

My boss is despicable. He's all Mr Born-Again Christian with his wife and tribe of children and then comes on to me when nobody's around. He's a racist pig, too. We're in the food business, and he does disgusting things- never washes down where he's been working, never washes his knife. Some day someone's gonna get very sick because he's too lazy to clean up his mess. He takes shortcuts all over, his favorite saying is "rape em" when it comes to pricing things. He'll sit in his office for hours while our skeleton crew is killing themselves to get shit done. Then he'll come prancing out in a huff with some stupid ass memo in triplicate to justify his playing on the computer for 4 hours. He makes 5 times what I make, but when he's not in, guess who has to do his job? When my mother was dying, he wouldn't let me have Christmas Eve night off so I could travel the 300 miles to see her. In the interview, he asked all sorts of illegal questions. He's a first class, prime cut asshole. I can't wait for his Jesus to get a hold of him. Then he'll know what's what!

lazy ass manager 10

I have had it up to here with this bitch. She doesn't cover people that call in sick unless she absolutely is forced to do so (she wouldn't even cover for a supervisor that a 102 degree fever on Christmas so the poor girl had to work sick). The store is trashed most of the time - all of her paperwork is everywhere on the counter and she leaves all of her half eaten food all over the place for days on end until we are forced to throw it away (she left a bowl of clam chowder in the office for THREE DAYS until we flushed it). She leaves all of the returns for the night shift to finish (which takes about two to three hours on a good day) and expects us to get all the other projects she wants us to do done on top of all of the effing cleaning we have to do because she doesn't pick up after herself. And the cherry topper: she nags us half to death about our sales - damage protection and concessions crap that nobody wants but we are still forced to ask if they want to add this or that EVERY TIME THEY COME IN! It is not our fault that the corporation filed Chapter 11 so stop forcing to get people to buy stuff that they don't want. If I have to hear about it one more time, I won't sell squat - period. I'm not even going to talk about what the office looks like - broken computer monitor, boxes all over the place, cardboard crap up to your chin - I almost twisted my knee last night trying to get the popcorn we were supposed to stock. I start my new job in a few weeks and I can't wait to give this bitch and this job the finger!

Retarded Managers 11

OMG I can't even tell you what a retard my boss is. He looks like a monkey's asshole. Actually I think a monkey's asshole is prettier. I actually smile when I go to the zoo. Trying to be my friend while telling me I'm fucking up. WTF is up with you retard boy.

Trying to be all ghetto, don't you know you are white. Get a clue! Tall skinny white dude who is over 30 acting all ghetto. You want me to take you seriously. WTF!

OMG you are trying to be my friend by talking cool in your emails. It's not cool. You are not funny. No one likes you. Get the point. Don't you know I just delete them. Get the message. You are retarded.

Some "Senior" management idiot 12

Oh she thinks she is so smart and knows EVERYTHING. Most all of my co-workers know she is a fraud. She talks non-stop and says NOTHING!! If the paper is black and white and you show her she says OH NO it is green and blue. I have a real hard time with these people. When does "what goes around comes around" catch up with them??? I am going to let her have it this week and can't wait!!! She should be ashamed and embarrassed, what a fraud. If she only knew everyone was laughing at her behind her back. She really doesn't know she has such a high opinion of herself. Totally hilarious!!!

interim managers 13

I have worked with this two faced neurotic bitch for years. she is one of those older country club types. the manager retires. it's all hugs and kisses. don't let that fool you. less than a week later she is riding my ass, trying to pick fights and get me to quit. that's the game plan. one of her relatives works in the department. just by coincidence a friend of hers who works in another group there has a husband who lost his job. do you think I am gullible? go to hell. go golfing during deer hunting season. maybe one of the hunters will get a hole in one. up yours bitch. it's obvious you are trying to do this before they bring in the new manager. you lowlife scumbag.

irresponsible boss 14

When things worked out fine, she didnt complain. when i got emails about the following day's work at 3 am, i didnt complain. When i find out information and arrive on time for EVERYTHING, she didnt complain. But when she didnt send me information pertaining to the uniform of the next morning, I was in the wrong. she quickly turns the tables on me and finally after 3 months complains about emailing me info. then she goes off on another tangent about my recent behavioral problems. even though she hasnt spoken to me physically over a month. I have been asking her for about 2 months now to fill out a simple form to send me on leave. its been over a year and she is procrastinating. i wish she would live up to her mistakes and take the butt chewing for once in a while

my work 15

i tripped over a cord to an ice cream freezer and it sparked and then the machine shut off, i got suspended for a week over it, and when i went to pick up my check they wantted me to pay 40 dollers for a shortage that i wasnt even short for, before i get my check.

My D-bag Manager 16

My manager is a f**king idiot, I don't understand how someone working for the same company for 15 years can be completely inept at the job they've held for 15 years, and then have the audacity to wonder why everyone hates his f**king guts. Here's a thought (shithead), maybe you should leave the company and let smarter, nicer, more compassionate, fair, non-backstabbing, non-d-bag people have a shot at management since you don't really do anything anyway. Moron.

Movie Theater Dumbass 17

Dear Dumbass,

I refuse to call you my boss. I don't even respect you enough to call you my manager, or even my coworker! Sadly, because Anger Central wants to keep the rants organized, I'll have to label this under "bosses". If I had it my way, you would be listed under the "bodily functions" section of "things", because you are a piece of fucking shit! But for now you earned the title Dumbass.

How dare you continuously criticize me for all the teenagers sneaking into the movies! You want me to take tickets while watching eight auditoriums and three bathrooms? I'm not psychic you bitch!

I can't believe you threatened to write me up! I didn't notice teenagers moving the velvet ropes and sneaking into the movies because I was too busy doing my fucking job directing customers!

I can't believe you claimed that I let ten people through without tickets! When I stood up for myself, you called me a liar in front of everybody! You are the biggest fucking douche bag I've ever seen in my life!

You think you are so fucking cool when you sneak out back with your partner and smoke your fucking cigarettes. You are a joke and a flunky. While you were busy dicking around, another out of control teenager stuck gum in a customer's hair, and you didn't do anything! And when the sound kept cutting out in one of the movies, you gave everybody refunds, but didn't even bother to fix it for future customers! Fuck you!

I ended up spending two fucking hours of my time taking the trash outside in the snow and cold, and I loved every second of it! I enjoyed the peace and quiet, the smell of the nearby restaurant, and most of all I enjoy staying the fuck away from you!

Because of your behavior I'm now looking for a job in a call center for six months, then I'll be able to apply for a real career, and you will be stuck being a damn fool in a movie theater.

You are a joke. One customer actually complained to the staff that some guy kept walking into the movie and stared at the audience, and when you admitted you were doing theater checks, she fucking called you creepy!

I had the last laugh. Goodbye Dumbass, I hope I never run into your sorry ass ever again.

The office manager that sucks assssss 18

I'm ranting about my back stabbing office manager that's been sucking up for information. We just moved offices and even though I've been with the company longer she wined her way into what should have been my office....and guess what I'm in the hallway where she should be. I shouldnt be in the hall greeting customers, that's her job I have my own job. I love some of the names you guys call the scum bombs you work with I just cant think of any now. Believe me though she will know what's up when the only person that would ever speak to her quits. I try to get along with everyone but thats over now. she is on her way OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUTTTTT!

Stupid managers 19

This so called manager thinks shes hot shit but couldnt manage a fish bowl. She fires all the good employess and keep all the ones that ass kiss her. Shes so full of it all she does is gossip with the rest of the employees there. What a lazy tramp.

So Called Management 20

Why is the boss (and the assistant manager) so f*cking useless! Seriously, you employ someone part time 12-3, then ask them to work 8-5 half the days, tell them they are casual staff and therefore don't get paid holiday, sick pay etc and wonder why you are occasionally under or over staffed. You'd think you'd know how many children are at nursery and how may staff you need, but no. Phone the part time worker up and demand extra hours. I'll give you extra hours when I get my second shirt (it's only been 2 months of asking for it!). Who gives a nursery assistant one shirt? Oh, and I'd like my contract please. Oh, of course. Head office have it. Well bloody well get it for me!

Employ me part time - give me part time work and the rights of a part time worker. Don't give me this bullsh*t about me being casual and therefore having no rights when my verbal contract was PART TIME! I'm out as soon as I have a better offer (which right now is basically any other job)

Idiots Cunts (HRM & Managing Director) 21

I'm a Monitor/Accounts Operator for this fucked up security firm. They do the most fucked up things here. This bitch ass human resource female won't stop kissing the boss's ass. That female had the nerve to try and tell me how to do my job, (in the most condescending tone might i add) how dare that fucking old ass toad. I do my job damn well good, but now that our clients are actually making complaints because of the boss's slackness, they're trying to get all serious (which will most likely last for a week) and is telling us to do, what they have already been doing. The slackness is on their cheap asses, not ours. Boss has a rape case pending, the workers are forever taking his ass to union, they pay late, it just fucking sucks. Man i hate this fucking job, it's only a means to an end. I hope his sorry ass get charged for rape. Pieces of shit. Wicked ass mother fuckers. Selfish, lying cunts.

Bookstore Manager Nadine 21

Dear Bookstore Manager N,

How dare you insult my application and particularly me. Granted, my handwriting is not on the level as classic calligraphy, but that is ABSOLUTELY no way to treat an applicant let alone an employee! I actually made a bit of an effort to make my handwriting on the application as neat as possible under the time frame I was in that day I filled it out rather than perform the time-consuming task of scanning the application and filling it out on my own on the laptop! And so what if I needed to make a slight correction with ink on my cover letter? How dare you call that unprofessional! Have you no sense of common decency?! Doesn't everyone make mistakes? Lighten up a little! And as for the person in charge of the textbooks departments getting fed up with me "pestering" him when I was really following up on my application, he needs to stop being such a little faggot and shape up too! I actually feel great sympathy for your employees including the supervisor who I just backstabbed you with earlier this afternoon! If you ever come across this rant online and then break down crying because an applicant having the tenacity to tell you off, you deserve every moment of it! Have a miserable rest of the day & week!


the girl you nuked this morning solely for a less-than-superior application!


Ok at work...I am easy going and look to simply had a pretty good day, have a few laughs, get the work done and go home.

Several months ago a MANAGER named Scott started stopping by my desk. He was nice enough and attempted to be funny. One day he sent a email to a few of us and it was just a cool brain teaser. When I replied back with the score I made, this SKINNY UGLY son of a bitch had the nerve to reply back to me with some kind of come on.

I replied letting him know my opinion of him just dropped after seeing that he would send such a thing, BY EMAIL AT THAT and because he is a MOTHER FUCKING MANAGER! Isnt that asshole the least bit aware that his ass could get FIRED almost on the spot for that kind of shit???

Several months passed. He still stopped by some time and when I was on his end of the building, I'd peak my head in and say hi. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL over time this DUMB STUPID UGLY PO SKINNY BROKE ALCOHOLIC son of a bitch made another come on to me. I put him in his place so he disappeared for several months. The next time he began to surface, he kept his convo short, generic and I had NO problem talking to him, just like I do EVERYONE who stops by.

Over the course of the time knowing him THREE SEPERATE TIMES I know for a fact this asshole had the nerve to SNEER his big ugly as nose up at me when he would see me standing somewhere and talking to someone. Today is Aug 15 2012 and he most recently did this to me LAST WEEK. I made up in my mind that his ugly po broke ass better stay the hell out of my face.
His ass showed up at my desk Monday and I kept my attention on my computer and he just kept talking and talking.


And I could tell by his demeanor on Monday that he knew I was different.


This son of a bitch is at least 15 years older than me, has been with the company like 20 yrs, a manager for like 15 of those years, grown children, divorced AFTER his children became grown SO COULD SOMEONE TELL MY WHY THE HELL HE IS BROKE AS HELL? In our convos words about lack of money were always there. He is A KNOWN ALCOHOLIC, TALL, SKINNY, BIG ASS NOSE, NO ASS AT ALL...WHY THE HELL WOULD HE THINK SOMEONE SUCH AS ME WOULD WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS UGLY ASS?

Then BOLD enough to MAKE SNEERY FACES AT ME when he would see me out in the halls somewhere!!!

Shitty bastard! I was only talking to him to pass time and because I can see what a total loss he is.

That fucking loser better stay the hell outta my face.

*Note from Anger Central
We recommend that you start documenting everything. Backup your email off site, keep records, everything. He might try to retaliate against you.

Managers 23

Yep she is addicted to laxatives and goes in the restroom and blows and says "ohhh I am so sick", I have bone issues and they want to implant a cadaver jaw in my head...Jesus Mary and Joseph, heeelllllppppp!! Please get me out of here!!

Oh and by the way, she has explained that she has dry vaginal issues. Now is this something that needs to be broadcast???


stupid upper management 24

folks don't bother calling YRC for a pickup on your next less than truckload shipment.YELLOW FREIGHT took over ROADWAY trucking and has managed to create the PENN CENTRAL of the trucking industry.i called for a pickup in the boston metro area and 3 days later they still could not manage to pickup.yrc customer service called the local dispatcher and i was told that they don't have enough trucks or drivers.i diverted the shipment to another carrier and they picked it up 4 hours later.GOODBYE YRS YOU ARE DRIVING TO THE GRAVEYARD.YOUR CEO AND UPPER MANAGEMENT GAVE OUT BONUSES .FOR WHAT? YOU FUCKING IVY LEAGUE MORONS.

Walmart manager 25

I fucking work long hours at Walmart, which is stressful enough. I work for a manager who is a complete prick. Every day he comes in and assigns us more work than what is actually available. We usually end up getting everything done early, then he bitches that we didn't get enough done, because we didn't do as much as he assigned. What a fucking retard. The amount of shit we have to do is too damn high to the point where nobody can do the amount he wants us to do. He threatens to fire us all because he is a power tripping prick, then turns around and begs us to stay with the company. The staff is a bunch of assholes that only care about numbers. I really need a new job.

Unfit Managers 26

It pisses me off seeing videos on youtube of managers behaving very unprofessional to their customers who are supposed to be the reason they have money in their bank accounts. I saw this video of a white trash bitch manager assault a customer waiting on his order to complete all because her fucking staff are all fighting. I'll tell you what I would call you a bitch to your face and if you throw my food at me i'll park my car come in the store throw my food and a chair right at you and beat the goddamn fuck out of you you fucking bitch; you don't treat customers like that and guess what I don't care if your a woman I would still beat the fuck out of you for that kind of behavior. Also some dumbass n word faggot decided to tell his customers who complained about their order to go smoke crack; you listen here you goddamn fruity fuck; you said that to me and I would grab a chair and beat the fuck out of you because all you gay hoodrats can't fight all ya'll do is slap and if you slap me I would break every bone in your body you goddamn fruity gay ass fruity fucking faggot. Also next time you managers decide to deny a armed service man food guess what don't blame me when they decide not to defend your freedom because you want to be selfish; like I said fuck all of these stupid managers and may I hunt them all down and give them all a beating they all deserve.

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