Robin H.

God this woman makes me so angry!!!!! She treats all of us like shit, all the time, and only gets away with it because she has the goods on the boss - she caught him fucking the local TV anchorwoman in the alley behind the shop one day, and now she holds that over him because Robin knows that his wife will take him for every fucking penny. So we all get shit on to, every time Robin feels like it. She is such a total and complete bitch.

Robin H 2

This woman defines bitchdom, and gives the stereotypical, ball-busting bitches in the movies a run for their money - actually, she is way worse. The worst thing is how she keeps her job, hitting her knees under the director's desk on a regular basis to keep him happy, and her in her job, while making sure the rest of us get shit on on a regular basis. Like every fricking day! There is a hell, and she will be going there.

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