my boss is a useless lying fucking piece of human garbage

We have to work very hard and fast, manual work and a lot of paperwork in a shift, we don't always have the equipment to do our job properly and we are severely understaffed, at least half of the staff that work there are fucking useless as well and don't do their fair share of the workload leaving only a couple off staff to do a huge amount of work each day.

The fucking lying weasel of a boss keeps bullshiting us along about everything and works us like fucking slaves and treats some of us like shit too, Mr Fucking Weasel i hope you rot in hell! Stop favouring all the pretty girls, we all know you like to look at them, favours with rostering. Even though you have a written agreement about the shifts you work Weasel just changes the roster to accommodate pretty employees wishes.

Gee thanks you big arsehole i hate your guts you sneaky fuck. At my appraisal i was one of the best employees that produced a high standard of work every day and got top marks for communication, appearance, etc, So why have you cut back my work hours you fuck, and you're short staffed on a daily basis you stupid fuck and i have to work four short shifts and drop every second Thursday because you are a stupid fucker and you know i need the money to pay for a car and bring up two teenage daughters on my own, and you know that i have had to take a second job to make up for losing twelve hours off my pay.

Lazy and Disrespectful 2

The first letters of the job title give him away ASS)so it goes without saying that their will be no ASSisting of management, just a poor attempt at trying to look like he's in charge when the real manager is off duty. I can't believe that despite his constant lateness, frequent fag breaks and burger van breaks, he still manages to get the OK by one area manager. It is making all the staff seeth. As soon as they arrive on shift they are cursing under their breath about Mr ASSistant manager. We just watch in dispair as the ASSManager strolls in and immediately starts reaching for a hotdog or some other slaughter house rejects to stuff when he should be supporting the sales efforts. I fear it's just a matter of time before head office just close the place down or lay off some of its more conscientious staff. It's no wonder that British business is in deep s***t. No doubt I will be joining the dole queue after having worked with similar lame arse managment who have no regard for the staff who have to do their bidding.

Blonde bimbo former boss 3

Thanks a lot for the mess you got us in. You signed contracts that the Board advised you not to sign, you maxed out our line of credit for no reason, you alienated a bunch of people. You couldn't be bothered to show up at the office half the time, and you left me babysitting your bratty kids.

Now your replacement is a bitch on wheels thanks to everything you fucked up. Fuck you.

Immature 4

I called him to see if a girl could take my shift. She wanted more hours and it would really help me since I have a college essay to write. I have asked him several times if he has decided. It is a yes or no question. It does not take several days to answer, if it does...please just say no and not drag it out. Also, he fires people for the stupidest reasons.

Wife's bitchy, scatterbrained boss 5

My wife is a personal assistant for an executive who can be nice and friendly one day, then act like my wife can't do anything right the next day. This morning my wife called me, trying not to cry, because the boss forgot she'd told her to come in early, and acted like it was my wife's fault and it was a huge inconvenience. Then when she came back from her first errand, the boss was all smiles and sunshine again. What's worse is the boss is so damned scatterbrained and unorganized. She forgets obvious things, like how my wife isn't the kids' legal guardian and can't take them to the doctor, and acted like my wife should be keeping track of when everyone's prescriptions expire. The boss doesn't keep receipts, which makes it harder for my wife to return stuff. She makes grocery lists with no brand names and frequently sends my wife to the wrong store for the overpriced organic gluten-free shit her spoiled kids eat. She forgets that she told my wife to do something, or thinks she told her to when she didn't. It always seems like she suspects my wife of goofing off or doing personal errands, and won't give out her ATM code even though my wife sometimes runs errands at cash-only places. Whenever her relatives come to visit, she acts extra bossy just to show off that she has "hired help." She's so spoiled, too. She has this air of superiority because she gets a big salary, leases a new Mercedes every 3 years for my wife to chauffeur her kids to their expensive private school, and sends the dingbats to swim lessons and tennis lessons at the country club so they won't have to mingle with the middle-class kids at the YMCA. I'm so sick of that moody, bitchy, spoiled cunt!

ball-less employer 6

I work at a small office I told on my co-worker that she was not clocking in or out and then when time sheets came in she would not put the correct time I told my boss about it I made it clear how fustrated I was because I end it up doing more work than her, and that it was not fair that she would be would be getting paid for time she wasn't there. I told him I wanted to keep it confidential and specially not to metion to supervisor because those two are friends. Well he went and told on me he is such a pussy he has no balls to have written her up after he told me he knew she was doing that. Now you can imagine they are making my life hell cant wait to get the fuck out of there. I feel like we are filming mean girls 3.

Bone Idle and Fucking Stupid 7

I have hated since the day I met her. She is loaded and doesn't even need to work, she just does it for the power trip. She gets paid 3x more than me, and does fuck all work! I do most of the admin in the office, and this is a hell of a lot. I go through thousands of invoices for example, I may put on 2 or 3 wrong, and she acts like I'm stupid and explains it verrrry slowly to me. She's quite a bit older than me, therefore feels the need to treat me like some kind of retarded child!!! I've been so close to nutting her but I need the job, its just like smile and nod, smile and nod....she also blames me for work she does wrong, so everyone in sales thinks I'm stupid when its her!! She can't even use her fucking computer, I have to always show her how to do everything.

She leaves work for hours at a time to do personal errands, she always on her fricking mobile and she is always eating as well. Like all day. All she ever talks about is money, as with the MDs as well, its driving me insane. I recently discovered that fuck loads of people have been her assistant and all of them quit lol! Looks like I'm going the same way, I'd rather be a bum on the street than be treated like this anymore.

Brain Dead Old Boss 8

You old f-ng piece of shit. You should have been out of the game and on the golf course years ago. You took over the department last year and have blocked access to those above you and they now only see what you let them see. They have no clue that you have early Alzheimers and most of the time, do not give the team the information they need to get the job done. Then the big boss only sees a half assed job from us (based on the little info we get from you) and cuts our hours back. F-k you, you old, stupid s-t. Retire or die so we can get someone in your place who will keep us informed and give us some actionable guidance. Really, please, DIE. The team did great before you took over and all of a sudden we are inept pieces of sh-t???

Stuck up boss 9

I finally managed to find a job after months of searching. Not only that it's close to where I live and convenient. But it all started when I got the slightest thing wrong. I accidentally gave someone 60p change instead of 50p. What a difference?! My boss(who is an inconsiderate control freak) pulled me aside on my break and asked me why I had made that mistake. How am I meant to know? I'm just a trainee, I'm nervous and frightened of the customers. I'm ought to make a mistake but it wasn't major. Hell, if it's THAT much of a problem take it out my paycheck. Which is minuscule anyway I'd like to add. Every teeny mistake made was a huge problem. Putting the thick loaf of bread where the medium loaf of bread belonged was the apocolypse to her. When I was fully trained and confident enough to get every day things done without her instruction it became worse. I'd be helping someone on the self-service till and apparently I'm standing around doing nothing. Which makes it perfectly alright for her to slag me off right in front of my face to a colleague that has been there longer than me. Swearing and criticising. I thought this woman was supposed to be professional? I go home at 10 at night to my boyfriend who's been waiting for me (which translates to sitting on his backside playing Xbox) in a terrible mood. The slightest thing will annoy me. So my job is starting to make my relationship suffer. Ive been working at this place for about 6 months and I'm already suicidal. I've become good at it, I'm now confident with the customers, and I just can't see this woman's problem anymore. Everything I do now is apparently wrong. I can't stand this place.

Incompetent Boss 10

So, I have this horrible Squad Leader who is absolutely terrible at relaying information. Most of the information I get is from my fellow co-worker (which I cannot stand). All she cares about is her fucking boyfriend who is in the same platoon! When we need her, she's off talking her duck face off behind some connex with her little boyfriend. When the time comes to work, you can see every other Squad Leader out there helping their squad out except her- she's sitting her muffin shaped fat-ass on the chair inside a tent doing absolutely nothing! Stupid, fat, cock sucking bitch, all you're good at is giving your boyfriend blow-jobs in the middle of the night when you think no one is looking, though little does she know he's fucking cheating on her. She's so consumed in him that she forgets she has a job to do. When we have to teach classes on our job to other platoons she leaves 'everything to us' because obviously she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing! Tell me why every other Squad Leader taught a class besides her? She made her squad do it because she had no idea what to do! How is that these incompetent people get promoted and trusted to lead others?! She needs to shut her fucking face and just not exist!

Retard boss relies on everyone else 11

Well no angry. I could not care less. but being the brunt of this dimwit and his cohorts is somewhat frustrating. one day we had a head to head and he went to the GM and said "i can't manage him, but he is a good worker." and then winced and moaned about how he should leave. i said "no, you have a mortgage and things. that's not what i'm about. i just wish you could hear me instead of hate me. There's no divide between manager, senior support and junior support. next day the boss has no support clients of his own and distributes them all among myself and anther colleague. .. this is a long story. i've decide to include all the detail of this case, i need to pencil it out properly and will be back with that. til now. just know the idiot got a new phone and shared it with everybody else but me and he fave pet he told to get facebook and share that with everybody but me. they all ahve a network that closed me out and anything social.. yet the arsehole knows fuck all about the product, management his own job.. every 30 seconds on to someone else to help out.. Grr.. the do mind games and buy their way through. complete c-nut. even his ex hung herself from this scots nonsense.

no names...because am being nice here, but they will read this and know what a helpless freak they are wishing they were this instead of the freak and dearth to a company and department that does extremely well without them or their baldness and complex. Geez dude get a course and compassion injection and appreciate what others are going through just to keep you happy.

Giant toddler 12

Another rich fucktard boss rant coming right up.

So I come to the end of another fun filled day in, which some idiot guy comes in from Canada is trying to hustle his way into a 40.00 rate for his hotel room, I say no because we stopped giving discounts awhile back. However not wanting to lose out on, the sale I agree to knock 4.95 off his rate. Whoopee. Better than no money at all right.


Now the passdown, book is for the hotel goings on. If there's laundry...or someone checking in after, hours...someone gets drunk and blows up,a toilet etc.

After the fact of the boss agreeing to it, she proceeds to write a 3 page screed excoriating me for it,and this that and the other thing saying that I had better respect her authority and bla bla bla. Im sorry but that is the same as chewing employees out in front of everyone.

Quickest way to destroy morale and your relationship with your employees btw. Now, I think I'm a good employee and would make a great manager but the one thing , the one resource i,lack,... Is time. I'm running around like crazy trying to care for an aging parent and so I'm not exactly surprised I wasn't promoted. I told her at the end of the day I was absolutely brain dead and writing in the book I went, for clarity and brevity over much else. I told her if she had a problem with me to approach me directly. Her response? Playing with her fucking,dog.

I. Am. Dealing. With. A. Giant. Toddler.

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