Adult Confessions 1

This site is pretty much a carbon copy of where you go to confess or talk about shit and the commenters there are about the same kind of idiots who comment on rants on with stupid and childish insults or making threats that they can never follow through behind a computer screen. Wether it be calling someone a whiny bitch or wanting to cause physical harm these idiots think they are real tough making comments like that but you can be their stupid asses wouldn't be talking anymore shit if they said that to the person's face and they could beat the fucking shit out of them. It seems like most of the idiots from Justrage moved over to Adult Confessions because of how many people were sick of the complaints of the fucktards who ruined that site with their wannabe tough guy comments to bully ranters so these fucktards went to another site Adult Confessions. The site is called Adult Confessions not Tween Confessions. You know these websites need to stop making comments available for fucktards to easily talk shit and flex off their keyboard muscles, because eventually their wannabe tough guy attitude is going to end up pissing off the wrong person. Fuck Adult Confessions.

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