Qantas Airways (New Zealand)

The Qantas call centre here can only be described as an absolute Fucked up shithole. I worked there as I was just starting out in the Travel Industry and never intended on staying long. My year there was the most degrading experience I have ever experienced. Your are constantly treated like a fucking retard from both the supervisors and Manager I.e. The fucking stupid mongrel, mutt, wench, twat, mole, strap on dildo wearing, scat playing, Bitch Ruth and her fucking bitching catty female supervisors and senior consultants under her. That cunt licking, butt ugly ape looking "little Hitler" Theresa, who did not have a brain to rub together, tried to tell me off and cause a scene as I was one minute late from my morning break. I told her I had to take a dump. Did the Mole want me to go back to answering fuckwit customers moronic enquiries and then have to shit on the fucking call centre floor? Maybe Theresa would rather that I told the customers "Welcome to Qantas Airways, but excuse me sir, I know you are an important customer but my superior is denying me the basic human right of clearing my bowels. Do you mind if I put you on hold whilst I release this stool from my insides?" The next thing I know the fucking twat Theresa has created a diary along with the fat tub or lard arsed supervisor Anne, who is an evil, unhappy, fat, manipulating Bitch how I know for a fact loves to suck dogs balls. She tried to tell me not to address the customer as "Sir" but with their first names. As I was one of the few staff with any idea of how to treat customers professionally, I used to get calls from various politicians and executives. Did this hoe not know that these egotistical, executive morons love having the power to make a lowly consultant like me call them "Sir", and treat them as if they are fucking Gods gift. I called them Sir just to make there cocks grow a few centimeters bigger. Tubby Anne and Theresa the Twat, would , each few days keep a diary spying on me for Ruth. they would say "Took 15.47 minutes for break instead of 15.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines 2

They piss me off because they give you one lousy drink after you take off, and then they serve dinner in which they do not give you options for drinks, instead they offer red or white wine! To make matters worse, they never come around again after that, instead you are left for hours with no snacks or drinks.

Korean Airlines 3

Korean Airlines - don't attempt to pass yourself as an "International" Airline when NO ONE actually working on the airplane or at the terminal in Korea speaks English. The "free-for-all" boarding policy you have where everyone runs to the embarkation ramp all at once and flights are delayed 1+ hours ALL THE TIME could be mitigated if you had an ENGLISH SPEAKING EMPLOYEE there to provide directions to the passengers....ALSO, don't stock up on your meals 50% Korean and 50% Western....the majority of your passengers don't want the Korean slop (even the Koreans) so that if you are unfortunate enough to be near the end of the serving order you're stuck with a bowl of seaweed soup and kimchi...WARNING TO ANY UNWARY TRAVELLERS....DON'T FLY KAL, REGARDLESS OF HOW LOW AND TEMPTING THE FARE LOOKS....IN THIS CASE, YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

The way they operate 4

I work for virgin atlantic which I thought was my dream job. How wrong I was. All they care about is image. We're forced to look like sluts or face recorded documented caution from uniform standards. We could be faced with the most rude and vile people but if we so much as look angry WE get in trouble. We could have someone curse us out rotten yet all the manager will want to know is what we've said to make them feel like that. The managers push us to make money to the point where we have to charge someone for 1kg of excess baggage with a straight face. Then we're told "sorry. You wont be receiving a share out of the millions you helped generate and took abuse for" most likely because Richard wants to buy another fucking island. The company is run on who u know not what you know. They deliberately do not recognize any unions because they want to be able to treat us like shit. Most days we run around like maniacs with our jackets on because we are not allowed to remove them unless management decides it is warm enough (we were told to no longer wear scarves because the worst of the winter is over. The next day the snow storms started) but they dont even provide drinking water. The managers at the top told us they are not entitled to provide water for us. We have to buy it or drink from the public water fountains in the bathrooms that passengers have been washing their feet in. We stay on most of the time way past the end of our shifts and get nothing in return. Not even a thank you. But if we are ONE MINUTE (literally sixty seconds) late for work we are given cautions which are added to our records, and that is no exaggeration. Recently staff were sacked for telling the truth on facebook because guess why? It harmed their beloved image. Richard Branson, your airline is SHIT to work for and I will be out as soon as I can

United Airlines 5

I am enraged about the actions of the idiots of United Airlines did; to overbook their flight on purpose and forcibly remove a doctor who needed to get to his destination by the next morning just to let their idiot employees ride instead. Not only that but the CEO of United Airlines clearly made no apologies and said it was the victim's fault; I say fuck you, you greedy waste of human life. I hope the employees and the CEO of United Airlines all get locked up for life and all of them get dragged on the Prison floor in pools of their own blood by the inmates for their actions.

*Note from Anger Central
The blind stupidity of United is going to cost them big time. Their stock price has dropped significantly.

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