I want my goddamn armor and shield I contracted to have you make for me over a fucking year ago! I am sick of borrowing armor. The breastplate I finally got out of you doesn't fucking fit, and I dread what is happening to the legs! They fit and moved OK, but were too short (the person I bought them from being shorter than me). All it needed was a lengthening in the greaves and adjustment in the thighs. I fucking know you took the things apart completely to "improve" them. If you can't fucking fit my breastplate, what the Hell makes you think you know enough to improve on a design that already works? Put the fucking things together and get them to me!

I could see waiting a year if I asked for something fancy. I didn't. I got the helm back, but probably because there wasn't any room for you to take the thing apart. I could see waiting a year if you had a lot of orders. You don't. Nobody wants to buy from a guy who takes a year to make munitions-grade armor. I had you do my suit because I was new, and you offered a good price.

I would be more understanding of the life changes that have delayed my armor if they were reasonable and rare. They are not. There is more drama in your life than on the Soap Opera Channel. More and more, it looks like the events in your life are just an excuse not to get shit done. Moreover, my armor far predated half this shit. You hadn't even met that girl, much less knocked her up, when I first had you make my armor. In short, get me my goddamn armor!

*Note from Anger Central
We decided to create a new page under companies since this appears to be a commercial rant.

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