Mile High Comics

I was their customer for almost a year and have had it up to here with them.

  1. Mile High Comics has a really confusing subscription service. Trust me, their order form is bewildering.

  2. Their prices on merchandise are overblown. Mile High Comics think they can scalp the prices on back issues.

  3. I bade and won one of their eBay auctions. I paid with a check and after two months I never seen the item I paid for nor did I hear from them. When I contacted them and they said they misplaced my check?! Then, I sent another check, and they later tell me that the item I won is out-of-stock! Later the first check reappeared and they deposited it along with the second check! Well, at least they credited to my account but they could have just returned one of the checks to me!

  4. Speaking of which, every time I ordered something from their catalog they keep telling me the things I want are not in stock. And get this, I placed an order after the catalog arrived.

To sum it up, Mile High Comics is possibly one of worst comic book dealers ever. The bigger Mile High Comics becomes, the worse they get. I decided to gave up with these idiots. I went a smaller and superior comic shop.


Book Stores 2

Every book store has the duty to respect authors, books and literature. I love my classics, and in celebration of well-respected Thomas Hardy's birthday 2nd June, 1840)and also to avoid the dragon at our school library, I decide to go to a book store to purchase one of his novels 'Jude the Obscure' having thoroughly enjoyed 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'. I walk into the book store, which is crammed with the lamentable 'Twilight' and cannot find poor Jude anywhere. I ask at the desk for it, and "We're out of stock. Would you like to order it?" Would I like to order it? WOULD I FUCKING LIKE TO ORDER IT?! NO! I will not spend my time waiting and my own money as profit into a hole they call a book store that caters only for the illiterate. Outraged, I walk to the next one. Same deal again. In a desperate attempt I go to another store that sells books, and guess what? Twilight everywhere, no Hardy books. Poor Hardy would be turning in his grave. The grocery stores are banning plastic bags and introducing re-usable calico ones instead. If people wanted to be so environmentally friendly, surely they wouldn't have wasted so many trees on rubbish like Twilight. It is the new Harry Potter but worse), people are going to get sick of it. Hardy however has already gone down in history, almost 150 years has he been remembered for his masterpieces. As Tess said "There's something sad about an unread book." I feel her sadness. Why have bookstores decided to disown true literary masters and instead replace them with pitiful insults to literature like that sad bitch who wrote Twilight? I guess the world really is as bleak a place as Hardy wrote it.

Barnes And Noble selling old books as new 3

I recently bought a book on C++ from Barnes and Noble. When I got home, I realized the book was made six years ago.

Jesus Christ, why don't they only sell tech books that are current? I don't have a fixation for 2004 you know.

Bookstores 4

OK I could've specifically labeled this Bookman's, but I couldn't, because I've enjoyed buying many 2nd-hand books, videos, DVD's, CD's, etc. from them, which felt like Christmas. What DID make me mad however was what happened when Mom and I tried to sell or even trade in our own unwanted books. I tell you this, if I only got a dollar for every children's book that I brought in that one box, I'd have at least a hundred. After giving the lady the 20-minute-somthing wait period for her to check through all the books we brought in, we were shocked that she only accepted a small fraction of them (about 1/20 of the hundred-something books). She accepted a few of Mom's New Age philosophy books, but absolutely none of my children's books (most of them beginner chapter books), with the only other option: "Should I just throw them away?" Throw them away?! Hell no, you hateful wasteful bitch. I assure you all these books were in excellent condition, they haven't been ripped, bent, written in, or even spat upon. So why the fuck would you throw a good book away in the trash? A poor person who likes books could've used that. I would've been happy if you accepted them for free, as I wanted to get rid of them without seeing them thrown away as "trash."

I remember being very angry at my mom for buying a set of books online, only to find them in the recycling bin later when she apparently couldn't resell them. Way to just throw your money away, Mom! This could've gone to another poor person. Well, we went eventually dropped off all those "reject" books at this thrift store down our street, which had its own drop-off box. We can just put our items in the drop-off box, without all the hassle. I don't care if thrift stores "seldom sell books," I don't want to see well-conditioned books, clothes, toys, etc. thrown away into the trash by wasteful, ungrateful, over-privileged people. That's good stuff that could've gone to the poor or under-privileged people. Most of the time, Bookman's is great, despite this not-so-happy moment from one of their staff, but I bet other used bookstores of a different name would've acted the same way, accepting only a few books, and offering to throw away the well-conditioned rejects. Shameful, very shameful...

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