You gotta love how Dell rips off ignorant computer users. I was at my grandparent's house trying to play games on, and none of them worked. I took a look at how much RAM this computer had. It was only 128 MB! What a ripoff!

Everybody has around 2-4 GB of RAM. I'd kill to have only 1 GB. Why the fuck would you sell a computer with only 128 MB of RAM? I knew Dell had low budget computers, but I didn't know they were embarrassingly outdated budget computers.

Apple 2

Why the FUCK wont you just open OS X to non apple hardware? You'd make a ton more money from those that would otherwise not spend over 1000+ on hardware barely worth 700, like myself. Quit being such a dick company and support more hardware. You're number one now, don't be the dick company, you used to be the underdog.

Dell 3

I am angry over how this computer is so fucking slow. My grandparents got it like five years ago, and it's a piece of shit.

We have broadband internet, but it freezes up in the middle of videos and flash games because it only has 128 MB of RAM. What the fuck kind of bullshit budget did Dell impose on their staff that a pitiful 128 MB of RAM was necessary? This situation occurred in 2005, and it's still pissing me off in 2010.

Never buy from Dell, what they create is lackluster. They are only in business because they market to computer illiterate people that only want one because everybody else keeps bragging about how great they are. These technology fanatics are ironically ruining their favorite industry by not shutting the fuck up.

Now I'm sitting here on trying not to punch a hole in the wall. Dell fucking sucks and I prefer custom built computers.

*Note from Anger Central
You will get no arguments from us. The Webmaster has had to deal with old dell junk at his real world job, (Until recently), and the Angry Systems Administrator won't allow them into the data center. For the Webmaster, it was a happy day when he was authorized to replace the old Dell systems with new HP systems. Then his company was sold and all those systems will be removed by the new owners. At least they don't use Dells either.

Apple 4

Because after 2000$ you would expect they would give me a WORKING FUCKING COMPUTER. but no. now im writing out 10 000 words on hand.

IGN and Gamespot 5

I'm not to sure if I can post 2 companies in the same rant but i'm ranting about the 2 most stupidest Gaming Websites ever because you know what they both belong on the same rant together to be yelled at for how stupid and biased these 2 game companies are.

I'll Start off first with IGN I used to love this site more than Gamespot until the Stupidity of Gamespot reached IGN's Brains. IGN are now idiots for the following reasons They can't review the latest Wrestling Games right because of an Idiot named Greg who doesn't even look like he knows anything about Wrestling, They seem to now be biased and Bash Nintendo now which is just stupid ok if it wasn't for Nintendo Video Games wouldn't even be the way they are today so how can you hate on Nintendo tell me that you brainless uneducated idiots and as a message to those who call Nintendo a Kiddy system I say Fuck you go back to playing your Call of Duty and Get a Life you Ignorant Brainless Dipshits. Also they seem to be biased towards other games by Praising games with Graphics instead of Gameplay and they complain and rate games lower than Call of Duty, Halo, Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto, and Gears of War, God of War, Killzone, and any other Overated Game ever made but they give games like Splatterhouse and The New Mortal Kombat Game with ratings lower than the way they're supposed to. I'd like to know Where IGN finds such Idiots to review their games Mortal Kombat is without a doubt the Best Fighting Game in Years and they gave it an 8.0 out of 10 that game deserves at least a 9 or more and their excuses were "Graphics sucks" Are you series that game has the best Graphics in any Fighting Game but Deception and Armageddon has better Graphics? Also complained that the Final Boss Shao Kahn is "too hard" it's called a Challenge it's called having an Epic Final Boss Battle to fight against and once you beat them you feel like a Gaming Champion (along them lines) Not to mention the Idiot that they picked to Review Mortal Kombat seems to know absolutley nothing about the series. How Stupid do you half to be to pick some idiot who knows nothing about a game and then has them review it I wonder if IGN picks their Reviewers from the Special Ed Gamers Room. You can't Spell Ignorant without IGN that seems to be the new slogan for this overated site that can't do games right but yet praise Movies and TV better than games so Fuck You IGN.

Gamespot is my personal Favorite to be Angry at. Gamespot has to be the Dumbest Game Reviewrs on the internet i'd like to know where they found a bunch of Uneducated Dumbasses Who don't know shit about games to review them. Everytime one Good games get's good review from better websites these Idiots review them lower WAY lower and then in the reviews say alot of Negative stuff well you know what we have negative stuff to say about you you're an idiot who don't know shit about games. You gave a Skateboard Game Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 a Perfect 10 Really that game doesn't even deserve to be called perfect but yet other games that look almost perfect they give low reviews to and that is a big insult to gamers everywhere. There is a rumor going around saying big name game companies actually pay Gamespot to make shitty review of games it's competing with so their games can be better when they're nothing but shit. Any Game Company does that is absolutley Lower than shit and doesn't deserve to have their games reviewed or put out and to make money by manipulating sites like GS to bash the competition and to praise their crap that is not fair and any company that deserves that should be shut down if a company gave me money to bash their competition I wouls slap them in the face and tell them to go fuck themselves because it shouldn't be about money it should be about games. But if it's Gamespot and their idiotic Braindead employyes who know nothing about the game they're playing than you know what their IQs will forever remain a Abysmal 1.0.

So Fuck IGN and Gamespot They're employees know nothing about games need to go back to Journalism school and are a bunch of Biased Uneducated Brainless Retards. If you want a to see a Game Review go to a source you can trust and don't even go to Gamespot and IGN because they are idiots who can't review games period.

Game Over.

YouTube Unavailable Videos 6

Every other fricken video on my favourites list is no longer available for some reason or another! I mean god damn, I am so fricken pissed off! You can't watch the actually videos from the recording companies because they are always filled with obnoxious commercials that make me vow to never buy that product. And you can't watch the videos from any other source because two days after you find it, the video will be unavailable! I am sick a tired of going through my favourites on YouTube and every other one is unavailable! I just want to listen to some fucking music. Curse you YouTube, curse you.

*Note from Anger Central
Welcome to the wonderful world of copyright abuse.

Apple Products, Specifically Their Operating System 7

I bought a iMac about 4 years ago in 2007 because I was frustrated after 11 years of building my own Windows machines. It turns out I should have not tried to build them, but rather should have just bought something that was tested to function properly out of the box.

I was so frustrated with Windows machines that I finally started researching Macs and eventually bought my iMac. I was told that 'Macs don't get viruses' because the OS is so secure, being based on Unix and all.

Well, I finally have to say that after four years of using a Mac that I bought brand new, that Macs are nothing less than pure garbage.

WAAAAY overpriced. One delayed reaction after another. How much time out of my life do you people really think I'm willing to watch slip away as I WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT for that Goddamned spinning beachball/pinwheel to stop fucking around? I honestly don't have time for this shit.

The little bouncing icons in the dock. The spinning pinwheel. The wristwatch. All stupid little gimmicks designed to distract the customer from the fact that Apple is SOOOOO obsessed with doing whatever the fuck it keeps trying to do in the background, that it can't, for a moment' be bothered by the direct commands that the customer...the OWNER...inputs to it.

I don't WANT a computer that thinks for itself. I want a computer that does ONLY what I tell it, EXACTLY *WHEN* I tell it, and NOTHING, and I mean *NOTHING* else.

I will NEVER recommend an Apple product to ANYONE EVER> I also, UNFORTUNATELY, own an iPhone, and its performance is not much better. Steve Jobs was a completely anal-retentive control freak who screwed his company by insisting on being the way that he was. Microsoft went on to dominate the world's market for computing because Steve Jobs couldn't get his head out of his ass, not even for ONE second.

If I had been forced to use a mac at my last job, I would have been fired for taking so damned long to get anything done for perpetually waiting on a mac do actually DO anything. This thing is nothing more than a BOAT ANCHOR.

I certainly hope Apple looks back on how badly Steve Jobs' ego has screwed the company, and chooses to redesign the OS to be efficient, and not a resource hogging, time-wasting piece of junk.

There's good reason most businesses don't use Macs. It's because they SUCK. HARD>

I want my money back in the worst way. You people have no fucking idea how to design an operating system.

And don't give me any crap about how 'it wasn't you (personally) who wrote the code, etc, blah. blah, blah. You fucking WORK for them; you represent them. You are ONE of them, and therefore just as Goddamned guilty of screwing the masses with the insane over-hyping and severe and tragic let-down that is Apple.

Yes; I do feel better, actually.

I'll never buy another Apple product, and will forever talk about what PURE OVERPRICED CRAP they are.

Have a nice day, losers.

Blizzard 8

I am GODDAMN ANGRY at Blizzard "Entertainment" how the hell am i supposed to be "ENTERTAINED?!" when i can`t even login to my god damn account?Sure i haven`t used it for two years but HOLY HELL! Their account recovery is worse then a fucking toddler`s capability of speech!All i wanted was to reinstall starcraft 2 to get to know some old friends again but NOOOOOOOOO My account probably got god damn deleted! PIECES OF SHIT! SO GOD DAMN WHAT IF NEW PLAYERS HAVE TO GET GOD DAMN CREATIVE!

If space is the problem BUY SOME NEW GOD DAMN SERVERS YOU FUCK FACES! Piece of shit Blizzard entertainment...PHEW this site is awesome! thanks angry webmaster!


I have paid good money out for microsoft word for mac, and it has been happily on my macbook for over a year. now i upgraded to mac mountain lion operating system and now i cannot access any word documents i have because it now says it is not supported ! I have over four years worth of word documentation , including important stuff like things to do with my fathers death and probate, stuff that concerns my 80 year old mother and countless other things . WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FUCK ABOUT , EVERYTHING SHOULD STILL BE ACCESSIBLE, IT BELONGS TO ME, I PAID YOU MONEY FOR ONE TO FUCK THE OTHER ? I REALLY DONT THINK SO. if you buy a book you have the book until you decide to throw it away, so why have apple decided to play god with my fucking purchases ? I am NOT READY to throw word away with no warning and use apples more than wank pages substitute. GIVE ME BACK WHAT I HAVE PAID YOU FOR YOU TWATTING FUCKWITS.

EA Games 10

You know when video game companies that are greedy and selfish like EA go around calling a video game console like the Wii U, crap on twitter than that should be a sign that that company needs to be shut down. It angers me how a skinheaded prick like Bob Summerwill can go and badmouth a video game system on social media where his tweets can be seen, even going as far as saying Nintendo should go third party like Sega did. Seriously the only thing that needs to happen is EA Games needs to go out of business being run by morons like you. Also to all of the EA fanboys who praise this idiot, you must be a bunch of blind sheep who follow EA because your wasting your time waiting for the next Madden game. You want to know a game that is crap take a look at that, it's the same damn game every year and there is nothing new about a football game, so why don't all of you fat, jobless, ea cock sucking losers go out and play real football unless your too fat and lazy and sit around playing your playstation 3 making videos showing off your fatass to anyone on the internet. OK EA first you decide not to put any games for the Wii U and than call it crap; how fucking childish are you all, plus you say a console like the Wii U is crap yes a lot of true gamers call your company the worst in the world. What ever happened to games like Road Rash or Command and Conquer why did you all stop making games like that, instead why do you got to make crappy, overrated sports games? No wonder alot of gamers hate you all, so if there's any company that is crap it's you EA and Bob Summerwill you are a fucking idiot you should be fired, your house should be on foreclosure, and I hope you go live on welfare for being an ignorant piece of shit and to EA Games I hope you all go out of business and games like Mass Effect and Dead Space go to other companies like Capcom or Activision.

Dell Laptop 11

Fuck this piece of shit Dell laptop. I got this thing and the battery only lasts 30 minutes, so you have to keep it connected to a power outlet if you want to do anything with it.

It's so fucking hot that I can feel the heat blowing on my face and hands just typing on the computer. I'm burning up every fucking time I want to use this computer. And it burns your fucking legs if you leave it on your lap. Unacceptable as this is a fucking LAPTOP. If you lying it on the fucking table, it shuts down. Turning it back on results in an error saying the computer overheated.

Running Youtube videos or video games on this thing is worthless. The computer keeps slowing down every thirty seconds and pisses me the fuck off!

Way to go Dell. You fucked me over. I'm so fucking hot and angry over this bullshit.

*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Systems Administrator has also had a love/hate relationship with Dell. He loves to hate them. :)

Kotaku 11

When it comes down to video game news sites that always has some things to talk about, this blog known as Kotaku is absolutely the worst place to go to when it comes down to anything gaming related. The Staff at Kotaku are nothing but a bunch of white trash, inbred, egotistical, idiots who look like they dropped out of High School and never had a real job before starting this unprofessional blog where they are so biased towards anything and act like their own opinions matter and nobody else can express theirs without these idiots insulting someone's intelligence. Really you're going to call people idiots because they hate Call of Duty or hate on somebody just because they don't play Video Games; how unprofessional can you get especially expressing that you don't like a certain game and tell people not to buy it. People have the right either to play the game or not to paly and just because you don't like it doesn't give you the right to insult somebody for liking it or wanting it. It's clear that the staff at Kotaku never went to College and never finished High School and if they ever had any real jobs it would be delivering Pizzas and flipping Hamburgers; I hope this abomination of a website gets shut down some day and that the staff at Kotaku are forces to work at McDonalds or better yet they can all go live on Welfare, and do you really hope such a fate deserves to happen to a bunch of unprofessional, worthless, white trash losers like the staff at Kotaku? Hell Yes, I say it needs to happen, that way gamers can find real news for gaming without stumbling onto this garbage site and that the staff at Kotaku fails at everything in life, and they will damn sure deserve it; so fuck you Kotaku, and every one of your white trash, loser staff members.

Apple 12

I'm so pissed off with Apple, these greedy fucks just want more and more; I can barely afford their Iphones and when I did it was a nightmare, I kept losing storage despite only downloading a handful of apps; also why do these phones need 16gb of memory that's not enough at all and having to pay $100 for more memory that's fucking insane. Not to mention those fucking passcodes you half to enter everytime and if you forget than yes, your locked out of your phone and half to call Apple just to restore your phone; fuck you Apple, I will no longer give money to you greedy fucks ever again, you guys clearly can't do anything right and just want more and more money, I advise everybody to stop giving Apple your money, they can't do anything right, they are greedy, and all of you brainwashed morons need to realize Apple is a shitty company that needs to go Bankrupt for how greedy and inconsiderate they are, and I hope Apple gets stripped down to the core and goes in the trash where they and their shitty and broken shit that they sell belong.

ILife 13

You know you must be one desperate little company that seems to enjoy suing companies just because the products you sell suck and that's how you expect to get money. These greedy Texas yeehaws clearly have shitty products and they sue larger and more popular companies in order to make money, how pathetic that you are so desperate for money that you half to sue other companies to make money claiming they stole your ideas, Well your ideas suck and so does your products, I hope you go out of business you greedy hicks.

Gamevice 14

It pisses me off when great companies get sued by greedy, talentless, bitter patent trolls that make some bullshit claim, thinking a big company stole their idea. This rant is on a company called Gamevice who thinks their stupid Wikipad for Smartphones was ripped off by Nintendo's Switch Joycons because according to them; they were the first to make detachable controllers. First of all the Wikipad looks nothing like the Joycons; the Joycons are a set of small controllers that attach to your Switch Console if you want to play in handheld mode or switch the joycons into a traditional game controller, or make a two player experience in table top mode; where as the Wikipad is a garbage pain in the ass, useless attachment for mobile gaming which looks ugly on a phone; the Joycons are an assesory to play games on a traditional game system where the Wikipad is a useless attachment for playing games on a phone that one would only play if they were on the go. Not to mention barely anyone played it because it sucked and now Gamevice instead of owning up to their failures wants to sue Nintendo because of the Switch's Joycons? That's fucking stupid the Joycons look nothing like your stupid Wikipad.

Yeah after Gamevice dropped the case knowing they would lose are now trying to get the ITC involved, I mean Gamevice are you guys really that fucking desperate? What are you hoping to try to benefit trying to get the Nintendo Switch banned; a system that has sold nearly 20 Million units worldwide; a system that has released so many amazing games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and coming this year Super Smash Bros and maybe Pokemon. Are you guys really that goddamn selfish that you want to ban the Switch because you think it ripped of your useless accessory? Guess what not a damn person would pay a penny to buy any of your garbage products, they would protest your company to go bankrupt and I wish your company would go bankrupt, so fuck of Gamevice.

Funimation 15

I am so angry at the idiots who are running Funimation into the ground, you know one of the most loved companies in Anime English Dubs, you know before they started pushing their political agendas in their dubs which ruins anime entirely. If that isn't bad enough it got more annoying during the Hype days leading towards the release of Super Smash bros Ultimate where they kept asking for Goku to be included and Goku is NOT a video game character he is an Anime Character and Super Smash Bros is a game dedicated to Video Game Characters, anime characters do not belong especially when Dumbass DragonBall Z Fanboys keep spamming the comments wanting Goku and guess what Goku is not and will never be included in Smash and Funimation are clearly fucking idiots. However the worst that they have done is when they fired one of their best actors after a number of false allegations by some attention whore claimed the actors sexually assaulted her at a convention to which the actor states he never hugged or kissed any fans unless they asked him if it was ok to do so. So Funimation and 90% of their talentless voice actors side with the attention whore and got the actor fired and worst when asked for evidence they go and attack people on twitter claiming they don't need to prove anything and threaten legal action on twitter users who want to see the proof, because clearly they are hiding something.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Not unless you work at this abomination of a dub company that puts agendas over the quality of the anime they are supposed to be translating in English. As well as show how unprofessional their actors are when they get called out on allegations and insult their fans and twitter users; really Funimation do you think you will have anymore fans after pulling that shit, I don't think so. I will no longer be buying anymore dvds of Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan or any other anime that you have ruined with your agenda pushing and I can't wait for your company to go down to the ground as a result of your bullshit, fuck you Funimation.

ResetEra 16

This message board of agenda pushing fucktards is really pissing me off. This site is full of morons who act like they can control the entertainment industry by trying to make video games, movies, anime, and comic books bend the knee to their sjw agenda. The members of this site do whatever they can to try to dictate the industry they hate naked or semi naked women but say nothing about men. They look for any excuse to be offended and then try to force the developers to either change it or go as far as threaten game or movie makers.

It's really sick that these no life fucktards act like they can control the world of video games, comic books, anime, and movies and if they don't get their way they call for witch hunts labeling them as perverts or racists yet the members of ResetEra are known to be racists themselves and there are a bunch of pedophiles on that site and yet they get treated like royalty, are you fucking serious? This site is fucking garbage and everyone on it is fucking garbage.

ResetEra needs to be shut down along with it's high on crack, sjw agenda pushing fucktards. They all need to have their heads rammed into their computer screens and get electrocuted for their stupidity.

Nintendo 17

I am angry at Nintendo for the recent retarded fucking decisions those Fucktards have been making recently trying to give cease and desist orders to a Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament telling them to shut down. Seriously fuck you Nintendo why would you want to shut down a tournament during a pandemic that gave you all a reason to be lazy and not give fans anything to look forward to this year by not doing Nintendo Directs like what the fuck is going on with you Nintendo? We don't like Mini Directs or Partner Showcases because they are all third Party which is fine and all but we need first party games to invest our money on but no Nintendo wants to act like a bunch of Fucktards by not announcing anything until later on in 2020.

When they did announce a collection of 3D Super Mario Games back in September they gave gamers a 2 Week notice to purchase the game when most people didn't have money and worst of all announcing it's discontinuation in March like have this Company overdoses on Retard Pills? Also why don't they fucking fix their damn Joycon drifting problem that's been a pain in the ass since the launch of the Nintendo Switch? They act like it's not a priority to them but suing fans over fan made projects is.

Nintendo really has become a sue happy company as well by suing fans who make fan made projects hoping to get a job with Nintendo and that is just pathetic that Nintendo would treat their fans like that and I wouldn't blame anyone for hating Nintendo for pulling shit like that. Here's an idea get off your lazy asses and make new Metroid or F-Zero games instead of suing people for making fan made versions, hell with their talent they should be in charge of the next game of a series; did that ever occur to you Nintendo or are you so blind with greed that fans are just customers to you?

Then they go and cancel a Splatoon 2 Tournament all because players were in support of the Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament that I previously mentioned getting cancelled. Now that is just childish and it makes me so angry that Nintendo would cancel a tournament over something petty and childish.

They even sent a Cease and Desist over custom Joycon Controllers dedicated to the late Etika where money was going to go to a Mental Health Charity Fund. Nintendo how do your higher ups even sleep at night with all of the selfish retarded decisions that they keep making? Satoru Iwata was an amazing head of Nintendo and yes he made mistakes but he always owned up to them but this fat faced fucktard Shuntaro Furukawa is nothing but an idiot and with all of the bullshit decisions that Nintendo has been making that fucktard Furakawa deserves to have his fat face smashed with a fucking sledgehammer until his brains spill out and he can also go burn in hell too.

I will still play Nintendo's awesome games but Nintendo is in need of serious new management and they need to get rid of that retard Furakawa and any of the other retarded fuck executives at Nintendo so that way we won't see another rant on this site about Nintendo ever again.

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