I am pissed off at Craftsman for their continued efforts to move their hard line tools to production in China and, to a lesser degree, Taiwan.

Ever buy a Craftsman wrench that was "Made in USA" and high quality? Yeah, if you ever have an issue and take it in for warranty, you are now going to get a low-grade, piece of shit that is made in China. Go check them in the store if you don't believe me.

Polished wrenches, cross-force, deep offset, crows foot, flare nut, stubby, ratcheting, spline, flex head wrenches, they are ALL fucking made in China anymore. Think it stops there? No, there's more -taps and die sets? ALL of them made in China. Small "micro" pliers? Made in China. Dog bone wrench, re-invented from decades ago? Made in China.

You know what really fucking pisses me off? These assholes still charge the same fucking prices, premium US-made tool prices, for their Chinese-made garbage. They don't look the same, they feel lighter, they're made in China where quality means NOTHING, from not just a business but also a cultural standpoint, and they're still charging the same fucking price for this shit.

Worse yet, they CONCEAL this deliberately. Every shot in the catalog and the mailers will, without fail, show the side of the tools that doesn't say CHINA on it in big letters. Sure, there's no USA stamp, but everyone still assumes they're US made. They also deliberately conceal it in the store, with ABSOLUTELY NO country of origin on most of these Chinese tools. The only place you can find the words "Made in China" are on the disposable packaging, so if you don't notice before you remove your new tools, you'll never know where they came from. Can you believe these pieces of shit? What a bunch of fucking cowards, so ashamed of where the tool is made that they won't even put it on the product.

It's fucking ridiculous. I am waiting for the day when the ratchets and sockets move to China, or the raised panel wrenches. That's literally all they have left of US-made production anymore.

If I want to pay US-prices for Chicom garbage, I'll hop on a fucking tool truck and throw my money out the window in style. Craftsman has ruined their image as a producer of quality hand tools and their reputation will never recover from this debacle. They tried moving some tools to Japan many years ago but obviously never learned from their mistake. I say fuck'em and I hope it puts them out of business this time.

Fuck you Craftsman!

*Note from Anger Central
We could explain the economics of why companies are moving manufacturing to China, but it all comes down to this. It costs to much to make anything in the United States these days. Why? Two reasons. Government overregulation/taxation and Unions. Even the unions aren't the major reason.

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