Craig's List Sellers 1

I have often wondered just what the hell was wrong with the majority of Craig's List sellers out there. Seriously, these people have to be some of the most retarded sacks of shit to ever get their hands on a keyboard.

Nowhere but Craig's List will you find people who post pictures of complete and utter junk, ruined, broken and all but destroyed, only to ask top dollar for it. What's that, it says Snap On? Oh in that case it must be worth 75% of retail even though it's 10 years old, used and abused. Are you fucking serious?

The worst is the completely clueless asshole that will waste your time by putting up an ad with no details, no picture, no nothing. You call them up and they tell you that they don't actually have the item for sale, it's at another location that they of course can't get to right now. You repeatedly call them for an update and it seems they still can't find the time to get even the most basic info about what they want to sell. What the flying fuck is this shit? I used to think people couldn't be this fucking stupid, but apparently I was wrong.

My favorite Craig's List idiotic behaviors? Here's a few:

1. "Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics" -Then why the fuck did you use them you asshole?

2. Picture taken in the dark so you can't see a fucking thing. -What the fuck is the point???

3. People who list a phone number but say they only want texts, no calls. -Are you for fucking real? You want to sell shit over the phone, but not if you have to pick up the fucking thing? You have to be fucking kidding.

I really think Craig's List is the fucking cesspool of all classified ads. Talk about a bunch of fucking knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, inbred pieces of human fucking trash. Almost every single person I've dealt with has been a complete fucking weirdo of some kind. I guess it goes with the territory, but for God's sake, what a fucking joke.

Screw all you assholes, I am so tired of dealing with the fucking idiots out there that I no longer indulge in the back and forth. If you can't list your shit properly, have a decent picture and ask a remotely reasonable price, you can shove it up your fucking ass.

Craigslist 2

Craigslist is useless and too big for its own good. I'm moving and trying to sell/give away some old furniture, but every single thing I post either

A) doesn't show up on the site as it thinks I'm a spammer, or

B) gets flagged and removed immediately by the companies that pretend to be private sellers and are hawking their own cheap shit. "$20 for this guy's used entertainment system?

Let's get it taken down so that people only see our entertainment system listings for $300." Someone did an analysis of their flagging system and it's totally broken- a competitor can visit your ad and click "Flag" over and over until it gets taken down. Sometimes it takes as few as 1-2 clicks before this happens. I literally have never been able to post anything on that site and get it to appear for more than 5 minutes. It's just a flagging circle-jerk where everyone flags everyone else's listings and nobody ends up selling anything.

Craigslist 3

I'm angry at spammers that frequent the personals section of the site. I upload a personal ad for tonight, and I keep getting emails from spammers. Only once have I tried this and gotten a real person. I've replied to personal ads in the past, and it's all prostitutes. I wish this website were real.

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