Convenience Stores

Why is it that every convenience store run by Indians does the same sorry shit. The minute you walk in the store, they watch you like they expect you are the biggest thief in the world and are planning to steal the earring right out of their wife's fucking nose. I can see them watching groups of kids from the local high school because sometimes these pathetic little shitwads do steal, especially when there is a whole bunch of them at once. I have actually told a few of these kids to put the shit back, before I told the store owner. So why the fuck do they have to watch you all the time? As for stealing, has anyone besides myself noticed the prices these ass wipes charge for shit? That's stealing. The worst story I have recently heard from a friend of mine who volunteers at a local food pantry for the poor. These Indian bastards came into the store and took away two cartons of canned groceries. She was just finishing up on her volunteer time and got suspicious and followed them to their convenience store. They took the cartons of cans into their fucking store!!!! Cheap motherfuckers!!!! They are selling donated food cans in their fucking store!!!! If I could have got this on my camcorder I would have turned them in to the authorities. If a poor person who was hungry came into their cheapshit store, they would throw him out! Then, after all else is said and done, when you buy $30.00 worth of shit from their store, they look at you if you don't just get the fuck out and leave right away. HOW ABOUT GIVING NE A FUCKING BAG? When I just stand there after paying, the miserable bastard looks at me all pissed off and says "Bag?" like he dosen't know what the fuck I want. Why does he think I am standing there? Because I like looking at his miserable face? One final thing. When I finally get a bag, the shitwad tosses it to me so I can bag my own shit. Also, the bag is from some store in the mall. Cheap cocksuckers!!!! Go back to India and make it "convenient" for all of us.

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