These jerks have a real stupid way of hiring new employees. I go in to apply for a job, I have to wait in line for 45 minuets to use a computer and type in my information instead of filling out an application form. Then I have to wait over a month for them to send me a rejection notice saying that the job I applied for wasn't available. The job WAS available and after applying 5 times in almost three months, the job is still available. I mean, What the hell? If this is what have to go through just to get a job there, I'll go look elsewhere.

pants 2

A certain money robbing clothing chain, not to be mentioned, has a large range of jeans, which is of course fine and dandy. The problem is that the jeans theys sell, which i happen to like, are all always about 5 inches too long!!! Im not an extraordinarily short person at 5'7'', but i do understand that there are tall people out there with a need for long pants. The thing is probable 1% of the female population is THAT tall, and NO these people arent even the real reason for the god damn only-the-right-size-for-clowns-on-stilts jeans!!! You see the company runs a side business were they "good naturedly" hem your newly purchased jeans for 7 BUCKS!!! I WANT TO SPIT IN THE FACE OF THE EMPLOYEE THAT ASKS IF I WANT THE PANTS HEMMED, I WANT TO RUB DIRT INTO THE EYES OF THE FAKE SMILING BASTARDS! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Wal-Mart 3

Well, now I remember why I haven't set foot in a Wal-mart for over a year. The place SUCKS beyond all possible belief. Actually it would have to improve considerably to achieve "suck" status. In what is supposed to be no more than a 10 or 15 minute errand, I went in there during my lunch time at work just to make a couple of small purchases. First of all, it's nearly impossible to find anything in the frigging place, and even harder to find someone who works there who can actually tell you where something is (most likely explained by the fact that most of the staff in the store looked like fugitives from a Jerry Springer Show casting call). Then when I am finally ready to pay for my purchases, it's checkout HELL! Explain to me why these mega-stores even bother to set up 20 check out lanes, when at even the busiest time of the day, there is never, ever more than three or four lanes open. Well, since I only had two items to purchase, I get in the so-called "speedy check out" lane for people with 12 items or less to purchase, which of course is anything but speedy. What a damn joke that is. This lane was beset with price checks, cash register problems, and idiot customers writing out checks with the speed of an anemic snail. After waiting in this Godforsaken queue for ten minutes, during which time the line had barely moved at all, I finally got so disgusted I just set my purchases down on the nearest shelf and then left the store without getting anything, essentially wasting my entire lunch time and then some. Is this what passes for customer service now in this country? What ever happened to the good old days of mom and pop stores that actually gave a damn about their customers and gave them decent service?

Wal*Mart 4

My town is being taken over by Wal*Marts! Let me make it very clear that the area I live in is not a large urban area. With my small town, flanked by two medium sized towns, I'd say there are about 100,000 in the area. Why then do we need a Wal*Mart on every street corner? I kid you not, there are three Wal*Mart Supercenters in this thirty square mile area of Florida. A fourth is currently being built, and, just ten miles from one supercenter, a fifth is getting ready for construction!

What the hell?! We DO NOT need five damn Wal*Marts here. I would be happy if we didn't even have one actually. They drive our local businesses out, the three are currently here have not helped our local economy at all (like the companies commercials have claimed), they tear down huge chunks of wildlife to build their big ugly buildings and vast stretches of parking lot, and they make traffic in these areas horrible.

Appliance Direct 5

I am so sick of Appliance Direct's same ole commercial, especially with that girl with the green checkered dress. She is downright scary with her loud and obnoxious voice. She sounds like a prozac combustion. Hire Crazy Eddie instead - at least you expect HIM to be insane! And that same day delivery line is bullshit! I went to that store with my grandma to buy her a stove - did she get it delivered that day? Notta -no can do! LYING BASTARDS for breaking her heart.

Walgreen's 6

I joined Walgreens after a four-week period of unemployment from being laid-off, hoping I could at least get a little money in before I got back to a better-paying job. You don't start work at a near-minimum wage, low skill-level position with particularly high expectations, but my month-long foray into the retail hell of Walgreens has left me with an even bleaker outlook on life.

First was the simple fact that they didn't hire me for the position I had originally been promised. I was told I could begin on-the-job training as a pharmacy technician (making close to $10 an hour) but instead got placed at the front end register as a cashier during my final interview. When I pointed out to him that I would be making about 40% less in comparison and that my minor in biology would make me an ideal candidate for pharmacy work, he just shrugged and made up some half-ass excuse about not being able to staff the position. In my time there, two techs quit and two brand-new ones were hired to replace them; not even a hint of promoting me up from the front end. Absolutely horrid.

That last interview should have been my first clue that my manager was either an insufferable hardass or a total moron, but I nonetheless decided to stick it out, not having very many other options at the time. They worked my ass off in the first few weeks, in which I averaged about 50-55 hours, sometimes working seven days at a time. I also got to experience the joy of working full shifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve and Day without seeing so much as a penny of extra pay since my time with the company had been less than thirty days.

And now, the real reason I quit: Everybody's hours got cut after the holidays ended -- but mine were most of all affected. I started coming in to see 20-25 hour / week working schedules and spoke with my manager about putting in more hours so I could average around 30-35 per week. His response was to tell me to go talk to the manager of the other Walgreens in town to see about picking up some extra shifts. Next day I came in to take a look at next week's schedule to find I had been put down for only fourteen hours. My manager had inked in 'Work at <other store's address>' in red. I gritted my teeth and gave the other store manager a call to confirm my suspicions. Not a damn time slot to be filled. I took a big black marker and drew a line over my entire schedule, went to the restroom, tossed my uniform and name tag right in the toilet, and walked out without looking back. They have never attempted to contact me since. I have decided I would rather be unemployed and available to pound the pavement to look for a real job than ever work for such incompetent fools ever again.

department stores 7

I am so pissed off about the fact that in certain areas, when you go into the grocery store to checkout, there are only 1 or 2 cashiers working while the store is FULL of people (employees too). As a result there often about 2 registers open with LONG lines. Then, when the store does decide to open another register, everybody runs over there like a bunch of crazies determined to beat the next person and by the time you get there the line is about as long as the other 2.

Also, when you go to the checkouts why is it some people behind you feel the need to park their cart as close to you as they can? I've had at least 2 experiences where the person behind me was about 1 inch or less away from me with their stupid cart. I think they do it just to be annoying and show what selfish ASSHOLES they really are!

Target 8

What the fuck is with target? I applied for a job there 4 times in the past year and a half, and they haven't hired me. Luciky I got a better paying job somewhere else, but serioudly. I've never done drugs, never committed a crime, wouldn't you want an employee like that?! Instead they hire the potheads that quit smoking for a period of 2 weeks just to pass the piss test, and 15 year old kids that never make it to work on time because they either have to walk or they just think they can come to work late. Then they quit one week later because "it's too hard". WHAT. THE. FUCK. Assholes.

Babies R Us 9

I took a job at a Babies R Us store and the first day, my training day, went great because I was alone training with a fucking computer. Then the next day I worked I met a few of the employees and they were all single teen fucking mothers! Not only were they mothers, they were all complete morons with no sense of what work is. Then I met my "Supervisor" and she wasn't a mother, but she was a complete lazy idiot! She told me what to do, not how to do it (the computer training was a waste of time, it only taught you how to treat customers) so when I asked for help she ignored me and went on a smoking break every time. So I wandered around the store acting busy my entire first week. Then the second week, the same supervisor sent me home everyday because I wasn't needed. When the manager heard about this I told him that the supervisor is worthless and she won't teach me anything, so the manager says he'll teach me tomorrow. Well, the asshole doesn't show up! I sit around for an hour waiting and he doesn't come. So I just leave and don't show up for work anymore. After a few days I go to collect my paycheck and the manager tells me he wants me to stay, I tell him this place is a joke and I will never work here. What is wrong with this manager? I quit showing up for work and he still wants me to stay? I guess it's because they're so damn desperate because they only hire slutty teens. Fuck that place!

Walmart 10

There is a walmart every 5 fucking miles in my city. walmart is the primary source of the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs. try to ANYTHING made in the U.S. at a'll have a hard time, sure some of the dog food, and shit like that is made in the U.S. but none of the telephones, stereos, tv's or toys are. Who wants to work at the dog food factory?

*Note from Anger Central
You are WRONG Shopperbreath! ;)
Actually, the causes of outsourcing can be laid at the doorsteps of:

1) Government at all levels.
2) Unions. (Although this is less of a problem then it used to be)

Due to massive over-regulation as well as a tax policy that is flat out stupid, it is far cheaper for a company to manufacture things outside of the Untied States. Blame the real source of the problem, the Government at all levels.
The Webmaster doesn't shop at Walmart. We don't like the cheap, shoddy crap they sell.

Walmart 11

Where are all the people who work there hiding! when you need help the say " I don't Know" or What's that? What's that! Are you kidding Me!

Wal-Mart 12

I have had it with Wal-Mart this store and everyone in it makes me so angry I just want to start a fight with both customers and employees.

Wal-Mart hires the dumbest people and lets the dumbest customers into the store, they always seem to have an attitude well you know what QUIT YOUR FUCKING JOB that goes to the ranters who work at wal-mart bitching about the customers well you know what if you and the rest of the idiot employees aren't going to help than gt a life yourself and quit go to school and get a fucking career it's that simple. I'm also tired of you rude ass mother fuckers acting as if you own the place well you know what you need your ass beat if you want to act like that such as some bitch who worked there who looked all pissed well you know what I threatened to beat that bitch's ass in the checkout line because she looks like she needs to be Hell I would've punched her in the throat and made sure she would work somewhere else. Also why when they have 20 or so checkout lines do they have 3 people working are the employees that damn lazy to go to work or to checkout plus they don't even know what their doing either because they sometimes ring up the price twice seriously do you not know simple mathematics I look at the cost and what you rang up is twice as what it's worth seriously are you trying to cheat me out of my money yeah their that's when I threaten employees with violence.

Customers are also dumbasses They have more customers in the store than fans at the superbowl and they run all over the store and they are always in the way whenever your looking for something and these idiots are taking all day man I wish we had car horns with our carts to tell them to HURRY THE HELL UP. Young people well kids are always throwing their fits but I'll skip them because there's no need to explain; teens mostly emos and other immature kids act so fucking stupid and treat the store is if it was a fucking elementary school playground they crash carts, don't watch where their going, loud, and think their trying to audition for Jackass seriously GROW THE FUCK UP! Your going to piss off the wrong person and get the living shit beat out of you also stop acting so fucking rude and stop talking shit about people before you get fucked up so bad that you will never shop again. Fat People you can walk your fatasses down the aisle seriously you park in the fire lane which is illegal and you can get towed walk only a half an inch and snatch the electric scooters for those who need it such as war heroes who are disabled seriously no wonder why they say fat people are a disgrace to the USA also they load their carts with so much junk like beer, Pepsi, Doritos, Pringles, Red Baron Pizzas, etc and neither of it is fat free if you want to go on a diet than walk all over the store and go to the gym it's that fucking simple. Barefoot People do these fools read the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service sign on the door they think it's cause the store doesn't want to be sued well yeah that and we don't want you barefoot bafoons giving us any diseases from your nasty feet especially if you just left the bathroom you nasty pigs. Old People hurry up Grandpa we got things to do seriously pick up what you need and get moving before I shove your old wrinkly ass out of my way.

Another problem are people who overstuff their cart with junk I mean come on people do you really need all that stuff do you think you'll be that hugry I understand out if towners but still come another day we got things to do and don't want to spend all day in the checkout line also would you hurry up with the checkbook granny we don't have the rest of your life.

The Pharmacy oh my god has to be the worst area the line is longer than a Playstation 3 line the fact that it's the cheapest and slowest can't they put more people to work there do people not want to pay at easier places like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens at least there are no lines and better workers.

Also stupid people stop saying wal-mart is evil trying to close down other stores if you don't like the store than don't shop there same thing goes to idiots who say people need a greasy hamburger, why so they can be as fat and stupid as you are no you fucking fat dumbass. I used to like wal-mart until they built the supercenter and after that the shit hit the fan, don't shop at walmart beause if idiots could fly than wal-mart would be an airport dumbass employees and dumbass customers it's all that simple.

JC Penney 13

Is a JOKE! Seriously! Most pretentious bunch of snobs I've possibly EVER encountered, and I've certainly met enough of them in my life. Even Filene's, a much higher-class store, wasn't so discriminating and stuck on themselves.

It's amazing what these assholes expect for $7.50 an hour. Barely minimum wage, and their standards are sky-high! Must have completely OPEN availability. (I have this). Must have retail and customer service experience. (I have this, as well, in ABUNDANCE!). Must be willing to perform slave-like duties for peanuts. Well, I was willing to do this, as well, just for the sake of having some kind of income. After all, the holidays are quickly approaching. The economy is down, and so therefore, you would need experienced, FRIENDLY individuals to CONVINCE people to waste their money at over-priced shit-holes like JC Penney. If they believe they're going to attract business this year on merit alone, they have a major shock coming to them! With Wal-Mart becoming more of a player in the quality factor of retail, as well as Target, and with THEIR prices being somewhat reasonable, JC Penney can expect to go the way Filene's went. Down faster then the Titanic. So, how can they afford to be so PICKY and discriminating against the people they hire??? Most people with any common sense, is going to look at the wage they offer and LAUGH. Christ, you can get better pay at MCDONALDS! Yet, the ones who are willing to accept their bullshit, are denied.

I'm a tad bit pissed. To add insult to injury, you would THINK they'd have the common decency to let a person know, one way or another. In a world full of self-centered, money-grubbing IDIOTS, JC Penney's has certainly fulfilled their part in it.

Screw it. All that fake, happy-ass, smiling bullshit would've just hurt my face, anyway. I can get a better wage, and less ass-reaming, at a gas station. I'd fit better there, anyway. I've never belonged in the world of high-priced fashion, trying to rip off the general consumer with products you can buy at half the cost, elsewhere. All you're paying for at that place is the amount of cloth it took to sew to the back of a pair of jeans with a name on it. That's it.

So, fuck off, Penney's! With the way the market is these days, and people becoming smarter shoppers, your days are numbered, at best.

Get over yourselves! I can get the same damn thing you offer at Wal-Mart! I can get a better paying JOB at Wal-Mart. So, you can take your so-called "opportunities", and shove them right up your high and mighty asses!

Ta Ta!

Kids Depot sucks 14

People there are drugged out carzy people who have a retarded clan that gangs up on unsuspecting employees and makes them feel like shit by whispering and giving them dirty looks. PLUS SOME OF THE PEOPLE THERE ARE INSANE:

One girl is so annoying... She walks around all day and complains about how bad her stomach hurts and oops now its her head...10 minutes later it is her foot or she cant lift anything. LISTEN WE DONT CARE IF YOU ARE IN PAIN 24/7 Shut up. blah blah Waawaa!

Another girl has been clinically depressed for about 10 years and is either extremely up or extremely down.

Do you know what it is like to work with a girl is laughing on moment and then crying and bing a wicked witch another? AAHH! WTF? and everyone caters to her. She is stupid and pathetic... I dont get it. But I watch and observe and wonder how the business survives.

Not to mention the other one who pops pills during the day.


Walmart 15

I bought a cookware set from Walmart and less than a week later the non stick surface started to come off in flakes. I've long since grown used to the low quality clothing they sell made with shoddy thread but it looks like they are expanding the boundaries of their useless low quality overseas made junk.

Idiots In Walmart 16

This rant is dedicated to both the dipshit Walmart cashier and the elderly woman that couldn't operate the fucking credit card machine.

Seriously, I waited in line for five whole minutes wanting to buy an Xbox magazine. It shouldn't have taken more than thirty seconds, but no! Stupid people have to lower the quality of my life by going out in public and pissing me off!

This elderly woman kept sliding the credit card into the machine and staring at the screen like a dumbass because she couldn't read what it said. And the Walmart cashier kept telling this bitch to confirm the transaction by hitting cancel.


I eventually just left the magazine there and left because my family was waiting on me.

Craftsman 17

For years now, we've had the Craftsman brand through Sears as a fairly good quality, American made tool for the money. Not Chiwanese-cheap but much better quality and, of course, the purportedly no-nonsense 'forever' warranty.

However, in the last year or so, the spineless, profit hungry, bottom-feeding pieces of shit that run the company (and Sears) have been turning the Craftsman brand into a steaming pile of shit.

First off, the quality has gone down, along with quality control, in the last decade. I'm not talking baby steps either, I'm talking a huge plunge. It started when they switched to Danaher for many of their hard line hand tools and it only got worse. Chrome flaking off of brand new sockets, malformed wrenches, crooked stamping, rust on new product, you name it. And this is on a regular basis, from someone that doesn't buy nearly enough tools that they should be seeing this many duds in so little time.

What really has people pissed off these days, however, is that these pieces of shit weren't satisfied with raising their prices and lowering quality domestically, so they've started to systematically move production to China. It started with their newer offerings ("Forever" warranty is on the package, but USA is gone. China is on the back in tiny print!) and gimmick products, but now it is finally in full swing.

Want a flare nut wrench? Now made in China. How about a stubby wrench, or some combination wrenches or maybe their cross-force wrenches? You guessed it ALL made in China going forward. This is not rurmor, it is not bullshit, it is on the shelves and showing up across the country. There are pictures on the web and I've seen it with my own eyes in the store.

It's only a matter of time before the sockets and the few remaining hand tools they have left are also made in China. Don't worry though, the price is still the same (if not more) than it was for the US-made product of yesteryear. And don't think the product is anywhere near the quality of the USA equivalent that it replaces. Not by a long shot. This is China we're talking about. The products don't even look identical, it's a totally different spec. and without a doubt lower quality, for the same price.

But hey, you have that 'guaranteed forever' warranty, so if you bust a US-made tool you can always take it back to the store and get the low-quality, piece of shit Chinese replacement.

I say in all honesty that Sears and Craftsman should be fucking ashamed of themselves. This was the last bastion of American-made, decent quality tools at prices that most Americans could still afford, and a product they could usually depend on in terms of quality. Now what do you get? Harbor Freight quality at US-made prices.

If you want to buy Chinese shit at outrageous prices, the only option used to be the Mac Tools or Matco trucks, but apparently Sears is following suit the Craftsman and Craftsman Professional lines. Good for them, now the average, shade-tree mechanic and do-it-yourself types can be take it up the ass from a tool company peddling Chinese shit for US-made prices.

That's right folks, it's not just for brain-dead mechanics who buy over priced shit off tool trucks with money they don't have, you too can have your fudge packed the next time you think you're buying a reputable "American" brand.

Fuck Craftsman and fuck Sears for running this brand into the ground. I hope you fuckers eat shit. Thanks for lining you and your shareholders pockets by giving American jobs and American dollars to China, Honduras, Taiwan and God only knows where else some of this shit is made now.

The pigs are NOT flying. 18

I was at walmart and some employee pushing carts called the COPS on me,bc,for one minute went inside and got some food for my kids,while I left them inside the car with the airconditioner on and even my I.D and PHONE.

My kids ages are 8yrs old and 1 yr old.I was bout to be arrested but,thank goodness that this stupid cop saw my stupid mistake and did not take me to jail,I have to say,I dispise the walmart employee and will waste my TIME AND MONEY now for a LAWYER due to this dumbfunker,who decided he had no better things to do.I am wasting tax payers money and mines too,cuz I HAVE A REAL J O B.and some twisted fate I am not in jail,here sharing with the world,don't so as I did and beating ppl does not help.hate walmart too.

Brianiac Home Depot employees 19

Customer: some help loading these heavy 4x4s please.

HD Worker: ugh this ones warped, do you want it?

Customer: oh thank you for asking, I love spending my hard earned money on crap.

So you get home and the one on the bottom is worst than the one he put back.

Big Lots 20

Big Lots expects perfection out of its employees...and yet they do not want to give any hours to do so. They want to be like Target, Walgreens, etc. ass. I do not care how many times you polish a is still a turd.

Dick's Sporting Goods 21

This place really sucks dicks. A few years ago they got rid of their skateboarding equipment, so I barely have any reason to shop at their store anymore.

Last year I got a gift card to Dick's so I could buy a pair of shoes, and the shoes I bought are just horrible. Both shoes, the heels quickly got worn down and have recently gotten holes. I've never experienced that in a shoe. The previous pair of shoes I bought, which were also from Dick's, had the bottom of the shoes start coming apart from the rest of the shoe, and this happened on both shoes. I'm telling my family to never give me anything for Dick's ever again.

My final problem with Dick's, causing me to never go there again, is when I went there last night to kill some time. The employees, who usually never bother anybody and you have to desperately chase them down for help, all started following me around the store, asking me if I needed help, like I'm going to steal from their shitty store. Fuck them. I'm never returning to any Dick's.

Walmart 22

Walmart really sucks ass to shop in. This country is fucking stupid for supporting this shithole of a company.

The customers are rude as shit, constantly grouping together and blocking the way so nobody can get through. I swear Walmart customers are the most sheep like customers, because when one customer starts to look at something alone, everybody in the area starts to flock to where the customer is and start looking for more shit to buy.

The employees are now militant assholes. They used to ignore the customers and be far away from them doing work. Now I guess there are too many shoplifters, so now the employees run up and down the aisles, watching everybody because they now see Walmart customers as potential thieves. They are really bad in the front part of the store, because there are like five of them in a group patrolling up and down the front part of the store, and once they had a guy outside patrolling outside while watching everybody driving in the parking lot! One time I was paying at the self checkout for a $1 drink and a $1 pack of cookies, and some bitch of a employee militantly stomped up to me and started watching everything I was doing with a rude smirk on her face. All over a potential theft of $2, because Walmart must not be making it with their billions of dollars made every year.

Fuck this company and the dumb assholes that shop there. I'm now doing my shopping at Target because the employees are nice, the customers are nice, even the security guard is nice and polite. I can't believe people pick Walmart over Target, but I guess that is a good thing, because Walmart keeps all the stupid people in one store, and away from every place else!

Walmart schedule 23

They give deli only 2 hours to:

  1. Clean rotisserie oven.

  2. Clean hotcase

  3. Clean slicers

  4. Clean fryers

  5. Clean freezer/coolers

  6. all sinks

  7. Wash dishes

  8. clean floor (and drains)

All this with 2 people. Average time for experienced people? 2.15 hours...Newbie's 2.7 hours.

Target Managment 24

I am so fucking angry with Target and their manager who fired my Daughter for the most bullshit reasons ever.

My Daughter was just trying to make some money but one the idiot manager tried to get her to come to work at 4 in the morning and there are Laws in this town where anyone under 21 can't be driving on the road between Midnight and 6 AM but this idiot manager didn't care and fired her all because she couldn't do it.

My Daughter has fallen sick due to stress and believe me I called Target and cussed out their dumbass manager and I threatened them with a Lawsuit and believe me I will get myself a good Attorney this Manager will never be allowed to run Target ever again and I am never shopping there for the way they treated my Daughter and if I ever see the Manager i'll kick the fucking shit out of him.

*Note from Anger Central
I would suggest contacting a lawyer and possibly the state Atorney General's office.

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