Fry's Electronics 1

This used to be a great store for technophiles to hang out, get a bite to eat, check out lots of competing brands of hardware and generally find anything you needed (and plenty of eye candy that you didn't or couldn't afford). Nowhere else could you try out dozens of keyboards, play around with different cases and have your pick of the litter on peripherals and internals, all at decent prices.

In the last few years though, the place has really become a complete fucking cesspool. Gone are the days when the products were good brands at good prices. Now all you have is the lowest tier being represented, usually the cheapest crap they could buy at bulk, so they wouldn't be out-priced online. You're usually much better off going online and buying a more reliable brand at a minimally increased cost.

What kills me though is the stocking at this place. Half the shit they're supposed to have, according to their God-awful website, is woefully out of stock or completely gone from the shelves altogether. They lie and say they have it in-store, but then you show up and find out that they don't even sell that brand in the store, there aren't even pegs for it on the shelf with the el-cheapo competitor items they have instead. What a fucking joke and a complete waste of time just to pull a bait-and-switch.

Of course the people working there are all complete scum. Working on commission and completely fucking clueless about anything, you're hard pressed to find anyone more useless than their employees. They can't find shit, they don't know shit and they are lazy as shit. I have never seen so many employees congregating and chatting it up while customers search aimlessly for help, especially in the laptop and monitor section.

Probably the worst thing is the fucking people they get in these places now. No more are you surrounded by techies, nerds, system builders and gaming geeks. No longer is the average IQ in this place in the three digit range, not by a fucking mile. All I see in there anymore are knuckle-dragging, brain-dead, morbidly obese neanderthals, cavorting about and more than likely spending tax payer money (thanks welfare!) on a new TV or Blue Ray player. Dipshits in trucker hats? Check. Faggots in guido sunglasses and wife beaters? Oh yes. Welfare queens with fifty kids running around like vermin? You bet. Homeless people and transients that smell like they haven't bathed in a few decades, the kind of B.O. you can pick up from 100 feet off? THREE on my last visit alone! What the fuck?! For God's sake, it's like they've turned into some kind of a half-bred Walmart at this point, which is sickening on so many levels.

I fucking hate this shit hole of a store, especially having seen what it was like before and comparing to the cesspool of human waste that it has become now. I absolutely refuse to go there unless it is a do-or-die, absolutely critical purchase that cannot wait. There is literally no redeeming value to this place, it's just a fucking ridiculous eyesore anymore.

Fuck you Fry's, you pieces of miserable shit. Get the scum out of your store, fire the idiots you have working there, try stocking your fucking shelves (and with product that doesn't suck!) and clean up your fucking act.

Disc Replay 2

This one store in a chain of stores, I dislike it so much that I swore to never go there again. They sell games and movies in a shopping center, and they attract the most retarded customers ever. The customers are dumbass drooling parents that drag in their 50 kids that constantly stand around whining, crying, screaming, and run up and down the aisles. The parents don't give a fuck, and sometimes act proud.

The employees are awful too. They used to have a bunch of awesome women, along with the socially retarded geek guys, but now it's a constant switch out of socially retarded geek guys that can barely speak to people, and can't even manage the line in the store at the counter, because the line frequently splits in two, because the cashiers take so long to sell shit that the line gets so backed up that it starts going into the aisles and nobody knows where the line starts.

I'm glad I get to drive to another store in this chain across town, because it's way better.

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