I use to enjoy writing and reading fanfiction, but now has become a playground for all of the stupid, immature trolls, who have no life and do nothing but look for whatever story they can find to talk crap about. First of all these retards act like spoiled brats over misspelled words and grammar rather than talk about the story, you claim that you're in school when really i'm sure judging by the way you behave on the internet by writing idiotic reviews talking crap about someone's grammar and spelling and wanting to help writers who DON'T need help by wanting to write about penises or tities in their writing; just to show that you are some immature little retard with no life and no goals other than trying to be a pain in everybody's ass. Also if you go around flaming people's fanfiction don't go around saying you want people to be gentle with your fanfiction when you weren't with anyone else's because someone will flame you, and don't say "You're just jealous I write better than you!" no because quite obviously if somone flames your fanfiction after you flame somebody elses than you deserve to be flamed back and don't ask for people not to flame you because that isn't fair that you think it's ok to say nasty shit about the way people write and yet you don't want people to say nasty stuff about you, if anything you're not old enough to be on the internet anyways if that's the way your going to behave.

Also it sickens me when these idiot trolls can't just leave well enough alone, that they half to harass writers over their stories; seriously what the fuck is wrong with you, ok first of all you idiots sound real tough talking shit behind your keyboards saying your going to get their personal information and come find where somebody lives and attack them. Really I bet you can't make through on that threat because you would nee to get a ride in the backseat of your mommy's van because you're not old enough to drive, and if you did meet someone and that person was taller than you and muscular than you and you want to talk the same shit you were online to the person's face, than guess what? You would get the fucking shit kicked out of you and most likely wind up in the hospital, and maybe you'll learn your lesson not to be some annoymous pussy talking shit online to someone you don't know.

Also it pisses me off when idiot guest reviewers act like they know everything, spam people's fanfiction saying "You need to write based on the cannon events." or "You shouldn't write fanfiction if you don' change anything like the pairing and making the storyline canon,." seriously how old are you people and secondly do you NOT know what fanfiction is you dumb fucking cunts, fanfiction does NOT half to follow canon, users have the right to write whatever pairing they like, and you have no right to tell people they shouldn't write because they are not writing for your specifications, and secondly if you think you can write a better story than sign yourself up and prove it, otherwise go suck a dick and get laid bitch.

Seriously needs to give users the choice to disable guest reviews, and delete troll reviews, also the site needs to also listen to users who's fanfiction get's flamed by some brat because when somebody clicks the report button, these idiots just sit on their ass rather than taking action, seriously wake up, you need to permanently ban every troll who flames user's fanfiction and disable the use of guest reviews permanently because you're losing users who's work gets flamed and if you want to keep the real users who are passionate and love to write, THAN FUCKING BAN ALL OF THESE LOSER TROLLS AND ALL TRACES OF THEM. So fuck you

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