Won't even bore you with my entire debacle dealing with SLEEPY'S! Suffice it to say that I Hate the whole operation. From the sleezy, price hiking sales people to the rude, uneducated, unhelpful customer service reps. They stink, do not buy from there!!! "Trust Sleepy's for the Rest of your Life" yeah right it's about the almight achin' back...and it only cost my 3 grand!

Evenflo 2

FUCK EVENFLO!!! I bought one of their STUPID FUCKING WOODEN BABY GATES for my 6 lb Maltese dog. This dog is 8 years old with little tiny teeth. I can hardly get her to chew dry dog food. I left her in the kitchen for 2 hours and she CHEWED this thing up!

It's made from soft, splintery wood and it got EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, the dog is ok BUT I AM SO PISSED OFF! It made a huge mess and could have seriously injured the dog.

The picture on the fucking BOX has a giant 70 lb DOG and TODDLER unsupervised behind this flimsy, crappy wooden gate. If my little 6 lb dog can chew it to splinters, a big dog would DEMOLISH it in seconds. The type of wood too is very sharp when broken. So great, someone's KID could fall on it and get skewered. This product sucks fucking ass! IT CLAIMS THIS GATE IS GREAT FOR KIDS AND PETS!

I tried to call fucking Evenflo and they won't return my calls. Fucking Amazon deleted the scathing review I wrote on this shitty EVENFLO gate. I am so fucking pissed and it's been a few weeks since it happened. I am STILL picking up little wooden bits here and there. NOT cool when they get stepped on and dangerous for me and the dog.

I guess Evenflo makes other baby crap, like bottles and breast pumps and whatever other baby shit I have no idea. Hopefully it's better quality than the crappy gate! I don't have kids and I am not planning on doing so soon but if I ever do I WILL NOT buy any crap made by Evenflo! They could at least change the packaging or put a warning on the box but there wasn't any. This was made from such soft, bad quality wood, their other products might suck ass too. I would not take that chance again! Shitty customer service too!

I feel like a dumbass for not seeing the poor quality before but honestly my dog never chews up anything EVER! The packaging was very misleading. Don't buy this useless piece of crap. The wood sucks, the mounting system sucks and the design sucks. FUCK EVENFLO, YOU ASSHOLES NEVER CALLED ME BACK!

Ashley Furniture 3

Ashley Furniture has messed up my Dinning Room Table over and over again and every time it's either the wrong part, a piece of a chair is broken, half of the table isn't stable, and now after the latest visit the idiots managed to leave a scratch on the table.

One the idiots decided to use my bathroom on the job and my bathroom isn't really the cleanest around but I didn't know these idiots needed a bathroom break.

Then after they left and not even tell me if everything was ok , that is where I found the scratch on my table.

I am done with Ashley Furniture their employees are incompetent and all I want is my Dining Room Table to be normal so my family can have dinners together but that's not happening all because their employees are complete and total morons.

Time to look for a new Furniture Dealership.

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