These idiots want me to pay $15 a MONTH to be part of a website that isn't even that big! They require a credit card number for a FREE trial! They say that COPPA guidelines require this but I think they are just trying to get credit card numbers for ID theft! Here is some actual text (hell, I'd take the popups!)They try to make you join by placing their ads everywhere you'd least expect!

*Actual Text*
As always, the KiddoNet team thinks it is most important to give you the best, safest, most interesting and fun activities that will offer you real-life experiences.

We have built a group of experienced, talented and dedicated people, including programmers, artists, designers, content experts, and producers, who think up and create all of these activities.

"We want to be able to support this group and allow it to grow and continue coming up with the great ideas and activities we want to offer you. To do this, we could either allow advertisers to promote their products on our site OR we could ask users to pay a small subscription fee. We chose the second option, because it allows us to continue to provide the basic features free to all (on KiddoNet) while providing our premium club members (on GirlSense) with the newest and greatest, without all those annoying ads popping up on the site."

Small? I don't think so! Someone go get me the ibuprofen. Thank you for letting me vent!

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