You're familiar with the name ... Hewlett-Packard. HP SHOULD stand for Horrible-Pathetic. A friend of mine purchased a printer of theirs only 2 years back ... damned thing is shot already.

Since his *computer* is HP ... he *assumed* that was the only printer that would be compatible. He purchased a new HP printer to replace the faulty one. Sorry to say, he didn't ask me about it before running to "Wally world".

My bitch is this. He though he was getting a deal when he bought a printer for only $29 (USD). What was NOT stated on the box was that you had to buy the USB cable AND the black printer cartridge SEPARATELY. Now, why-the-fuck-is-that?! Um .. isn't the BLACK ink used more than the color?? Poor thing had to travel 15 miles to & from just to get the proper set up for his printer to work. UGH!!! HP sucks in more ways than one!

My advice is to stay AWAY from HP (or, any other "brand name" for that matter).. for more reasons than one. I know too many people who have had problems with HP. If you are seriously looking into a new computer ... have it custom made, or put it together yourself, that way .. your money, and time will be WELL spent.

*Note from Anger Central
Just an FYI. Printers are so cheap they are considered expendable. Getting 2 years use out of it is actually a good value. HP and most other printer manufacturers make their money off the extras and consumables like ink.

HP 2

Hey! I just wasted about 12 sheets of paper trying to print some pictures! It was a real blast when I had to manually tell the HP inkjet to use "best mode" EVERY DAMN TIME, then find it printing 8x10s when I had just printed a 5x7 and mistakenly assumed it would remember the setting I had just entered! Telling it to cancel the ink wasting, paper wasting job had zero effect, and the paper was jammed in the machine. The useless three buttons on the printer were cryptic and accomplished nothing - X didn't stop the job, and page eject didn't eject the page! I turned off the printer and turned it on again hoping that would reset it, but it immediately started printing random characters on a new page! I shut down my computer just to make the damn thing stop, and turned on the printer again -- more random paper wasting printing! NICE JOB HP! EXCELLENT technical quality! And I just LOVE having to deal with changing UNWANTED DEFAULT SETTINGS EVERY DAMN TIME I WANT TO PRINT SOMETHING! WHY THE HELL would anyone want to print a project in normal mode when paper and ink are so expensive? 300 dpi looks like crap with high resolution images! To top it all off, I discovered why my X-Acto paper cutter sucks -- the blade pushes the paper to the side every time so I can NEVER make a straight cut, so basically it is utterly futile just to print a damn picture and cut it for framing. Fuck you, HP! You always sucked, always will and I hope your entire corporation dies immediately.

Hewlett Packard 3

God help you if you ever need to deal with HP customer service. I've gotten the biggest runaround ever. All I needed is a replacement power cord for a brand new printer (cat chewed it, the little fucker). The motherfuckers emailed me the product number--a $5 part that cost $10 to ship. What do you know, it's the wrong fucking cord and nowhere close to what I need.

I email the dumbshits back. They admit their mistake and they are going to forward the matter to, get this, "advanced support" with an empty promise of getting back to me in 48 hours. Turned out to be one week later and they have the fucking nerve to tell me to call an 800 number. Guess what? Customer service speaks broken English and I get so tired of telling her I can't understand what she is saying I hang up. I email this dickwad company back and they....have....the.....nerve.......to tell me to call the 800 number as they are best at sorting this ridiculous mess out.

I left it with telling the no good sonsofbitches the same goddamn thing will happen again, they just want me to go away, and HAHAHAHAHAHAH, I will goddammit! Never ever will I buy anything with HP on it. Lexmark, Epson, whoever else makes a goddamm printer--you're next on my list. Don't you fuck me over or I'll give a new definition to going postal!

And for fucks sake, if we have to have outsourcing and foreigners on the phone, teach them and require them to speak English with an ENGLISH ACCENT! I could fake an accent if taught, why can't they? What a fucked up world.

*Note from Anger Central
Dell has learned from their outsourcing mistake. They are in the process of pulling all their support groups back into North America. One of them is opening up near the Anger Central Data Center in fact.
Additionally, the Webmaster has worked with HP products. We've had no problems with the laptops, but their inkjets are typical these days. Disposable. :/

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