Sunnyside Knoll

This place ruined my wedding day.

First of all, the kitchen was supposed to be stocked, but asking for a wine bottle opener was way too much to ask. The owner and his wife decided to close the office and go to a movie and could not supply something so simple and was guaranteed to be in the room. The room stank of paint and chemicals, the fireplace did not work and the window did not close.

The owner screamed at my father from across the parking lot and was ready to fight him because he parked in the wrong spot. He made my hair dresser and make up artists leave and then decided to evict us while we were at the ceremony. We came back for honeymoon only to find our luggage in the street. Do NOT spend money here.

laziness! 2

GRRRRR! I live in a hotel, not a nice hotel, one the company supplies for me, and they're cheap. I don't have a problem with not having a tv remote because the tv is so damn old. I don't mind not having ac because the building is so damn old. But what the hell does a cleaning lady do besides bring clean towels? So I get back from a company work out session and have limited time before I have to be at work. Thank you cleaning lady for taking my used towels, but where the hell are the clean ones? I don't want you to make my bed, I can handle that. If I need to take the trash out, I'll do that. But why oh why would you fail to put clean f-ing towels in the bathroom? Of course I don't find this until I'm naked and half way to the shower, so I call the front desk. Busy signal. Redial. Busy. Again and again. Is everyone in the world calling this piss ant hotel RIGHT NOW?! So I put on my nasty sweat drenched gear and walk to the front desk, where a woman is on the phone, not doing business I assume because she is twirling the phone cord and no where near her computer. I stand in line and finally a woman calls me up. She says I have to find the cleaning woman for my room because she cant contact them besides the radio, and (despite the fact she is not the only one sitting at the front desk) she cannot leave her post at the front desk. What else would you use the radio for? Why wouldn't you use the radio? And why oh why cant the woman on the phone hold down the fort while we solve the problem? GRRR! A job is a job, if you don't like it, find something else to do, but you aren't you paid to do something? SO DO IT! LAZY MF-ers.

Asshole Camp Owners 3

We have been going to this Fishing Resort for the past 10 years, and this year was the worst due to the asshole owners making us feel very unwelcome at the resort. First we asked to borrow the plunger because the idiots owners didn't have enough sense to put a plunger in each of the rental cabins and get pissed at us all because we didn't know we had to put very little pieces of toilet paper in the toilet before flushing, I think they have plumbing problems and are too idiotic to call a plumber. Here's an idea we payed for our cabin to rent you can at least act professional and help your customers like you're supposed to and whatever it is your mad about you can take it somewhere else and not out on your paying customers. They were then rude to us when we were trying to start our Jetskis thinking we were disturbing them, mind your business bitch these are our Jetskis and we're checking the motor, you don't tell us to stop revving them just because you're on your period. Then my Uncle dropped the Cabin Key in the water after his sister tossed it to him from the boat and one of the owners became a dick to him talking about how he shouldn't have took his key with him. Well do you want us to get locked out of our cabin then by accident dickhead. We will never come back to this hellhole ever again, rates are too high, trees have overgrown and ticks have become a problem around these parts, not to mention not a safe place to swim due to snakes, and top it off, due to their rude behavior we are never going back to this place hellhole ever again.

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