What the hell is up with people on that site you send one rant to expect a comment and they act like animals calling you stupid when they're the real idiots. Anger Central is better at least you don't half to get pissed off at all the morons who reply so negatively.

Rants are rants not to be made fun of by stupid people who act like immature children I hope the site gets deleted and the idiots go back to sucking other people's dicks. Just rage can just die don't send rants there due to dipshit faggots who reply like the assholes that they are

*Note from Anger Central
Anger Central does exchange links with justrage.com.

justrage.com new owner 2

I have to hand it to the idiot webmaster of your rival site, justrage.com. He has taken incompetence and stupidity in site ownership to the next level, to be sure.

Having notified him NUMEROUS times about his search function not working and broken links and deluges of spam from all directions, he has consistently ignored them and done absolutely nothing to abate the problems. To this day the fucking search function is inoperative and returns this garish error to all who use it:

"Warning: Missing argument 8 for plugin_dopluginsearch_rating() in /home/justrage/plugins/rating/functions.inc on line 1760

Warning: Missing argument 9 for plugin_dopluginsearch_rating() in /home/justrage/plugins/rating/functions.inc on line 1760
An SQL error has occured. Please see error.log for details."

Of course that doesn't really help matters since the site owner is a clueless fuck that couldn't program his way out of a paper bag.

Of course he has enough time to run his mouth when people call him on his shitty management of the site, so surely you would think he'd have plenty of time to fix an error when it is explicitly stated where the problem is, right? Obviously not.

And, what's even better, on threads with multiple pages (of comments/responses) the pages higher than 1 are not accessible -at all- to site visitors. This has persisted for months as well, and the moron has been notified publicly and privately of the issue, to no avail.

I would imagine he could surely fix this shit in a reasonable amount of time, sufficiently reported as it is. On the other hand, the pathetic fuck could just sit with his thumb up his ass and continue the circle jerk that is his ownership of the website. I presume he'll do just that, and in so doing prove me right about him and his lazy fuck character.

Personally I don't give a fuck one way or the other, but I felt that people should know what a complete idiot cocksucker was running the place (into the ground) these days.

Oh how I wish the original owner would come back and kick the shit out of this clown. If nothing else, he deserves to be beaten shitless and to have his keyboard rammed up his ass. Who knows, it might actually hit his brain and stimulate something other than the dick that is perpetually in his hand.

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, been a while since the Webmaster visited that site. Nice and colorful. We particularly liked the login and password feature. Nothing like providing a way for libel lawyers to find a poster. :)

JustRage Website 3

I am "angry" because idiotic sites like that one, are allowed to exist. It's your own personal "trailer-park, Jerry Springer loving, crowd", right here on the Net! Sometimes amusing, most of the time annoying as Hell! Rather difficult, as well, to read through "rages" that are posted thisclose to the equally stupid responses. And the point of the numerous responses there, I have yet to figure out. Seems like a good portion of the population has nothing better to do besides rag on other people for being on the same site they're using! Ah, the absence of logic. You never miss a good thing until it's gone! AND-in laymen's terms, it's disgustingly "jazzed out". Whoever the Webmaster of that site is, well, he/she appears to be a bit too fond of the bong. BLAH.

*Note from Anger Central
We haven't looked there in a while so we don't know what's going on there.

Justrage.com 4

I've been watching justrage.com for some time, often wondering whether or not I should contribute anymore content to it. Long story short, I don't plan to ever contribute again.

The reason? Way too many knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, brain dead, fucking retards ruining every single one of the posts with their nonsense comments (a feature I'm glad doesn't exist on Anger Central).

Honestly, I think the administrator over there must be some kind of a clueless fucking idiot. This used to be a great place and comments were worth reading and (gasp) actually added to the posts. Now it's just a fucking cesspool, even on its best day.

Until they stop the 12 year old Internet 'tough guys', the fags repeating the same one-liner comments in every post, the flame baiters, the trolls and the people who just learned to use profanity on the Internet, you can count me out.

Here's a big FUCK YOU to the all the cock sucking pieces of shit that make an entire existence out of ruining people's posts over there. I hope you guys enjoy your collective circle jerk. Thank God you can't add your bullshit over here. Eat shit you fuckers.

Justrage.com 5

What a fucking shit hole your competitor is running over there at justrage.com. I cannot put into words just how much I despise that place at this point. There is no, and I mean NO control in place over the fucking retards who comment on every single posting that goes up.

Oh the webmaster keeps half the posts people submit from going up on the main page, but he allows everyone and I mean everyone to fucking comment on them and say whatever they want.

Naturally all the fucking 10-year old, immature sacks of shit chime in the second a post goes up. There are some of these cock suckers who've been at this shit for at least a few years and simply have no life outside of ruining good posts over there. There's not a single one of them whose ever posted anything of substance, all they do is sit around and wait for fresh posts to come in so they can add four pages of drooling fucking nonsense.

You know, I remember using the site way back when the original owner was in charge and when it wasn't a haven for stupid mother fuckers like this. It used to be nice, hell it was better than Anger Central at the time. But, as with all good things, someone piece of shit, low-class cock sucking asshole ruined for everyone else by taking over and letting it turn to shit.

The final straw? I visited the other day and noticed that the most recent posting was something like late February. FEBRUARY. Take note people, we're almost in fucking April here. That's right, the cock sucker hasn't even had the time to update his own fucking main page in over a month. The ONLY new content coming in is the flurry of nonsense from all these jack offs posting their retarded comments.

I sincerely hope, with all my heart, that this fucking site just falls into chaos and finally dies. It has become such a steaming pile of rotting shit that I will never use it again and wish I had never wasted my time contributing to it in the past. Fuck those assholes and double fuck the douchbags who keep posting retarded comments and ruining the site. Most of all, fuck the arrogant piece of human fucking bitch shit that runs the place (hey Decay, that's YOU!).

Take your hands off your dick, take your boyfriend's dick out of your mouth and update the fucking site you piece of shit.

*Note from Anger Central
What the hell is going on over there? The Webmaster rarely goes there, usually when he notices a link or a posting like this. Oh well Not Our Problem.
We got an email from someone asking for contact information for JustRage.com. We couldn't provide any since we have no connection to them. *shrug*

JustRage.com 6

JustRage.com is a website where people post rants. It's Anger Central for idiots. The thing that pisses me off about this site is the lame people that post stupid comments.

First, there are the insulting trolls. These losers go around talking trash to people, telling everybody they suck so bad. The malicious put-downs never end.

There is a second breed of trolls on this site. I like to call them the deniers. They go from rant to rant posting comments stating that the authors are overreacting, their problems aren't problems at all, and they should just shut up.

These two kinds of trolls cooperate so effectively they make JustRage.com a frustrating site to visit. I am never able to read the comments on this site without losing my mind.

I can't end this post without mentioning the morons that keep spamming music videos. I once witnessed an entire internet fight on this site that only consisted of Journey and random rap music. The fight has long been forgotten, but people still randomly post this junk.

JustRage.com sucks.

Justrage.com 7

I can no longer stand the sight of Justrage.com. That website fucking sucks and it is obviously ran by prepubescent children. Everybody on that site has a fucking attitude problem. You CANNOT post a rage without like 3 or 4 assholes calling you names and being rude for no reason whatsoever. I understand that the purpose of the site is to vent your rage, but all the name calling and blatant disrespect is uncalled for. It seems that nobody on that site is capable of being nice. By the way, whoever runs that cesspool of shit really needs to find a way to eliminate spammers.

Justrage.com 8

FUCK JUSTRAGE.COM! It is the most poorly designed websites known to man and it is FULL of spam. This site gets spammed on a daily basis and it takes the moderator 2 days to remove the fucking bullshit. Also, fuck all the members of justrage.com!! The are all a bunch of assholes and cunts. Stupid fucking assholes want to talk shit and call you names when you post a rage, but when you call them out and give them the same treatment, they can't handle it. The members of justrage.com are a bunch of scared, whiny, hateful, vengeful, teenage sociopaths. FUCK YOU ALL!!

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