It's true, a cereal maker has elevated me to the heights of intense anger due to their intensly aggravating pop up ads for Special K cereal.

In case you hadn't noticed, you can lose shitloads of weight if only you'd eat Special K cereal in lieu of normal tasty food. You would be so rudely reminded of this if you used the internet and had this big fucking red "K" zoom up into your screen time after time, even though you have a pop up blocker.

Go to hell Kellog's! I'd rather hang on to my cheesy cellulite after being subjected to your intrusive pop up ads that are seemingly and oh so wrongly immune to pop up blockers. Do your marketing fuckheads really think that annoyance paves the way to robust sales?! I'm here to tell you the truth....Fuck no! Get yer fuckin' ads off the internet and stick to Family Circle magazine.

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