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I have worked for an airline for 3 yrs. I helped build the damn company, when they first began operations we had no computers, no employees, no PLANES for crying out loud but I saw something promising in the company and I loved the people. So I began building it with hard work and determination. I came to work every single day. I was in work everyday at 7:00am with an hour drive one way, I am the best damn worker I know. The airline made millions of dollars the first year and began making profit shortly. I had a promising future knowing I helped build that place from day one! I was making decent money I was secure, I bought my home, started planning my future at the age of 25 sitting happy. 3 months after buying my home September 11th happened, planes were grounded and passengers wanted refunds we lost millions of dollars!!! Our largest competitor made an offer to buy us out and my CEO took it and their goes all 500 hard working people that helped build the company and of course I was one of them. Never heard from any one since!!!! Still unemployed, searching for anything, I work part time in a deli for crying out loud!!! The company has moved far away and is doing successful, the success that I BUILT!!!! To top it off my FiancÚ' is also on a lay off from his machine shop -guess what he does- makes parts for airplanes!!!

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We know what the score is. The company the webmaster works for has closed many plants and laid off tens of thousands of workers. And no severance pay either. 30 year employee's out the door.

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OK, finally the assholes saw the light and their downsizing (Read saving their jobs by getting rid of the lower workers) the company and believe you me, I AM FUCKING THRILLED!! But had these assholes tried to even possibly be "PROACTIVE" they'd have seen the winds shift in regards to consumers!! I tell you, they do such stupid things, I'm surprised (And so is several middle level people) that they're still in action!!

Keep looking in the news for a major layoff in the PNW (Pacific North West) I'll be one of those fortunate people (Read FREED SLAVE!) and I'll be dancing as I go out the door!! Yes, cleaned out the shit small area for my stuff (Fucking Japs dislike individuality) and I'm hoping to see the pres (But the accounting manager will do) and flip him the bird as I go...

Happy days are here again I'm gonna be a free man again, let me sing a song of freedom my friend. Happy Days are here AGAIN!

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I worked for a major U.S. corporation from the time I was 18 until I was in my mid thirties. Two years ago (almost to the day), I was laid off after years of putting up with nepotism, favoritism, racism, sexism, elitism and just about every other '-ism' you can think of. I did a good job and worked hard, but would not suck ass and play the 'good worker bee' while others got rewarded, perks, and privileges they didn't earn. When I was pissed off, upper management knew about it. Instead of fostering an environment of fairness and respect, they went into cahoots with the main troublemakers and brought the company to its knees with their stealing, lying and incompetence. But it takes a long time to kill a 100+ year old dinosaur. All you have to do when stockholders get angry and your incompetence is exposed is lay off those people who aren't golf buddies with the boss, or total suck ups.

For over a year, they fed us lies and had us convinced that our entire department was going away, so I pretty much accepted the idea that we were ALL losing our jobs (the hard workers AND the slackers; the smart AND the ignorant). I finished up my degree, took some additional courses, and actually kept working hard. Sure enough, when the time came, only those who were unpopular or were not suck ups got the axe. Now the company is doing just fine again, after ruining so many people's lives. I want to puke my cuts out every time I see their commercials, or see their logo plastered on sports stadiums or events.

Even though I was a technical specialist and the ONLY PERSON who had my job, they got rid of me, but kept my boss and my ASSISTANT (who I thought was my friend but was plotting all along to take my job). I later found out that four or five people ended up doing my job! They 'eliminated' my job so they could break it up and use it to justify keeping their friends! Did I also mention that due to the stupidity of my boss, all my peers got promoted over the years, while I stayed at the same level, so I ended up being the lowest-level full-time management employee in the organization!? So, they took the job of the lowest-paid, lowest-level person and used it to justify paying the higher-level people. Sound familiar?

In the two years that have passed, my assistant and many others have left to go and work for a new company (with the boss of my old boss, who was a mean prick who originally pegged me as an 'outsider' and treated me like crap, so then all the other mean people started doing it too). So now, the whole cycle starts over again at another company. The same cliques just move from place to place, torturing those who are more intelligent or ethical than they are.

The real shame of it is that I loved my job and often did work late at night for no extra money. It was a specialization that is pretty much impossible to find anywhere else, so of course I can't find a job doing what I like. Family and friends who wouldn't know a computer from their a-holes think all computer work is the same, so they can't understand why I can't just go from a $60K plus job to a desktop support job! First of all, I hate f-ing desktop support. I hate dealing with stupid end-users who don't want to learn anything about how a computer works. Second, I didn't get a college degree so that I could start over again at the bottom. Third, I know less than shit about desktop support, networking, programming, or web pages because THAT'S NOT WHAT MY TRAINING IS IN, YOU MORONS!!!

In the end, I started my own company. It is a struggle every day. I am frequently broke due to customers who want to pay peanuts, and I take the jobs because I have bills to pay. Federal taxes, medical insurance, business insurance, city licenses, state licenses, use tax, permits, cell phone, crappy ass Vonage IP phone that hangs up on customers who then think I'm an just goes on and on. In my late 30s, when everyone else is doing so well, I'm borrowing money from my parents to get by (thank heaven for my parents - I would have shot myself if not for their help).

People wonder why I'm still bitter about the layoff. They just don't get it. I'm worse off now than I've ever been in my life, and it's all because I wouldn't sell my soul. Because I wouldn't laugh at racist jokes. Because I wouldn't accept it when everyone automatically assumed that since I wasn't white or male, that I must have been technically incompetent, and just someone's underling. Because I wouldn't back down when my racist and sexist boss tried to 'keep me in my place'.

I was actually told once by a manager that I 'intimidated' a woman whom our group provided support to, because I was 'too intelligent' for her. Since when is being smart a crime? I'm supposed to 'dumb myself down' so this high-level mouth breather feels more comfortable?

In the end, this phony-baloney woman who I 'intimidated' was trying to offer me sympathy when I was laid off. I basically told her to 'fuck off'. They all knew in advance who was getting the axe, especially her, since she had been undercutting me for years with her 'golden boy', arranging things so that HE got to go on trips that were technically my job, going to training and meetings where the leaders of the industry would be, while I sat in the office, doing the grunt work. He's still there, walking around with a cup of coffee, being mean to people for no good reason, going on trips to the islands with 'Little Miss Intimidated'. Maybe his bony-ass wife with the saddlebags under her eyes and the beak for a nose and her will have a threesome with his Irish needle dick!

I give myself credit though, because I never let them see me cry. I acted as if being laid off was what I'd wanted all along. When others who got the axe stayed home from the moment they found out, I came to the office almost every day, smiling and wishing everyone the best. For about two weeks (until they took my company ID away and banned me from the compound), I became the phony smiling idiot they always wanted. I would not give them the satisfaction of seeing how much it hurt. How betrayed I felt. How used and discarded. The decent people who remained (most of whom were WAY over-educated and talented to be working in that organization) just kept coming up to me in amazement, saying that they couldn't believe they were letting me go and keeping so much deadwood. The guy sitting next to me was literally a genius, a nice, hard working man, and the clowns in the office made fun of this guy's narcolepsy (the disease that makes you fall asleep suddenly). I'll bet he did more thinking in his sleep than those idiots did all day!

I hope every last one of them is reincarnated to the life they deserve. Like Pink says in 'Stupid Girls' - Where, oh where, have the smart people gone?

*Note from Anger Central
Why does this sound so familiar? Oh yeah, happened to the webmaster.
Dump Vonage and get Skype. The Webmaster uses it and they have a great deal. $40/year gets you an inbound number and voicemail. another $30/year gets you unlimited outbound calling anywhere in North America. ($15 if you get it before the end of the year)

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My buddy from this company got laid-off while some inept manager due to his relationship with the VP IT remains.

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