PayDay loan companies

I went to them for a $200 loan, no probs and then had then debit my account for $260. Good? BULLSHIT!! They debited my account 2X and so I had to call bank, file fraud charges and then, the bank recovered the original loan payment and now the bank closed the account and so I write to the loan companies and they just keep trying to bill my account...For the loan, the other rejected amount and the reject fees! Bastards one and all!

Ameriquest Mortgage 2

Ameriquest Mtge is one of the worst companies in the universe. They prey on senior citizens and lower income people offering them a fantastic deal on refinancing their home. They also have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). For a couple of years you have a great interest rate and then BOOM they raise it as high as 10%. If you are paying 500.00 a month you will be paying 900.00 a month. These people cant afford the payment and they lose their homes. Everybody is a loser except Ameriquest. They now own your home and looking for another sucker.

*Note from Anger Central
We don't know anything about this company, but when the Webmaster bought his house he was offered an ARM. His reply, "No thank you, a fixed rate may be slightly higher in interest, but at least I can plan my budget around it." If you don't do the research into the plans, read the contracts and basically learn what you are doing, then you deserve to take the hit. As for people of advanced years, they should know better. And where are their families? The only excuse in this case would be if the person of mature years was not mentally competent, in which case there are legal remedies that can be taken. Caveat Emptor.

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