Kaiser Permante

I called these jerks to get a appointment for some therapy. They first tell me there 3 people ahead of me and we'll call you back Monday. I ask to be allowed to hold, they tell me "It's coming up on 5pm, we're closing soon" I reply "What if those other people don't get to talk with a therapist?" They said "They'll have to call back later" I was tempted to have her hang on a sec, load my revolver and then say "Never mind" and lower the phone, trigger off a shot and then let the phone drop...God, that would have been a laugh...Come to think of it...Maybe I can get some sort of revenge like this...Bastards like this probably are the reason suicide rates are where they are. Only care when they're getting paid.

Blood Lab(s) 2

My Dr. requested I take a routine blood test. Okay. So I fast for 12 hours (not fun, as you know.) Because I work, I show up at the lab 10 minutes before it opens (5:50 a.m.) Good planning, right? Not! Waiting at the door is a dozen or so retirees; one of which was an elderly woman in a wheelchair with a bottle hooked up to her nose (at 5:50 a.m.?) Now, I have to be at my desk at 7:15 a.m. Would they consider taking me first because I have to be at work, with a 45 minute drive in front of me. Not! I'm last in line @ 5:50 a.m. This totally sucks. These people don't have to be anywhere at that hour. I'm sorry, blood labs should have a policy that workers are first, not the first come first serve that retirees take advantage of. It isn't fair. And yes, if I didn't work, I would definitely give my place to a worker. Labs suck - so I had to leave because these people had to fill out paperwork and yadayadaya and come back God knows when - maybe camp out at 3:00 a.m. just to be first (maybe) so I can get to work on time. Geez, what a crummy world.

Big Pharma 3

These fucking "Ask Your Doctor About..." commercials are making me puke! They comprise 80% of all TV commercials, add enormous cost to every fucking already overpriced prescription pill we buy (unless we illegally buy them from Canada) and… these commercials are complete bullshit! "Ask your Doctor if XXX is right for you. If you don't have a Doctor, we will appoint one for you. XXX will give you relief from you heartburn. Possible side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, memory loss, blurry vision, scaling of the skin, liver and kidney failure. Tell you Doctor if you have high blood pressure, AIDS, kidney stones, STDs or whooping cough.” WAIT… (Shouldn’t your Doctor be the one telling you if you have any of these maladies or is Big Pig Pharma assuming your Doctor wouldn’t know because he was appointed by them)?

Of course all the Doctors are going to tell you that XXX is right for you because they have been “Educated” with golf outings, cruises and “consulting contracts” by Big Pig Pharma. Hence they know the answers to your questions before you ask them. The cost of all this “Education” gets tacked on to every pill sold in the US.

Did you ever wonder how Canadian distributors can buy Nexium and other so called “Miracle Drugs” in bulk from the US for a fraction of the cost charged to American distributors? They can then resell them to Canadian consumers at a profit, resell them to American consumers at a profit while at the same time “Big Pig Pharma” whines that: A – The drugs coming from Canada are not safe and B – They are being cheated out of their rightful ROI for their R&D when their own drugs that they sold to the Canadians at a profit are re-imported into the US. They feel slighted when they are forced to compete with themselves. Their other “unpublished” argument is that they have spent millions and millions lobbying congress to protect their monopoly and Canada is infringing on the spoils due them for stuffing Congressional pockets!

Then, Congress come to their rescue by: A – Making it illegal to bring US made drugs back in from Canada and B – Passing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that prohibits Medicare from negotiating bulk discounts from “Big Pig Pharma”. I guess they figure that Medicare has a huge surplus and “Big Pig Pharma is somehow entitled to it.

Elder Care 4

OK so I changed the name to protect the guilty but this has to be the most disorganized, sloppy, inefficient bunch of motherfuckers ever to hold a business on the face of the planet. I've worked for them for a number of years and as of this week I'm going to go get a new job. Why? Well they didn't take my paycheck off direct deposit like I asked them to a MONTH ago, and when I had no gas and no cellphone minutes I was going to be "written up" for a "no call, no show". They were going to mail it to me, (I still haven't gotten it but they did mail me some stupid shit that absolutely didn't pertain to me!) and were pissing and moaning about how it wasn't fair to the client, bla bla bla. How is it fair to me that you misled me into believing I would start working closer to home after the first of the year, and then penalize me for having no idea what was going on, when your replies to my inquiries about my schedule were so vague, conflicting and altogether meaningless, that I had no way of knowing what was going on. I hope I get to see the look on your faces the day a giant sinkhole opens up under your badly-run business office and swallows you whole. This also constitutes my two week notice and you are all issued a heartfelt invitation to KISS MY ASS! It was nice working with you. NOT!!!!

Minimal pay Minimal staff 5

I work for 4 psychiatrists in a psychiatric hospital. The largest private hospital in Australia. The patients are fine, the staff are totally fucking mad, from overwork and underpayment. One doctor is such a bullying bastard, trying to get us to work longer hours for nothing, while he rakes in up to $5,000.00 a day, insults us and patients. Fuck you fat mamma's boy, you need your head seen to, if anyone is game that is, please let it be me, for a fee of $1 million, I'll shock your pathetic little brain till you dribble, then invite all the patients you insulted, to come and laugh at you & demand their fees back. WHY do patients take CRAP from doctors. Believe me, most of them are sicker than you!

Curascript Pharmacy 6

Unfortunatley my Insurance dictates that I get my injectable medication from the dumb fuckwads AKA Curascript Pharmacy. They never have their shit together and I NEVER get my meds on time. Asking to speak to a supervisor is joke within itself, i am amazed these idiotic cretins are supervisors. They never have answers and never hold up their promises. I waited over a week and a half for my meds when it was promised that I would get it on time. I'm currently looking for a new job just so I can change insurance so I dont have to deal with these Assholes. I hope one day they get sick and have to wait an eternity for their meds.

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